Dan and Gina wedding reception
Leah Edwards, left, Gina and Dan and Heather Henderson at reception.

Dan and Gina Henderson's Wedding Reception
April 9, 2005
(from the program)
To our dear friends and family,

We want to thank everyone for the
abundance of good wishes, for being so
willing to share our happiness, and for
each one's part in our life up until now.
It's times like this when we realize how
fortunate we are to know and love so many
caring and generous people.
....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Our New Address:
Dan and Gina Henderson
1820 39th St. SW # 120
Fargo, ND 58103
Banquet table with napkin fans

What a lovely occasion! We totally enjoyed the whole experience ... a gathering of the family and friends of our loving newlyweds -- Gina and Dan. A gathering to rejoice and celebrate the occasion with them.

Don and I enjoyed being a part of the preparation (a very small part -- but it was fun making napkin fans for the forks) and to remain involved right through the whole weekend experience. We even got to see the unwrapping of all the lovely gifts.

The reception was totally fun, pretty, and sweet. It involved love from the beginning to the end. The bride's sister, Leah Edwards, and the groom's brother, Ben, were the MC's. They helped make the program interesting and fun -- from the watching of the film of the wedding in Maui, to the blessing before and the serving of the delicious buffet meal, to the coordinated recording of snaps from the early days of Gina and of Dan through the days of Dan and Gina (who ever says one without the other?) -- and then to the finale of memories of the couple by guests who attended. It was indeed a lovely evening.

We do want to wish our grandchildren Dan and Gina Henderson the very best in their life together!

Your loving Grandmothers and Grandfather
Emma, Dorothy, and Don

Curt and Patty Henderson, parents of the bridegroom Dan and Gina
Curt & Patty Henderson, left; Dan & Gina Henderson, right.

An abundance of cousins turned out to celebrate ...

Dave, Becky, Jayce, Caity Eric and Leona
David O'Brien, Jayce, Becky & Caity Chap, left; Eric & Leona Anderson, right.

UPDATE -- School and Job
by Ben and Heather Henderson, as told to the Editor

My grandchildren Ben and Heather Henderson have asked me to do this update for them. They are extremely busy tying up all the threads to their education and are nearly ready to launch out on their first step towards making use of it!

Both Ben and Heather are graduating in May. Someday I will get them to tell us the details as to the degrees they are to receive.

The big news they want to share is that Ben has accepted a position with Kimley-Horn & Associates. He will be serving with the branch of the company that is established in St. Paul, Minnesota. They deal in structural engineering, road and bridge building, and land development.

The Hendersons have chosen the place they will be moving to in the early part of June. It sounds like a very interesting area of St. Paul. It is an apartment (built alone, not part of a large complex). They have a view of the Mississippi river from their apartment.

Our very best wishes to you, Ben and Heather!

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Starting with Bulletin 124, I planned to run biographical sketches of the members of our staff. Now that this has been done, I want to run sketches and pictures of the readers and subscribers who have not already done introductions. Please tell us about yourself. What is your work and what else do you do with your time? How are you related or what friend introduced you into the family? I am hoping that you can share family photos and background sketches. Send all manuscripts and pictures to me at dma49261@juno.com

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.
(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.)

Who are these cuties?

Answers to last week's mystery picture:

Blanche Dake Miller, Elizabeth McCalla, Dorothy Dake Anderson
Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Oh yes.......Who is This? Aunt Blanche, Auntie Elizabeth, and Aunt Dorothy ... and I'm reminded again when I scroll down to the Foto Funny picture in this issue that Aunt Dorothy bears a strong family resemblance to Auntie Elizabeth!!
Carol Dake Printz
Sidney, NE

That is a picture of Blanche Dake Miller, Aunt Elizabeth and our own Editor, Dorothy Mae Dake Anderson! Now I can go back to reading the current Bulletin.
Tom Miller
Madera, CA

Now for the mystery picture -- left to right: Mom (Blanche), Great Aunt Elizabeth, and Aunt Dorothy.
Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

A guess that is 2/3 correct...
The three beauties in the picture are Gert (my mom), Aunty Elizabeth and Aunt Dorothy. Great Bulletin ... as usual!!!
Melanie Lehtola
Howard Lake, MN

I know I won't be first to get the answer to you, but I want to tell you about those three SWEETIES.

