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Sunday, June 3, 2007
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The happy couple, Chris & Jessy
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Chap

Updates -

The wedding party.
Back Row: Weston Johnson-Groomsmen, Amy Horn-Bridesmaid, Wyatt Johnson-Usher, Kelly Olson-Usher, Becky Johnson-Bridesmaid, Lane Helgeson-Groomsmen. Middle Row: Tyler Olson-Groomsmen, Lori Ostendorf-Bridesmaid, Marcy Jorda holding Emma Jorda, Maid of Honor and Flower Girl, Jessy Chap-Bride, Chris Chap holding Ryder Horn-Groom and Ring Bearer, Chris Larson-Best Man, Jamee Miller-Bridesmaid and Joel Finkelson-Groomsmen. Front Row: Kelly Van Matre (kneeling)-Usher, Caitlynn Chap-Junior Bridesmaid, Brandon Johnson-Junior Groomsmen and Andrew Week (kneeling)-Usher.

Update -- Chris & Jessy's wedding pictures
by Jessy and Chris Chap
West Fargo, ND

Here are some pictures of the wedding party, the families and then another one of us. Thank you for putting everything together on The Bulletin once again. We were going to write something up, but Weston and Kim did such a marvelous job (see Bulletin #257) and everything is covered so well that we really will not need to write anything further.

We did think that your readers might like to see some of the formal pictures taken of all of us.

Chris's family.
Back Row: Wyatt Johnson, Ben Johnson, Ashley Torgrimson, Shawn Ostendorf, Weston Johnson, Beaver Johnson, and Casimer Rozeski. Middle Row: Jolene Johnson, George Chap, Becky Chap, Lori Ostendorf, Jessy Chap, Chris Chap, Donna Johnson, and Valeria Rozeski. Front Row: Cole Cochran, Jayce Chap Caitlynn Chap, Brooklynn Johnson, and Rylie Johnson.

Jessy's family.
Back Row: Corey Johnson, Becky Johnson holding Sophie Johnson, Lynn Wolff, Chris Chap, Jessy Chap, Myrna Schweigert, Mahlon Schweigert, Joe Horn holding Ryder Horn, Marcy Jorda holding Emma Jorda, and Mike Jorda. Front Row: Virginia Schweigert, Brandon Johnson, Maddison Johnson, Bernice Rafferty, and Amy Horn.

Update -- Dan and Gina graduate from college
by Gina and Dan Henderson
Minnetonka, MN

Well, it's hard to believe that a grand total of 17 years in school have come to an end. Ready or not, on May 11th, Dan and I graduated from North Dakota State University. Dan is offically a Mechanical Engineer and I hope to be called a Registered Nurse after I pass boards!

It's a funny feeling to know that we aren't just on summer break; I think reality will hit when we don't go back to school in the fall! Although finals are through, we know that the books are not ready to be put away -- we're just beginning the lifelong process of learning! They say you learn more in the first year after college, than in all four years of college put together. Guess we'll find out soon....

Gina & Dan, graduates, left; farewell to NDSU, right.

UPDATE -- Zach Myron graduates from high school
by Char Morgan Myron
Thompson, ND

Just wanted to share a picture of our graduation Sunday. [Zachary Myron, son of Tim and Char Myron, was graduated from high school at Thompson, North Dakota, on May 27, 2007.]

We had a beautiful sunny, non-windy day! Was so fun to see so many friends and relatives. The farthest travelers were from Portland, Oregon, then Williston, North Dakota, and also Burnsville, Minnesota.

Zach is planning on attending the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He will share an apartment with Brandon Hellevang and Clark Swanson.

His baseball team won our region for the fourth year in a row, so now he will be playing at "state" this weekend in Mandan, North Dakota.

Zach Morgan with his parents, Char & Tim Morgan.

Photo © Barbara Floyd
Cover image of antique china boot on Danish Bible.
Click on photo for a linked page with a link to March issue in PDF format.

UPDATE -- The Antique Register online
by Barbara Floyd
Phoenix, AZ

Soon I will head north for almost a week and open my cabin for the season up near Flagstaff. It was fun to read about Heidi and Ryan ... we are practically related! Ryan's cousin, Lane Wilson, is married to my great niece, Beth Flippo. I remember the Sunday in Flagstaff when Heidi and Ryan and Heidi's folks came to visit. I think we were all hoping they would all come live in Flagstaff someday. I remember my sister, JoAnne Peterson, explaining the relationship between you and them.

