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Sunday, May 20, 2007
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Chris & Jessy Chap, May 12, 2007
Photo illustration © Kimberly Johnson
Chris & Jessy -- Just Married.

Updates -

UPDATE -- Jessy Wolff and Chris Chap get married
by Weston Johnson
Maple Grove, MN

On Saturday, May 12th, Chris Chap and Jessy Wolff were joined in marriage. I was asked by the Matriarch herself to provide a recap of the festivities. Since I served as a groomsman, I have an insider's perspective to share. And since it's me writing, it may not read like your typical wedding recap. Here we go...

The fun began on Friday for the wedding party. Most of the guys had planned to play a round of golf in the morning. We awoke to cold, rainy weather, but the rain held off just long enough for us to play 18 holes before it picked up again in the afternoon. In a weekend in which every detail was planned and executed to perfection, Chris's ability to schedule the golf outing for the exact four-hour window in which the rain took a break may have been the most impressive achievement of them all. Now that's planning!

While the guys were taming the wild links of the Maple River Golf Club, the female half of the wedding party was busy doing whatever it is that women do on the day before a wedding. Having their nails done? Drinking whiskey and smoking cigars? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm guessing it was closer to option A.

After the daytime activities, we all gathered at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in West Fargo, where the weekend's main event would take place the following afternoon. Tonight, however, was just the warm up, also known as the rehearsal. Everyone paid close attention to make sure we learned our roles for the wedding -- no one wants to be "that guy" who stands when he should be sitting, walks when he should be staying put, or otherwise draws attention to himself during the wedding for all the wrong reasons.

Photos © Donna Johnson
Jessy & Chris rehearse vows, left; a flower girl improvises, right.

During the rehearsal, we were entertained by the young ring bearer and flower girls, who weren't sure whether they wanted to follow the script. At one point, as the kids were alternately running, crying and just plain refusing to move, Amy, the mother of the ring bearer, expressed some trepidation about how the little guy would do in his role during the actual wedding.

"Don't worry about it," I told her, "it's always fun to watch the kids at a wedding, even if they don't do what they're supposed to do."

"Sure," she replied, "when they're not your kids!"

Photo © Donna Johnson
Chris & Jessy

Following the rehearsal, the party caravanned to the Courtyard by Marriott in Moorhead for the groom's supper. We enjoyed burgers, brats and other cookout-type food -- a perfect early summer meal. Gifts were presented to the members of the wedding party and the parents of the bride and groom. I scored a sweet leather wallet equipped with a Twins logo and a Chipotle gift card, which I shall put to some good use this weekend.

On Saturday morning, the ladies woke up early to get their hair done for the wedding. At least that's what I'm told -- I was busy sleeping in!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Jessy's Mom, Myrna, gives Jessy a kiss during the hair preparations.

Eventually, I rolled out of bed and carefully pieced together my tuxedo. I have been in enough ceremonies to consider myself a veteran of the wedding process, but it still takes me a while to find, assemble and secure all of the parts and equipment of the tux. Fortunately, I figured it out eventually and made it to the church in time for pictures at 11 o'clock.

The next two hours were spent taking pictures of every possible combination of wedding personnel. By the time the last of the pictures had been taken and everyone had eaten a light lunch, it was past 1 o'clock and guests slowly began to trickle in.

About 20 minutes before show time, the guys in the wedding party sequestered ourselves in a private room where we would wait until it was time to line up for the procession. This is always one of my favorite parts of the weddings I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. It's just the groom and his best buddies hanging out like we have so many times before, trying to keep it loose and make each other laugh. Not that Chris needed anyone to keep him loose. His and Jessy's ability to stay calm and organized throughout the lead-up to the wedding was pretty amazing. As my dad pointed out during pictures, Chris actually seemed to be enjoying the commotion!

