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September 27, 2002

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Bulletin # 3

What a beautiful fall day -- I love this time of year! Greetings to you all. :-)

Grandpa and I are feeling great and getting out a lot just to drive around and see what is going on -- also need to have a hamburger at Culvers now and again or some pancakes at IHOP.

We are beginning to do our fall work. Grandpa pulled up his tomato vines, and of course that means no more tomato juice for me to make. I will miss that as I like doing the canning. He plays lots of checkers on the Net. I play lots of games, too, but they are on e-mail with Donna -- Scrabble is our game of choice!!

I think though our favorite part of the day is when we get a letter from any of our grandkids or their parents.

Now then, the interesting part, WHAT THE STUDENTS ARE UP TO:

I asked Eric and Leona to update us on what they have been doing to get an education and was happily surprised at what all has been happening there in these last few months.

I am going to quote directly from Eric's letter; it impresses me and I wish him all kinds of luck: * This semester I'm only taking 8 credits because I'm in a program for returning college students who might have struggled in the past. Right now I'm in a "College Success Seminar" which basically goes hand in hand with the program I'm in. We study things like time-management and such. Honestly, I see it as a kind of penance for messing up so badly my first time around at college. It's an OK class, though. Also, there is absolutely no way I'm not going to get an A.* (GREAT ATTITUDE -- I'm proud of you)

He mentioned also that the other class he is taking is called Psychology of Human Relations. It's about effective communication and is for people who hope to some day find themselves in a management position. It's the first class that counts towards the business program he is taking. He is hoping to major in Marketing -- either at Metro State or perhaps, if things work out, at the school Weston attended -- Carlson.

He is also taking Introduction to Philosophy. Says he enjoys the class as a lot of people actually discuss what they are reading instead of sitting with a blank look on their face.

Now for Leona's classes: This semester she is taking Shakespeare, Textual Analysis, Global Politics and Environmental Health. Here is what she says about those courses: Shakespeare is pretty easy -- she has lots of background knowledge; the Textual Analysis has interesting books and professor; Global Politics has great material but the instructor doesn't impress her, so far. Environmental Health course is online. A new experience for her.

She keeps busy as she is still working at Barnes and Noble and has recently started volunteering at the Humane Society (where she is in training, at present -- and enjoying it!).

I got a letter from Chris in answer to my question about your summer activities. I had asked him about his finger, which was rather badly injured this summer (more about that in a later paragraph). He says it is doing quite well. It isn't troublesome except if he bumps it hard -- then he feels it. His finger nail is about half way back -- probably won't grow the rest of the way because of scar tissue.

Now a quote from his letter: *As you know, I tried that sales job this summer and that didn't work, so then I went to work for my dad. I really enjoyed working for him this summer. At first I was kind of skeptical of it, but I really learned a lot, and it was nice getting to spend time with him.*

It was at his dad's that he injured his finger. (I really don't know the details.) It was at his work there. I know his mom described how it looked when she saw it later -- and it makes me very thankful he didn't lose it.

He hasn't quite decided where he wants to locate but wants to start looking for jobs now -- needs to start early because of the poor job market.

Another bit of information I asked for was to give me a report on any major events in your life. I have a couple given me that I am not sure I am supposed to share so I will just tell about one that Heidi wrote about that I am allowed to share.

She went to Wyoming this last weekend with a a few of the kids from the U. (I am quite sure she knows them from before.) They went rock climbing and rollerskating and played football, basketball, and volleyball at a get-together there.

She has her first test in psych today -- good luck!!!

I hear that Becky and Heather (the girl who rides with her to school -- from Ashby) were supposed to have been in creative writing class as it is to come before Comp., so they were switched. She really has to do a lot of driving -- her classes are spaced in such a way that she goes home between some of the sessions. She is doing lots of *hitting the books* and helps Donna out when she can.


I need to keep hearing from you!!!!