Great Grandpa LeRoy Dake, Ethan Horne, John Deere
Ethan Horne drives Great-grandpa LeRoy Dake's John Deere.

UPDATE -- Ernie & Carolyn Dake's Minnesota visit
by Carolyn Miller Dake
Duluth, GA

In June Ernie and I, our kids and grandkids, flew into Minneapolis for another of our yearly "4 day" trips to Minnesota to visit family. While we were in Blaine at Ernie's folks', Ethan fell in love with Great-grandpa's green tractor. He was almost beside himself with pleasure when he got to go for a ride and steer!

We headed west to Sarah and Mike Steinhauer's house near Breckenridge, Minnesota. Larry, Sherry and Amy Dake met us there. That is where the picture of the two Grandpa Dakes was taken.

Next we headed to Peever, South Dakota, for a Sorenson family reunion. There are a few pictures of my family, as a group, under the Sorenson section of Jennie's web site. My family has multiplied and not everyone was there to be included.

Soon it was time to head back to Minneapolis and say goodbye. It was another short, but wonderful, trip.

Grandpa Ernie Dake with Carrie; Grandpa Larry Dake with Levi.

UPDATE -- Berndt Cousins' Reunion 2005
(Scroll down to This and That column by Elaine Anderson Wold for details.)

Irby Berndt family -- descendants of Gust and Rose Berndt.
Front row: Delwood and Shirley Berndt, Ethel and Eugene Berndt and Willis Berndt; back row: Keith Berndt and his wife, Carol, and Gary Berndt.

Cleo Berndt Anderson family -- descendants of Gust and Rose Berndt.
Front row: Elaine Anderson Wold, Mavis Anderson Morgan, Tom Morgan, Dorothy Dake Anderson; back row: DeLoris Anderson, Dwight and Janie Anderson, Lindsay and Merna Morgan Hellevang, Don Anderson.

Alton Berndt family -- descendants of Gust and Rose Berndt.
Front row: Alice Berndt Gianakos, Patty and Kenny Berndt, Jordan Gianakos and his mother, Carrie (Todd's wife); back row: Alice's daughter Tracy and Todd's daughters Lindsey and Kiah Gianakos, Todd Gianakos (Alice's son).

Lorella Berndt Grob family -- descendants of Gust and Rose Berndt.
Front row: Debbie Grob Vogt, Lorella "Lollie" Grob, Sandy Grob Thiele, Sandy's grandson Hunter Hanson, Tom Grob; back row: Larry Thiele, his son Chad Thiele, Frank Barton (Carla's friend), Carla Thiele, Carrie Thiele Hanson.

UPDATE -- Austin Patrick Montford, first look
by Dan Mellon
Alta Loma, CA

Austin Patrick Montford, 8 days old. He was born August 5th at 12:24 p.m. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz., and was 21-3/4 inches tall. Austin and his mother are doing great, according to his proud grandparents, Dan and Nancy Mellon. Austin's parents are Julian and Anne (Mellon) Montford from Yucaipa, California. He has a 2-year-old brother, Aiden.

Alyssa, Marlee, Jettison, Troy and Angel Freesemann.

UPDATE -- Troy & Marlee's adoption party
by Merna Hellevang
Fargo, ND

A Hawaiian-theme picnic in Cliff Fen Park, Burnsville, Minnesota, was held Saturday, August 6, 2005, to celebrate with Marlee (Morgan) and Troy Freesemann the addition of Alyssa, Angel and Jettison to their family through adoption.

The event was coordinated by Troy's sister, Marla Freesemann, and attended by 120 relatives and friends of the family. The noon meal of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, summer salads, fresh fruit and desserts was enjoyed under the shade of two large gazebo-style shelters.

