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Sunday, December 2, 2007
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Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Suzanne McCorkell

Updates -

The Morgans' winter home in Florida.

Update -- from the Morgans
by Tom and Mavis Morgan
Hope, ND and Estero, FL

We had a good trip from Hope back to Estero, Florida, arriving here on November 16th. Everything was in good condition and we are always glad to see our Sunny Grove Park family -- and often they say, "It's good to see you again, too."

We know there are always "sign-up lists and other notices" up in the hall, so we went and did our signing up, as well as catching up on the current events of the park.

The Thanksgiving meal was the next big event coming up so there were places to sign for whether you wanted turkey or ham for the meat part of it. The hams and turkeys and gravy are supplied by the park and certain ladies are on the kitchen committee to get them prepared. There is a column for names to be added on what the park residents want to bring. You have a choice of 5 lbs. mashed potatoes, green beans or corn, stuffing, any kind of salad, dessert, or pie. Then there also is a duty list if you want to be part of the set-up or clean-up.

All the lists seem to get filled and it works out very nicely. This year we brought potatoes and stuffing. The large pan and two loaves of bread were furnished by the park for the dressing. I was brought a recipe so didn't have to look one up and it all turned out well.

We were 103 seated by the decorated tables. Five of our residents were unable to come to the hall so hot meals were taken to them. We were eight to a table so had a nice time visiting and getting better acquainted with some, as well. We bring our own dishes so we can eat off of paper plates or fine china. We opted for china again. Coffee, lemonade and water are furnished by the park.

Another sign-up was open for anyone to have their mobile home pressure washed, which was in just another day or two, so we signed up for that and it is so nice to have all the summer dirt washed off. Most of the homes here in the park have vinyl siding.

We have trimmed our little palms and taken out an almost dead shrub. We will lay some plastic down and put red mulch in that area tomorrow and set a white sand dollar stepping stone on top and get a planter with artificial flowers in it. We were at Lowe's today but it got too late to work on it today.

That brings you up to date to "tomorrow" and we shouldn't plan too far ahead at our ages!

Keep reading to see what you just missed back home in North Dakota "yesterday". --Ed.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Snow deck art

Blizzard hit suddenly this evening. It's not to last more than few hours. First of the season. Cozy inside, though! --Elaine Anderson Wold, Wahpeton, ND

Update -- first blizzard
by Janie Anderson
Wahpeton, ND

Yes, that blizzard was a surprise! We decided to go to Fargo because Dwight saw a mirror advertised that he wanted for the bedroom. So we left here just before 6 o'clock and it was NICE! I threw my winter jacket in the back seat but didn't really think I'd need more than my fleece sweatshirt. The temperature was 36 degrees. About at the Colfax intersection, Dwight decided he wanted a little nap before we got there, so we switched drivers and commented about the brisk SOUTH wind.

Dwight promptly went to sleep and I started noticing what I thought might be a snowflake or two, then it seemed like the West Northwest wind was "hitting" the car, followed by cornstalks from a field on the west side of the road just flying through the air! Soon it was snowing harder and harder and by the time we got to Fargo it was very difficult to see, even in town. Going north on 45th Street was the worst -- zero visibility, a terrific wind, and a dropping temperature.

Well, we got to HOM furniture and got the mirror we wanted and decided there was NO WAY we were going home. So we managed to get to Fleet Farm and did some shopping there and then went to Paradiso for supper. (A blizzard is always a reason to celebrate!)

We finished supper about 9:30 or so and by then the snow was done, although it was still windy. The roads in Fargo were slippery, but in the country they were fine. By this time, the temperature was 6 degrees -- a drop of 30 degrees! We got home about 10:30 p.m.

Trent, Rick Overby, Curt & Ben Henderson

Update -- Curt & Ben Henderson go pheasant hunting
by Curt Henderson
Minnetrista, MN

Recently, Ben and I left Patty, Heather and Mason in Fargo with family and headed west for a three day pheasant hunting excursion. We went with Rick Overby (Heather's Father). Our destination was Dickinson, North Dakota, and the home of Sheldon and Mitzi Swenson.

