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Sunday, February 29, 2004
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Editor's Note: May I introduce another member of the Dake family? For those of you who know Larry, the introduction goes like this: Please meet Sarah (Larry and Sherry Dake's daughter) and her husband, Mike.
To the rest of you -- Sarah is LeRoy and Vonnie Dake's  granddaughter (and LeRoy is my brother) -- the rest is in the Update! DMA


Our new e-mail address:

Our new street address:
1652 8th St N #4
Wahpeton, ND 58075

Mike's cell phone:

Sarah's cell phone:

Mike's work at the Soil and Water Conservation office is going good.
I will start a part-time NIGHT job at the St. Francis Nursing Home next week.
I plan to apply for the full-time DAY job there as soon as it opens up!!

We are living in a two bedroom apartment in town -- it is COZY, and we are enjoying it!
Feel free to come visit -- we actually have an extra bedroom now!!
I suppose I should get back to unpacking!!!
We look forward to hearing from you.
Have a nice day!

Sarah and Michael Steinhauer

P.S. We're residents of SD, living in ND, and working in MN!

by  Ben Henderson

The time has come, actually it has been here a long time, that I write an update. Well, to start things out, things are going fairly well in school. I have now taken tests in about all of my classes. It is always good to have the first test with a new professor out of the way being that we need to learn how each professor "tests." Actually, I have one this afternoon that will be fairly difficult.

Here is the breakdown of my schedule this semester: materials (concrete and asphalt), structures II (deals with determining forces in indeterminate structures), intro to transportation, water resources and supply, environmental, and an ethics class. I also have 3 labs that correspond with those classes. I am sure when you guys are looking at that schedule you are thinking to yourself, "how hard can that be?" But actually, there is quite a bit to it. Anyways, things are going pretty well. Really looking forward to the disappearance of the snow though and the appearance of spring.

Heather is doing very well.  She is leading a pretty hectic life however. She is averaging about 32 hours a week at the West Fargo Gate City bank. And then she is taking 4 classes and 1 online class. So I try to help her as much as I can to study and get things done. She doesn't have much time for herself, though. She does love her work, which makes things about as good as can be asked for.

We have been planning a little for the wedding. It is quite a ways away , but ideas have been flying. I guess we just plan on taking it a little bit at a time ... we will get down to business once school is over.

Hope this finds everyone in good spirits. Hope to see you all soon!!
Ben H.

Travelogue t

The Bolivian Beat
By Kjirsten Swenson

Still in Cochabamba... I talked to the doctor last night and we agreed that the next time the ambulance brings a patient to the city, I'll return with it to Morochata. So that could be tomorrow or in two or three weeks...  waiting is so hard! But I'm occupied for now with things like laundry, unpacking, repacking, and such. And I keep accidently buying fruit! Mangos, tuna fruit, plums, peaches, bananas... it's all in season and amazingly cheap and delicious.

It's been fun to catch up with all the people I know here too. One of my friends, a SIT student from last semester, will be in Cochabamba for the next several months doing research in women's reproductive health issues. We had coffee tonight and it was great to hear about her adventures of the past two months. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Ismael and his family, and I'm hoping to meet with Heidi, the other director, soonish. Yesterday I went with my family to a funeral of an aunt, but was back in time for gospel meeting. The workers will be in a different region for the next couple of weeks so I was glad to catch them.

This afternoon I visited the fair where several stands sell illegally made photocopies of books for super cheap to load up on reading material. The transportation people of Bolivia are angry about some new regulations and have declared "paro de transporte" and blockades in the entire nation for 48 hours starting tomorrow. Ah, home sweet Bolivia! So I'll be limited to going places I can reach on foot for the next two days.

