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August 24, 2003
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Wedding Announcement
Senenfelder - Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Anderson, Caity & Jayce.

Holy Matrimony!
Eric and Leona's Big Day
By Doug

Braving heat, humidity and confounding detours, the wedding guests began arriving at Don and Patty's cabin around three. There was a strange calm; No panic. No stress. No breeze.

Before long, the time for the Big Event arrived, and the anxious wedding guests could relax and enjoy what they had come for.

First came Eric with Dr. Christa Landon, the Officiator.

They were followed closely by the Bridesmaid and Groomsman, Heather Senenfelder and Ryan Patrick as Ushers Chris Chap and Zach Bratten prepared all the necessary accouterments.

Jennifer Jozwiak and Nathan Oberg, Maid of Honor and Best Man, came next right in stride with the slow, graceful fashion advised by Dr. Landon.

Then came Flower Girl Caitlyn Chap and Ring Bearer Jayce Chap, dressed to the nines and looking aggressively adorable. Both maintained an impressive air of confidence and carried off their duties flawlessly, if not the slightest bit up tempo.

Then came the Bride, beaming radiantly, accompanied by her Father, John Senenfelder, and the Wedding Party was all assembled.

There followed a beautiful and moving ceremony including The Parent's Blessing, Presentation of Flowers, Self- written and memorized Vows, and a Memorial observation for those Loved Ones who have passed.

After the ceremony followed a sumptuous banquet featuring a whole roast pig and various side dishes, from smoked salmon to a wonderful broccoli salad. Patty and Don pulled off quite a culinary coup, feeding "The hungriest people they had ever seen."

I personally took the occasion to sit and talk smart with my witty nieces and nephews as I enjoyed a little of everything the buffet line had to offer.

When it came time to open gifts, we all retired to the driveway area, which was lit with electric lights strung from nearby trees. The young newlyweds made quite a haul, and with only one repeat gift to boot.

Jayce took a keen interest in "The Honeymoon Suite," Don and Patty's remodeled classic camper. He renamed it "His Little House" and proceeded to set up housekeeping. On one of his trips in or out of the camper, he accidently upset the awning in front of the camper, bringing it and a string of electric lanterns to the ground. Jayce took the crisis like a man, throwing his "Me-me" over his head and avoiding the whole issue entirely.

All in all, the day was a smashing success, a day of good food and shared friendship, a fine wedding that will be remembered and talked about for generations to come.

Hi Grandma!
It's Eric and Leona.
I just wanted to say that we had a lovely time yesterday and when we get back from up north at the end of the week I'll do a personal write-up of the day's events.

If there's another Bulletin between then and now just let everyone know that there will be something eventually.

Birth Announcement
by Grandma Shari
Hi Everyone,

Well ... we are excited ... (and very, very exhausted). Kristi's baby (and her husband Jim) arrived last night, 8/19 at 11:30 p.m. ... after two looooooooong days in the hospital ... and lots of labor pains.

Jordan Nicole Indermark weighed in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 19 inches long ... a beautiful little angel.

I am at the office now, putting out burning fires, then will go back to the hospital to help Kristi. The babies now stay in the room 24/7, so Mom is expected to do almost 100% of the care ... a big change from when I had my children ... and we hardly saw them while we were in the hospital! :-)


Updates -

by Patty H.

Wow, I love these bulletins. I think Mavis knows more than she lets on, and it seems she gave away a bit of a "secret" on that one! Fun to hear.

We sure did enjoy the wedding. Eric and Leona looked so happy and the wedding ceremony was very well done. Doug did a marvelous job with the song. Leona's dress was very nice. Hats off to the caterers! The food was great. Ben and Dan really enjoyed their table companions ... very entertaining. Ben said, "man, Doug is funny" and he began repeating a few of the asides that Doug delivered during the meal.

Doug's hoping for a rash of weddings now so he can use his suit more than once. He looked great... I'm sure you'll get a play by play of the wedding. It was a very enjoyable day. Curt and I agreed that this type of wedding is easy to enjoy, quite relaxed but very tastefully done. Best wishes to the newest Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

No real news from Minnesota. But just wanted to say thanks for another very enjoyable bulletin. Patty

Editor's Comments

It seems a good time for some advice for married couples, whether you are just starting out, have 53 years in, or are anywhere in between -- or even if you are contemplating marriage, the attitude of the bride in the following article would serve you well!

Overlook It
By Tim Hudson

Sheila and I just celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Somebody asked her, what was our secret? She answered, "On my wedding day, I decided to make a list of ten of Tim's faults which, for the sake of our marriage, I would always overlook. I figured I could live with at least ten!"