We hunted all three days on the property of the Swensons, and the hunting was tremendous! Sheldon served as our guide and used his expertise in designing a plan on how to hunt each of his parcels of land. Trent, a friend from Montana, also joined us, along with his young bird dog. We had five hunters and two dogs, as Sheldon also brought out one of his experienced dogs.

Sheldon has his land in CRP and he has done a tremendous amount of work to create an ideal habitat for pheasants. Needless to say, we took a lot of birds and had a wonderful time. As you can see by the picture, Mitzi also braved the cold one day and helped us round up some birds -- she was a real good sport!

We spent two nights at the Swenson house and they went out of their way to make us feel at home. One evening Mitzi served up a traditional pheasant meal, and the next evening Sheldon and Mitzi impressed us with a tremendously good shrimp boil. We also enjoyed being around two of the Swenson kids -- Tyler and Aunika. Thanks again, Sheldon and Mitzi.

Trent, Ben & Curt Henderson, Sheldon & Mitzi Swenson.

Update -- Farewell, Gracie
by Don & Patty Anderson
Isanti, MN

Gracie crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by her devoted family. She was laid to rest near an old tree stump on our property where her big brother Angus used to spend hours "mousing." We miss her very much.

Photo © Don & Patty Anderson

The doors

Update -- what is behind the doors?
by Capt. Jack Adair
Coon Rapids, MN

{Well, I thought I knew everything! Okay, Captain, What's behind the door!}

Well, that's wpqrz bltwwf ggrtt ... {wait a minute, you're all garbled! Repeat that clearer.}

I don't know what's happening, rufus and folks. It seems everytime I try gblp qvhjx ... There it goes again. something wrong with my computxxhwq. guess you'll have to wait until next time to find out...

Did you recently acquire a kitten? That strange typing looks sort of familiar! --Photo Ed.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Miss Kitty & Mai Tai.

Update -- turkey liver soup for Thanksgiving
by Miss Kitty
Anchorage, AK

Mai Tai and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together -- well, it was Mai Tai's first Thanksgiving ever -- and it went fine. We were alone together for the whole afternoon as Miss Jerrianne got together with Mr. Argyle and Miss Kathlyn at their house, because they had "doggie duty" for their next door neighbor's pooch.

The ladies decided to shop for the holiday meal together. The grocery store was offering turkeys from 10 to 20 pounds for 69 cents a pound if you spent $25 or 59 cents a pound if you spent $50 or free if you spent more than $100. They didn't have any problem making $100 disappear on their weekly shopping trip, but when it came time to pick out a turkey, the only ones left were about 22-1/2 pounds. They trundled over to customer service with a turkey and asked, "Now what do we do?" The customer service lady smiled and said, "Help yourself!" -- so they did.

They thawed the big bird in Miss Jerrianne's refrigerator and made stuffing and cranberry sauce here the night before Thanksgiving. Miss Kathlyn was certain that she didn't want any turkey liver in the stuffing, so they made turkey liver soup for us! They made so much soup that we even had leftovers for a day or two. It was pretty good. We lapped up all the broth and ate some of the chopped liver and were very satisfied.

Of course, we also got our regular fare for Thanksgiving. Every morning, Miss Jerrianne serves two kinds of kitten food in Mai Tai's dish and up to four kinds of adult cat food in my dish. Mai Tai loves to sneak over and eat from my dish ... which annoys Miss Jerrianne, because she thinks he needs high nutrition kitten food to grow into a sleek and healthy cat. Of course, Mai Tai, being a cat, thinks food must taste better if it's in my dish, so he helps himself every chance he gets. I guess he's afraid he is going to miss something if he only eats "baby" food!

Miss Jerrianne said they had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Miss Kathlyn could barely wedge that huge turkey into her roasting pan but it turned out great. They had mashed potatoes and stuffing and candied yams with marshmallows and the apple and celery and walnut salad they always make. Miss Jerrianne said their mom called it Waldorf Salad and once, when she was a child, her mom couldn't remember whether the dressing was supposed to be mayonnaise or whipped cream.

