UPDATE -- Hurricane Wilma -- 10/22/05
by Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

We are closely watching the hurricane. Wilma has been a nightmare for the forecasters since she can't seem to make up her mind which way or how fast she wants to go. (I'm not going to touch that one.) The latest forecast has her coming toward south Florida (50% chance) and being here by Monday night or Tuesday morning. They don't even venture a hint of where she might come ashore -- just between Tampa and Key West! She could also head east between the Keys and Cuba (30%) or just fizzle out (20%). It all depends on how long she stays pounding the Yucatan before she heads north. There is a cold front coming from "the north" and the longer she waits, the more that front will turn and deflate her. I didn't think I'd ever be cheering for a cold front to hurry!

You will notice I put "the north" in quotes. I get such a kick out of the forecasters down here. It seems like anything north of Georgia or Alabama is "the north" and is some howling wilderness inhabited by Neanderthals and unworthy of name or recognition of any kind!

UPDATE -- 10/28/05:

Wilma made our bed rock! I didn't think of that; I saw it somewhere! I am going to make this short because I got lots to clean up. We survived but have quite a bit of damage. The big oak tree on the west side of the driveway went down. The roof of our house will need to be replaced, but I was able to make temporary repairs so we won't have water damage to the interior, anyway. You remember that screened in patio over the pool? About 1/3 of it ended up IN the pool and the other is in sad shape. But the bottom line is: it could have been a lot worse. I will send pictures and a complete report later.


PS -- You don't know how GREAT it is to have the electricity on again.

UPDATE -- That's my boy!
by Carol Printz
Sidney, NE

Justin wears his hat so much of the time that we all forget to ask him to take it off for pictures .... and someone is always saying, "We couldn't tell what he looked like because of his hat." Well, he still has it on in this one ... but at least this picture is close enough you can see him under it! :>)

Eric graduated from Boise State University in Idaho ... but he also attended the University of Wyoming, as you might guess from the sweatshirt.

That's Cody with the deer he got last year ... he'll soon be going hunting for this season.





by Diana Mellon Martin
Brook Park, MN

I hope your cold is getting better. They sure can be miserable. I have an old ulcer history, with flare-ups every spring and fall, but the flare-up I had this past week has been the worst I can recall, so I've been laying low and eating carefully. I imagine losing Russ, with all the resulting stresses, has contributed to the problem.

My grandson, Jacob, age 31, ended up in ICU at Mercy Hospital two weeks ago with the beginning of a heart attack, which scared us all, needless to say. They are having a difficult time finding the right combination of meds to control his blood pressure, so he's still not out of the woods. This is Maralee's middle child. He has a family of his own, with his daughter, Shelby, being born on Russ' 55th birthday, making her our first great-grandchild.

Life is never easy, is it? And, always unpredictable. Keeps us all on our toes!

Really enjoyed the last Bulletins, and of course, am looking forward to the next packet.

Woke up to quite a frost this morning ... almost looked like snow. The fall colors were breathtaking up here this year, but the trees are almost bare, now.

Hope you have good days.


Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photos by Donna Anderson Johnson
Raking champions: Jackie Hoffman, Kerstyn Schroeder, Meredith Turner, Caity Chap, Austin Schroeder

Preparing for Winter

Friday brought me some extra children, being it was MEA (Minnesota state teachers' convention), a total of seven bigger kids, zero little ones. Hmmm, great time to put away summer toys from the play yard. They all were very willing to help and did a great job, with the bigger ones putting away the heavier things and taking the ride on cars, wagons, etc. to the storage shed by the barn. Little Katie Hoffman, age 4, and Jayce stored every one of the toys from the sand pile in the little storage shed in the play yard. They were all super help!

After the work was done, the older group decided to rake a huge pile of leaves for themselves to jump into, and a huge pile they managed! It was so much fun watching them running and diving into that gigantic pile of leaves; their laughter made me laugh, too, and it brought back memories of my own leaf pile jumping ... eons ago!

Boys and best friend enjoying the now spread out pile: Buster, Jayce & Austin

Nice Surprise!

I've been coughing all week from my cold, and still not much energy ... and then last night I had insomnia. When morning rolled along, I had had so little sleep I was exhausted ... and finally was able to sleep for a couple of hours. After my shower to wake me, I came upstairs expecting to have to put groceries away. (I'd only put the freezer and fridge groceries away last night, after we'd gotten home.)

Much to my surprise, Caity had put them away for me! There were several bags, too, so not a little job. I was shocked, to say the least. Plus, she'd unloaded the dishwasher, with Grandpa Beaver's help. She even washed the counters off and some spots on the floor. What a lovely start for my late day! Thanks, Caity!

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.
(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.)

