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Holiday Greetings
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Keith Mason & Lori Anderson
Irvine, CA

Chris Chap & Jessy Wolff
Fargo, ND

Ken, Merna, Ryan, Lindsay & Brandon Hellevang
Fargo, ND

Eric & Melanie Shockey
Brookings, SD
Miss Jerrianne & Miss Kitty
Anchorage, AK

Shane, Kjirsten, Tyler, Aunika, Sheldon, Mitzi & Derek Swenson
Dickinson, ND
Greetings from the Swensons

All the kids were home for Thanksgiving, except Jayna, so we quickly snapped a photo before the guys went hunting and Tyler left on a hockey trip. That’s how the year has gone -- fast, with everyone going in different directions.

Derek graduated from the University of North Dakota in May. He was able to join us with Shane and Jayna for a few days of fishing in Saskatchewan in June. In August he started law school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. We joined him for a weekend of room painting and watching Michigan beat Wisconsin at a football game with over 111,000 fans!

Kjirsten passed through Dickinson after her first year of medical school at Baylor this summer. She drove the camper to Banff to camp and hike for a few days before picking us up in Vancouver. We ferried to the Queen Charlotte Islands for a wonderful week of hiking, salmon fishing, catching and eating Dungeness crabs and relaxing by the seashore. We could see Alaska from our campground!

Tyler is a sophomore in high school. He's busy this winter with hockey, both playing and coaching younger kids. Chemistry and physics experiments and computer games continue to occupy his free time, and we have learned to accept him wearing things like an experimental ozone generator to school for Halloween. It's a good thing Mitzi is on the school board so the principal doesn’t get too shook up when he sees Tyler with his latest invention.

Aunika just got her driving permit. She stays busy with sports year around and often snuggles up with a good book and our dog Dixie. Another dog, Coe, joined our family this fall to keep the hunters happy.

Sheldon's mom, Laila, has entered St. Luke's nursing home this month because her Alzheimer's has progressed and his dad, Harold, is recovering from surgery. They're gracefully adjusting to the changes they have faced.

We think of you throughout the year and hope this finds you well!

Sheldon & Mitzi Swenson & family

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