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Sunday, August 8, 2004
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Accident Report & Photos by Donna

Jayce's Grandma Judy invited him down last weekend. She asked if Becky could bring him down and she could bring him back. Becky wasn't on to work for Friday night, so thought a nice break sounded like fun. It didn't prove to be so, though.

She and Dave dropped Jayce off in Wabasha and headed back home. They were enjoying their time together and time away from kids and work. As they headed into Hastings, Becky started slowing for a 45 mph sign that she was coming up to.

Dave said she hollered something about, "What is she doing?" and he turned to look, just as a 1989 Ford Probe struck them broadside on Dave's side of the car, after having run right through a stop sign on a residential side street. The car went a little further and into the ditch, tipping over onto the driver's side (Becky's) and onto its top in the process.

A paramedic that arrived on the scene stated she'd heard the crash from four blocks away. The impact was that hard. There was a man outside at a Ford dealership who immediately called 911 and then came over, following one of his co-workers. They both have given Becky cards for being witnesses. They guessed the 18 year old girl's speed at being close to 55 mph on impact.

Dave was able to get out the back and out one of the doors, with assistance from one of the dealer's men. Becky started hollering to get out, but she was stuck in the car. It took them 20 minutes to get her out. They were taken to the hospital and checked over. They were later released and taken to a motel in town for the night.

I was not informed after the accident happened, even though they had both requested that the hospital call me. I didn't know about it happening until over five hours after the fact. I find that odd. I also find it odd they were not kept for observation. Now they feel Dave has/had a concussion and some other problems that they are still trying to determine. He's had lots of head pains, glass in his eye, severe whiplash, dizzy if he turns his head, thirst that appears constant. He has pain in his back and shoulders, besides head and neck. Being it hit on his side, I can't imagine why they weren't more concerned.

Becky has a sprained ankle and possibly knee -- they are checking for torn ligaments yet. She has bruised ribs on her left side, her hips are both bruised and her shoulder is sprained. From hanging upside down, the doctor said there could be possible brain damage from the blood pooling so long. (He stated 30 minutes could kill a person.) She has double vision in her right eye and has head pain.

Although they were fortunate to come out alive, they may have much suffering yet to come. We were all very glad neither of the children was in the car when the accident happened!.

Becky's car was a total wreck after the accident

Becky, Dave and I would like to give a special thank you to Donna Richards for rescuing them at the airport. (A long story in itself ... trying to get a rental car to come home -- which, luckily, they could not do, as neither was in ANY shape for driving! They could not get a car without a charge card.) Then Donna took them to Hastings to get their things out of the ruined car, waited while pictures were taken and the hour for developing. Then she brought them all the way to Long Lake to meet us at Rich and Marlene's place.

Also a thank you to Peggy for spending so much driving time with me, going to get them, plus waiting while we did the things that needed doing and the emergency room stop. It was a very long day for all. We got home at 3:30 a.m. So, we owe you, Donna and Peggy!

Thanks, too, to Mar & Rich for letting us use their home as a half way point; we appreciate that!

Now we owe MANY thanks to Linda Knutson, too; she's been chauffeuring Becky and Dave to and from appointments and there are many more coming up. We couldn't do it without you! Thanks


by Doug, photos by Brianna

Hello everyone,

Brianna signed a purchase agreement on our new house this week, (I was at work, I miss all the good stuff) making it final. It is a four bedroom, two story something or other kind of house in North St. Cloud, certainly the nicest neighborhood I have ever lived in.

Doug and Brianna

Doug & Brianna's New Home in North St. Cloud

by Donnie Anderson

Here are two pictures of Grandma Dake's chair that I got from Auntie Gert [at the cousins' reunion]. I'm wondering if anyone remembers the chair or where it may have come from. It currently has brown paint on it and the seat and back were covered in gold vinyl. I took the vinyl off and found another layer of a brown, black and gold woven material (see the back in the picture) and also below that what appears to have been the original seat -- an orangish fake leather. It may have originally been a red and has since faded to the orange. Its original finish was a darker brown stain, over that was painted a barn red color and the current color is the brown that you see. It has seen a lot of repairs -- extra nails, tacks, glue and extra bracing under the seat. I plan to repair and recover it but I'd like to save the family history with it. Thanks,


Grandma Dake's Chair: Can you help solve the mystery of its history?

by Weston (Johnson)

I thought I would send a quick note to tell you about my early birthday celebration.