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Guess who? It's Mavis (Anderson) Morgan. She has a new doll buggy in front of the house where I was born and where our family lived from 1929 to 1941.

The next picture is also Mavis, with her two little brothers, Harry, Jr. and Dwight.

This house is on the farm where we moved in 1941 and where I lived until I was married. Aren't little kids cute?

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

The little girl with the buggy could maybe be my mom, Mavis. The other photo is probably Junior with my mom holding Dwight. I'll be waiting for the answers on Saturday!

Merna Morgan Hellevang
Fargo, ND

In Bulletin 174: The girl beside the old house was born in California. The girl was with her dog, Pal. No one else had the same last name. Now the girl has a dog named Pup. The girl is me, Aunt Vonnie. I was surprised to see that picture in The Bulletin. Super surprised!!!

Vonnie Dake
Blaine, MN

Just wanted to say special how much we will appreciate the chance to click on that link to see which pictures were the week before. Otherwise, we had totally forgotten which pictures were being guessed about, and I see now all I have to do is click to see the former ones. YIPPEEEE. That was just great!

Can't imagine that was Vonnie in that picture, but the more I think of it the more I see it could be her.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

LTD Storybrooke

Salal, Sand Dollars, and Ships
By Larry Dake

We saw an ad in the paper that a Salal buyer needed people to go out into the forest to pick Salal. Salal is a broadleaf shrub. It has shiny, evergreen leaves that grow in a spray on its branches. It is used by flower shops in floral arrangements.

We got our instructions from the Salal buyer and went into the woods, hunting for the shrub. Sherry, the kids, and I spent most of a day gathering the desired branches into neat little bundles, which we tied up with the strings the buyer had given us. By late afternoon we had the trunk of the car full. The branches had a fresh, lemony smell.

It was an enjoyable time out in the Oregon forest with the ever present misty rain drifting down through the trees onto our little family of "gatherers." At the end of the day, we went back to the Salal buyers.

They looked into our trunk and shook their heads in dismay. The bundles weren't done quite right, they said. They couldn't pay us. But we could try again tomorrow.

Even on a good day, with "acceptable" bundles, there was little pay. They told us of large families of Cambodian immigrants who do the low paying job on a regular basis.

The memories we made as "hunter-gatherers" were well worth the time we invested into it; the Oregon rainforest is a magical place, and a pleasure to be out in -- even in the misty rain.


On an occasional Sunday afternoon, I'd set up a tripod of sticks over a small hole dug in our front yard. The hole served as a fire pit. I'd skewer a whole chicken on a stick, and then dangle the stick and the chicken from a couple of wires. I'd rotate the chicken slowly over the fire.

Along with Sherry's excellent kitchen cooking, the chicken made for a delicious meal. It was a nice way to while away a Sunday afternoon by ourselves, or with guests.


The beaches on the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean were wonder-filled places. Our experience in Oregon was that the beaches were uncrowded places. We could run barefoot in the waves -- while wearing a sweater or a jacket -- or we could walk, unhindered, for miles. There were always interesting sea creatures, seaweeds, or flotsam to discover.

Complete sand dollars could be found when we searched diligently. The most sought after prize was a round, blown-glass float from a Japanese fisherman's net. We never found one, but we'd seen them in the homes of our friends, and in gift shops, and we always hoped to find one for ourselves.

The roaring of the ocean's waves, rolling onto the beach, or crashing into the rocks, was an incredible experience for us previously land-bound, Midwestern, flat-landers. The waves were awe inspiring in power, and pacifying in rhythm.

The coming and going of the tides, and the smell and taste of salt in the air, added a special mystique.

At one beach we visited, kite flying was a popular sport. We did something unusual and bought a purple plastic stunt kite with a long, yellow tail. It had two strings and two handles. It was a wonderful way to get our adrenalin flowing without endangering life or limb. The strong, steady winds were perfect, as we did loops and tailspins in the sky. We could swoop within inches of the beach and then back up, far overhead -- in seconds. At times it felt as though the kite might lift us off the ground.

The Columbia River beach near our little red house was more serene, but equally as fascinating. The quietness and calm of the river were in distinct contrast to the large ocean going ships that sailed by. We'd hear their booming foghorns around the gentle bends in the river before they'd come into sight. They were often huge ships, stacked high with shipping containers or Toyota automobiles. There were also tugboats, barges, and commercial fishing boats sharing the river with the monstrous ships. On one occasion we watched from the beach as several mighty, Navy fighting vessels sailed by. Most of the ships were on their way to or from Portland, Oregon.

Occasionally, a tiny wind-surfer in his brightly colored wet suit could be seen riding on his sail-powered surfboard, darting about on the wind and riding on the wake of the ships. This was often to the consternation of the riverboat captains, who would toot their horns angrily.