Finally it was time to start the ceremony. Chris walked down the aisle first, accompanied by his mother, Donna. Next, the groomsmen accompanied the bridesmaids to the front of the church, followed by the flower girls and the ring bearer. The kids decided to liven up the proceedings by taking a Family Circus-style route to the front of the church, stopping often to enjoy the view as they made their way leisurely down the aisle. Eventually, they all more or less made it to the front of the church. Finally, Jessy made her entrance, escorted by her stepfather, Mahlon.

The wedding ceremony included a homily by Father David Syverson, followed by Chris and Jessy exchanging vows. Once that important item of business had been taken care of, Donna and Myrna, the mothers of the groom and bride, walked to the front of the church, where they lit candles, which Chris and Jessy used to light the unity candle. After the candle had been lit, the couple presented their mothers with flowers and hugs.

As the ceremony neared its end, Father Syverson introduced the couple, who garnered a rousing cheer from the assembled masses. Soon Chris and Jessy took their first walk as a married couple, proceeding to the back of the church, where they formed a receiving line in which hugs, handshakes and congratulations were offered by all of the wedding guests. After every hand had been shaken and every auntie had been hugged, Chris and Jessy emerged from the church to a flurry of bubbles, cleared the Saran wrap and paper trinkets from their vehicle and departed for the Marriott, where the reception would be held.

The reception began with spirited introductions of the wedding party by Chris's friend, wanna-be public address announcer Andrew Week, which has become sort of an Ashby tradition. If anyone is looking for an enthusiastic PA announcer for an upcoming event, give Andrew a call. His specialties are auctioneer voices and faux-Spanish accents.

Once everyone had found their seats, Father Syverson led the prayer, as well as a chorus of "Home on the Range" to commemorate Chris and Jessy's future on the vast Fargo plains. We then enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken, pork and all the fixin's, followed by a song performed by Jessy's sister Amy and brother-in-law Joe.

Best man Chris Larson then gave a speech highlighting the many nicknames Chris's friends attempted to bestow upon him that never stuck, as well as Chris's love of 1990's R&B music. Jessy's sister Marcy, the matron of honor, followed the best man's speech with one of her own, alternately laughing and crying throughout. Finally a slide show was presented, starting with a photographic history of Jessy, followed by pictures of Chris throughout the years, and culminating with pictures of the happy couple together. The slide show marked the end of the reception, after which the wedding party and guests danced away the rest of the evening.

The next morning, several of the family members gathered to watch Chris and Jessy open their gifts. I would say that the couple seemed relieved to have the big day over with, but truthfully they never really seemed stressed out about it in the first place. They both wore the contented smiles of a couple who had just enjoyed the happiest day of their lives, and who know they have a lifetime ahead of them, together.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Jessy, in "Mrs. Chap" top, & Chris open wedding gifts.

Photo © Heidi Henderson
Fancy new wheels for Ryan & Heidi.

Update -- Heidi and Ryan buy a new ride
by Heidi Johnson Henderson
Albuquerque, NM

Hello from the sandbox we call home! Well, it's been awhile since I sent in an update or anything like that. First off, thank you for the birthday card. We didn't do anything but work all day. Birthdays aren't as much fun when you are older than 10.

I finished up my spring semester a couple weeks ago with all "A's"! Yay! I really enjoyed all my classes and know that I'm definitely in the right field (accounting). Now, today, I started the summer semester again. I'm taking my next math class and art history. Should be fun.

We have been working hard on finishing up landscaping our back yard. Next up is our version of a lawn ... gravel.

The biggest news as of late is Ryan's recent purchase of some new wheels. We traded in the truck and bought a Subaru STI. He is enjoying speeding around in it and racing Cadillacs.

We are officially done with the ski season, unfortunately. We ended the season on a great day of skiing and there weren't any major accidents this year (just one broken hand). We are anticipating a good summer of camping and fishing, as well as a trip to San Diego in just a few weeks. Maybe we'll get to see Mom and Dad along the way!

Mom, Whitney and Mark are headed to our house right now. I just talked to Mom and they are in Sterling, Colorado, so they should make it here tomorrow about the time I get home from work! We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, so to say the least we are excited. Dad was here a few weeks ago; that was a lot of fun to have him here, as well.

