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Sunday, July 25, 2010
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Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
Bacon sizzles over a campfire at Itasca State Park.
(Scroll down for more pictures.)

Updates -

Graduate Austin Printz with grandparents Harold & Carol Printz.

FAMILY UPDATE -- Printz update from Nebraska
by Carol and Harold Printz
Sidney, NE

I remember the exact date of the last update I sent (May 5), because writing that update was the last clear memory I had for several hours that day. Within a few hours of sending the update, I found myself in the hospital for a few days following an episode of "transient global amnesia."

After a multitude of tests eliminating such things as TIA, brain tumor, stroke, etc. I was declared to be fine, and have had no further problem, though I still don't remember the hours that "went missing." So I certainly hope that completing this update is followed by a less unusual sequence of events! :>)

I see by the pictures in today's Bulletin that others are experiencing stormy weather lately. We've had quite a bit of the same sort of thing here the past couple of months ... rain, hail, wind. The nice part is that the drought that we've had for several years has finally broken and things are wonderfully green.

A big event for us this spring was our oldest grandson Austin's high school graduation in Parker, Colorado. Austin has joined the Marines and will be reporting to California for training in September.

Our oldest son, Eric, was at Chugwater, Wyoming, helping prepare for a convention in June. So we enjoyed seeing him several times during that time. He's back in Idaho now.

Our middle son, Cody, completed the wind energy technology course he was taking in Texas this spring and is now working as a wind turbine maintenance technician in Princeton, Illinois. The company he works for operates on a contract basis, so he may be moving around.

Our youngest son, Justin, and his family are busy with branding on the ranch in South Dakota these days. Their kids, Wade, Callie and Amy, are coming to spend a few days with us this coming week.

We enjoyed having Earl and Kathleen here for a visit a few days in June. We have lots of room, so would enjoy any others who could come for a visit.

Mazie Madora Hunt, born on the 4th of July, has first birthday.

UPDATE -- Mazie's first birthday
by Tami and Jason Hunt
Verona, WI

Mazie turned 1 on the 4th of July so we had a little party for her. Both sides of the grandparents were there, along with Rick. She had a fun time. She has taken a few steps by herself recently, but definitely prefers to crawl!

Photo © Linda Shockey
Melanie & Eric Shockey with Porter (16 days) & Greta (2-1/2 years).

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Amy Harrison
Harlie May Harrison has something to say.

Liam, Kurt, Jeni & Madi on the swing set in their yard.

UPDATE -- Kurt & Jeni & Madi & Liam Larson
by Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

I asked Jeni if we could use these pictures and she said, most definitely -- that she is so sorry she hasn't had time to send any in.

Madi Larson floats in a pool on a lily pad.

Photos © Jeni Larson
Madi's first dance recital, left; Kurt & Liam in matching shirts, right.

Madi in saddle on Brisco with a little help from "Papa George" Larson.

Liam rides Brisco with an assist from "Papa George" Larson.

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Sarah Steinhauer
"Yes, I really do love my sister... Why?"

UPDATE -- the Steinhauers visit Itasca State Park
photos by Sarah Dake Steinhauer
Warroad, MN

Levi & Kira went to Itasca State Park last weekend...

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
Kira watches Mike cook breakfast over the campfire.

Photos © Sarah Steinhauer
Grandma made hollyhock dolls.

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
We climbed the fire tower...

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
... way up above the trees

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
Levi examines a Monarch butterfly on the ride home.

Photo © Caity Chap
Donna, Don, Curt, Dorothy, Patty, Beaver.

UPDATE -- a visit with Patty & Curt
by Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Patty and Curt arrived in Alexandria last Sunday, to take Mom for her Monday MRI follow-up appointment. They were so very kind and treated us all to a lovely meal at Doolittle's Woodfire Grill in Alex.

After our lovely meal and good conversations, they followed us to Lori and Shawn's. Jayce had spent his time swimming with them, so we were there to pick him up. Plus we wanted to visit with them and for Patty and Curt to see the inside of their "cabin."

We all enjoyed spending some time in the nice breeze off the lake and having McKenna and Kierra entertain us. They did not let us down!

Next stop was our place, for them to spend the night. It was also the first time they'd seen the sun room finished. We all enjoyed the lovely breeze through the room, so had a very comfortable time visiting. Once we realized what time it had gotten to be, we figured they should probably get some sleep. The visit went far too quickly!

Photos © Donna Johnson
Caity & I shared a meal, so this is what the waitress brought her, left; at right, is what she set in front of me: Parmesan Crusted Walleye, with garlic potatoes and veggies. I asked Caity if she thought her portion was fair enough; she said she wasn't really that fond of lemons!