At home, in the evening we'd lie on our beds in our little red house and listen to the foghorns moving up and down the river.

Early on one such evening, we got a phone call. It was a rancher from Eastern Oregon. He had received our "Work Wanted" postcard. After chatting briefly, he invited us to come out for an interview -- they'd pay for our travel expense, and they would put us up for the night, on the ranch.

We were soon on the road in our little-old-ladies, eggshell colored, economy sedan, headed to the ranch for an interview.

A new world awaited us.

Amy & Sarah, left; Sherry & Sarah running on ocean beach, right.

A Hallowe'en Trick
by Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

I had an old second cousin and her husband, Chris and Della Vangan (well they were about the age I am now -- so actually they were pretty young). They were married later in life, and were very staid and prim old folks living in an apartment in Minneapolis.

I was about 20 or so, and it was getting close to Hallowe'en. I thought it would be hilarious to play a trick on them. They needed some livening up, I thought.

So, I went to a costume shop and found a derby hat, and a rubber mask of a bum that was so realistic it almost scared me. Also I had some "flight pants" that were heavy air force garb, and to complete the outfit I had gotten some huge, rubber, bare feet that fit over my shoes.

Well, I got in my car, drove near to their place, and walked up to their door. They opened it cautiously, of course, and when they saw what was standing there they just screamed and tried to shut the door in my face, but my foot was already in, and I stuck my trick or treat bag inside and croaked, "tricks or treats." They were so scared that I worried that they might have a heart attack or something...

So, finally, I relented and grunted a "Happy Hallowe'en" to them, and left. I stood on the curb quite a few minutes, waving at the cars and calling out, "Happy Hallowe'en" to everybody. They honked, and waved and hooted and hollered... This was safe behavior back in 1950.

But finally the fun was over, so I got in the car and started driving back home, down Washington Avenue in North Minneapolis, when a cop pulled me over. He made me get out and stand by the car, looked me over, and I made quick work of jerking off my mask ... and smiling my best... I guess I looked pretty harmless, so he just warned me that it was illegal to be driving with a mask on that they couldn't identify.

Anyway, that Hallowe'en trick was fun, while it lasted! Eventually, my cousin and her husband found out who was at their door -- and they felt so bad they had turned me away...

They are both gone now -- but memories do remain.

Photo Editor's Note: Betty's illustration made me laugh -- and dredged up an old memory. In Ashby, back when everybody had an outhouse instead of a sewer hookup, the kids thought it was great fun to sneak around behind them in the dark of night on Hallowe'en and tip them over ... and I heard a few times about one old coot who got tired of standing his outhouse back up the next day. He just moved his outhouse forward about three feet one Hallowe'en. Whoops!

Halloween leave you feeling stressed?
Take a tip from Mike "Spider" Steinhauer ...

Illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Sarah Steinhauer

... or Suzanne & Ethan ...

Illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Jennie Horne
Suzanne McCorkell & Ethan Horne share Sunday "funnies."

... or Beaver ...

Photo by Donna Anderson Johnson
Beaver relaxes on mini-vacation at Mitzi & Sheldon's house.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays:
October 30---Anne Mellon Montford
November 2---Gert Dake Pettit
November 2---Brianna Susan Lehtola (4 years)

Happy Birthday!

More November Birthdays:
November 7---Steven Anderson
November 7---Thomas Roland Mellon
November 7---Sandra Kay Miller Smith
November 10---Argyle Anderson
November 11---Allison Aydelotte (8 years)
November 12---Patty Anderson Henderson
November 14---Marian Miller
November 17---Zachary Myron
November 17---Mark Andrew Johnson
November 19---Tyler Swenson
November 21---Alex Jo Marie Sigman (1 year)
November 21---Amy Elaine Printz (1 year)
November 26---DeLoris Anderson
November 30---Aaron Stahlecker

November Anniversaries
November 16---Argyle and Kathlyn Johnson Anderson (42 years)
November 26---Ben and Heather Henderson (1 year)
November 29---Kurtis and Jeni Larson (1 year)

November Special Days
November 11---Veterans' Day
November 24---Thanksgiving

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

Thank you for the frog card you sent me for my birthday. It was very funny to me, because my grandpa Wisseman plays the guitar and has to "hunt" for his pick sometimes. His birthday is two days after mine, so I shared that card with him. Thank you!!

Love, Wade [Printz]

Wade Printz and friends celebrate his 6th birthday.
Wade's note regarding photo caption:
abby kotwz, morgin, cl atin patin callie wade alusin ladin amy crista cac


His Mother's interpretation (clockwise from left):
(Abby Kottwitz, Morgan, Clayton, Peyton, Callie, Wade, Allison, Landin, Amy, Krista, Cake :)

It was fun, the birthday party.