Special guests included the children's maternal grandparents, Tom and Mavis (Anderson) Morgan of Hope, ND; paternal grandparents, Ron and Arlene Freesemann of Castlewood, SD; and Betty Wright, of Burnsville, MN, the biological maternal grandmother of Alyssa and Angel. Also in attendance was store-owner, Stephanie, who played a key role in connecting Alyssa and Angel with Marlee and Troy, as Marlee and Troy happened to post one of their "Hoping to Adopt" cards in her antique store. Stephanie is a friend of Grandma Betty and got her in touch with Marlee and Troy through the information on the card.

The children's aunts and uncles who attended were B.J. and Rhonda (Freesemann) Kracht (Omaha, NE); Doug and Teresa (Freesemann) Schmertman (Brooklyn Center, MN); Marla Freesemann (Bloomington, MN); Ryan Freesemann (Atlanta, GA); Ken and Merna Hellevang (Fargo, ND), and Char Myron (Thomson, ND). Cousins attending included Tyrone Kracht (Omaha), Brooklyn Freesemann (Atlanta), Ryan Hellevang (Minneapolis), Lindsay Hellevang (Fargo), Jessica Myron (Grand Forks), and Ty Myron (Thompson).

Ryan Hellevang entertained the crowd, which included about 40 young children, with two ventriloquism performances using his buddies, Scotty and Old Timer. Eric Anderson, a family friend and father of two young sons, volunteered his services all afternoon as a face painter for all the children. The adults played volleyball on the sand court nearby and all the kids enjoyed the playground facilities.

Jettison's adoption was finalized in June, and Alyssa's and Angel's were completed in July. Marlee and Troy are appreciative of the support of their family and friends throughout the entire adoption experience and are thankful that their dreams of a family have come true.

Tom & Mavis Morgan, Alyssa, Marlee, Jettison, Troy, Angel, Arlene & Ron Freesemann.

UPDATE -- Edith Anderson recuperating
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

This is our dear Edith Anderson, as she was when we stopped by to visit her August 13th in the Park River Estates Care Center in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

She had to move from Rich and Verlaine's as a result of a fall, cracking a bone in her foot. After several weeks of wearing a big boot, they finally told her she could remove that, but couldn't step on her foot. She has therapy, which she gets right there in the care center.

Although she would so love to be anyplace else, she is content, making the best of it. So typical of her gentle spirit. Needless to say, she is so frail.

I woke her up from a nap to take this picture for an UPDATE for The Bulletin. Several mentioned they were so glad to see a story about her before, so this is how she fares as of today. She keeps cheered, knowing the best is ahead.

Edith Carlson Anderson

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Photo by Donna Anderson Johnson
Don & Dorothy Anderson celebrate 55 years together.

Our 55th Anniversary

I do not intend to make a habit of reporting our anniversaries ( they come around so fast!) but this one being a multiple of 5 deserves some special recognition. And it has certainly gotten it!

First of all, as a complete surprise to us, we were feted by Don's sister Elaine at the Berndt picnic on Sunday, the 14th. She brought a nicely decorated sheet cake for dessert and introduced us to the group; it was fun to receive the congratulations of everyone there -- and then to later share our cake and then to bring home the remainder and to gradually share it with others -- starting with the Ashby relatives and continuing with the managers and friends here in the complex. (Thanks, Elaine!) And if any of you come and see us soon you might get to share some, too!

On Monday, August 15, we had dinner out. Don had made a reservation for a party of four at Old Broadway. It is a lovely restaurant here in town that was built in the 1800's for a wealthy family's home, and after years of varied use, it was finally redone as a restaurant in 1995 or so. They have retained the beautiful yard, the fountains and gazebo and in the interior the lovely staircase, woodwork, etc. ... only adding the new things that make it possible to dine graciously.

We had a fun evening and a great visit with Donna and Beaver. (Thanks, Becky, for doing finish up on the Day Care activity so we could have company.) After our dinner we served Anniversary cake with strawberry ice cream at our apartment.

And to complete the report on this year's Anniversary celebration, I want to thank everyone for the lovely cards and e-mail messages, and telephone calls. So ends our 55th year as a married couple. We are hoping for many more!

In closing, we send our loving affection to all of you! Thanks for showing your care!

