Miss Kitty's Second Birthday Party

I had a swell birthday party, with presents and birthday cake with TWO candles! I wouldn't go near it -- that's how I singed my eyebrows last year -- what if I'd caught them on fire? No, thanks, I'll sit in my chair and watch this time, until I see some ice cream.

Once the fire was out on the cake, I came closer, to get a better look. You know I LOVE pussywillows. They look a lot like me, only smaller. I like gazing at those pretty pink Stargazer lilies, too. (THEY are the LILIES and I am the STAR. ;-) I prefer Tiger Lilies, of course, but they are out of season and there were none available. See the presents? That pretty box was full of goodies -- shrimp treats, a brush to keep my coat all pretty now that the shedding season has commenced and those funny little balls that look like sea urchins but don't hurt me if I touch them. They are lots of fun to play with.

At the first opportunity, I made a move on "Da Bird" -- three new ones! When Miss Jerrianne waves the magic wand, they fly just like the birdies I see at the bird feeder, only "Da Bird" flies INSIDE the house. I love to chase "Da Bird" and pounce on it and catch it. Once I get my teeth on it, I abscond with "Da Bird" and Miss Jerrianne has to chase me down to get it back. Sometimes I get clear into the next room with it, dragging the wand behind me. If she doesn't follow me and rescue "Da Bird," I turn around and drag it right back and drop it at her feet. Dry feathers aren't so tasty -- the fun is catching "Da Bird" -- and it doesn't fly until the wand is back in Miss Jerrianne's hand.

This picture is for Aunt Betty, who sent me the presents in the pretty box, because she loves a good joke and this is a picture of me laughing at the jokes I played on Miss Jerrianne when she was trying to take pictures. She would put a treat where she wanted me to go -- but I am too fast for her. By the time she could get her finger back on the camera, I would snatch up the treat and jump down to the floor and eat it. I got a lot more treats than she got pictures. And when she took the first batch of pictures to the computer, I stole "Da Bird"! The first time, she was pretty surprised to see "Da Bird" and the wand half way down the hall ... and I didn't knock anything over or spill the flowers, either. The second time, she caught me trying to hide another copy of "Da Bird" in the bathroom. I always behave perfectly when she's watching, but when she isn't ... the joke's on her!



©2005 Jerrianne Lowther, All Rights Reserved

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