We are also planning a trip to Elizabeth, Colorado, for convention. We are also looking forward to Edgewood convention at the end of July. It will be the last convention at those grounds as it is in town now. Hopefully we will have a new spot for convention before too long. Well, I guess that's as far out as we are planned, and all the new news that we have. I hope that you are doing well and having a good spring and summer!

Photo © Heidi Henderson
Ryan & Heidi, last day of skiing at Wolf Creek, Colorado.

Photos © Kristi Indermark
Birthday cake, left; Tyler blowing out the candle, right.

Update -- Tyler celebrates second birthday
by Kristi Larson Indermark
Portage, WI

We had a nice little birthday party for Tyler. The weather was great so we were able to spend a lot of the party outside with the kids. We had about 20 people over to help Tyler celebrate his birthday. He got a lot of really great presents!

Jim, Kristi, Jordan and Tyler Indermark

Photos © Kristi Indermark
Tyler, next American Idol, left; and with his first 4-wheeler, right.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Cole Cochran, Jayce Chap, Wyatt & Rylie Johnson enjoy a swim.

A Fun Wedding Weekend

We are thrilled to welcome our newest daughter into our family! Jessy made such a gorgeous bride and Chris a handsome groom. I was so very proud of both of them. It was a lovely weekend. I had the fun of participating with the "girls" getting hair done before the wedding and seeing the preparations with the bride.

Of course, the swimming was a hit for the younger crowd. The Courtyard Marriott really had a lovely children's pool, with a couple of cute slides and a very large area for the little ones to paddle around.

Photos © Donna Johnson
Caitlynn Chap, Brooklynn Johnson & Maddison Johnson (Jessy's niece), left; radiant mothers-to-be Jolene Johnson & Lori Ostendorf wait expectantly, right.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. The Photo Editor supplied last week's mystery picture.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

It was a special kind of thrill turning/scrolling down to the GUESS picture. No question who that family is. And, Jerrianne, Beaver and Kathy must treasure that picture. Donald hadn't changed much, but Twila I would not have known.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

I'll send a guess; Don and Twila Johnson, Jerrianne, Bobby and Kathy is my guess. I see Mitzi in the mother's face on that picture, so I'm thinking I'm right on my guess. They certainly are beautiful children!

Donna Johnson
Ashby, MN

That is a nice picture of the Johnson family, phase one, in the guess section of The Bulletin.

Richard Johnson
Lowell, OR

This week's GUESS photo is one I know well. Donald and Twila, Jerrianne, Bobby and myself, Kathy. As I grew up, looking at this picture I always marveled that our hard working mother had managed to sew matching dresses for us.

Kathlyn (Johnson) Anderson
Anchorage, AK

Photo Editor's Note: I've always loved this photo of our family, which was probably taken in the spring of 1947. Our beautiful mother had hazel eyes and cascading naturally curly dark hair. An accomplished seamstress, she stitched our pretty matching dresses from pink and white checked fabric trimmed with white eyelet yokes and lace ruffles. I thought they were extravagantly becoming and was so proud to wear a dress "just like Mommy's." I tried to suppress my happy smile enough to hide a six-year-old's toothless grin, not very successfully. The photographer retouched false teeth into the gaps. A bit of Photoshop dentistry helped a little, but the photo has always reminded me of stories about George Washington's portraits with his strained expression blamed on ill fitting dentures.

Travelogue t

Photo © 1980 Kathlyn Anderson; Minnesota frame is a gift from Betty Droel
Donald B. Johnson tours Alaska in Jerrianne's van, 1980.

My Incredible Journey To Alaska
by Donald B. Johnson
Ashby, MN
This story was published in The Ashby Post, October 2, 1980. The author died in 1982.

Up until six weeks ago, I had never dreamed of seeing Alaska. In fact, I always said I didn't think it was worth all the effort of going there! After all, we have been continuous subscribers to the "Alaska" magazine for 40 years and have seen it all in pictures over the years.