Photo by Don Anderson
Gazebo from picture window at our table in Old Broadway restaurant.

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.
(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.)

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

The photographer must be Kimberly Johnson. And the young couple is the Matriarch, her hubby and Donna [Anderson Johnson].

Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Don't know the camera on the left, but the one on the other side is none other than our own Bulletin Editor and her husband! Not sure of the youngin' but would guess it is Patty Anderson Henderson! Thanks, for all of your good work.

Tomorrow is number "55" so our warmest congrat's to you both! Seems like I was around there on that Special Day 55 years ago.

Tom Miller
Madera, CA

I GUESS that it's Don and Dorothy, and Marlene in that picture? But, I'm only GUESSING at who the little girl is. The quiet, sweet look makes me think of Marlene.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

LTD Storybrooke

One-eyed Teddy
By Larry Dake

After we had arrived at Jim and Edith's, several options opened up for places to stay, while I looked for work.

Mark, the family friend from my growing up years, whom I had called from Minnesota to find out more about Oregon, and Mark's wife, Donna, invited us to come down and spend some time with them. They lived an hour's drive south of Portland. Mark traveled some with his work and Donna was working as a nurse. They had two kids in grade school. With our family of four, and their family of four, it was a houseful. We enjoyed good days with them.

Some folks we'd met at the Sunday morning meeting were going to be out of town for six days. They offered for us to stay at their house while they were gone -- which we did. We scarcely knew these folks before, or after, our six days in their nice home. A little time to ourselves was a nice break, and we were glad they had thought of us.

We then traveled south to Saginaw and stayed with some friends there one night, while we looked into a couple of possible jobs in that area. The businesses in question were not hiring.

Mark and Donna's parents, Stanley and Doris, were Minnesota transplants, and friends of my parents, from before I was born. They invited us to come and stay with them. We stayed in their home for the longest of any of the homes we stayed in. We were living there when I got my job in downtown Portland -- a sixty-mile one way commute.

When I started my job, it hadn't been quite a month since we had arrived in Portland at the Motel 6.

Still broke, we continued to stay with Stanley and Doris after I started work. They were retired folks and they paid a lot of special attention to Sarah and Amy. Sarah and Amy were glad to stay in one place for more than a week, and Sherry was able to do some cooking and baking in their kitchen.

Stanley was up at five every morning to cook pancakes for me before I was off to work!

We were back to Jim and Edith's in between times, and on weekends. We were looking for housing in their area. All we found in our price range were some little, white, one room cabins on the outskirts of Scappoose, next to the highway. It was probably an old motel from the 1940's that had been converted into rentals.

The tenants looked like an "interesting" mix of characters.

And there was a dear, elderly, widow lady in Scappoose, who lived in a house by herself. Her name was Robina; she thought we "must" come and live with her.

"After all," she said, "I have this big great big house all to myself!"

So it was, we came to live with Robina. As a child, she had been given up by her father when her mother died, to be raised an orphan in a Denver orphanage. She could remember being taken with a group from the orphanage to a stadium in Denver, where she watched Orville and Wilbur Wright demonstrate their new flying machine. Now, in her old age, she was nearly blind and was getting frail. She welcomed us with open arms and an open heart.

She had a little dog that had lost nearly all his hair, a creepy little thing without his coat! He scratched incessantly, and yipped almost as much.

And she loved him, too!

But our stay with Robina was short. That week, a nice apartment opened up in town. The amount of rent was determined on a sliding fee scale -- according to our past income. So rent was very reasonable! We suddenly had a nice place of our own to move into -- much nicer than we had expected.

It was the second week of March 1986. We had lived about 10 weeks in the homes of our friends.

When we left Robina's, for our apartment, she gave Sarah a much treasured, well worn, one-eyed Teddy Bear. It became a favorite, perhaps making up for all the dolls and stuffed animals she had left behind in Minnesota.

One day, we had arrived at the Sunday morning meeting. When I opened the trunk of the Lincoln to get our books, a wind up child's music box of Sarah and Amy's -- that hadn't seen the light of day since we left Minnesota -- began to play a happy, lilting tune, deep down amongst our stuff.