The first one on the left is Blanche, my wife of 56 years and 4 months. I lost her 3 years ago on the 10th of April. We knew each other for all our lives and I miss her sorely. She surely could be called "My Sweetie."

The second one is Anty -- that is what we always called her. Her real name was Elizabeth McCalla. She was a part of our life. We visited her many times.

And the third one you ought to know. That is our own Matriarch, who is one of the Editors of our paper. On that picture she was still named Dorothy Dake.

All three were members of the Dake family, and the Miller family and the Dake family had lots of fun together through the years.

So yes, I know The Three Sweeties.

Jim Miller
Bradenton, FL

LTD Storybrooke

The Long Ride
By Larry Dake
Part One

I was headed southwest from the Twin Cities on Highway 169, driving an older model, cab-over-engine, Freightliner tractor, pulling a 56-foot semi-trailer. That's an extra-long trailer, for which I was getting paid extra cents per mile.

The road was snow covered in spots -- but not what a Minnesotan would call slippery. Traffic was moving along at about five miles per hour over the posted limit.

My face was high above, and what seemed about three inches behind, the front bumper of the truck. After spending the past year behind the wheel of nothing bigger than a passenger car, sitting up so high above the road, and so far forward, made the highway seem extraordinarily narrow.

Meeting other semis was -- breathtaking. I was eye level with the faces of oncoming truckers. We were hurtling past each other at a combined speed of 120 mph. If we both stuck our hands out the window, we could easily have given each other a high five as we passed, though likely that would have ripped an arm out of its socket -- or something! I was very aware that in the cab-over-engine tractor, the only thing between my nose and the rapidly approaching trucks was a sheet of glass -- cracked glass, at that! I hoped the other drivers were more seasoned than I.

Denver, Colorado, was my destination. I would pick-up the Interstate highway at Omaha and head west across Nebraska, and on into the Mile High City.

Once on the Interstate, I relaxed a bit, which allowed the blood to flow back into my white knuckles.

I drifted across Nebraska, enjoying my new found freedom. I passed Grand Island, North Platte, and Ogallala. As the day eased toward night, the farmland had fallen behind. To my left and right was rolling ranch land, dotted with windmills, and an occasional abandoned homestead. At one place I saw horses gathered near some old boxcars. Some rancher had apparently put them there, years ago, as outbuildings. Whatever house there may have been was long gone.

It was dark when I crossed the border into Colorado. I took the first exit I came to. My 10 hours of driving time, as allowed by the Federal Government, were up. Stops along the way were subtracted from the driving time, so about 12 hours had elapsed since I left Minneapolis. It was about 16 hours since I had left home. I found a place to park off the road and got my logbook up to date.

I climbed out of the cab to stretch my legs a bit. The weather was nicer than what I'd left behind in Minnesota, but it was still cold.

As I had been instructed, the engine was to be idled all night -- so I would keep warm. In fact, the only time the engine was routinely shut off was for checking the oil.

I was required by law to stay off the road for eight hours before getting behind the wheel again. With paperwork done, I clicked out the light and crawled into the sleeper above and behind the driver's seat.

Borrowing a phrase from Charles Dickens, The panting of the horses [under the cab-over-engine] communicated a tremulous motion to the coach, as if it were in a state of agitation. I found this to be comforting, and sleep came easily.

Without the company of the horses, I would have felt even more alone than I already did.

Travelogue t

The Bolivian Beat
By Kjirsten Swenson

Editor's Note: Kjirsten has returned to Bolivia for a second year of independent study, prior to enrollment in medical school at Baylor University in Houston, fall semester 2005. In January, she went trekking in Argentina with her parents, Sheldon and Mitzi Swenson, then continued on her own, into the Argentine Lake District. Although none of Kjirsten's posted photos specifically illustrate this week's story, she has many wonderful photos we've had no room for previously.

