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Photos © Donna Johnson
Dorothy Dake Anderson, April 9, 2006
80 Great Things About Being 80!

Contributions from Lori, Shawn, Doug, Chris, Patty H., Curt, Wyatt and Donna.

1) Your grandchildren love you 80 times as much!

2) At 80 years old, you are 100% terrific!

3) 80% discount on your bill at The Depot Restaurant in Alexandria.

4) You can eat a free breakfast at one restaurant, a free lunch at the next and you may even be able to squeeze in a free supper, all before 4 p.m. Now that's a deal!

5) It's now legal to share your opinion freely without fear of reprisal (even if you're the only Democrat in the group!)

6) You only have 20 years left until you can celebrate the century mark!

7) No one mistakes you for the "new kid on the block".

8) You REALLY didn't just fall off the turnip truck!

9) You have more experience than sense (or cents).

10) With such a nice round number, it's easy to remember your age...

11) You almost always get honors at golf.

12) You can call seventy-somethings "pups."

13) You can talk to yourself in public and people will think it's cute.

14) People have to pay attention when you speak or they will be perceived as "disrespectful."

15) You don't have to listen to people tell stories from the "day"... you were there.

16) No one expects you to go to the gym with them... but they are really impressed if you do.

17) You will never have to experience adolesence again.

18) The Marines and Jehovah's Witnesses have probably given up on you.

19) You finally have an excuse for forgetting what your dull nephew is talking about.

20) Your kids and grandkids throw you a wicked party.

21) 1926 : Bulletin subscribers = 0; 2006: Bulletin subscribers = 100 plus.

22) Your husband keeps getting more handsome every year.

23) Jazzy dexterity nears legendary status.

24) As quoted from your own mother, "Now I can say whatever I want!"

25) 80 is just "you" wrapped in a larger number.

26) It's an awesome number, just as you are an awesome person!

27) Merely a number on the way to 100!

28) 80 is as "young at heart" as you wish it to be.

29) 80 years have made you wiser.

30) 80 means more and more relatives; what's not to love about that!

31) You don't have to do something, unless you WANT to!

32) Gives you a good cover for "senior moments."

33) 80 ... two 40's or four 20's ... more for the "money"!

34) Means lots of birthday cards!

35) You not only know history, you've lived it.

36) 80 challenges you to learning even more new things.

37) You've learned a deeper appreciation of most everything dear in your life.

38) You can list more changes in your lifetime.

39) 80 is a number we all hope to turn!

40) 80 is any adventure you'd like it to be.

41) 80 candles are AMAZING!

42) You've forgotten more things, than most people have learned.

43) 80 beats 79!

44) 80 in dollars is not "spare change."

45) You've seen many beautiful sunrises.

46) Plus, you've enjoyed more awesome sunsets.

47) 80 is an accomplishment in itself.

48) 80 flowers makes a gorgeous bouqet!

49) 80 has given you years of rainbows, four leaf clovers and sunshine.

50) 80 has proven to be a challenge, but fun too.

51) 80 means you are "queen of the hill."

52) Gives you the authority of a True Matriarch.

53) 80 and still in love.

54) 80 with five loving children.

55) 80 with 15 loving grandchildren.

56) 80 and five loving great grand children

57) 80 means you are GREAT, besides being a great-grandma!

58) 80 is as 80 does!

59) Who cares if you have wrinkles, you've earned them!

60) You can sleep in if you'd like.

61) You can work during the middle of the night, if you prefer.

62) Gray hair is now expected.

63) Napping is allowed...

64) 80 X 80 might begin to equal the love in your life!

65) 80 years means you can tell us a "thing or two"!

66) 80 and not "recalled"!

67) Given you a bigger vocabulary.

68) You had the advantage of being taught great penmenship!

69) 80 years have brought good tears, as well as sad.

70) 80 and still active!

71) Eighty years have given you time to add TONS to the family.

72) You've accumulated more friends than stuff!

73) It's been a ride with bumps, but none that knocked you out!

74) You don't have to be embarrassed if you forget a name.

75) Those "I showed up in school in my slip" dreams have finally disappeared!

76) Not only can you be first in line to eat at family functions, it's expected!

77) Eighty comes once in a lifetime.

78) Less cooking to do!

79) Peer pressure is a thing of the past!

80) Eighty is a great start!

Mason Taylor, flanked by parents Ben & Heather, steals the show.