That's Robina, I thought. Always cheerful. Always a song in her heart.

Clockwise from top left: Stanley, Doris, Sherry and Sarah.

This and That
by Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Berndt Family Reunion of 2005

"Bigger and better" was the slogan for the second annual cousin's reunion, which was held on Sunday, August 14. The reunion took place at the former Gust Berndt farmstead, with Sandy and Larry Thiele again hosting the occasion.

It was great to have Aunt Lollie from Arizona again. She is the only surviving member of that generation.

Ten of the cousins attended last year; this year 13 were able to attend. A number of other family members came also, providing an opportunity to renew acquaintances with some not often seen.

The weather on that day couldn't have been more pleasant. Under the large canopy were a number of tables and chairs with the extra long serving table adjacent. The acres of lawn had been recently mowed; flowers and vegetables were in their glory in the garden.

The young children again enjoyed croquet and feeding grass to the ponies in the pasture. Turkeys made their appearance, too, which excited the children.

The big red barn, the white house and other outbuildings have been kept in such nice repair, unlike many old farmsteads, and the Thieles are to be commended for that.

Some brought photos; I brought a recap of last year's reunion in words and pictures. Also I provided some entertainment as prizes were awarded for various persons. Among those were longest and most recently married, longest and shortest distance attending, birthday and anniversary closest to this date, most grandchildren and great grandchildren, along with awards for answering some questions about historical data pertaining to the family history.

Many memories were shared among the various ones. We reflected on the various hardships along the path of life, along with the many blessings of being a member of our family. We thought of those who couldn't be with us and hopefully even more can attend next year on the second Sunday of August for another event.

One thing I did notice, was as we get older, we have more likenesses to our parents and grandparents, whether it's the whiteness of our hair, the receding hairlines, the weight gains (I didn't give myself a prize!) and how certain actions and expressions remind of other family members. I also noticed that now I am among the elderly, as I sat in my chair and watched how gracefully and swiftly the young women handled the hotdishes, the salads, the setting up and taking down. This is now being passed on to the next generation!

A special thanks to Larry and Sandy for their generosity in again sponsoring this wonderful event.

Don & Dorothy with 55th Anniversary Cake
(a surprise treat from Elaine at Berndt Family Reunion).

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays:
August 24---Becky Chap
August 24---Maggie Zeppelin (1 year)
August 25---Jeff Aydelotte
August 26---Donna Richards
Happy Birthday!

More August Birthdays:
August 6---Sully Michael Brown (1 year)
August 7---Melanie Lehtola
Ausust 7---Weston Johnson
August 8---Erik Huseby (4 years)
August 11---Mitchell Allen Miller
August 13---Jeffrey Todd Aydelotte, Jr. (10 years)
August 16---Jason Quick
August 16---Rod McNeill
August 16---Darryl McNeill
August 19---Christopher Michael Chap
August 19---Jordan Nicole Indermark (2 years)

August 30---Jessica Ann Myron
August 30---Ethan Wallace Horne (3 years)
August 31---Devan Alexander Seaman (3 years)

August Anniversaries
August 5---Wesley and JoAnne Sigman (16 years)
August 5---Sheldon and Mitzi Johnson Swenson (28 years)
August 6---Ryan and Heidi Johnson Henderson (next year)
August 9---Jeff and Twila Anderson Aydelotte (14 years)
August 15---Don and Dorothy Dake Anderson (55 years)
August 15---Russ and Diana Mellon Martin (29 years)
August 16---Eric and Leona Anderson (2 years)

August 28---Ken and Merna Morgan Hellevang (23 years)
August 30---LeRoy and Vonnie Dake (57 years)
August Weddings
August 6---Heidi Kaye Johnson weds Ryan Lowell Henderson
August 20---Shane Michael Swenson weds Jayna Christine Lee

Jayna & Shane
Best Wishes!