Well, Miss Jerrianne didn't know anything about Waldorf Salad, but she knew if there was a choice to be made between mayonnaise and whipped cream, no matter what, whipped cream was the way to go! So they've made "Waldorf Salad" with whipped cream ever since and nobody would have it any other way. I agree. I don't care much for apples or celery or walnuts or mayonnaise, but I LOVE whipped cream. So I second her vote! They made lots of whipped cream and had some on the pumpkin pie, too. I heard it was wonderful!

So Mai Tai and I both have a lot to be thankful for. It's rather nice to have some entertaining company and I could almost like the little guy if he would stop attacking my tail! He loves to play chase games and sometimes that's fun ... but when he gets too be too much of a nuisance, I box his ears until Miss Jerrianne yells at us to "Stop it!" and play nice. And, most of the time, we do.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
The Johnson home looks out onto a golf course, which makes for a lovely view. As we were awaiting our meal, I noticed several deer having a little gathering of their own.

Thanksgiving With Wyatt And Jolene

We had a BEAUTIFUL thanksgiving meal at Wyatt and Jolene's on Thanksgiving Day. It was a nice gathering of the clans, as Jolene's parents, Cathe and Elroy Finkelson, were there and also Wyatt's mother, Donna Thoennes, and her husband, John, joined the group.

Everyone contributed to the feast, and believe me, it was a feast! Yum. And, for those lefse lovers in the group, Cathe had gotten up early that morning and made huge stacks of lefse. It was a hit!

Photos © Donna Johnson
Three generations: Jolene Johnson, Cathe Finkelson and Camryn Johnson, left; Donna Thoennes and Wyatt working with one of the two delicious, juicy turkeys that Wyatt and Jolene did in their rotisseries, right. Now, that's the way to do a turkey! The leftover turkey was still tender and moist when I enjoyed a leftover sampling two days later! Sorry I didn't get the picture when it was still a whole, golden masterpiece.

Photo © Donna Johnson
McKenna Ostendorf enjoying her first Thanksgiving "meal." Hmmmm, didn't envy that meal, but she seems to be enjoying herself, as do her parents, Lori & Shawn.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Rich Weiland supplied last week's mystery picture.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type.

It was not too hard to identify most in this week's photo. I grew up in the same home as three of them and close to most of the others and today I am within a mile or two of three of them here in Phoenix!

My sister Marilyn Wheeler, gone almost four years already, my brother Jim Wheeler, who I had Thanksgiving dinner with here in Phoenix, Virginia Jacobson (Peterson) who has been gone about a year and was married to my brother-in-law's brother, Richard. Next is Roger Slotten who has been gone for a number of years already. Roger used to come to our house from high school when he could not get out to their farm on storm days. Well, I think he might have come to our house for a few other reasons, too. I had some big sisters, so we had lots of company for a few years.

Next is JoAnn Wheeler (Peterson), my sister, who winters in Lake Havasu and made the move this past fall from summers in Flagstaff to Pasco, Washington, where we have a big bunch of relatives: my own three kids, Jo and Ron's four and one of Virginia's children and grandchildren. They were all together for Thanksgiving.

I think the next person, shadowed in the photo, is Wally Slotten, then Donna Jacobson (Anderson), her older sister Gloria Jacobson (Anderson) -- they married brothers, Chuck and Harry -- and I see them both on a weekly basis. Last, but not least, is Betty Weiland (Droel) and I am guessing that is Rich Weiland, the little guy in the front. Could this be at the Weiland home?

Barbara Wheeler Floyd
Phoenix, AZ

I only recognize one lady -- the one on the right is Betty Droel, or if not, her twin! The one left of her almost looks like Anita Wolff, but I really doubt it. I am guessing the third from the right is Vonnie Dake with son Ernie in front, but I might be way off. I'll look forward to the answers next week.

Judy Riesenberg
Great Falls, MT

Left to right: Marilyn Wheeler, Jim Wheeler, Virginia Jacobson Peterson, Roger Slotten, JoAnn Wheeler, Wallace Slotten, Donna Jacobson Anderson, Gloria Jacobson Anderson, Betty Weiland Droel, and the little guy is anyone's guess?