When she was asked which faults she had listed, Sheila replied, "I never did get around to listing them. Instead, every time he does something that makes me mad, I simply say to myself, 'Lucky for him, it's one of the ten!'"

Sent to me by Donna


"I Got to Carry the Rings"
By Grandma Donna

Jayce was very proud of his job in the wedding, to the point that he cooperated quite nicely. (Much to my surprise, I will add!) He did forget to walk beside his sister, but he made his way to the front with a very happy look on his face, proudly carrying the precious rings. He remembered, with a little help from Nathan, (the best man) to go over and stand by him and hold Nathan's hand. I was relieved he didn't buck and refuse to walk between all those people, something I'd rather worried about.

The rest of his weekend was a little boy's time to make some good memories. He was allowed to go in and out pretty regularly, escaping into the little honeymoon camper, which he quickly starting calling, "My little place." It was an adorable little place and the size was just right for him! (Don and I discussed how we would have so enjoyed something like it when we were young, too.)

The other place he became extremely fond of was found in a nook off the family room. It had curtains to close off the area, which held a set of bunkbeds. He loved to pull the curtains behind himself and play in the bunks. Either clambering up the ladder to perch in the top bunk and imagine all sorts of fun adventures, or lying in the bottom bunk, seemed to make him very happy. So, in and out, he'd go ... dragging his "me-me" with him (his Mickey Mouse blanket, a four year old's treasured comforter).

At one point, he'd even gotten his Great Uncle Don to make the trek out to "My Little Place" to retrieve said "me-me," as Jayce had turned off the lights in the bunk area, looking as though he was about to fall asleep. Of course, a short time later, he was in the upper bunk playing again. Don described him as "very busy." TRUE.

Patty commented on the many expressions that pass over his face. He enjoys life to the max and his face is a book of emotions -- often some that want to make you laugh. Many times you have to go by the looks on his face, to realize the words he's trying to make you understand; they are not always the clearest. Sometimes he gets frustrated with the person he's trying to convey his questions to and just gives up and walks off!

One of his encounters was with their photographer, Mike. Mike came and told me about it later. He was in the kitchen, by the beautiful center island, trying to snag something off the fruit tray. He asked Mike, "Can I have an apple?" Mike informed him there were no apples and started naming off the various fruits on the three tiered platters, when he finally got to the strawberries, he'd found the one -- Jayce's "apple" he'd been wanting.

Next he said to Mike, "Will you take the seeds off?" Mike said he looked with dismay at the seeds on the strawberry and told Jayce he couldn't do that. Then Mike said it finally dawned on him, Jayce meant the STEM. And, yes, that was it ... so he was able to accommodate him one more time.

I learned that he was eating several strawberries that day, asked several people, including myself and Grandpa to get him some. Good apples!

Another food that he loved, which was a surprise to me, was the sauerkraut and potato sausage stuffing. Lori told me he'd eaten a huge mound of it. Loved it!

He'd asked Patty when we had arrived, "Do you have any mean cats?" (We'd seen a video with a mean cat, that was attacking people for laughing at it and bringing a new cat into their home.) I happened to look outside and noticed Jayce, frozen in one spot, with Don and Patty's large orange cat, Froto, winding himself, in and out, around Jayce's legs. I could see he was not sure if Patty's reassurance of having no mean cats was true! I let him come in and he was very relived.

Later on, he became used to the cats there, but his favorites were the youngest kittens, although he did tell us Lucy scratched his leg. He was really happy when they were in their cage, so he could talk to them without their running off (or scratching him).

Zach also commented how brave Jayce is. He'd run off into the dark woods, down the path to the campfire, all by himself. I do know he has an imagination, though, as he'd remarked to me, "There is a monster in the woods by my little place." I assured him there were no monsters, maybe just a cat playing.

Jayce also gave Grandpa Beaver a taste of what my daily life is like. I had asked him to watch Jayce while I was helping with the wedding preparations. Jayce gave Grandpa little time to sit and watch him; his favorite thing was trying to lose Grandpa somewhere!

After a couple hours of this, I noticed Grandpa's patience was being stretched just a tad thin! :-) Made me laugh, as I've often noticed looks from Beaver when I'm coming a little undone at the end of a long day of 6-10 kids, all trying the same tricks! So, I feel it was a great experience for both.

I know the weekend of Eric and Leona's wedding created some great times for a little four year old boy!