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

Thank you so much for the wonderful e-card for our 16th anniversary! It was so sweet of you all! We didn't really do anything to celebrate, but we did have a special dinner of crab legs at home for our anniversary. Sorry, no pictures to show!

We are hoping to go to the Renaissance Faire next weekend, to do something for ourselves; so maybe will have some pics from that. I will surely send you some, if we are able to go.

I really enjoy your Bulletin! I look forward to reading it every weekend!

Jo Anne and Wesley Sigman
South Haven, MN

LeRoy & Vonnie Dake celebrated their July birthdays with family this summer. Their 57th wedding anniversary is right around the corner, too -- on August 30th.

Miss Hetty Says

The Matriarch and her husband received many wonderful anniversary greetings and she said I could share a few of them with The Bulletin readership. Best Wishes from me, too!

I would like to extend a very heartfelt Happy Anniversary wish to the editor and her husband. Fifty Five years of wedded bliss! That is to be celebrated! By the time this is printed your special day will have passed, but the wishes are still sincere. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Many, many more to you!

Love, Curt and Patty Henderson
Minnetrista, MN

Happy Anniversary!

Keep up the good work on The Bulletin.

Brian Nordling
Prior Lake, MN

Dear Cousin Dorothy and Don,
Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with many good memories.
Dan Mellon
Alta Loma, CA

Happy Anniversary!

It's a beautiful day, go out and enjoy it as you celebrate 55 years of marriage! May you have MANY more, happy, healthy years together!

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Dear Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Don,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 55 years. May you have many, many more!

Love, Marian and Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Thank you for another wonderful Bulletin. Of course it was very special to us this week because of all the coverage of Heidi and Ryan's wedding. We had a wonderful day and we couldn't have done it without all of the dedicated help. It sure humbles us to think of everybody working so hard to make the wedding day so beautiful.

Marlene Anderson Johnson
Long Lake, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Henderson's address:
3501 Juan Tabu Blvd. N, Unit G5
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Thanks not only to the editors for The Bulletin, but to all those who shared details about the weddings for those who could not attend. I enjoyed the pictures, too, and I, along with all the readers, wish the young couples the best in life.

Elaine Wold,
Wahpeton, ND

I would like to add some "oohs and aahs" over the wedding also. The food was absolutely first class (as always), Marlene's gladiolas bloomed just in the knick of time to make a stunning backdrop for the meal and the quilt that many provided handiwork for was so beautiful. The bride and groom were beautiful, inside and out, and the parents were cool, calm and collected as well as very gracious! Thank you for allowing us to join in the celebration. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Patty Henderson
Minnetrista, MN

(P.S. thanks to Donna, Mom and Kim for providing such a thorough account of the wedding!)

To Donna:

Well if you know me at all, you know I'm a sucker for weddings, but Heidi and Ryan's wedding pictures and descriptions by both you and your mom is one of the most beautiful I've seen in a while (and I wasn't even in attendance). I felt the love through your writings and hope they remember their special day forever!

Bridget Larson
Ashby, MN

We sorely miss you two down here in the Ozarks! With The Bulletin we still feel connected, though -- thanks!

Heidi and Ryan's wedding photos are phenomenal -- what a beautiful bride (and handsome groom)! Just checking -- the young woman who sang the song Rachel composed -- is she Brian and Carolyn Boroughs' daughter (have these little ones grown up already?!) from Minneapolis? Is there a picture of her?

Editor's note: Yes to both questions... and how about we share this picture with all our subscribers...

Thanks so much for letting us eavesdrop on your wonderful family! Take care!

Kellie Thayer
Republic, MO

Melissa Boroughs

Thank you so much, Steve, for the great memories! Sorry to hear you lost the first attempt, so especially glad you didn't just say "forget it!" Any more to share? P.S... I didn't get that back seat to myself for very long, which didn't bother me!

Ginny, your "clothesline" story had to do with hanging out a certain amount of "items" from the house to the tree, if I remember correctly, to see if a particular person would notice. It made me hoot with your telling! Any bells ringing???