DeLoris Anderson
Breckenridge, MN

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

The mystery picture: I don't know everyone on it (at least I don't think I do!), but I do see Roger Slotten and is that Wally in the shadows? And the three Jacobson girls and I think Esther Henderson. I don't remember her name before she was married. When she and Glen were first married they lived in my parents' house when they lived in Fargo one winter. I think I was about 2 years old at the time, so I don't remember it, but I've heard about it.

Janie Anderson
Wahpeton, ND

I liked your Guess picture again this time and I think I have the names correct. Likely, this was taken on a Sunday and my guess is it was in The Cities at the Weilands'. The year would be about 1950, as that is the time of the Storm Coats. Mine was purchased in 1949.

The names now are Marilyn Wheeler, her brother Jim Wheeler, Virginia Jacobson Peterson, who at this time had worked long enough at the employment office on Dakota Avenue in Wahpeton to purchase that very nice fur coat with the matching acessories. Next is Roger Slotten, a high school student. Next is Marilyn's sister, JoAnn Wheeler Peterson (both Wheeler girls have their Storm Coats on). She is sporting a cute little new purse that any 16-17 year old gal would love to carry.

Wally Slotten is in the shade, which helps keep the sun from the eyes, as we see little Richard Weiland, next in line, is wiping tears from his eyes after looking into the bright sun. Donna Jacobson Anderson and Gloria Jacobson Anderson, sisters to Virginia Jacobson Peterson, are just as happy as all the rest as they shared this November day together. The head scarves came out in North Dakota and Minnesota about the end of October to keep the ears warm!

Likely, they all had just tried a new song together, as Virginia is still holding the copy straight, lest it get wrinkled. On the end we have Betty Weiland Droel, who lined everyone up and then put herself on the end, and then asked Lorraine Slotten Jacobson to take the photo.

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Estero, FL

I was so shocked when I saw that picture! I wonder if my brother or my sister sent it in? That was taken in front of our home in Minneapolis and they are all still dear friends, having been a part of some of my dearest memories of youth. I suppose it was about 1950 or so. Marilyn Wheeler has passed away. Jim Wheeler, Virginia Jacobson Peterson has passed away, Roger Slotten has passed away, JoAnn Wheeler Peterson, Wally Slotten, Donna Jacobson Anderson, Gloria Jacobson Anderson, and myself [Betty Weiland Droel]. The little boy in the front is my brother, Rich Weiland, and he was so loved by all. A mascot type, and he was the life of the party with his antics. That was really a thrill and a joy to see all those old friends on that picture.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Did you hear me say OH!! OH!!!! ------ This is Thursday and we've been gone to Washington -- and just now I had a chance to check The Bulletin!

I let a few pages print and then go on to the other room and then come back and check it -- and one time when I got back, here was the GUESS picture. And OH! The house where I grew up in North Minneapolis, my little brother, Richie, Roger Slotten, Judy Timmersman, JoAnn Wheeler? I don't know the Anderson girls apart -- and sister, B' Lu, of course. Must have been winter with all those big, heavy coats. Don't remember the boy in the back, nor the one hidden in the shadow.

More to follow of our journey to Washington -- but HAD to get this in -- even though it is far from the first, I am sure...

Ruth Weiland Kitto
Apache Junction, AZ

LTD Storybrooke

Photo © Birgit Swenson
Sherry, with a black lamb, Earl, & Larry with an unusual black & white lamb.

Shear Bedlam-b
by Larry Dake

Sherry's parents, Earl and Bergit Swenson, arrived on Saturday, March 26th, for a few days on the ranch. We were not shepherds, after all; they were anxious to see how we were faring out there in the desert. We were glad to see them.

They found out we really did live a long way from town. But I think they were glad to see that we had been provided with a nice mobile home -- and that we weren't exactly lonesome.

When the crew gathered around our table for dinner, it was an opportunity for them to meet some of our Peruvian and Mexican co-workers. They also met Jack, his wife, and Jackson. We were all busy preparing for shearing. Most of the ewes had lambed. The shearing had been rained out the past fall, leaving the ewes with their current fourteen-month fleeces.

When they had been moved through the lambing shed, I had paint-branded the ewes with twins in red, and the ewes with singles in green. Their lambs, or lamb, as the case may be, had also been branded with matching numbers. The numbers were to prevent mix-ups as the groups were shifted from pen to pen.