No room for our truck
Our Truck Wouldn't Fit Into Our Apartment's Back Yard
(Photos © 1975 Jerrianne Lowther)

North To Alaska!
Afterword–by Jerrianne Lowther

Part 5 of 5

I got to explain about the truck not being full of Ortho matresses one last time. Years later, while I was working at The Anchorage Times, I wrote an article about one of Anchorage's very few manufacturing companies, a mattress maker who supplied some of Alaska's military installations. As we began the interview, I casually mentioned that we had moved our household goods to Alaska in an Ortho mattress truck. You'd have thought I had dropped a bomb!

"You're the one!" he said. He told me how he'd seen that truck parked in the dentists' parking places along Fireweed Lane. He had panicked! He'd tried to find out whether Ortho Mattress was moving into his territory, but none of his inquiries panned out. Now, finally, he had learned the truth.

Richard replaced the starter in the truck before we advertised it for sale. A furniture company bought the truck and delivered furniture around town in it. After a while they painted over the Ortho Mattress advertising and put their own imprint on it. I lost track of it after that, but the truck sale had paid for our move.

Richard lived with us the rest of the winter, worked in a junkyard and hitchhiked back to Minnesota in the spring. He returned the next winter and lived with us until April when he bought a bicycle and rode it back to Minnesota ... early in the season, before the bears came out of hibernation. He lived a life of adventure for a few years with The Green Tortoise alternative bus company before settling in Lowell, OR, with his wife, Mia, and their sons Wylie and Arbor (the Pacific Coast Trail goatpacking team whose story appeared in The Bulletin).

None of us had expected to stay in Alaska for the long haul, but 29 years later, Miss Kitty and I still llive in the same neighborhood, though not in the duplex on Resurrection Drive. The raw wood exterior was stained chocolate brown (the same color as the house where Miss Kitty and I live now), once the weather warmed up. It later acquired slate blue trim. Whenever Miss Kitty and I go for a neighborhood walk, I notice how our "old house" is doing. It has become a magnet for old cars that don't run. A license plate on one of them reads, "UFF DUH."

My middle sister, Kathlyn, came to Alaska "just for the summer" in 1990 and stayed on. Her husband, Argyle, sold their farm in Minnesota and moved to Anchorage soon after. They live just a few miles away with their long haired, blue eyed, flame point feline companion, Pretty Kitty.

New duplex, Resurrection Drive
After A Few Weeks We All Moved Into A Just Finished Duplex

Whitney , Mom, and Mark

Cayman Islands J

The First Evening–Laughter and Fruit Punch

by Kim Johnson

Well...we got to the resort, and we lounged around while mom and dad caught the shuttle to go get groceries. They found out that Minnesota's a pretty good place to set up tent! Because everything is pretty expensive down there! We tried out the hammocks, and I decided right then and there that I had found my home :) That night we traveled all of probably 50 feet to the resort's restaurant and enjoyed some laughter and some fruit punch too. We didn't get any fruit because all they're known for on the island is banks, banks, rum cake and banks. When we finished up, we headed back to our room and headed for bed...first day gone, only 6 left!

Miss Kitty Drives Wood Box Train

Miss Kitty Hauls Firewood In Her Train

The Miss Kitty Letters*
By Miss Kitty

Miss Jerrianne's sister, Miss Kathlyn, came to visit today and brought Pretty Kitty along to visit me. I think they are trying to figure out whether Pretty Kitty and I could ever get along well enough to have sleep-overs so one or the other of the ladies could go on a trip. I must say that, after today, the prospects don't look all that promising.

Pretty Kitty arrived in her handsome black cat carrier and Miss Jerrianne had already tucked me into my pouch when they arrived. While the ladies settled down in the sun-room for a cup of tea and a bite of Mrs. Olson's lefse ... and a chocolate chip cookie or two ... Pretty Kitty and I stared at each other through the mesh windows of our respective conveyances and had a bit of a growling match. I try to be friendly to guests, but it seems that Pretty Kitty doesn't believe in "live and let live" on my turf any more than she does on her own.

