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Sunday, December 9, 2007
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Photo © Donna Johnson
Moving Day: Patty Anderson totes a big box in the snow.
(The snow was much deeper by the end of the day.)

Updates -

Photo © Donna Johnson
Elaine (Anderson) Wold

Update -- Elaine's birthday
by Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Dad and I went Wahpeton on Monday to attend the funeral of his good friend Ralph Jost.

Before heading to the funeral, we joined Elaine, at her invitation, for lunch, along with DeLoris and Meryl. She topped off the tasty meal with pieces of the scrumptious birthday carrot cake Muriel had given her, a yearly tradition. It was a tradition I felt privileged to share!

After Elaine attended the funeral with me, we spent the afternoon visiting, while Dad visited various people. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

Her deck looked so interesting -- DeLoris said the table looked like an angel food cake.

Her bird feeders were very busy. I missed the Pileated Woodpecker, as he stopped by to eat just as Dad pulled into the driveway, so was scared away.

Photos © Donna Johnson
Elaine's snow covered picnic table & busy bird feeders.

Photos © Ben & Heather Henderson
Mason, geared up for winter, enjoys a tasty bite of snow.

Update -- from the Ben Hendersons
by Ben, Heather & Mason Henderson
Hastings, MN

We just saw you, but thought it might be time for the Ben Henderson family to contribute a little something to The Bulletin.

We've been a busy family with Mason, Ben's work, life in general and a new baby that's due January 11th! We found out we are having another boy, so we are really excited for Mason to have a little brother.

Grandma Patty bought Mason a doll baby with the intention of preparing him for this baby, but he doesn't really get the concept of putting the baby "nigh nigh." He just kisses the baby and throws him on the floor.

Mason has been talking like crazy; if he doesn't know the word, he attempts it. Very fun stage. We got Mason all geared up for winter, so we've been playing a bit in the snow and he discovered he loves the taste of it!

Photos © Jack Adair
The door, left; playing the ukelin, right.

Update -- what is behind the door?
by Capt. Jack Adair
Coon Rapids, MN

{Okay I'll ask. What is behind the door?}

I'll tell you later, Rufus. But first, I want to tell everyone about another instrument I have. It's called a Ukelin. I don't know why; it's not at all like a Uke, and the only resemblence to a violin is that it uses a bow.

{C'mon. What's behind the door?} Later.

Many years ago I worked in the art department of a big company. One of my co-workers was a young lady I'll call Becky. (Not changing the name to protect privacy, but after over 40 years I just can't remember the name of a girl I worked with for less than two months!) For later reference, Becky was a very sick girl, with diabetes, kidney problems and other health related ailments.

One day I had some pictures of a couple of my more unique instruments, a resonator guitar and a Tipple. {What's a resonator guitar, and what's a tipple, and what's behind the door?} Later, Rufus.

She was interested and told me of an instrument, called a Ukelin, that her grandmother had given her. It was in her home, in some small town in the northern part of the state. She said her grandmother was able to play it quite well, but since she had died, nobody in the family could play it, nor seemed interested in it. I said I'd love to see it, and she told me the next time she visited her home town, she'd bring it back and show me. About six weeks later, she did.

{The door! The DOOR! What'S behind the DOOR!!!!} Later, Rufus.

Well, she brought in this box, the original, with this instrument, and some original music sheets, all from the 20's and 30's. I immediately coveted it, and we came to the arrangement that if I could play it, she'd sell it to me. She went to lunch and when she returned, I played "When you and I were Young, Maggie" on it. We both were going to try and find out what it was worth, and then come to an agreement on price.

The sad part of the story is, that very weekend, she went to the hospital for some dental surgery, and died during surgery. I never knew where her home town was, nor anything about her folks, so never paid for the Ukelin.

So I think of her every time I play it. It has a very sweet, almost violin sound to it. There are 16 strings running between the loops at the side and four groups of four strings down the center underneath. It's played by bowing between the nickel loops on the side, while strumming chords on the underlying strings. (See photo.)

{Okay, enough about ukelins! What's behind the door?} Okay, Rufus, you've waited long enough. It's ... oh dear, sorry, we're out of space! Maybe next time.

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Bitzi's neighbors set a new trend in yard design. (No, this is NOT a moving day mishap or the new headquarters of The Bulletin or its editors ... for which we are grateful.)

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Heather Henderson, Lori & McKenna Ostendorf & Dorothy Anderson in the living room.

The Big Move

Done! After many anxious weeks, my parents are moved into their new home! Yeah. Job well done, people!

In spite of the nasty weather, that did not cooperate one little bit, most all were able to make the big move day. We had an actual winter storm warning for most of Minnesota, which was rather daunting, even to Minnesotans!

With so many helping, it was amazing what they all accmplished. This is when a large family is truly a blessing! Watching them all in action was quite amazing. When we left, it already had a homey, lived in feel and was a total transformation.