The web site for is up and running. The story about the china boot that belonged to my Grandma Wheeler is in the issue just prior to this current issue. If you like lavender and lavender products check out [Click on publisher links for Arizona and also Oregon and also Washington or click on the photos below.] We featured lavender in all three of those papers. I know more about lavender than I probably needed to know and the Northwest is the biggest grower of lavender in the USA. Arizona only has one lavender farm.

In August, I have my ticket to come to Minneapolis on the second. My publishers from Minnesota and Wisconsin are going to spend the first day there with me doing some fun things, like going to tea and perhaps some shops. Then I will head north to Otter Tail Lake to crash my cousins' annual family gathering.

My cousin, Beverly (Mark) Van derMeulen from Winnipeg, will keep me company while I go visit my brother and sister-in-law and their kids and grandkids, and now a great grandchild, in Sebeka.

Then it is on to Breckenridge for my 50th class reunion and the next night an all school reunion. Bev plans on coming back to Minneapolis with me on Sunday and we thought it would be terribly fun to stop on our way by and see the creator of The Bulletin, if you happen to be home. When we get to the cities that evening we would love to see the Weiland bunch but have not told them yet. My daughter lives close to Rich and Verlaine's daughter. Is it not amazing the intertwining of so many people and how that all happens?

And that leaves one day of power shopping at Mall of America before it is time to head home and publish another paper to fund the next trip!

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Barbara Floyd

Click on each photo for links to Arizona, Washington & Oregon issues.
Copies of actual issues may be downloaded in PDF format from linked pages.

Update -- backyard wildlife in La Mirada
by Doris Anderson
La Mirada, CA

About three years ago, Junior built a bird feeder in our back yard. He mounted it on a wooden post next to a large hedge. This is close to a fence that runs across our back yard. He diligently fills the feeder twice a month. Since then, we've enjoyed watching a variety of birds perched at the feeder, including a hawk that occasionally swoops into the yard -- then the birds scatter!

A couple of weeks ago, I nearly spilt my morning cup of coffee. I was startled to notice two large 'possums roaming our back yard and then wander onto our patio. To prove I wasn't dreaming, I ran for my camera and clicked away. When I showed Junior the photos, it didn't faze him...

We now have a little friction in our garden. A new neighbor has moved in and is making himself very comfortable -- a young squirrel. He used the block wall fence for his runway and discovered the bird feeder. You guessed it, he chases the birds away and feasts on the bird seed.

Junior has tried to scare him away many times, but this young thing is deviant, holds his ground, and just stares back. This hit a nerve. The war has begun! Now, Junior waits for him, grabs the water hose, and tries to hit the squirrel with a jet stream -- back and forth they go.

Reminds me of old cartoons -- a farmer chasing a gopher. Never guessed this would happen in La Mirada! :-)

Photo © Doris Anderson
Opossum checks out the garden wall.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Jayce did a great job -- the first graders wore great shirts, too.

Ashby Memorial Day Program & Parade
Jayce was too quick with his part; by the time I got the camera working, he'd already finished his:

How bright our flag
Against the sky
Atop its flagpole
Straight and high

He did a great job! The first graders also sang Yankee Doodle Dandy, Flags Will Fly High and There are Many Flags.

As usual, Ashby put on a tremendous Memorial Day program, both at the school and more at the monument, where they acknowledged each area veteran that died this last year. It's a very touching ceremony. There is always a good turnout, and this year was no exception, plus the beautiful weather was a bonus.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Memorial Day parade, in background, approaches veterans' monument.

Weston, Becky and Caity tended to the Johnson graves this year. The tree in the background is one we planted after Grandma Twila died in 1991. It was just a little thing at the time; it certainly has grown!

Photos © Donna Johnson
Caity, Weston & Becky tended the Johnson family graves.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Betty Weiland Droel and the Photo Editor supplied last week's mystery pictures.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

This week, Kathy and Beaver Johnson are clearly two of your mystery guests. Seems likely that Richard is the third.

Kyra Lowther Carson
Mill Valley, CA

I can identify at least one of the mystery pictures. That would be my younger brother, Dr. Thomas W. Miller.

Carolyn Miller Dake
Duluth, GA

The mystery pictures ... I am sure on the first two ... my cousin Dr. Tom Miller and my sweet friend Kathlyn Anderson. Is the third one Beaver?