But, about that time, Twila's two sisters called from Salt Lake City; they said they were coming to visit for 10 days or so, and would arrive about the 27th of August. While I was wondering how I could possibly survive 10 days with three women in the house (all talking at once), our daughter Jerri, who is one of the editors of the "Alaska" magazine, called from Anchorage.

She said she and her husband, Mic, were taking their vacations and were going to tour the different roads leading out of Anchorage in a Volkswagen bus camper. Their daughter, Kyra, was flying to Virginia to enter college on the 29th and there would be room for two people to ride along and "camp" in the bus, if any of us could fly up there in time. Our daughter Kathy was home at the time and I thought she was only kidding when she said, "I think I'll go."

Facing the prospect of not being able to get a word in edgewise for 10 days, I said, "I think I'll go, too," but only just kidding! I was sure that after sleeping one night on a shelf in the bus I would be too stiff with arthritis to crawl out again. But it seemed the lesser of two evils and I would be willing to take a chance, still thinking it was all just a happy thought.

However, 1:30 p.m. the 28th of August found Kathy and me on board a Northwest Orient plane, headed for Alaska from Minneapolis. Kathy's family agreed to keep the home fires burning, with the idea that they would plan a family trip at some future time, after sending her as a scout ahead to check the ways and roads of Alaska. She, in turn, would be their tour guide. As for Twila, she said, "There is no choice this time. Go!"

After a four-hour wait in Seattle, we boarded another plane and Jerri met us in Anchorage at 11:30 p.m. Of course, it was already 3:30 a.m. back in Ashby. We had the next day to recover and visit with Kyra while she packed and boarded the plane that night for Virginia.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Alaska State Fair Giant Vegetable Display in Palmer
(This photo is from 2005, but it's the same type of display as in 1980.)

Before leaving on our tour, we went to the State Fair at Palmer and saw all the entries from the Matanuska Valley and other parts of Alaska. Among them was a 68-1/2 pound cabbage and a 37 pound turnip. Kathy was especially taken up with the large number of different breeds of rabbits, especially with some that looked exactly like Siamese cats with long ears.

In the museum, hanging on the wall, there was a little airplane, only a few feet long, that some daredevil had flown from Alaska to the Lower 48 with only a go-cart motor for power.

We watched a rodeo at the fair for a while and were fascinated by a big, ugly looking, black bull with long horns and a tail exactly like a horse, which the announcer said no one had ever been able to ride. While we were wondering what breed of cattle he was, someone came along and said he was a Yak, imported from China.

Photo © Kathlyn Anderson
Yak -- with long horns and a tail exactly like a horse.

The highlight of that day was when they turned a calf with a red ribbon tied high up on his tail loose in the arena. They then let 150 or more kids, all under 10 years of age, into the arena for "The Kids Scramble." The one who got the ribbon off the calf got $10. The calf did his best and the kids did their best for 15 or 20 minutes, and finally a little boy came out of the melee with the ribbon and collected his prize.

Photo © Kathlyn Anderson
Calf Scramble -- entertainment for the under 10 kids.

It was a beautiful summer day at the fair and a good share of the crowd were wearing short sleeves and shorts.

To be continued

Photo Editor's Note: During the last two summers of his life, my dad toured Alaska with me for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer, first with my sister Kathy and later with our mother. He wrote detailed accounts of both trips that were published in The Ashby Post. I am in the process of adding them at the end of his "book" online at

Greetings from the Netherlands
by Ary Ommert, Jr.
Maassluis, The Netherlands

A warm greeting to you on this special day, Mothers Day. Seems that most countries have the same date for this day. Only in Europe France and Norway have it later.

Here in the Netherlands, all is well; we had an extreme period of warm and dry weather but now it has rained a lot; temperatures are normal now.

Last weekend we sold many plants and arrangements for Mothers Day and we were busy helping customers. Tomorrow we have to clean up all the mess and make room for the new plants that will arrive this week. As soon as I have my camera I will make an article from the garden center for The Bulletin. Have no idea why it takes so long before I have it back.

