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December 11, 2002
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I had intended to do the bulletin next week -- but I have items that will get out of date if I wait so I guess it won't hurt to do one today!


Because I am so proud of it I must tell how the cactus is doing (looked it up and found it isn't really a cactus; it is a succulent). It has about a dozen wide open, showy flowers; another dozen all ready to bloom, and still another dozen or so of tightly closed ones. It should be beautiful by the 25th!!!


Travel Plans

The most exciting plan (to us, that is,) is the one Donna and Beaver are in the middle of making. They have tentative plans in the arrangement stage for a trip to Texas. The part we like best is that they plan on stopping to spend some time with us. We are hoping that this sets a trend for trips!!


Dan tells me that the Edwards have invited Rachel, Ben and Dan to go with them to Cancun, Mexico, during Christmas vacation. They are doing some shopping preparatory to the event, and in addition, are trying to get a little tan so they won't burn to a crisp in the Mexican sunshine!


If there are more plans being made by family members, I haven't heard! Hope you all do have a fun vacation, even if the farthest you travel is to town!!!!


School Activities

Whitney had her first concert last night. She and three other trumpets played alone for the first four measures of their third song and she was a bit nervous about it, but it went very well. She said she really had fun but the lights made her sooo hot. The price of fame, huh?


Basketball season makes another busy activities time for Dan (also for Rachel). Dan had his first game yesterday. (I don't know how it turned out.)


Wyatt is now playing basketball once a week. In addition, he has just started volunteering with his company's Adopt a School plan. Once a week he goes and visits a 6th grade class, to help out the teacher. He reports that it is a nice group of kids. (I will guess -- they think he is great, too!!!) He's really enjoying it!!!!



I really got a chuckle out of this quote from Dan: "I thought senior year was supposed to be the easy one? What crazy person said that?" :) He also says it is not too bad, but sounds like he has a worthwhile program of study; including, among other things, AP Physics and AP Calculus classes. It takes a lot of time, too, working on scholarship applications -- hard to get motivated to do them -- but the extra money is a big incentive!!!


Heidi is in the midst of finals and study for finals. This is her last week of class and she has one final next Monday, and then she will be done until Jan. 21!!! She doesn't sound too depressed over that arrangement!! She is registered for her spring classes: Biology, Principles of Nutrition, Humanities, and English Composition (15 credits). She is going to be working with her mom for Sheri for two weeks while the Lundstroms are on vacation. That will be nice for some extra cash. :)


News from the Homefront

This information is from Moorhead. It is cold there. Last Saturday they had 3 inches of snow, so Wyatt got to try out his new snowblower -- not so much out of need as out of wanting to try it out. (My guess: he will probably not have that same attitude at the end of the season!) Sounds like he has their house all decorated and beautiful.

The other two members of the family sound busy, too. Rylie is practicing on her standing and preparing to get her walking skills developed for getting on with exploration of her world!! Jolene at the moment is hand-crafting Christmas cards. I am prepared to get one with a poem that Wyatt wrote enclosed, and maybe a family picture, too. That would be nice.


This morning the Johnson family woke up to white frost on the ground. Mark was so excited that it had snowed. How disappointing when he saw it was all just a fake. Ah well, I suppose it's coming soon!


Patty H. mentioned in her letter that your X-mas will be celebrated this year at Beaver and Donna's, as I imagine you all know. I hope you all have as good a time as you had at Thanksgiving at Curt and Patty's!


No, Doug, do not pack your skis away in cellophane for the lack of snow. Just hurry on down and you can cross country ski here. Well, maybe not!! As we only have patches left; you should have come a couple days ago!!!!! And thanks for all the "Kudos!"


All encouragement and compliments appreciated. (As for complaints, may they get lost in cyberspace!!)

The Editors: Mom and Grandma