Shari Larson
Phoenix, AZ

The guess pictures look like high school yearbook pictures. I don't recognize the one on the left. The other two are my sister Kathy and brother Beaver. There were some really corny captions with those pictures in the yearbooks. Kathy's was something like "Give me freedom or give me an alibi," and Beaver was said to make Romeo look like a bashful schoolboy. When I graduated, they mercifully left the captions out.

Richard Johnson
Lowell, OR

I always love the GUESS pictures, and this time the first one is Dr. Tom Miller; at that time he was "Tommy." Then, surely, the next one would be Kathy and the last one would be one of Donald and Twila's boys -- maybe Beaver?

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Travelogue t

Photo © Larry McCorkell
Pelicans flying low over the water at sunrise.

Outer Banks, North Carolina
Part 2
by Virginia McCorkell
Blaine, MN

We were able to stay right on the oceanfront for three nights. It was the last weekend of off-season rates and we were able to rent a 3-bedroom, 2 bath condo for the same price we would have paid for a motel room. Now that made for happy campers! We enjoyed the beach in the mornings and evenings and saw the sights during the day.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Evening Lace.

The Wright Brothers Memorial was our first tourist stop. Some of you would know that is where Wilbur and Orville Wright made their historic first flight on the sand dunes at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We enjoyed the park ranger's entertaining and humorous talk about that first airplane.

To be continued...

Photo © Suzanne McCorkell
Orville and Wilbur Wright memorial at Kill Devil Hills, NC.

$  A Long Time Ago   !

My Incredible Journey To Alaska
Part 3
by Donald B. Johnson
Ashby, MN
This story was published in The Ashby Post, October 2, 1980. The author died in 1982.

In the morning, we started up the Richardson Highway toward Fairbanks. A short way up the highway, we took a side trip on a mountain road to another glacier [Worthington] that was "calving" huge icebergs that stood out of the water 20 or 30 feet.

Some of the small chunks came right to shore and Jerri went down the bank and got a piece of glacier ice for the icebox in the bus. That ice is formed under such high pressure that it is much harder and heavier than ordinary ice and keeps much longer in the icebox.

Photos © Kathlyn Anderson
Worthington Glacier, left; icebergs calved from glacier, right.

Near there, we could walk right down to the edge of a small river where the salmon were spawning in the shallow water right at our feet. That kind of salmon turn bright red when they spawn and then they die right there. They are not fit for food after they spawn.

Several times we saw different kinds of salmon spawning right by the road. Some kinds turn red and some turn gray, but they all die afterwards. We didn't make much mileage that day, but it seemed like we made hundreds of stops for pictures of mountains, flowers, glaciers, clouds and waterfalls.

Photos © Kathlyn Anderson
Spawning chum salmon, left, waterfall in Keystone Canyon, right.

The second night we camped in the forest campground at Gulkana. We had pancakes the next morning at the Sourdough Roadhouse, up the road a little way, the oldest roadhouse in Alaska. Built in 1884 and added to in 1903, it has been preserved in its original form. [Sourdough Roadhouse, famous for its pancakes, burned down a few years after our visit -- but not before we returned and ate sourdough pancakes there with Mom (Twila), a memorable visit, in 1981.]

The wood fire in the stove (made from a hundred gallon barrel) sure felt good, as we were getting inland, which isn't warmed up by the Japanese current like the coastal areas.

Photos © Kathlyn Anderson
Sourdough Roadhouse, left; troubleshooting VW bus engine, right.

It was getting colder as we drove north, so we decided to spend the third night in a motel. Also, the red alternator light came on and we didn't want to use any battery juice until we could get to Fairbanks to see what was wrong.

In Fairbanks, we found no Volkswagen dealer, but a small repair shop that would monkey with them soon diagnosed it as the regulator having gone out. They rounded one up and put it on for about $50. That was the only car trouble we had.

We saw the big pipeline many times, right near the road, all the way from Valdez to Fairbanks. Sometimes it was above ground and then it would go underground again.

To be continued...