An official thank you: Thanks Beaver for the good job you did, I couldn't have been any decent help, without your help

The Family Cookbook
Culinary Heirlooms
volume twenty
by Doug Anderson

      Hello food lovers and welcome to another family-fueled and inspired culinary symposium. Our scope has expanded to include very loosely related relatives, but what the heck, the more the merrier. Today's entry features a spin on the old standard zucchini presentation, proving that man really needn't live by (zucchini) bread alone.

Carol Chap/Pokornowski's Zestful Zucchini Cake

1/2 cup butter softened 1/2 cup sour milk
1/4 cup veg oil 2 1/2 cups of flour
1 3/4 cup sugar 4 Tablespoons cocoa
1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. soda
2 eggs 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla 3/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. cloves
2 cups grated unpeeled zucchini

Cream butter, oil, sugar, salt, eggs and vanilla.
Stir in dry ingredients with sour milk. Add grated zucchini.
Bake at 325 for 40-45 min in a 9"x13" pan
You can sour milk by adding a little vinegar or lemon juice.

      Magnificoes! If life gives you zucchini, make zucchini cake, that's what I have always said.       Thanks, Carol, for the wonderful recipe, and thanks to all of you for the recipes that you are going to send to me TODAY!
      See you next week.

Memory Lane

Country Living
by Dorothy
Part 2

After the rest left for Cokato, I decided to "redd up" a little before going back to the job at hand. I did up the dishes and dried and put them away, then I picked up their "last minute mess," swept the floor, and then just out of pride and enjoyment I arranged the canned peaches on the sideboard. Next, I made some more syrup.

Finally I started the last of the fruit. I couldn't resist having a slice or two of the luscious beauties as reward due to the "stay at home" toiler. I found they tasted just as wonderful as they looked. So I put back a few of the nicest ones and later diced and sugared them for supper. They would be perfect to serve with the cake that had come out of the oven just before they left. (Mom had commented that it surely smelled good.) It was sitting under a fresh towel, cooling, while I worked.

I finished up the cooker, carefully removed the jars with the tongs, tightened the zinc lids and then took a table knife and pressed down the edge of the lids tightly onto the rubber rings. I set them on a heavy towel on the table to cool. I was just finishing when the dogs began a ruckus out in the front yard -- and by the sound it was not a "Hi, there," bark to the returning family, rather more like, "Who are you, anyway -- do you really belong here?" So I quickly removed my apron and went out to see just what was going on.

Who would be the most unlikely person I might expect to see in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week? My store tending Grandpa! But it was surely Grandpa and Grandma Mellon, as it was certainly their Buick -- not our '47 Chevy, for sure.

When I came out, they were looking at the dogs to get permission to get out, so I sent the dogs on their way and went to greet my unexpected but wonderfully welcome grandparents.

What was this -- they had a passenger along? Some gentleman that I had never seen before. He was dressed in a suit, wore a hat, and though he carried a cane he walked with a jaunty step. I knew at once I was going to like this Irish relative, for so Grandma told me he was. She explained to me that this was her dear brother, Curtis Doyle. He had moved from Minnesota to Washington state several years before and he was on his way East on business (by train).

As he had only a limited amount of time, Grandpa took the afternoon off and they were out looking the countryside over and now had come to visit us and see the farm! Oh, my, now what was to be done to entertain them until my folks got home?
(to be continued)

My Grandpas and Their Autos
by Diana

I remember being told, by my dad (Everett), who always got such a good laugh out of this ... that grandpa (Alonzo) had quite a reputation around Waverly regarding his driving habits and skills. It was said that the mailman was very careful when delivering mail to the house, as Grandpa was known for jumping into his car, putting it into reverse, but NEVER looking back or in the rearview mirror, and gunning it out of the driveway! He narrowly missed hitting the mailman on several occasions that way!

Then there was the time that Grandpa and Grandma Mellon decided to drive into the cities by themselves, which from the way it sounds, they almost had never done. My dad had some serious concerns about this, but gave grandpa very exacting directions ... i.e., which lane to be in, which corner to turn on, landmarks, etc. So, when their time of arrival came and went, Dad began to pace the floor with concern, when all of a sudden the phone rang and it was Grandpa on the line saying, "Where the heck are we!" with no other information or location!

It took my dad the better part of an hour just to locate them and lead them to the house! I believe that was the last time Grandpa drove from Waverly to Minneapolis by himself. I've often wondered how he fared when he moved to Minneapolis following Grandma's death, and HAD to drive in town. I think my dad had to take the car keys away from Grandpa to keep him from driving, when the time came -- not a pretty picture!