The day Earl and Bergit arrived, we ran the ewes and lambs through the sorting chute, separating all the reds from the greens. After seeing me repair a prolapse, Bergit commented later that I was "taking care of ewes that needed a vet."

Photo © Birgit Swenson
Shearing the sheep.

When the shearers came on Monday morning, we sorted all the lambs from the ewes in the twin-lamb group. The bleating of the mothers and babies, for each other, was non-stop. There were eight shearers and a number of shearer's helpers, so the shearing went relatively fast. For the ewes and lambs, it must have seemed like a very long time.

A shearing so soon after a lambing was out of the norm. Whether the ewes would find their babies after the shearing weighed heavily on our minds. When the day was finally over, we opened the gates to allow the shorn ewes to re-join their lambs.

The noise was deafening. Bleats by the thousands reverberated through the air. Sarah and Amy were caught up in the excitement -- jumping up and down, laughing, and holding their hands over their ears; ewes and lambs ran in every direction.

The ewes looked very different in their bright white undershirts than they had in their heavy winter overcoats. In spite of this difference, the overwhelming noise and all the commotion, a miracle was happening before us. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen! In a very short time -- I'm guessing fifteen minutes -- all was quiet, except for an occasional satisfied bleat. The lambs were all nursing simultaneously.

The scene had quickly changed from one of bedlam to one of serenity.

After witnessing this happy event, Earl and Bergit said their farewells and headed off down the road to visit their son in southern California. When they were gone, Jackson turned to me and said, "They are really nice people!" He seemed surprised. (Surprised I'd married into such a nice family, I guess.)

When shearing was over, in a few days, the two bands of sheep were to be turned out onto the open range, along with their respective sheep herders. Esteban would shepherd the ewes with twins. Domingo (the shepherd who had quit), was to be replaced by a new shepherd from Peru. He would take the singles. He was expected to arrive soon: "any time now," they said.

Photo © Birgit Swenson
Ewes ready to be sheared, lambs in waiting & Sherry.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
December 7---Pearl Harbor Day

This Week's Birthdays
December 3---Twila Aydelotte
December 4---Carol Dake Printz
December 4---Elaine Anderson Wold
December 4---Sonja Dake
December 7---Aunika Swenson

Happy Birthday!

More December Birthdays
December 10---Ryan Henderson
December 11---Wyatt Wm. Meyer (8 years)
December 12---Sarah Lynn Dake Steinhauer
December 13---Larry Dake
December 13---Derek Swenson
December 14---Kathleen Dake Stahlecker
December 17--- Char Morgan Myron
December 17---Austin Printz
December 19---Barb Anderson
December 19---Lisa Boltz
December 20---Jay Pierre Miller
December 21---Melanie Anderson Shockey
December 21---Jonathan Glen Hill (3 years)
December 24---Ken Hellevang
December 24---Arbor Johnson
December 24---Beaver Johnson
December 25---Angela Stahlecker Roberson
December 26---Koen de Been
December 29---Mitzi Johnson Swenson
December 30---Travis Quick

December Anniversaries
December 20---Eric and Melanie Anderson Shockey (5 years)
December 23---Harold and Carol Dake Printz (40 years)
December 27---Earl and Kathleen Dake Stahlecker (33 years)

December Special Days
December 7---Pearl Harbor Day
December 22---First day of Winter
December 25---Christmas Day
December 31---New Year's Eve

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

You would have loved being with us Thursday for our special Thanksgiving Dinner. We had a "first" -- to be invited to our son Darrel's son's home in Shakopee, Minnesota. They had just moved to a lovely new home with lots of room for all the family. Darrel and Jo came from Washington, DC, but could only stay for two days.

Tim and Heather Droel have three young boys. It is so amazing that, when Roy and I were married, I went from a single lady to a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I love being in that role, but hardly know how.

We had a beautifully browned whole turkey and all the trimmings, plus four kinds of pie. Such a rare occasion for the Droels to be together like that. Rodger, Roy's other son and family were there, too.