Donna Johnson
Ashby, MN

I just spent a few minutes with you all again, reading The Bulletin. It has become one of the highlights of my week. Thanks again for all your hard work.

We plan to go to Huntsville next Friday and help Jennie and Chris move into their new house. Mostly to babysit while the parents do the hard work, I am sure. :) That is one of the perks of being a grandparent. We get the fun stuff!

Carolyn Dake
Duluth, GA

FIRST OFF, I do hope you had a nice anniversary, Don and Dorothy! The 15th came and went, and I did think of you. I can just about imagine how your devoted family made sure you had a good day. We had a 12th, and I can't imagine a 55th!

Of all the interesting beautiful things in The Bulletin this time, there is ONE thing that has hypnotized me. That is the eyes of Sully Michael Brown. I have looked at those beautiful blue eyes a million times, I think. For some reason they fascinate me. I wonder if they look that way in real life or if the camera just caught the right angle and color? He sure is a cutie, if you ask me!

Photo Editor's Note: I see that I wasn't the only one who thought that was a stunning photo! I was struck by the "far away look" in his eyes. The Editor said, "She mentioned about Sully's eyes.... Well, I am waiting for someone to say he looks like my dad, because I think the look on his face -- maybe the eyes -- are my dad (Bill Dake, his great, great-grandfather), over and over -- and I am wondering if I am the only one who thinks so?"

What a complete and colorful and unique coverage of that happy wedding for Heidi and Ryan! I had heard it was very beautiful, and was glad to see the story by the devoted family. Pictures are always worth more than words. They have had a foundation of childhood homelife example that will give them stable security and lasting love in their own home now. We wish them well in all the ups and downs just ahead in the road of life. To face it "together" is the answer. I guess independence and self is the greatest threat to any couple.

I had to smile as Roy turned with interest to LTD Storybrooke. The next chapter by Larry Dake, and the heading of FIRED! sort of shocked us! -- and until we got to the paper wad, we couldn't even breathe. We had visualized a real disaster. I'm sorry, Larry, but we are still not satisfied. We need yet another chapter of your experiences at that time. Somewhere in there is a stop in Montana.

I loved Steve's story about the A&W root beer, as that describes exactly what we enjoyed as children. I remember standing up in the back seat by the window watching the row of colored lights blinking around the A&W root beer stand. Then the tray on the car window and the cute little kids' mugs. The A&W brand will always remain a vital precious memory of our childhood. Roy was so poor that he likely never ever visited a root beer stand in his childhood. His mother and the three little boys lived on farms around Isanti, etc. Also, a grandma and an old uncle lived with them. It hurts me to even hear about his experiences. But he likely is a better, stronger citizen than most for it all.

The Poem for a Wedding was worth saving. I loved that. It was so practical and so true. Especially the part of "the answers lie hidden inside, where the bond of true love is unbroken."

How does one make "puppy chow"? It sounded like it must have been good.

Well, we are already looking forward to the next issue of The Bulletin, and it's only Wednesday. Just want you to know how much we enjoy it, and each time it's so totally different. I hope we hear more from Kjirsten eventually.

We also need an UPDATE on Miss Kitty and Popeye, too, you know! How did Popeye survive living back at his real home? Did Miss Kitty ever forgive you, Jerrianne, for letting Popeye intrude into her space?

Thanks again from
Roy and Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photo Editor's Note: Popeye, the little black cat, returned for a brief visit this week and got his booster shots. He camped out overnight in a cage in my camping van, since Miss Kitty wouldn't dream of letting him come into the house. He appears to be thriving. His coat is soft and silky and the outgrown harness he got from Miss Kitty still fits him just right. His rabies vaccination and microchip tags were properly secured. He still attacks food like it was prey, but he obviously isn't starving, even though he acts like he is. Taylor couldn't come along with him to get his shots, but my 9-year-old neighbor, "Becka," was glad to ride along to the A.S.P.C.A. and keep him company. Miss Kitty stayed home, as she still didn't want anything to do with any other cat.


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