My thanks to all of you!

Photos © Donna Johnson
Gina Henderson works diligently, unpacking kitchen items, left; after the job is done, Patty Henderson, Don Anderson & Ben Henderson call it a day, right.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Don & Dorothy's new living room. Cozy, in spite of that snow scene out the window.

Photos © Donna Johnson
This corner shelf unit, left, didn't work anywhere in the new apartment, so Donnie thought to donate it to one of the bare corners in the community room, right. Perfect solution! It fit there wonderfully and their apartment is next door, so it is convenient.

Recipe Requests

I'd like to request the recipes for Eric's spicy pasta dish (that he brought at Hallowe'en) and the chicken pasta he brought for the move. Both Lori and I would like to have them, so maybe others would, also. We would also like to have Don's pork and sauerkraut recipe. Thanks!

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
The new home office of The Bulletin.

We're Back In Business!

It started snowing at about 9 o'clock on Saturday morning and continued all day ... a rather messy winter storm but not a true blizzard. Due to the weather, we did not have quite as big a crowd as planned, but lots did come. I think I counted 20 on the work force. The pot luck lunch was fabulous ... orchestrated by a new crew: Lori, Eric, and Weston!

Such a wonderful move! To come in a winter storm that was threatening "white out" or blizzard ... and yet to have many of the family stay until every picture was hung and every piece of furniture placed in the very best place, was very brave ... and appreciated accordingly!

And the one piece we brought along that would not fit, Donnie, our son, repaired and set up in the community room. It was a corner shelf that Don, Sr. had made for me many years ago. In the move, the decorative piece on the top had been knocked loose.

It was a nice thing to do and our overseer (a member of the condo community appointed by the rest) had just told me that she decorated the room with things that various residents had donated. They try to keep their expenses down and their surroundings attractive. The hall that we live on is beautifully decorated for the winter holidays. We are so happy with our quieter and more convenient new home.

Photo © Donna Johnson
The Matriarch's domain (and sometimes guest room).

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Janie Anderson supplied last week's mystery pictures.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type.

Oh, oh, oh, pick me! Pick me! I know this one! Not very often do I know, but this wonderful couple I do know (probably because the picture could have been taken only last week! Curt and Patty, you have not changed one bit!) Hurry back to Missouri -- we miss you!

Also, please pass along my condolences to Don and Patty.

Kellie Thayer
Republic, MO

These pictures were taken at the home of Don and Dorothy Anderson in Howard Lake, Minnesota, on June 19, 1982. The occasion was Curt and Patty Henderson's wedding reception. The first picture has Ken Hellevang and me (completely hidden except for my blue skirt) asking to see Curt's ring to compare it to the wedding bands we had recently purchased. Our wedding was two months later, August 28. Looking on are the bride, Patty (Anderson) Henderson, and the groomsman, Doug Henderson.

The second picture is Curt and Patty opening gifts, which were recorded by her sister, Marlene (Anderson) Johnson. Watching in anticipation are Becky Chap (just a guess) and cousins of Patty's: Brenda, Rick, Barb and Tami Anderson and others.

Merna (Morgan) Hellevang
Fargo, ND

I believe this is a perfect guess ... from someone with a better memory than mine. --DMA

That was a picture from the past for the GUESS picture. I do know a couple of the people, and isn't Curt the groom (as well as a pheasant hunter)? Would be interesting to know just who and where all the children on the picture are NOW.

I really had to laugh at some of the guesses of last week's picture that had been taken at our home of the North Dakota "kids." Like "the little guy is anyone's guess," was so funny, as I would have thought everybody would have known my brother, Rich. My sister Ruth thought one was Judy Timmersman -- that was funny, too.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

LTD Storybrooke

Editor's Note: Larry Dake is taking a break to organize the next section of his story series about sheep herding. However, he sent us a couple of photos taken by Bergit Swenson on a visit he wrote about last week. These photos perfectly illustrate a couple of stories we ran earlier with no photos. The week's photo illustrates "Only One Essential Employee" from Bulletin 278. It has been added to that story in The Bulletin archives. Find all the LTD stories via the Stories link.

Photo © Birgit Swenson
Sherry, Sarah & Amy bottle-feeding orphan lambs.

Skinny Recipes  6
from Mitzi Swenson
Dickinson, ND

Here's a fantastic recipe from Cooking Light that we made last weekend. We loved the recipe and it's meant to serve 12; however Tyler ate about 1/3 of the pan ... served with maple syrup and milk, it was fantastic. The apples can be changed to any type of baking apple. We used Braeburn.

Cranberry-Apple French Toast Casserole
"This prep-ahead casserole, which turns extra dinner rolls and cranberry sauce into a brunch or dessert treat, is especially welcome if you are entertaining houseguests for the long holiday weekend." (Click on the title for recipe, nutritional data and a photo.)

