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September 19, 2002

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Bulletin # 2

First an update on Grandpa and I. We had four days of convention . Here is a good quote Psalms 119 Vs. 83 *I am become like a bottle in the smoke.* That tells of the process to make a tanned useful bottle out of skin -- so you are all in a process to make something useful out of your lives. So do work hard!!

Grandpa had an appointment at Columbia, Missouri, University on Monday. We made the trip (about 400 miles) all in one day. It was a satisfactory trip, though. The doctor found the bladder valve inserted in the replacement job is still doing its work perfectly. There will be one more check up -- and if it shows the same, then Grandpa will be checked out of treatment.

Our friends left for home on Monday. They were with us from Wednesday evening -- and we all drove to Clever together. A very nice visit. Now we are looking forward to Donnie and Patty's visit -- and anyone else who finds the time and etc. will be welcome!


Eric's new computer is now up and in use. He mentioned he had finished two summer school classes (A's) and has a start on the semester -- hope to hear what classes after he gets that off to me. He is working at the copy center and says it's a good job. Leona is at the U. and leaves for class at 6 each morning.

Heidi really likes the Cultural Studies Class. She is also taking Econ., Psych, and US History. Her first week went great -- hope to hear that it continues to do so!!

Ben and Chris both go to North Dakota State University (NDSU) The University of North Dakota (UND) is in Grand Forks -- and I should have known that. Ben's on his second year and is taking calc 3, linear algebra, dynamics, chem lab, intro to technology in America, geology and a drawing program on the computer (cadd). His comment: dynamics is hard. My comment: *It all sounds hard.*

Becky's schedule sounds pretty heavy, too. She is feeling more acquainted with the surroundings. She has a lot of homework and the classes she takes are: Child Development, Physical Dev., comp, and Direct Serve Pro.

I didn't hear further from the rest so will be waiting for updates.

Our Love and Best Wishes to You All,
Grandma and Grandpa