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December 23, 2002
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Holiday Greetings
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You may not be getting a "White Christmas," but Grandpa and I surely are!! It started at noon today (the 23rd) and it just keeps coming and coming! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Some of you know our neighbors from across the street, Priscilla and Bernie. Today they made a "Drop In" visit to deliver a gift. It included a plate of goodies and an envelope of Shoney Restaurant gift certificates. They said, "We want you to know we appreciate you as neighbors." It's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas!


I got a nice note from Whitney today and I appreciated it. She says they are getting a little snow, too. Her winter break is great, so far. She is earning a little extra cash working with her mom for Sherri. Way to go, Whitney!


Becky has had Jayce and Caity with her to visit on different days at school and they met some of her classmates who apparently fell for those cuties of ours (who wouldn't?). She was asked at school to put their names on the tree. Two of Becky's classmates took the names and their gifts to Jayce were: snowpants, hat, mittens, sweatsuit and matching turtle neck and big Legos. And for Caity: a matching three piece: top, pants, and shirt, very cute mittens and hat set and a bigger box (apparently toys). Becky rewrapped all the gifts and they are ready for the opening day!! Makes one realize there are still lots of caring, and sharing, people. And speaking of sharing.......


The Holiday Train event was a huge success. In the Elbow Lake news, the Food Shelter treasurer was quoted as saying that over 4,000 pounds of foodstuffs were collected for the food shelf by the estimated 1,500 people who packed into Elbow Lake. Over 80 families will be served their Christmas dinner this year. I am sure Caity and Jayce are proud to have given their two large brown bags of canned goods and cereals!


School News of Various Kinds

DONE!! Chris is finished!! Well, with school, that is. He's going to head to the cities and job search. On Friday, he and Jessy were on their way to Lori's for the evening and then they were going to his Dad's -- but after they saw a truck roll four times, Chris didn't feel comfortable driving further than Ashby. Donna said she really enjoyed the visit. The kids love playing with Jessy and, of course, Caity was thrilled when Chris took her sliding on the hill by the barn. And who wouldn't love company that came bearing Krispy Kreme jelly doughnuts!


I will quote the next item from the Glencoe Chronicle:

The Panthers opened the season with a victory over Holy Trinity on December 10. Two evenings later, in Bird Island, fumbles ... and collisions and other problems that evening was the absence of all-conference tight end Dan Henderson -- who happens to be the Panthers' most varsity-seasoned basketball player, too, as he had displayed, by posting 18 points and 10 rebounds against Holy Trinity.

Patty reports that Dan's ankle is healing and it did not prevent him from hopping on the same plane that Ben and Rachel took to join the Edwards at the Cancun resort, where I suppose they are all acquiring nice suntans.


Ben sent me his schedule for the next semester -- one has a question mark, as he is hoping it will open up. He has his name on a class he referred to as "Differential Equations," which is his last math class. Here are his other classes: Evaluation/Engineering Data, Physics 2, Impact of Technology on Society 2, Mechanics of Materials, and Music Lit. 1825-Present. Makes me wonder how that music class got in there -- but I am glad to see it did!

Family Items

Donna received the report on the sleep tests. The doctor said she did have some apnea. He gave her a prescription for a machine that she will rent and use for a couple months to see if it will make improvement in the quality of the rest her sleep gives her. It would be nice to wake up feeling rested! HOPE THAT HAPPENS!

The Richard Johnson family tried out skating at the old depot in Minneapolis last week. It has been made into a skating rink. They had "tons of fun." It was Whitney's first time skating and she spent a good share of the time on her seat rather than her feet! But she never wanted to go sit down -- she ended up doing just great!

A Wedding Announcement

Melanie Anderson (Dwight and Janie's youngest) and Eric Shockey were married at Dwight's on the 20th of December. We have not met Eric but have heard he is very nice. They are still both attending school and holding down part time jobs. They are on a trip to California before returning to school.


A Quote from Son Number 2: "My last two weeks have been a bit dicey, to say the least. Our Banquet Chef went completely bonkers, so I have been pulling double duty.... At least I have complete job security for a while!!" The last note from the restaurant milieu sounded like Doug is coping just fine. If you can afford it, take a night out for dinner -- he will feed you, sumptuously.


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.

Editors: (We have taken on one new CEO)

Dorothy, Mom, and Grandma