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays
December 10---Ryan Henderson
December 11---Wyatt Wm. Meyer (8 years)
December 12---Sarah Lynn Dake Steinhauer
December 13---Larry Dake
December 13---Derek Swenson
December 14---Kathleen Dake Stahlecker

Happy Birthday!

More December Birthdays
December 3---Twila Aydelotte
December 4---Carol Dake Printz
December 4---Elaine Anderson Wold
December 4---Sonja Dake
December 7---Aunika Swenson

December 17--- Char Morgan Myron
December 17---Austin Printz
December 19---Barb Anderson
December 19---Lisa Boltz
December 20---Jay Pierre Miller
December 21---Melanie Anderson Shockey
December 21---Jonathan Glen Hill (3 years)
December 24---Ken Hellevang
December 24---Arbor Johnson
December 24---Beaver Johnson
December 25---Angela Stahlecker Roberson
December 26---Koen de Been
December 29---Mitzi Johnson Swenson
December 30---Travis Quick

December Anniversaries
December 20---Eric and Melanie Anderson Shockey (5 years)
December 23---Harold and Carol Dake Printz (40 years)
December 27---Earl and Kathleen Dake Stahlecker (33 years)

December Special Days
December 7---Pearl Harbor Day
December 22---First day of Winter
December 25---Christmas Day
December 31---New Year's Eve

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

I wanted to send this picture for The Bulletin as I think it's a very nice picture of my mom, Donna Johnson, and Wyatt's mom, Donna Thoennes, and Jolene's mom, Cathe Finkelson! We had a very nice Thanksgiving at Wyatt and Jolene's ... they sure are great hosts! It was also fun going out shopping with Jolene the next day. My first time ever going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We were able to get some really good deals on things and I benefited greatly from Jolene's coupons and in-store discounts ... on top of the sale prices!

Lori Ostendorf
Rogers, MN

Photo © Lori Ostendorf
Donna Johnson, Cathe Finkelson & Donna Thoennes.

I heard from Donna that she sent some pictures for you to use for my birthday. I know she took pictures of the poinsettia from Steve [Rodriguez]. Muriel took a picture of my cookie bouquet from Mindy last night, so we will send that to you, too. I think that would be interersting if one hasn't seen these bouquets before.

It was pretty cold and blustery, so not as much company came as usually do, but still I was well remembered with lots of cards, e-mails and calls, etc. More than I deserve! Thanks, everyone!

Elaine (Anderson) Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Photos © Muriel Rodriguez
Elaine with poinsettia from grandson Steve & cookie bouquet from Mindy.

I'm sending a photo of Mom and her cookies. She thought Donna would be sending you one of her with the poinsettia -- if not, I've enclosed one of them, too.

Muriel Rodriguez
Wahpeton, ND

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

That was a real surprise to see you put our Florida trailer in the news AND the first one on the first page! I had scanned it with Rick's scanner as Grace Ferch wanted a picture of our place. Neat thinking there...

Suppose you are excited. You will be disconnecting the computer or maybe have it already disconnected from power so won't get this till you are hooked up in the new place. Thanks.

Mavis Morgan
Estero, FL

Editor's Note: Yes, I had turned the computer off early Saturday morning ... and on Tuesday morning the telephone man hooked it up to the Web. Kim and Weston had hooked up the computer on Saturday.

We were thinking of you both today as you were moving ... hope all went real smooth and you are nestled in real cozy in your new home. Take care and wishing you many happy times and memories in your new abode.

Julie Sandon
Chuck and Donna Anderson
Phoenix, AZ

I hope you are getting settled in your new home.

My thermometer reads -11 as I write this ... sounds like -20's the end of the week! Winter is here!

Muriel Rodriguez
Wahpeton, ND

Good afternoon -- is the snow piling up at your door? We have SUNSHINE!

I believe that all the issues are in the computer -- and I am getting inundated with Bulletins. I've been afraid to throw them away, because I might want to see something from a few issues ago, but now the pile is getting bigger and bigger. I HATE to part with any of them -- BUT! Can I safely dispose of them?

Are you enjoying your new abode now? I am so happy for you! Hope you can enjoy more things now.

I have a couple pictures to send to Guess -- one of these days! So, bye till then!

Ruth Weiland Kitto
Apache Junction, AZ

Editor's Note: Today, Tuesday, the snow has been falling all day, the wind swirls it around, the traffic has slowed to a "trickle" and the snow against my west window ledge has reached a foot deep or more! Why don't you join us for a vacation from all of that sunshine! And about those copies -- we do have them all in the searchable Archives ... and I also keep a collection of the printed ones.

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

I was so impressed with that beautiful, artistic pose of the bright orange pumpkin, and that little green stem falling over the left edge of it. It was so out of the ordinary. I loved it. A good pick for that first picture!