Lori, Chris and Jessy offered to take me out to a birthday dinner at the restaurant of my choice on Thursday night. My initial request to go to Manny's in downtown Minneapolis for some $50 steaks was denied, so we ended up going to my second choice, Famous Dave's, for some barbeque.

It was a beautiful evening so we decided to sit out on the patio, where we proceeded to gorge ourselves on a variety of delicious meats. Prior to the meal, I was presented with a gift bag consisting of a card and a little black book in which I can store the phone numbers of any lady friends I may meet in the future. They even went to the trouble of partially filling it for me. They also included two free passes for the local movie theater.

Apparently they are hinting that I need to do more dating. I don't know where they got such a silly idea. Actually, I think they are in cahoots with my mother. Anyway, attached is a picture commemorating the occasion. Lori declined to be photographed as she was unable to eat her barbequed ribs without barbequing the better part of her face. OK, actually she took the picture, but I like the other explanation better.

Thank you to Lori, Chris and Jessy for the birthday dinner and for the useful (and admittedly needed) gift!

Birthday Celebration: Jessy, Chris & Weston (Photo by Lori)

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Caity and Summer at the lake

Summer Fun

Caity got invited for the weekend to Barb Dewey's brother-in-law's place, with Mike and his wife, Karla Dewey. She'd played with their granddaughter, Summer, last year also, so was comfortable with them all. Summer is a couple years younger than Caity, but they get along very nicely and seem to have a great time together ... much to the happiness of the adults involved!

Beaver and I, along with Barb and Russ, went up on Sunday afternoon to join Mike and Karla and another set of friends, Ruth and Glen Herness. We were treated to a wonderfully delicious grilled steak meal, along with lots of good sides. I enjoyed their screened deck and the view -- made for a relaxing day after the previous stressful one -- so, very much appreciated!

Beaver and Caity both had a boat ride, with Summer along for her first time. (She hadn't been brave enough last summer.) Caity and Summer got to go swimming with Barb, Ruth and Karla. I sat on the dock for a while, enjoying the summer outing, dangling my feet in. Caity was swimming as often as they'd let her the rest of the time, too. Summer and Caity also put on a little "show" for us, had all of the adults come down into the basement to watch their performance. Caity sang and Summer was her back-up singer/dancer. Cute.

Back: L to R, Russ & Barb Dewey, Glen Herness, Beaver, Mike Dewey
Front: Ruth Herness, Caity, Karla Dewey

PDQ Pickles: Nuke Those Cukes!,

Ruth Herness, the one in the front, left of Caity in the picture above, brought some pickles and when I commented on how good they were, she told me about how they make them together; her husband cuts and packs them and she adds the vinegar mix. I asked her if she'd share the recipe and this is what she sent me:

From Glen & Ruth Herness
(original recipe from Ron & Linda Carey)

Thoroughly wash cucumbers and rinse the dill. It's easiest if you have the garlic (optional) already peeled and ready to go.

Begin by washing and sterilizing quart canning jars, lids and rings.

In the bottom of the sterilized quart jar put dill and peeled garlic cloves (optional). Pack in cucumbers. (You may do whole, spears, slices or any combination.)

        1/2 cup white vinegar
        1 Tablespoon of pickling salt
        1 teaspoon sugar
Fill with cold water

Microwave only ONE jar at a time! Place uncovered jar in the microwave and process for 5 minutes on HIGH.

Using holders, remove the jar and seal with lid that has been in boiling water, and apply the ring. Turn the jar upside down on the counter and this jar will usually seal by the time the next jar is done. (If it hasn't sealed, turn it back upside down and check it periodically).

The processed pickles may be refrigerated and eaten as soon as they are cold.