Photo © Kathlyn Anderson
Trans-Alaska oil pipeline near Richardson Highway after autumn snow.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
June 6---D Day

This Week's Birthdays
June 4---Merna Hellevang
June 5---Rian de Been van Gageldonk
June 6---Jettison Quaid Freesemann (2 years)
June 7---Shane Swenson
June 8---Ashley Huseby (4 years)
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
June 3---Larry and Ginny Dake McCorkell (35 years)
June 6---Wyatt and Jolene Johnson (9 years)
June 7---Clark and Susan Miller Smith (16 years)

More June Birthdays
June 1---Jeremiah Dake

June 12---Andrea Dake Mendez
June 16---Gina Henderson
June 17---Louise Cloyd
June 18---Caitlynn Mae Chap (11 years)
June 19---Doris Anderson
June 19---Ashley Meyer
June 20---Spencer Aydelotte
June 20---Roy Droel
June 20---Julian Montford
June 21---Ary Ommert Jr.
June 24---Aiden Montford (4 years)
June 25---Ben Henderson
June 26---Greg Wm. Dake
June 26---De Myer
June 27---Sam Mellon
June29---Tim Huseby
June 29---Trinidy Creede Roberson (1 year)

More June Anniversaries
June 10---Jim and Kristi Larson Indermark (7 years)
June 18---Jason and Tami Anderson Hunt (3 years)
June 19---Curt and Patty Anderson Henderson (25 years)
June 20---Rich and Marlene Anderson Johnson (26 years)
June 20---Steve and Marian Miller (37 years)

June Special Days

June 6---D Day
June 14---Flag Day
June 17---Father's Day
June 21---First Day of Summer

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! We don't have any pictures, though. We went to Zachary's graduation and the party afterwards. He should be congratulated highly! Good job, Zach!

I took a picture on Dwight's birthday, but it isn't anything he wants anyone to see! His birthday party was small and late because I was sick on his birthday. He took the day off work, so he enjoyed his day working in his new shop in the front part of the garage.

Thanks again!

Dwight and Janie Anderson
Wahpeton, ND

Hello, this is from Zach Myron. I guess maybe that's obvious ... well, I just wanted to thank everyone in helping me graduate. It feels good! I am going to go to school @ UND and get an apartment with Brandon Hellevang and Clark Swanson from North Fargo. Well I guess that's about all I got here ... so take it easy everyone and cya later.

Zack Myron
Thompson, ND

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


I really enjoyed reading the articles about your family, dear editor.

What an accomplishment to lose half of one's weight! That guitar player really has something proud to sing about! I loved the "before" and "after" photos. And then I wonder -- how can Doug stay so slim when he is featured with his good cooking in those popular magazines? Yak, however, doesn't sound so exciting, but then I thought the same when I first tasted buffalo. Now that has gotten to be a more common meat in our area.

I am glad Marlene's family likes the moving around with the job. What exciting things they do and see! And who can ever forget the excitement of the school program with the little ones singing their hearts out for parents and others? Such good memories I have of those days, too.

Are we taking time to enjoy the beauty of each day? The scent of lilacs almost comes through that gorgeous picture. Right now, I have about a dozen various hybrid iris blooming and they are so pretty. Too bad the flowering time is so short. We must remember to take time to enjoy nature and "smell the roses"!

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Don and Patty, seeing you guys at Chris's wedding was astonishing. It was fun to see the before and after pictures of Donnie today, too. I'm so proud of you both.

Coming from someone who used to weigh 245 pounds, and now hovers around a much more comfortable 205, I know how tough it can be, but I know you guys will stay this new and improved way, because you've really done it right. At first it's tough to change your eating habits, but it doesn't take long before it's just as much a part of your life as eating junk used to be.

I still enjoy junk food once in a while, but portion control is the key for me. We keep "buckets" around our house. Buckets are little plastic containers that look really small, but actually hold a very satisfying amount of chips, pretzels, or whatever. The girls love having these buckets for snacks, and I like having easy portion control!

Congrats, guys; I'm very proud of you!

Wyatt Johnson
Moorhead, MN

I loved the picture of the lilacs on the last Bulletin. They just said "Grandma Dake" so loud and clear. It is wonderful to have such powerful and touching memories and reminders of her.

Ginny does a great job every week on the pictures. I have seen many of them before but they don't even look like the same photos by the time she adds, edits and captions them. The ones she did of Ethan in my office were great. Of course they are even better when it is my grandkids she is working with! (Grin.)

Dorothy, every Bulletin is appreciated and enjoyed so much. Once again, thanks to all of you who work on it.