Armed Robbers Steal Camera and Journal

This afternoon I was robbed at knife point, while walking to Paraty's Fort, in broad daylight. I think the thieves, two teenagers, saw me snap a photo on a bridge and then followed me until I was on the path to the fort, where there was no traffic. They took everything I was carrying.

The following were of significance: the digital camera, around $25 in cash, the little Leatherman, my earplugs, and worst of all, the journal that contains everything I've written since last year in August. I was planning to spend the evening at the fort writing before cashing a birthday dinner rain check at a Japanese restaurant. Sigh.

My consolation is that they did not get my passport, cash card, or credit card.

I was caught so off guard. This town is ultra posh, really a classy, colonial beach resort town, full of European tourists who have luggage with wheels. I've heard enough crime stories about Rio de Janeiro to know that Brazil isn't the safest of places, but wasn't expecting problems here ... sigh. I guess no one ever expects it. I feel awful.

Do I need to report it? I assume not, only if you have some sort of insurance ... let me know by tonight if you do, as I plan to leave for Angra and then Ilha Grande tomorrow before noon.

I'm quite fine, actually having a marvelous time on another paradisical island. This one's called Ilha Grande and is a huge eco reserve with gorgeous beaches, tons of trails, and no cars! I only checked my mail to change my reservation for hostel in Rio. Internet here is quite expensive. I'll be here until Friday, I think, and then I'll tell you all about it. Feel like I've had my bad luck for Brazil in one huge shot. I'm heading for dinner with a girl from Banff.

More in a few days,


Foxgloves Cactus flower
Foxglove, left; cactus flower, right.

More photos: http://community.webshots.com/user/kjswenson

Caribbean Vacation J

Lori Chap wrote a Dominican Republic vacation introduction in Bulletin 145. Jaci Christman wrote about an excursion in Bulletin 147. This report continues the series.
Whale Tail
Whale's tail salutes the sunset.

Having A Whale Of A Time
by Amy Johnson
Plymouth, MN

Lions and tigers and whales ... or is that bears? Nope, it was whales for us! All Lori, Patti, Jaci and I were looking for during our week in the Dominican was lots of quality sun, relaxation, fun gal time, a little bit of culture and a day of whale watching. We were signed up for the Sunday whale watching group – one of our last days of vacation. To our dismay, our Sunday reservations were cancelled at the last minute on Saturday evening. Luckily, we were able to hop on with a different group going on Monday. I think the weather was better too! Yeah!!

We arrived at the docks after a long bus ride from our resort. They boarded us on a catamaran that took us to an island where we transferred boats -- into an oversized dinghy! We had seats at the front, which was great. I shouldn't speak for the others, but I had no idea what to look for, since there weren't any whales jumping about. Turns out, you could see their silvery bodies under the water.

Finally, we saw one going crazy in the distance! We tooled over to get a closer look. How can something be so gigantic, yet graceful?? We were distracted with the wild one and then a "couple" swimming together and completely fanatic to see the tail come out of the water. In the midst of everyone pointing and taking pictures, we heard this loud puff behind us. We all turned around and there was one so close that it didn't fit in the frame of my camera!

It was a beautiful day and an amazing thing to see. Enjoy the photos!

Whale surfacing Whale submerging
Whale surfaces ... and waves goodbye.

Greetings from the Netherlands
by Frans de Been
Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Hallo, people!

I can't keep them for myself. Here is my wife Rian between the Dutch (spring) flowers.
Have a nice day!


Rian and jonquils in Holland
Rian and jonquils, a beautiful spring flower display in Holland.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

table at wedding reception
A table display at Dan & Gina's wedding reception.

This Week's Birthdays:
April 23---Alyssa Lynn Freesemann (8 years old)
April 23---Miss Kitty (2 years old)

Happy Birthday!