Today I cleaned my house and went to see friends in the afternoon. Well, hope you got some nice presents or flowers and greetings from the Netherlands,

Ary Ommert, Jr.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays
May 22---Dan Henderson
May 23---Don Pettit
May 25---Amy Ellen Dake
May 26---Rick Anderson
Happy Birthday!

More May Birthdays
May 1---Frans de Been
May 4---Beau Birkholz
May 7---Ben Johnson
May 7---Kim Mellon (Tim's wife)
May 10---Curt Henderson
May 12---James Dake
May 14---Ernie Dake
May 14---Tyler James Indermark (2 years)
May 16---Angelique Ann Freesemann (8 years)
May 17---Dwight Anderson
May 19---Ryan Hellevang

May 27---Tracer Scott Roberson (9 years)
May 28---Jazmine Jane Hill (4 years)
May 28---Jason Hunt
May 29---Kristi Kay Larson Indermark
May 31---Mavis Anderson Morgan

May Anniversaries
May 12---Chris and Jessy Wolff Chap (next year)
May 14---Roddy and Alisha McNeill (2 years)
May16---Nathan and Brenda Anderson Hill (11 years)
May 27---Dwight and Janie Anderson (36 years)
May 27---Harvey and Gwen Stucker (46 years)
May 31---Tom and Mavis Anderson Morgan (50 years)

May Special Days

May 1---May Day (hanging May baskets day)
May 8---VE Day
May 13---Mothers Day
May 19---Armed Forces Day
May 28---Memorial Day

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

Thank you very much for the comical birthday greeting. That was cute! We aren't celebrating today because Janie has a bad cold and we aren't inviting anyone here. We hope to soon. If there are any suitable pictures, I'll send you one for The Bulletin.

Thanks again!

Dwight Anderson
Wahpeton, ND

Miss Hetty Says:

To Donnie and Patty: Congratulations!

Donnie Reaches His Weight Loss Goal: 150.8 lbs.

And Patty is close behind: 113.8 lbs.

The editor has requested a report, with photos!

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


We sure enjoyed The Bulletin again this week, from the beautiful "Butterfly and Koi Pond" to the "All mothers are working mothers" quotation.

It is fun to see photos of the babies, other Bulletin subscribers, pets, wildlife, and even the tornado funnels. We are so glad the tornados were not where we are!

The "Arrangement in Pink and Lavender" of Amy Dake is particularly beautiful, and brings back fond memories of times with this warm and kind lady, as does the photo of her with her children. Shari was generous in sharing her wonderful extended family with us when we lived in Minnesota, and we continue to enjoy the connection The Bulletin brings each week, even when we don't say so.

It was a surprise to see brother Richard on his bicycle after the 3,000 mile trip! I still can hardly believe someone with that much grit and determination is my brother, since I am such a wimp. Anyway, we would love to have an update on what you and your family are busy doing these days, Richard.

Kathlyn (Johnson) Anderson
Anchorage, AK

Some of those newspaper accounts of my bike trip were a little bit exaggerated. I did do over 100 miles a day for the last 12 days or so, but I don't think it was 135.

I'll try to get some pictures from around here to you one of these days. We're thinning out the woods and making it more like it was before there was wild fire suppression. Roy and Arbor are working on that, while I am working on fence and a water system for the goat pastures. Wiley is going to school in Eugene and helps sometimes on weekends. Mia is trying to work her way out of the office, with limited success. Mia and I are planning to work on another phase of Sunridge this summer and next year, as we've sold most of our lots.

Richard Johnson
Lowell OR

Just thought I'd send a quick thank you for another delightful Bulletin! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Donna Johnson
Ashby, MN

Another nice issue of The Bulletin! Keeps all of us in touch!

Today I was thinking of all those graduating, and of the Chris and Jessy wedding, and all the other things going on with the family. May they all have a future as beautiful as the day!

