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January 1, 2003
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A Report on a Recent Trip

It's snowing! Finally! * No -- wait -- that's not snow! It's my head peeling from a little sunburn in Cancun. Still, besides the burn, we had a blast. The weather was wonderful. It only rained once, and that was when we were on the bus on our way to Tulum, a Mayan seaport ruin.

We stayed at an amazing resort called the "Moon Palace" on the white sandy beaches by the Gulf. We did a lot, and sometimes we did nothing but lay in the sun or a hammock or just relax. My favorite part was probably snorkeling and then body boarding in the ocean. And eating. Since the resort was all-inclusive, we got to have whatever we wanted whenever we wanted! We ate as much fish as we could hold. Yum!! We're lucky that Jim and Kathy invited us to share their membership!

We got back on Wednesday, and yesterday, Thursday, I had a basket-ball game. I had missed a game and practice while on vacation, so I didn't get to play the first quarter and half of the second, but I think Cancun was worth the bench! by Rachel

Another Trip

On Monday of this week Chris and Jessy arrived safely at her parents' home in Hettinger, on the far southwest corner of North Dakota. I would suppose that our Chris is making as good an impression on the Wolff Family as Jessy did on us.

That makes a good introduction to these reminiscences of mine:

The Andersons on Vacation

I remember the first time I saw the area that Chris and Jessy are visiting this week. It was back in the 70's and we decided to go back and visit Chadron, Nebraska, where I had taken a summer school college course in 1965. Our family by this time included four children at home. We had a perfect vehicle to take -- the Vista Cruiser station wagon!! We planned to head out to Grandma Cleo's and take off from there. I don't remember all the details, but two events do stand out in my memory.

It was fun to visit Bismarck and see the capitol of North Dakota. The city was clean and attractive and the capital was impressive -- a sky scraper in the middle of the prairie surrounding it. But even more interesting to us was the county seat of the most southwestern county of the state. At that time, the little town could have been used for a setting for a "western."

The county courthouse was a three story, white frame building with an outside fire escape stairs coming down on the side and would have fit in that same "western" I mentioned. To make everything more authentic, as we drove a few miles from there into South Dakota, we saw real cowboys riding horseback and working with the cattle!!

I remember that trip with fondness and hope Chris enjoys that area as much as I did.


Items of Interest

Another trip is coming closer: Hopefully Donna and Beaver can be on their way south -- and can celebrate their anniversary en route -- their 9th one, by the way. Beaver is getting hassled into leaving sooner than originally planned and teases that he thinks Donna will have them setting out next week if he doesn't hold firm. They will probably leave about noon on Thursday, the 23rd. I am looking forward to seeing them -- there haven't been many home folks to see us for quite a while.


Neat to hear that Kim has a new digital camera -- she likes it a lot and is going to take some pictures at the get together on Saturday (I hope) so that I can see the activity and make prints of it!!!! I think that will be fun!! Another way for us to feel like a part of the day's activities.


Editor's Advice*
Get a new car for your spouse (or kid). It'll be a great trade!

Grandma, Mom, and Dorothy
*Modern One Liners supplied by Merna