My Grandpa Williamson was a "crusty" old guy, opinionated and very verbal most of the time. Mom and Dad got a phone call from Grandma Williamson (she and Grandpa were still on the farm just outside Delano) ... that Grandpa had crashed the car into the barn and muddy field, and could Dad come and help?

Well, not knowing for sure just how serious it all was, we jumped into our trusty '38 Dodge and went flying out there to check things out. What we found was one angry old man, waving his fists in the air, a HUGE hole in the end of the barn, a crumpled up Model T or Model A, I don't remember for sure, and one farmhand laughing so hard he had tears running down his face.

As the story goes, Grandpa had fought the urgings of Grandma to buy a car for quite some time, but she finally won out, and Grandpa took delivery on his new car the very same day he wrecked it. Anyway, being cantankerous and bullheaded, he wouldn't take any advice or lessons from the salesman, so when the time came for Grandpa to put his new car into the barn for the night, he jumped in and took off like the car was on fire ... going through one barn door, but creating a "new" door on the back of the barn, all the while yelling, "Whoa, you, whoa!"

Best I remember, Grandpa never ever drove anything other than horses from that day forward! My dad would almost convulse with laughter when he'd tell that story, and how mad Grandpa was at that "confounded machine."


from Donna

I finally remembered to send a couple of the "town/church" type cookbooks to Jim, with Shari. Here is his response ... glad he liked them. I looked through several until I thought I had a couple he might like. wrote:
Sharon gave the package you had sent with her, and you know what two cook books that I will get very good use. I like to fix things to eat but it doesn't always taste like it did when Blanche made it. These cook books are simple enough that even I can follow them. I get tired of sandwiches week after week, so after I get things unpacked will use the books.

Got a new washer and dryer today. Was out of shorts so they just came in time. Am running the first load now. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness; I am just lost when it comes to free hand cooking.

Much love, JIM

Hi Mom,

I just got back from the cabin and I thought I'd jot you off a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed 56! It turned out to be kind of a whopper!

Doesn't it seem wherever Tami goes there are power outages? She must have reverse polarity, or something.

Well, I have to run, but it was nice to come home (briefly) and read the Bulletin. It always gives me a "homey" feeling! Hope your day is wonderful!


Just read the bulletin ... but was very disappointed. I missed seeing the picture of me in it. Thought that would make the headlines this time. Oh well ... so it goes! Maybe I need to send another ishy one????????

I am still shaking with giggling at Donnie ducking down in the back seat when they went riding around.......

Now you got me in suspense????? Did you put pepper instead of cinnamon in the canning jars????? Also ... what was the thing flyng in the sky??? (from last week)

Tune in next week for the next segment of the story, right?


Your bulletin sounds like it's coming together ... always look forward to them. I so enjoyed the last one too; don't remember if I said so or not. I love your memory stories; makes it easier to imagine you as a child. I'd have a very hard time picking my favorite bulletin now; there have been so many wonderful ones done. Keep up the great work!


Dear Dorothy,

I received the new bulletins, and thank-you so very much! Of course, I especially enjoyed the story about Grandpa Mellon and the store!

I think you missed your true calling. You should have been a newspaper or magazine editor. The bulletin is wonderful. For all of us are gaining the fruits of your labors, THANK-YOU!!!!


This and That
by Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

I wonder if anyone would like to try a fabulous variation of oven baked chicken. Mindy had us for supper one Sunday evening recently. As she was taking the chicken from the oven, I remarked how appetizing it looked ... so brown, so crispy ... so appealing. Tasting it, I liked the seasonings she used, as well as being so tender.

The other day I asked if we could share the recipe in the bulletin. She was willing to share it with the readers.

Mindys Fabulous chicken:
Cut up one frying chicken ... then proceed with ...

scroll down.


Big Deal
Classifieds (

Wanted: Delivery Person

There are a number of items of apparel that need to be delivered to the Editor of the Bulletin. Starting location, Ashby Minnesota ... destination, Springfield, Missouri. Anyone interested in said delivery, please contact the Ashby correspondent, who would be willing to meet or deliver to another location, whatever is easiest for the transporter.

There are three black bags of winter clothing to be delivered, preferably before the cold sets in. No special truck or overnight service required. Possible reward for said duty (my guess, cream pie of your liking). This service would be greatly appreciated by both people involved in the transaction.

Don't be shy, this could be a job you would be great at! Praise will be handed out liberally, I'm sure! Anyone???

QUOTATION FOR THE DAY: You can always tell a real friend; when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job. --Lawrence J. Pet

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