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Click here to see what's up on Ginny McCorkell's Bitzidoodles blog.

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
Larry Dake & his young ox, Scout, take Levi & Kira for a ride.

Click here for the latest videos of ox cart rides on LTD's Storybrooke Ripples blog.

Day to DayR
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Kierra, in pink hat, checks out matching flowers Caity planted from seeds.

McKenna and Kierra got to spend the day with us, last Saturday. Kierra still has some issues with being left behind, but eventually relaxed and had fun.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Caity shows us the sunflowers that accidentally got planted nearer to the middle of the garden, than we'd planned. (She grabbed the wrong packet while she was planting the seeds.) It is amazing there are any that made it to any height, as know I pulled several before realizing they were not weeds!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Caity shows the garden she did the planting in, from a different angle. We've enjoyed peas, beets, cucumbers, green peppers and summer squash so far. Our tomatoes are not ripe yet, waiting impatiently! Cauliflower, other squash & melons are coming along nicely.

Photo © Donna Johnson
McKenna leaving the garden, heading back to play with toys.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Good News

This last Monday, July 19th, was the day I was to have an MRI taken at the University hospital in Minneapolis so that Dr. Hunt could help us determine whether the lesion on my spinal column was active or not, and what to do about it. We (Patty and Curt Henderson, Don, and I) arrived there quite a bit earlier than the required time, after the two or more hour drive to get there.

Curt was driving our van and soon had us at the right spot. We went through registration. There was a time of waiting but I was soon inside the big tube that resembles a space ship, lying on a rather cozy, sliding shelf. They thumped away and imaged the area of my backbone. It is pretty noisy and a tad "shut in," but not so very uncomfortable. Soon enough, they pulled me out, injected some dye into my arm, and then put me back in for some more imaging. At last, they helped me out and transported me back to my power chair (which, by the way, cannot be in the room with the "space ship"). Then it was back out to join the rest of my waiting family members.

We had a bit of time between that experience and our conference with my doctor, but we filled that with a cell phone engendered visit from my grandson-in-law Damon, who is running around that huge place, as free as you please, learning to be a doctor. That was a nice little interlude! Next, Curt directed the show and got us over to the doctor's office for our conference. We were able to walk from the one area to the next. Pretty easy for me, but perhaps a bit of walking that made the rest of our group puff. Damon had to leave us at the door of the hospital, as he needed to get back to work.

The wait at the next building was very short and courteously conducted, so it seemed no time at all until all of us were in conference with Dr. Hunt. He told us the good news and then showed us what he meant, by using the reading of what appeared on the computer screen. The doctor refers to the little growth in my spinal cord as a Thoracic Spinal Cord Tumor (on the copy of the information I brought home). Many times he calls it a lesion. So, to make things simpler, I shall refer to it as a lesion in future mentions ... much easier to use that term.

Here is the gist of what he found. The lesion has not grown, according to an informal measurement used on the screen. It is also contained, so it has not spread out, either. So Dr. Hunt suggested that it would, in his mind, be best to just leave it right where it is, and monitor the situation in another three months. He would not want to do any biopsy work at all in that area, as it is too dangerous. Though we feel he has an opinion as to what it is, he will not say so without that biopsy, as the treatment would not be different if it did have a name proven.

Now comes an interesting fact, that I find thrilling. Our hospital here in Alexandria has its patient records accessible to the hospital at the University of Minnesota (as well as the Mayo Clinic). This means that, now that I have had the initial interview with the doctor there, I can now have all further MRI work done right here in our own hospital. The doctor can read the imaging at his desk within a few minutes, then will write up his opinion and send it to my family doctor. I am not quite sure, but I understood him to say that I will be sent a copy in the mail.

I guess the system is being extended every day. I am glad that Alexandria has the hook-up completed. It should help simplify procedures in the future.

I also wish to make this statement. I think that the experience for me has been carried out, by all the people involved, in the kindest and most thorough way that is humanly possible. It is lovely to have a caring family ... but when that extends to the strangers dealing with me, I find that vastly encouraging. One sometimes hears such bad things about "the system" ... but I found nothing but careful, caring, treatment.

Who Is This?

Let's play a guessing game: we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

Last week's Guess picture

Merna Morgan Hellevang and Caity Chap supplied last week's mystery photos.
Send us some mystery photos; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

I don't have a problem guessing the one "guess picture," as it is plain to see that it is one of my favorite sons-in-law. I don't recall why he had so much extra hair on his head, but even so, it is becoming to him. He does have his nice smile, though. We call him Troy Freesemann, the one who plays the guitar and sings for us around the campfires. I have no idea who the lucky fisherlady is in the second photo. She is happy and I am happy for her, too, to have caught the nice little fish.