Not that I'm complaining too loudly about this, mind you. If we'd gotten along better from the start, we might still be part of a two-cat household living with Miss Kathlyn. As it is, I have the whole mansion here and Miss Jerrianne all to myself. I'm quite content to be mistress of all I survey and I've come to enjoy our frequent outings in my Celltei pouch.

I really wanted to play "train" with Pretty Kitty, but she wasn't interested. Earlier in the week, Miss Kathlyn had sent a link to a web site on "kitty cars" and suggested that Miss Jerrianne build one for me. Miss Jerrianne thought the kitty cars were pretty cute and the assembly seemed quite reasonable, but she pointed out that I already had a most satisfactory job as a railroad engineer driving the train that hauls firewood and stores it for our fireplace nights. Not that I would mind driving a sports car, or a stretch limo ... or a yellow submarine ... in addition to my choo-choo!

Do check out the link ... lots of good things on that web site ... even a recipe for chocolate mice! Now don't they sound yummy? But I digress ...

There were ever so many cat toys assembled in the sun-room ... even TWO pizza boxes with lots of goodies inside so we could each play with one and not have to share if we didn't want to ... but, alas, today didn't work out quite that way. Once the windows and doors on our respective carriages were opened, we were free to interact however we chose ... but instead of playing with the toys, we mostly growled and hissed and harrassed each other. (She started it, of course.) After a while, I jumped up and sat on Miss Kathlyn's lap and I guess Pretty Kitty got a little bit jealous.

Miss Jerrianne took Pretty Kitty on her lap and tried to brush her long, fluffy white coat. Pretty Kitty growled at me and the next thing we knew she was growling and hissing at Miss Jerrianne and she scratched and bit her, too. Miss Kathlyn noticed that I was visibly upset to see Miss Jerrianne disrespected that way. Miss Kathlyn said Pretty Kitty was very naughty and after a while she put her back into her carrying case and drove her back home.

I heard Miss Kathlyn and Miss Jerrianne talking about going to "Purr Rendezvous," the "Rondy" cat show. I don't think Pretty Kitty and I will go along. I'm almost sure Pretty Kitty is grounded ... and I'm not so sure I really want to go, either. I'm still a little shy around human strangers, and when it comes to kitties, I'm not really sure I want to be where another cat doesn't like me.

For more Miss Kitty adventures visit my web log:

Miss Kitty

This and That
by Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Definition of a milk machine.

Some people own a completely automatic milk manufacturing machine. It is encased in untanned leather and mounted on four vertical, movable supports, one on each corner.

The front end contains the cutting and grinding mechanism, as well as light sensors, an air inlet and exhaust, a bumper, and a foghorn.

At the rear is the dispensing apparatus and automatic fly swatter.

The central portion houses a hydrochemical conversion plant. This consists of four fermentation tanks connected in series by an intricate network of flexible plumbing. This section also contains the heating plant complete with automatic temperature controls, pumping station and main ventilating system. The water disposal apparatus is located at the rear of this central section.

IN brief, the externally visible features are: two lookers, two hookers, four stand-uppers, four hanger-downers and a swishy-wishy.

Author unknown

P.... Persistence


I had some friends over last night and served Doug’s Grilled Portabella Caps with Pesto and Cheese recipe and it was fabulous!! Many thanks for sharing such an easy and great recipe!  (And thank you to Marlene for giving me the ingredients when I called her on my cell phone from the grocery store! J)

I LOVED it, as usual! The pictures are so fun, the colors on mine are fabulous! I think both of you are doing a marvelous job, getting it all to work so nicely..sorry I don't think to tell you so regularly, just know I feel it would be so boring without it. Loved Kim having added the pictures from their trip and a little story, will look forward for more from her. As usual all the others were interesting and entertaining reading too! Keep up the good work! dmj

QUOTATION FOR THE DAY: Our life is frittered  away by detail....simplify, simplify, simplify. --Henry David Thoreau

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