We have also modified this recipe and processed jalapeño peppers. We didn’t use the dill and garlic but we did pierce the peppers to make sure they didn't explode.

Travelogue t

California, Here We Come! K

The Johnson Family Reunion, Day 3

Editor's Note: Kim's narrative will resume next week. (She promised.)

This and That
by Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

As this paper goes to press, some of its readers will be attending a family reunion near Great Bend, North Dakota. This is for the Berndt family ... my grandparents, as well as numerous other readers of this Bulletin.

It was in the early 1870's when David Lubenow first settled in this area, which he named Berlin. Other settlers from Germany soon followed and the name was changed to Great Bend, for the large bend in the Wild Rice River there. Times were difficult, as they were for all of our early ancestors. Many meals consisted of boiled rutabagas and potatoes, with fishing and hunting providing extra food.

David often presided at funerals for those who died, many so young, with burial in a little cemetery along the river near the farmsite, which we can visit.

One of David's daughters married my grandfather and they built a home there in 1902. This is the site where we will be gathering together and exchanging many fond memories. I personally will be taking a trip down memory lane with my cousins as I remember the old garden site with its hollyhocks, the hotbed plants, the cow pastures, the vine covered porch where we often played, and the lawn swing where we would swing our cares away as youngsters. What precious memories can be found in these old sites and we wonder what stories that old house could tell us. As we get older we seem to develop even a deeper appreciation of "the olden days" and our ancestors.

Maybe we will hear more about it in the next issue? Those who attend, please send your favorite remembrance of the reunion.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Most Memorable Moments

taken from The Bulletin #54 - Sunday, August 3, 2003

Our "New" Car
by Don

Let me tell you about an incident that I am sure happened in about 1933. (That's 70 years ago!)

My grandfather bought a late model Model "A" automobile. He traded in his Model "T" sedan at a Wahpeton dealer. At that time my folks were driving a cutoff Model "T." They referred to it as a "puddle-jumper." Dad made it over from an older car. Anyway, Dad went to Wahpeton and bought the used car that Grandpa had traded in. Us kids were so happy to have a "new" car. It had windows that rolled up and down. It had soft cushion seats and many other luxuries! We thought it was so modern!

The next Sunday our family drove to Grandma and Grandpa's to show off our prized buy. Dad spent much of that morning shining it up and cleaning it. He was very proud of it. Now we had a modern car that we could keep warm as we rode. Yes, it had a self starter. The windshield wiper was hand operated.

Upon arriving at Grandpa's farm near Great Bend, Grandma come out, and seeing our family arriving in such a great style, she immediately shouted, "Ack-a yeah!"

Mom was quick to tell her, "Now we have a car like the one you used to have," to which Grandma replied, "Oh. But ours wasn't this shabby!"

taken from The Bulletin #59 - Sunday, September 7, 2003

The Dam
by Don

My memory was taken back as I read a note regarding a water dam on our grandparents' land near Great Bend. Perhaps you younger ones wonder what happened to it as I am sure you might of noticed.

If I recall (I heard the story over and over told by different people), the bend on the Wild Rice River near the home of Gustav and Rose Berndt was selected as an ideal site to build a dam to hold back water that was so precious in the dry 30s. This was at the time our country was on the way to recovery after the Great Depression.

President Roosevelt was instrumental to get a few work programs going. The one selected for this dam project was WPA (Works Progress Administration). We kids called it "we poke around" as it contained lot of inexperienced and lazy workers. The pay was very low, but some families made good use and later climbed out of the welfare status.

Two years were spent in bringing this project to completion. It was beautiful; sightseers come from miles to view it. Grandpa was very proud of it. He enjoyed folks coming and just gazing at it. Us kids would fish for bullheads from the river bank and have picnics near the dam. At night on a still evening one could hear the water going over the dam, a relaxing feeling.

I think it was built in 1937-8. Along in 1940 a disgruntled neighbor and good friend who was jealous proceeded to have it broken up because he had an excuse that it was hurting the water level on his farm.

