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Holiday Greetings
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Brenda & Nathan Hill with Jaxon, Jazmine & Jonathan
Dwight, MN

And a Happy New Year!
The Aydelotte Family

Todd, Allison, Jeffrey, Brendan, Jessica Jeffrey, Hannah & Twila Aydelotte.
Antioch, CA

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2007.
The Hendersons

Heather, Mason, Ben, Rachel, Curt, Patty, Dan & Gina Henderson
Minnetrista, MN

Greetings from Southern California.
And best wishes to you and yours for the New Year.
The Andersons

Back: Steve, Doris, Jr. Anderson; front: Keith Mason, Lori & Lisa Anderson.
(The snapshot was at a lake in Irvine, California, near where Lori and Keith live. --Doris)

Our Christmas was anything but white --
we were on a cruise!

Shane & Jayna Swenson
Santa Barbara, CA

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