The Family Cookbook
Culinary Heirlooms
pizza hotdish
by Doug Anderson
Reprinted from Bulletin 065, October 19, 2003

        Well, well, look who's back, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen. That's right! It's me. bold and brassy, Texas-style! Release the hounds! Alert the media! Stop me, before I cook again!
        Sorry, lost my composure there for a second. I am so overwhelmed at the prospect of writing for you again, that I'm afraid I slipped into the "happy chef" zone for a second, but I'm all right now.
        I am pleased as proverbial punch this week to bring you something you can really USE! I mean, Duck au Chambertin is nice, but not always that practical. Today's recipe is a little more realistic. I also like this recipe because it sounds vaguely reminiscent of something My Mother used to make... Hmm...? Do you suppose there could be a correlation...?
        But I digest. That's not a typo, I just ate. It's not too late for you, however, so save your appetite for:

Patty Dee's Cheesy Rotini Italiano
 (Pizza Hotdish)

2 #'s of homegrown beef (I prefer the beef from Beaver!)
1 package of turkey pepperoni (cut into 1/4's)
brown these ingredients, salt to taste.
Cook a package of rotini noodles (may need only 2/3 package)
mix meat mixture and noodles together
add one can of "4-cheese" spaghetti sauce and one can of pizza sauce
add mozzarella or Monterey jack to your preference.
This can then all be heated on the stove or packed into single serving
sized containers and sent off to college to be microwaved at another time.

        Mama mia! That's-a-some-hotdish! Perhaps Gypsies spirited Patty away as a young girl and taught her the secrets of Roman old school cuisine! She seems to have some of the spicy Latin in her blood!
        Apparently, this recipe is one of Dan's favorites, as he requested it last time he was home from college. Thanks Patty, for the great recipe. Feels good to be back. Say... I bet YOU've got a recipe kickin' around that needs some exposure! Don't be shy, send 'em along! See you soon, I hope!

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