I am not sure who actually blew it up, if it was under a court order, or if someone took it upon themselves to do it. Grandpa was very heartbroken for a long time and I wonder to this day if he ever forgave the neighbor for his unkindly act. The explosion took place at night, I understand, and this would tell me it was not a lawful act. I remember Grandpa had a hard time going by the broken dam and he had to drive by it on his way into the farmyard.

Now if there is anyone out there that could add to this story, come forward. I am quite sure it is like I remember it. My Alzheimer's is not acting up right now as I recall this incident of over 60 years ago.

Submitted by Don Anderson (Eldest Grandchild of Gustav & Rose Berndt)

Gust 1877-1956
Rose 1882-1964

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays:

August 11---Mitchell Miller

Happy Birthday!

More August Birthdays:

August 7---Weston Johnson
August 7---Melanie Lehtola

August 16---Jason Ouick
August 19---Chris Chap
August 19---Jordan Nicole Indermark (1 year old)
August 24---Becky Chap
August 26---Donna Richards
August 30---Jessica Myron
August 30---Ethan Horne (2 years old)
August 31---Devan Alexander Seaman (2 years old)

August Anniversaries:

August 5---Mitzi and Sheldon Swenson (27 years)

August 15---Diana and Russ Martin (28 years)
August 15---Dorothy and Don Anderson (54 years)
August 19---Vonnie and LeRoy Dake (56 years)
August 28---Merna and Ken Hellevang (22 years)


Miss Hetty Says

Thanks to Weston & Lori for the birthday update and photo. Happy Birthday!

Psssst.... I picked up some news in South Dakota near the Black Hills that a Ryan Hellevang (I think he is related to the editor) has a close friend... Maybe someone can help me out with a name by next week?? I heard she is cute...

And what's this about Doug and Brianna buying a house? Gracious, such goings on! ... And nobody has said a word to Miss Hetty! What's the scoop?

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Surely a good Bulletin again. There are so many talented writers in the family. I am amazed at Douglas's vocabulary!!! Congrats to Chris on his new car... Such a nice looking one... He is surely deserving of it.

Wouldn't it be fun to visit the flowers and nursery at Ari's in Holland? So interesting! Now let's hear from others, too ... one need not have a lot of writer's talent, but EACH one is so important to hear from.

Keep it up, everyone!



Another fine edition down. The updates are nice, and really the reason why The Bulletin came to be. I wonder if Melanie knows that Augsburg is in Minneapolis, not St. Paul? Oh well, a minor detail.

Donna's piece on Munsinger Gardens was wonderful! That is where Brianna and I had our first dinner date. We ate some lemongrass chicken on a swinging bench. The rest is history!


Photo Editor's Note: Thanks for confirming that Augsburg College is still in Minneapolis, Doug. I know Augsburg was in Minneapolis when I was a student there many years ago, but things change, so I wondered. ~ Jerrianne

Tom is Jim Miller's youngest brother and a lifetime friend of the Dakes.

I am really enjoying The Bulletin! Lots of people I don't know but I enjoy seeing and reading about those I do know ... Seems I have had a part in some of those lives --weddings, etc. and glad to keep up with each over the years.

There are many, many memories of the Dake family and farm! I think Dick and I were involved in many of the goings on with everything from strawberry picking, apple picking, dressing chickens (I helped your Mom kill and clean some 20 fryers one day. She was a really great person.) and many memories will always be held in my heart! I think I had something to do with a special wedding one time!! At least I had the privilege to be there ... 50 plus years!! And still going strong!
I'll try to get some pictures of  my family and send to you. You would remember Cheryl and Michele but much beyond that would only be names..
Thanks again,

Tom & Lou


Contributed by Anita Oliva Wolbrink


~ Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.

~ Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.

~ When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

~ When it's in your best interest, practice obedience.

~ Let others know when they've invaded your territory.

~ Take naps and stretch before rising.

~ Run, romp and play daily.

~ Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

~ Be loyal.

~ Never pretend to be something you're not.

~ If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.

~ When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.

~ Thrive on attention and let people touch you.

~ Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.

~ On hot days, drink lots of water and lay under a shady tree.

~ When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

~ No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and pout.
Run right back and make friends.

~ Bond with your pack.

~ Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.

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