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January 24, 2003
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--- School ---

I just got an update from Ben H. who is back in Fargo, having picked up his new schedule of classes. He did get accepted into the class that he wanted. He is taking Physics 2, Differential Equations, Mechanics of Materials, Statistics, Technology in Society 2, and Music Culture. I do believe he will keep busy!!

It is also good he is tough, as he tells me the cold is about unbearable, really hard to breathe in the cold air -- but after all (as he mentioned), it is North Dakota, and it is winter!!!


Becky is enjoying her new semester. She lucked out and got a great teacher and interesting material in Ethics. She is preparing for two tests and sounds confident she will do OK.


Caity, who is in first grade, is now a miniature cheer leader. She is busy practicing cheers and will do a demo during the half time at a basketball game. Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!


I had a nice little chat with Jayce (and his mom) this morning. I was so surprised how grown up Jayce sounded. I guess I will have to start thinking him as the student!! He attends Fergus Falls Eisenhower Pre-school Program. He will soon be taking an IEP test to determine how well he has done in Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy. I know one thing for sure: he has made great strides in the Speech Therapy classes!!!!


Chanticleer: Confidential
True Confessions of an Executive Chef
Installment Two: The Last Supper

Roy's "Last Supper" came all right, but it was nowhere near Chicago, and Meg wasn't there. The night before his nocturnal phone calls came to light, our General Manager asked Roy to make her a sandwich. The next day she was doubled-over with agonizing stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. This was the beginning of the end for Roy.

Needless to say, Roy was put on "leave" the next day. I was asked to write up a detailed report on everything bizarre that I had seen Roy do in the last three weeks, and I just about locked up my wrist doing it.

Even after Roy was relieved, the incidents continued. Our GM's car was totalled with a crow bar. Three chefs (including myself) had tires slashed. And the phone calls to Meg became more threatening and sinister.

"I don't like to be stood up for appointments," He told her. "That's not polite. Where I come from, a person has more manners than that."

When the police were finally called, Roy left town. Meg requested a thorough police inquiry, but the results of that are not yet known. I stepped up and took charge of the whole show, but that's another, not quite as interesting story.

Before I tell the next story, I want to assure you that The Chanticleer is a fine restaurant, maybe even one of the finest in the state. I don't say this to strut like the restaurant's namesake, I only say it to show you that the kind of incident described in the following is an anomaly and should not deter you from ever visiting our fine

In fact, this seems like a good time for a little name-dropping. The celebs I've made supper for include the following: Bob Denver, (Gilligan) Dawn Wells, (Mary-Ann), Paul Wellstone, Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Don Knotts, Sly and the Family Stone, Three Dog Night, Moby and Bush. (The English rock band, not the president.)

Besides the celebs, there is also a constant flow of VIPs, from Archbishops to Judges, so you see, we're not running a roadside hot dog stand. (This is my only point here, so if I've offended anyone with my boasting, too bad.)

Late this fall we acquired a new "regular." She was an attractive, modestly dressed women in her early to middle thirties. She knew good food, good wine, and was, by most standards, a perfect guest. There was nothing out of the ordinary about "Rita," (as good a pseudonym as any) with the possible exception of her companions.

End Installment Two.
Next week: Love à la carte

Let's Ask Mom or Grandma

QUESTION: When we lived in Chadron, Nebraska, for the summer (or however long it was), whose house would it have been that we visited? It seems they had a ton of kids ... not sure if my memory is quite accurate. I just remember being a tad bit scared of what was on tv and the boisterousness of the kids ... sincerely, the little blonde beep

ANSWER: I am not sure this answer will be the correct one -- but it sounds like you might be thinking of the Larry Greiser family. They had a baby sitter a little older than Donna. At times Donna would take you kids and walk over there, and at times they came to our house to play. Their children were boisterous and I really don't remember how many there were, but maybe 3 or 4?? I do remember one time when all of you, while at their house, found a nest of black widow spiders -- and killed them all!!!!!!

QUESTION: What was Grandpa Dake like as a father? The brown eyed beep

ANSWER: I know that many people think back about my dad and they think of him as serious, non smiling, and not so very friendly -- but that is not the way I remember him as I was growing up. I don't remember much of him as he was to me as a child --(one of the first memories I carry with me is of him weeping for our baby sister at her funeral -- and one of the later memories I have of him is him weeping at my brother Bill's death.) I have never once doubted his love for all of his family!!!

Dad wanted well behaved kids but didn't use a strap, whip, or such to get good behavior. Some still think of him as stubborn -- perhaps he was! But, to me, I found him fair, not afraid to show when he was proud of me, ready to show us he could still ride a bicycle when we were in our teens, or play dominoes when we were kids, always there with $$$$$$ when I was in need of some help. He set a good example for us in honesty and helpfulness. I am glad he was OUR DAD!!!!


Best Wishes to the Migrating Birds
Lovebirds, that is!!!
Happy Anniversary
Donna and Beaver


We've arrived! About 3:00 in the afternoon, without a call to warn Dad. (He'd told Beaver to call.) So, he'd been fretting we'd ruin his roast, I'm sure :-) It smells delicious; we could smell it all the way outside.

We had a nice, sunny day yesterday. Driving was great, roads good. Snow on the ground all the way down. Some places a little more, but mostly not more than we had at home. We drove to Cameron, where we spent the night (as I had when I came down with Caity, Peggy and Linda). Good price, clean rooms, off the beaten path.

Slept in this morning. Beaver got up and walked to the restaurant and had his coffee while I got ready to go.

Mindy was a good traveler, once we got on the freeway. We came down I29, so took us a while to get there and she did some whining till then, confused as to where we were off to. (We'd driven out by Peggy's, so that made her think we were going there at first -- so she went nuts.) Now, today, as we got into Springfield, she was shaking and looking around, must have known either by our conversation or ??? that she was getting close.

Beaver let her out and she ran into the house when Dad called and did her "greeting." (Any of you that have heard it, know what I mean.)

Well, Mom is ready to send this out and just wanted me to add how it had gone so far. It's gone GREAT! No complaints. Beaver drove all the way yesterday and I drove today, so he could watch the scenery in the hillier areas ... most of it two lane roads. Definitely warmer here than it was in Minnesota when we left!

Have a nice week-end, from all of us!



Grandma, Mom, and Dorothy
St. Cloud Correspondent -- Douglas Anderson
Roving Correspondent -- Donna Johnson