One funny thing: Darrel's wife, Johanna, is a "pro" at ping pong. Tim is also a "pro," plus his son is a "pro." BUT Jo beat them every time. Jo was laughing at how Tim would go to work and tell his co-workers that his mother beat him, and Houston would go to school and tell how his grandmother beat him. We had a fun day.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photo © Betty Droel
Tim & Heather Droel

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

I really think you all did a wonderful job of pulling the story on James together! It looked great! Even though, I wrote it and had seen it, it was still a fun surprise to see how well it turned out (your staff made the pictures look great!) ... hope everyone else enjoyed it, too!

Good luck on your move ... we are also moving this week!

Angela Stahlecker Roberson
Hico, TX

P.S. Not that I mind my sweet sister getting credit for it, but somehow the article was credited to Adriana as the author ... just thought I would let you know in case there is any confusion! *smile*

I enjoyed reading the stories regarding James Dake.

Along about 1964, we drove to Texas to visit Billy and Lois and family. We had Bill and Amy (Dake) with us. What made this trip easy to recall is that we had just bought a new Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon, as several days before we were to leave, our 1956 Chevrolet wagon was wrecked by a careless driver. We saw the new models of the Oldsmobiles at Smith Motors in Wahpeton and we decided to have a new car. (A whopping $3,600 -- that would hardly pay the sales tax on a new car today!)

However, we arrived in Texas and were treated in Texas style and all enjoyed our time together.

I took our son Donnie and my nephew James to Valley Mills to bum around and while there I bought Donnie a new straw hat. I noticed James was very quiet on the way back to the ranch and as we drove into the yard James let loose with a temper tantrum. Bill said, "Quiet down or you will get a thrashing!"

I got the idea right there that I should have bought James a hat, too. And so, a few hours later, we drove back and got him a hat. He was beaming and happy as a lark when we got home again! I must admit that Billy wasn't too pleased that James got his way.

James wore the hat all the time we were there and Donnie and James really hit it off very well.

We enjoyed several trips to visit, but this trip sticks in my mind as we are on the subject!

Don Anderson
Alexandria, MN

DeLoris is here and she just read The Bulletin. Is it possible to get a Guess picture (we would like several) of the Jacobson girls and group. Could you please send one to me so I can print it off, or else send the picture and we will make up some. It's our special memories in that picture. Thanks!

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Will be thinking of you next Saturday on your big moving day. How exciting -- but lots of work.

I am just recovering from a month long cough that was a combination of allergy season, bronchitis that went into asthma and ended up testing positive for whooping cough. So, I have been whooping it up but all is well again.

Happy holidays to all....

Barbara Floyd
in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

(You will notice that there are four months out of the year we do not say that.)

It has been some time ago since you heard from me; my computer was not working awhile ago and a friend came to help me fix it. It worked for a few days and crashed again. Now all is installed again; seems there was some kind of hidden virus that caused the trouble. So now I've read all the Bulletins that couldn't come in.

Here in the Netherlands, all is fine; at work it is busy, at the moment. This Sunday, I will go to my sister's to make some Christmas arrangements. Will take my camera and perhaps this can be an interesting article for The Bulletin. Also, I will take some pictures at work.

Has been such a long time ago since I made an article for The Bulletin, I'll do my best to make something for next week.

Will tell you more later, greetings from the Netherlands,

Ary Ommert, Jr.
Maassluis, The Netherlands

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

We need to take a long, endearing look and breathe in deeply to catch the scent of those beautiful yellow-orange lilies. They will soon be replaced with snow scenes, and another year of our beautiful summer and flowers will be past. But, for one last sweet, lingering thought, our first picture reminds us of simplicity and beauty in nature. It wouldn't be easy to finally settle on a first picture for The Bulletin. It is so meaningful, and represents the sentiment of our editors. Sometimes, it gives a clue as to what is coming next.

This time it's a wedding Update. We'll have to keep this beginning in mind as following Bulletins feature more updates of the Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mellon family. Brides look so radiant, and Dan and Nancy look just as happy. If I remember right, you didn't have your camera, so someone kindly gave you these good pictures, and thank you for sharing them with your Bulletin readers. Sam's smile being noticed by all proved he was one happy man with that lovely bride on his arm.