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Except for the pain that Diana would have continued to suffer as her illness progressed, we are saddened to finalize her life amongst us. It was a lovely Remembrance tribute to her that Dan Mellon wrote. We felt an immediate bond when we first met Diana as she had such a care and love for people that was easily sensed.

Photo © Betty Droel
At Diana's funeral, from left: Ginny, Verlaine, Dorothy, Don, Weston, LeRoy, Vonnie.

Today is Mother's Day, and we are waiting for a little more time to pass so the restaurants won't be so crowded and then Roy said he was taking me out to dinner. Well, you can know what a special treat that will be for me. Having a loving husband and two devoted sons and families that treat me like their mother is pure joy. Edith was a very dear, pretty mother and will always be missed, but I appreciate being here in her home.

Kira Lynn ... so cute. A round face like Levi. I'm sure there will be lots of entries in the baby book about Levi getting acquainted with his brand new sister. I feel sure some will find their way to The Bulletin in time.

We are liking seeing bird pictures now instead of the snow banks. Spring is so welcome, but our lawn needs some attention already so we will be busy trying to keep up with the rain and sunshine making everything grow again another year. The web cam of the falcon family will be interesting to follow. Thanks for the tip.

Diego. What a beautiful cat! Much, much different than Pretty Kitty for size and appearance. You could just see the sharp stare in his eyes as he watched the bird. So, we await the photos of that magnificent tail.

The storm in and near Yankton, South Dakota, makes one feel so helpless. You can't predict these acts of nature, and it seems we all get a turn at the frightening skies overhead.

Donna Mae, thank you for the strength it took to write your interesting Day To Day this time. The housecleaning seeming fun could only be the result of a scare that you couldn't do it yourself anymore. We take for granted even the act of dusting. We are pretty relieved that you may be going to Mayo for your condition. Looking it up on the Internet gives us a new appreciation for your stamina and determination to not let it have control of your life. The constant pain would be so wearing on your mood and outlook. Sounded like Snickers and Max helped to lift your spirits.

This wedding of Chris and Jessy will be another grand occasion. Even the Editor is going to be there. We will expect a good coverage in the next Bulletin or so. Oh yes, and some pictures.

Shari, that was a very nice poem about mothers. It's hard to read the tributes to mothers on Mother's Day as our own mother left us so recently and we still miss her keenly. We were so very fortunate to have a mother that loved, and never seemed to remember any of the bad things, and was a best friend. She taught us that the most important thing in life is preparing for the heavenly home. I'm sure she wouldn't change that now if she could speak to us again.

Anytime we see a mention of Amy Dake it is noteworthy. She was one grand lady, and I loved that portrait of her. The pose resembled the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth that was recently presented. Very thought provoking picture of Amy, and you can imagine that she is seeing the wedding picture and is pensive as she reviews the intervening years in her thoughts.

Such a nice family picture of the aging generation preceding Carrie Horne. Dorothy, nice to see you standing and strong. You will probably prompt me to look back in the Archives when you told your story of getting polio and what age you were. Sorry, I neglect to do that when I should.

The Travelogue was a very interesting story about Richard Johnson having taken a 3,000 mile bike ride. That almost seems unreal. I see he made it to the Ashby Laundry. I read every word with interest and tried to visualize his route but wasn't able to scratch the surface.

I think there are some genes in that Johnson family for adventure and heading into the unknown with courage and undauntedly pursuing. We have read the accounts of the others in wild travels and camping -- like Donald heading west, Jerrianne and her Milepost project, Kathy and her family in their moves, Mitzi and her family in the wilds, and now Richard on his trip on a bicycle. Somehow, it makes my "rocker" very comfortable. Please, please send us a family update on Richard and Mia, Wiley and Arbor.

I don't know who is the cutest, Carrie or Ethan? What a cute pose with the phone in the CHUCKLES.

Thank you again for finding such interesting articles for our Bulletin #256. We hope you don't run out of "evergreens" to include in the future issues. We will try to keep you supplied with events and pictures for whenever you need them.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Chris Horne
Carrie Horne models mother Jennie's longer locks.

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