Then, of course, there was the first snow of the season, although I recognized the photo as last year's snowfall on Bitzi's deck (smile), but it was another artistic design, using the snow we're all looking out at right now here in The Cities. We have a good neighbor that always has done our driveway, but he must be out of town as his isn't plowed either. So, Roy just gunned it and shot out of our (80') driveway and through the pile the snowplow left at the end. So we are doing fine, and with the new automatic car starter, now he can step into a warm car from the house, so hopefully this winter won't be so hard.

The picture of the Morgans' home in Florida looked so inviting. The windows and the carport and the tree and "lawn" looked absolutely ideal for a retirement home for the winter months, getting out of North Dakota and the snow and ice. Sounds like they have a "family" there and a family here so that would be an incentive to make that trip every year. We were so glad for this Update to know how they are faring after their arrival.

Quite a contrast to Janie's Update of the first blizzard here. Glad all is well here and there. I think it is so wonderful the way we can get these Updates. It takes time and incentive to sit down and send one to our Bulletin, but we love reading them.

That pheasant hunting account was so interesting, with the details of it all, even to the food served. I can't get over how Mitzi can just fit into any situation or project. Look at her there, just blending right into the hunting crew, and then the next picture might be her at a wedding or something. She is great. That little girl I used to know at Donald and Twila's has certainly blossomed to be an ideal.

We knew it was coming about Gracie, but not quite so soon. What a nice picture of her in the water. A dog like that would be missed keenly for a long time. You did what you could, and that is a comfort in itself. Thinking of you, Don and Patty, as you adjust to life without her companionship.

OK, Capt. Jack, just keep us in suspense! My imagination is working overtime to try to figure out what is really behind that door except an empty closet. Maybe you cleaned out the closet down to the bare walls -- now THAT would be worth sharing, for sure! Actually, I doubt it was the computer that was crazy or a kitten, as Miss Kitty is a beautiful typist, so don't blame the cats. Hey! Wait a minute, maybe it's a kitten you have there behind the door. Can't wait to find out.

Thanks so much, Miss Kitty, for the Update of how it goes with the significant other you have there at your house now. When we first heard about Mai Tai, I never expected I would ever see you two together on one picture, but that shows just what a nice, special cat you are, to learn to share that fast. He can dictate his letters to you, as you are an expert storyteller and typist. Just keep the liver soup to yourselves! We'll settle for the Waldorf salad and turkey!

The photo of the Johnson home, looking out onto a golf course, looks like peace and tranquility -- until the golf ball loses its aim. Fun to read about someone else's Thanksgiving. I haven't had a turkey on a rotisserie, but it sounds like it was a success, especially including the lefse.

I am so amazed at the way McKenna is growing! Sitting up there eating a Thanksgiving dinner, too. She certainly would put joy into the home and hearts of Lori and Shawn, even if she does take 24 hours a day loving care.

So now we have your address and phone number, Don and Dorothy. No excuse for not keeping in touch. We do hope you can feel at home right away, and will never regret having made that traumatic move. Your dear family took the trauma out of the move though, I am sure, and you had leftovers to enjoy for a couple days from your Thanksgiving, too.

What a great story again by LTD Storybrooke about the "Shear Bedlam-b." I doubt Earl and Bergit ever dreamed their Larry and Sherry lived in such a place or had to do such work. It was good they could come and see for themselves. Interesting to see that picture of the crew at work. Makes my mind blur to see all those sheep, and to think of being responsible for them ALL is not even comprehendible. I still wonder how you felt as you drove away from that sheep ranch job and on to the next chapter of your life. I doubt you even looked back.

I always enjoy reading the Miss Hetty letters. They tell another side of it for The Bulletin readers, like a section to be able to send in additions and corrections and little tidbits not quite equal to an Update or a story.

I was so glad for the one from the Netherlands again. If a computer is down, you are really handicapped to keep in touch like with The Bulletin clear across the ocean. The holiday rush is on, no doubt, so anything from there won't be written in spare time.

The Letters to the Editors even brought one from Barbara Floyd! So sorry to hear you were so very sick. We never hear of whooping cough anymore, but then you always were one to be original and unique and different and even had to mention about beautiful Phoenix as we sit here looking out onto our first snowstorm of the year.

In the CHUCKLES, I see the same leaves that were on the pumpkin picture. Bitzi, you are truly an artist when it comes to designing these photo illustrations.

As we still enjoy leftovers, the Quotation for the day is so appropriate, "Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day."

Once again, our Bulletin was right here on time, even if the Editor's office was all upset and in a big move. That took some fitting in and planning ahead, and we thank you. Please take some pictures of your new Bulletin office for us.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Donna Johnson
Moving day in Alexandria gets off to a slow start...

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