That was nice you included the August picture taken at Ryan and Jessica's wedding with the Student Update by Lindsay Hellevang. An older person said that they wished they could transfer their life's experience to a younger person, but that just isn't done, and actually can't be done. Sounds like Lindsay is just at that place where she is wants to make the best choices for her life that is ahead of her yet. I have heard that your "peace" will help you decide what course to follow. Seems our peace is like a compass that helps us stay on track.

The school's musical, The Secret Garden, sounded fun. I have never read that book. One thing for sure, Lindsay certainly looks the part of a ghost! That was a picture you want to keep of all you young folks. I know most of them through reading The Bulletin, except I wonder if I have ever met Sarah Nelson?

When we were young people back then, as you are now, we had some pictures taken and there is one you will be seeing in the pages of this Bulletin. We are thankful to have saved pictures, as they become more valuable as time passes, and our friends take their own paths in life and we lose track.

Looks like this Chili Cook-off contest is getting contagious. Wyatt not only won first place, but has a clever trophy to prove it. Am sure that won't be the last of the chili stories. I love chili and love to make it, but unless we have home canned tomatoes, it is never the same. We used to raise them just for chili, but for some reason the tomatoes now are just not like the heritage ones.

Thank you, Patty, for sending in the update on Gracie. We think of you and Don during this time of her care and concern. What a nice picture! Am sure you have that framed.

I read everything about James Dake, but I have a very foolish question. Is he living? Is he well? Is there some special reason for the input on the memories of those that knew and know him best? Or is it just an introduction to a certain member of the family? I may have missed something.

It's a regular family introduction. James Dake is alive and well and working on a ranch near Tucson, Arizona, at last report. --Ed.

WOW, Beaver and Donna will never be the same after such royal treatment at The Grand Hotel. In my sheltered life, I don't think I even know where that is. Lori has been pretty lucky in her winning streak. What a thoughtful thing to do to share it with her Mother and Dad! Roy and I both have the cough that's going around, and I can well understand that if McKenna had that you would never want to take her anywhere. Thanks for taking pictures. We probably will never see such grandeur, and it was wonderful you did indulge in a room service meal. Might just as well enjoy it all to the fullest, this once in a lifetime night out (unless Lori keeps winning things).

Dorothy, it is nostalgic reading to know what your last Thanksgiving in your old home was like. Just the two of you, and sounds like it was just as grand as if it were all from scratch -- and really, just being together makes every day special and one to be very thankful for. Good you thought ahead about the leftovers so you have your meals all taken care of during the moving upheaval process.

We will try to remember your deadline is a bit different this week, and selfishly I am so glad you will still be able to send out The Bulletin. Oh, we would miss that.

LTD Storybrooke, that was such a cute story about the "Shower-bumps!" We wouldn't be able to picture all this, but we could almost hear the screams of laughter as the girls got splattered with that muddy farm water!

It was touching to read about the potato stamps, and then to have heard that poor José comment on working a whole day for a bag of potatoes. Good you could have a little fun mixed in with all the gruesome, hard labor on that sheep ranch. What a beautiful picture you painted with words about the deer and the hayfields bathed in the setting sun, etc.!

The new found grandson, David Ring, has added some valuable parts of the story we had previously in The Bulletin about E.W. Miller's work. Even to pictures that blend right in with the ones we saw before. I hope to click on the links, as time permits, to learn more of this.

So glad Arg had the inspiration to send in a letter to Miss Hetty. That was a first that I have read of his, if I remember right. I guess I missed the fact that you were right in our backyard (almost) in October, Arg. Someday, when you and Kathy come to visit your family, we should certainly meet.

Cute fingers is right, on Amy Printz ... and she doesn't look like she's ever worried much! Even took a day off from homework, I see.

Glad to know Tom and Mavis made it safely back down to Florida for the winter. We have some very nice weather here yet, though. Maybe they will send some pictures and an update now that they are settled there again.

I know Miss Kitty and Mai Tai are both upstairs together now, but please give us some more information on how this goes with TWO cats, especially when one is a Siamese. I find it hard to imagine Miss Kitty sharing Jerrianne.

I always worry that I either said too much or not enough or something, but I am depending on the Editor and Photo Editor to make subtractions or additions, as necessary. Thank you again for a wonderful Bulletin #284.

Betty Droel


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