For Wade's birthday, we started out with birthday breakfast and opening gifts before Justin went to work and Wade to school. In the afternoon, Callie made cupcakes and we took them in to the school. Wade and the other five kids in his class welcomed Callie and Amy into kindergarten for the afternoon, so we had cupcakes and lots of fun!

We have lots of little kids here on the ranch where we live, so there was a birthday party on Saturday that all of the kids came to -- that is all of our ranch kids in the picture. They broke a piñata and ate football cake and then rode bikes all morning. It was a fun 6th birthday, and Wade is pretty sure that he will be starting first grade any day, now that he's six years old! :)

Melody Printz
Edgemont, SD

Kinda late but need to say "Thanks" for remembering our anniversary and the card was very much appreciated. We took a little trip up to the "high" country to see all the changing colors! The higher you go, the different trees have taken on brighter colors and you know the seasons are changing. Thanks again. Need to get you more for The Bulletin...

Tom & Lou Miller
Madera, CA

Thanks for the birthday greeting. That's exactly why we don't have cats. ;-)

Marlene Johnson
Long Lake, MN

Miss Hetty's Comment: If our birthday kitty has scratched out his greetings to you on the davenport, you will understand what Marlene means!

Miss Hetty Says

Just in time for Hallowe'en ... the search "spider" has been sent around to index our pages so the October issues will be searchable, along with previous back issues and other pages.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


I am sending a picture of Wade's birthday and some details of it. I would also like to subscribe to The Bulletin. What do I need to do to get on the list? Carol has sent it on to me a few times and I've really enjoyed it. You do a great job! We'll be happy to contribute and help with it, too!

Melody (& Justin) Printz
Edgemont, SD

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Thank you so much, Jerrianne, for the links you added for the Alaska trip story. In clicking on them, I was shocked to see what Barrow looks like now. It was just a tiny little town with huts and shacks and dogs and kids and one hotel and cafe and souvenir shops with weathered looking old Eskimos in well used parkas. The racks with fish and game drying on them in their yards, and a whale dragged up on the shore with the whole town down there cutting it up to share with all. We had to drive through a creek to get from the town the little airport. Quite an experience for a Minneapolis girl!

Anchorage was like a cowboy town with streets lined with run down bars and souvenir shops. No tall buildings, etc., and your Anchorage link 50 years later was quite another shock. Thanks for all that work you went to to make it so interesting.

What a lovely picture of Weston and his pretty girlfriend! They look so happy and very enamored with each other.

The reception for the Swensons was interesting, especially spotting Kathy in the background there. We had Jeff and Evelyn Swenson over for supper Saturday evening, and they told us more about it, and that they had seen Kathy. We will never get even with Swensons for lending us their huge motor home for the four days of Eagle Bend convention.

I was especially glad for the update from Jim Pachan. No one would ever be able to enter into his experiences, but glad he can give us a word picture of it, anyway. So thankful he is finally out of Iraq.

I always enjoy Donna Mae's stories. She fills in the details others had left out. What a horrible disappointment about the cookie episode. All that work! And they had to toss them.

We could do with some guitar music! Looks like Harry could furnish it -- he has enough guitars! The best part is that he won them.

I'm totally at a loss as to who the children are on the GUESS pictures. I had to look back to last week's to see what Vonnie Dake looked like as a little girl. We knew her before she was married, but not as young as that picture. Was so good to have a link to click on to easily see the last week's GUESS -- as who could remember them?

Well, Larry, you have been through the mill and back by the sounds of it. At least we know you didn't have to worry about what to do with the $45,000 commission. FINALLY, we are getting to the chapters in your amazing story about your time as a sheep herder. Don't leave us here, though; there is still much more you have to tell.

You write it like it had been just yesterday -- but then all that would definitely be unforgettable. The one man said there was no room for a family in a sheep camp. He didn't know what your truly helpful help mate wife was capable of. Sorta sad leaving your old faithful Lincoln behind, wasn't it? You probably didn't even look back when you drove out of that car dealership.

I always hopefully turn to the LTTE's, for other people's comments on The Bulletin. I am always anxious to see what others have seen in The Bulletin that I missed. DOUG, don't give up on us. You said you didn't think "next time" would be soon. I am sorry your turnout was slow, but if it was like me, I found it hard to think of something very quickly. We all need CHUCKLES, you know, to counteract all the serious facts on the other pages. Anyway, I am sorry the Troll is so elusive. We should keep our eyes open for him. He's apt to appear anywhere, anytime. On YOUR doorstep, for instance.

THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN for the great Bulletin -- all your late nights, etc., to meet the deadline. Hope you have so many new stories that you have to store up some for a next time, and that you never have to wonder if enough will come in.



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