More April Birthdays:
April 2---Duane Miller
April 4---Meryl Hansey
April 4---Barb Dewey
April 5---Lorella Grob
April 6---Dusty Meyers (11 years old)
April 9---Richard Johnson (from Oregon)
April 9---Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
April 10---Brenda (Anderson) Hill
April 10---Lisa Kae Anderson
April 10---Shawn Ostendorf
April 15---Melinda Miranowski

April 25---Troy LaRon Freesemann
April 25---Mia Nelson
April 26---Heidi K. Johnson
April 27---Steve Rodriguez
April 27---Peggy McNeill
April 28---Justin Blackstone
April 29---Kelly Kay (Larson) Seaman
April 30---Kurtis James Larson
Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Donna took the attached picture at Dan and Gina's reception this weekend, so I finally have proof that I didn't just invent Coni for my Bulletin update a couple of weeks ago. Coni and I had a great time at the reception, and she commented that my family is very nice -- so thanks to everyone for not scaring her off! Not that I thought that would be a problem, as I tend to agree with her assessment. It was fun seeing everyone there.

Weston Johnson
Maple Grove, MN.

Coni Waltzing and Weston Johnson Lori Chap and Shawn Ostendorf
Coni Waltzing & Weston Johnson, left; Lori Chap & Shawn Ostendorf, right.

I want to thank you for the birthday card. I will try to submit an article about the party that Lori threw for me yesterday. We had a great time. What a wonderful family you have! You should be very proud. I also wanted to say that I was excited to finally meet you at Dan and Gina's wedding celebration. I've heard very complimentary things about your family and rest assured they were all true.

Thanks for being so welcoming.

Shawn Ostendorf
Rogers, MN

birthday card
Editor's birthday greeting from Doug & Brianna, who were traveling.

Miss Hetty Says

To Our Readers:

The "About" and "Archives" pages prior to April 3, 2005, are again fully searchable. (Click on the "sitemap" link by the search window to see a list of the 250 searchable pages.) Bulletin 34 and Bulletin 35 and Bulletin 36 and Bulletin 37 and Bulletin 38 and Bulletin 39 are newly archived and readable, but not yet searchable. Quite a few recipes and stories have recently been added to the collections, with more on the way. Everything archived will be searchable by the end of the month. This project is 86% done.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


The photo funnies was hilarious this week! I also loved the pictures of Dan and Gina ... even if I am bragging up my own daughter. :-)

Marlene Anderson Johnson
Long Lake, MN

I am sorry I haven't written for so long -- I really have no excuse -- I sure do enjoy The Bulletin. Keep up the great work. I had intended to get this in time for last week's copy so my comments on Edith would be more timely, but I didn't make it!

Some of my earliest memories of Edith are going to meeting at her house -- at that time her parents, Victor and Christine, as well as her husband, Gust, were there, too.  Yes, I remember the goldfish in the pool that Carolyn mentioned.  Of course, none of us boys ever harrassed them or anything! We went to meeting there the whole time I was at home. Then, after Marian and I moved to the farm in 1972, we went there until the middle '80s. Edith is probably one of the kindest and most thoughtful people you will ever meet.
I also would like Leslie And Virginia Benson's address. When I was a freshman in college, they lived in St. Paul and they had this lonesome farm boy over for supper every week or two. I really appreciated Virginia's GREAT cooking.

All for now-
Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

PS -- Please start sending The Bulletin to my other e-mail address: stevmarian@myacc.net  Thanks!
I have changed the address on my mailing list -- and I will send you Les's address. --The Editor

I have a confession to make.

After reading that fantastic, unbelievable, frightening story by Douglas Anderson-Jordet, I decided to research this one for myself.

So, by moonlight (that is why the picture is so gray), I drove up to the farm. Got out at the road, and very stealthily I waited, and any little noise about sent shivers through me, but I kept bravely crouched there trying to remember how Doug had felt, and gathered up courage to just wait it out, too.

Then, I spotted him. The very troll, I'm certain, that Doug saw. He was just wiping off the last evidence of snuff from his yellowed beard after stepping down from his three-legged stool, AND HEADING ..... Yes, directly over to the window of the bedroom Doug was sleeping in at his gramma's house, and threw eggs at it -- then ran away into the darkness.

I had quickly snapped this picture of him. Otherwise, you would have accused me of this being an April Fools Joke or some such thing. It is the honest facts -- and I hesitate to even tell you about him, but I was so afraid you hadn't given Doug credit for his story being authentic, that I just had to send you this proof.

A Devoted Reader
Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN



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