Carolyn Miller Dake
Duluth, GA

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Every time I closed my eyes I could "see" those beautiful, vivid lilacs against the sky. That was the most beautiful, peaceful picture and yet it had a certain excitement to it with such bright color. Then the Memorial Day title matched color for color. It was absolutely perfect.

We had very few lilacs this year, as we trimmed down the bushes, but hopefully they will thrive, as a result, another year. So, we enjoyed others' beautiful blooms, and then this lovely picture. I should add, "Bitzi did it again!" Thank you for all the expertise and work it takes to produce such a varied and personal Bulletin.

Now, Whitney, you are not nice! How can we see those pictures of the pool without being secretly, if not openly, envious of your new landing place: California. That is just the beginning of many happy sunny fun things to do in Acton, California. There will be so many things "not Minnesota," but you can adjust, gladly.

Another sight that I visualize when I close my eyes are Doug's big, blue eyes behind his glasses... Quite a pose, to say the least, but we are glad to see any picture of Doug. He stays in the background just too far. I guess I will pass on the Yak treats. It would have been fun to see a magazine featuring the restaurant you work in, and thanks for sharing so we can see it. Glad you got "Mavis" back, and sometime we need a picture of "her." As far as your haircut, we see that part was cut off from the picture -- intentionally?

I have such mixed feelings looking at Don's pictures. Elated for him, and defeated failure for me. We all had the very same opportunity, but didn't make use of it like Don and Patty did. We are so proud of them both for having what it took to be a success in one of the most difficult processes of all time -- shedding pounds. The two pictures side by side look like a computer generated advertisement for a diet plan, and here it's for real. The battle continues, but so will our cheering from the sidelines.

Every picture of Madi looks like her daddy, and here as I turned the page (scrolled down), I see a picture of her and her daddy, so we can compare. Pretty sweet little girl, and with her coloring she can wear any shade of anything. Will be fun to watch her growing and changing.

I was interested in the Day to Day with Donna Mae about the Ashby concert, as we had just attended a piano recital for Shalana and Krista, and had the same feelings of anticipation and holding our breath as our dear little great nieces walked up to the piano, and then the relief and happiness and applause as they made it through without any mistakes, and even remembered to bow as they left the stage.

Wasn't that little boy cute, just sitting there in the next to the last picture with his chin on his hand, just wishing this whole thing would go away? The Bulletin is such a great way to share the special moments with the family ... and friends! We are glad to enter into the joys and sorrows.

What a nice family picture of the McCorkells! The story of the trip was so interesting, and thanks for including pictures, which makes it so easy to follow along through the shore experience, as well as the fog and the alligator. That was fortunate that you happened to just miss that storm, Andrea. I was so glad to see this story will be continued. We really are interested in how it goes for Suzanne, and what a nice time to be together, being there are only the three of you.

Then the Alaska, Part 2, by Donald B. Johnson was incredible. What a scribe! It is just as fascinating to read it today as it would have been in 1980. It would be a shock to find your neighbors from Dalton right in front of you when you thought you were thousands of miles from home. Again, we anxiously await the continuation next week. I'm glad Kathy found her slides so we can actually see what he talked about, as far as the glacier is concerned. I faintly remember him mentioning the camping part, but now I wish my memory would bring back so much more he said.

Well, Miss Kitty is very alive and well. She even added a pssst to Miss Hetty's column. I hope Don and Patty see all those letters to Miss Hetty that were congratulating them. How can one ever put into words how happy we are for Don and Patty? No way.

Well, that was a first (for as long as I have been reading The Bulletin,) to see a picture of Kyra. I had been so anxious to see one of Jerrianne's only daughter. I have never seen Jerrianne, but Kyra must resemble her by the very few pictures she lets get published of herself. What a cute story about getting three kittens instead of two. Once they held those soft, cute, innocent looking little kittens, they would be smitten. When they all run around and hide, it will be a challenge.

The CHUCKLES was so cute. That little mother looking so happily at her two darling children. We don't often see Carrie and Ethan from the back.

I was so glad for all the other LTTE's in this issue of The Bulletin. I read every single word of every single one, and often find something I had missed when I had read it myself. Imagine the reward Dorothy, the Editor, and Jerrianne, the Photo Editor, get seeing their hours, days and nights sometimes, being appreciated. Here is a very sincere thanks to you from:

Roy and Betty Droel


Photo © Donna Johnson
Buglers play "Taps" at Ashby cemetery on Memorial Day.

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