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope ND

Photo Editor's comment: The way we heard it, Troy was dressed up for a Hallowe'en party.

It is for sure I do not know the first GUESS picture, but I am thinking the little fisherlady is Rylie.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

This week's Guess pictures

How many can you identify? What's going on?

Memory Lane

A series of recollections, of the five years when Bill and Lois Dake and their family lived in Minnesota, began with the episode in Bulletin 343. It's too soon to tell just how many parts there will be in this series, just after World War II. In Bulletin 349, I told more about polio (once called Infantile Paralysis) via two links, Polio and Sister Kenny, to minimize disruption of the narrative flow. Both documents are posted as a series of scanned images. We can't edit them or correct typos and they will not respond to font changes or printer settings as regular Bulletin pages do.

Dorothy Dake, 20, hand tinted portrait, 1946.

Fall 1949
by Dorothy Dake
St. Cloud, MN

Today is Thursday the 8th of September, 1949. I filled my folks' car up with the things I would need in the first quarter of my school year here. I am ready to begin work to gain the Associate in Education degree required to move into a new teaching job. I drove up and will spend the night here, getting ready for the transfer from my folks' home near Howard lake to my room here at St. Cloud Teacher's College. Tomorrow, I will take the folks' car back to them.

I will return to college on Sunday afternoon, when the McChesneys from Cokato bring their daughter, Barbara, to the Freshman Dorm. I will come to my home at Pinore's -- right across from the hall where I will attend most of my classes. I will be dropped off, as a paying passenger, immediately in front of my rooming house. My room is quite a way from where Barbara will live, so the extra delivery is very nice!

I intend to have another weekend at home, so I can go meet my little nephew again (and find out how Carol feels about her new baby brother). But first I must tell you about my first meeting with little William Stanley Dake, who was born last Friday, September 2, 1949.

You see, I have been helping Blanche a bit more with housecleaning and canning. That is where I was staying when we got the call that Vonnie was headed in to help in the delivery room. We made a call to Billy's -- thought we would get Coy Nell, and we did. She and Carol were waiting to hear from Bill so we hung up after she promised to call us the minute she heard how it all was going. Yes, it was Lois (and Dr. Greenfield) who were going to be using Vonnie's excellent help.

I don't know all the details but we did get to see my new nephew through the big glass window that looks in on the nursery -- the very same day he was born. We climbed the steps to the nursery and peeked through that glass window. There stood two cribs; the little girl in the pink blanket was someone else's but we all laid claim to our little relative in the blue blanket.

As Vonnie held him up for us to see, we all agreed that his red hair certainly made him fit in. We all love little redheads! I guess we all pretty much love babies -- especially the ones who are related to us. And, really, isn't that what families are all about? We will still be loving each other in the next century -- if we live that long!

I went home with the folks after the baby visit. I needed to be there, as I had an invitation to the reception that Ercell and Vangie Smith were having for Louella and Ralph. It was to be September 3rd, the afternoon of the day after the baby's arrival. Well, the timing was not planned that way, but I am glad it worked out that I could attend both events.

I had gotten all togged out Saturday at home after noon lunch. I wore a skirt and white, fluffy blouse. And I suppose I should not even mention this, but I had on a pair of suede, heeled, ankle-strapped shoes. I had bought them when Mom and I went shopping after our first visit to LeRoy and Vonnie's. And I had saved them for this special occasion. They were a medium blue that matched my skirt.

It was pretty special to me to get heels on again. (Well, they weren't very high or skinny heels -- but it was still nice to be out of the flats that I have had to wear since polio days.) I could not find a matching color for a hat so I just wore my black veiled one ... pretty nice and wedding like. And I borrowed the home car and drove up to the Smiths' home near Vonnie and LeRoy's. I arrived at the suggested time and parked where it would be handy to leave when I needed to.

They had had the wedding in the morning and then in the middle of the afternoon all of the invited guests attended the reception, the cutting of the cake, and the opening of the gifts. (I got a rather nice picture of the bridal couple -- nice and informal.) And then we had our share of the lunch from the prettily decorated table. We visited and watched the gift opening. They certainly received lots of nice things.

Louella was so pretty in her new suit and her cheery corsage ... and Ralph was very handsome in his new suit! Now then, they have lots and lots of relatives, and I do think I was one of the few non-relatives to be invited. I am surely glad I was included. I visited with several of the relatives I knew and was introduced to a few I didn't know. I think I understood that Ralph and Louella both have jobs in Fargo, North Dakota, and that they will move there when they return from their trip. I am not apt to see them again very soon, so I am doubly glad I was invited for the occasion.

Later, after lunch and gift opening, we all saw them off on their honeymoon with a shower of rice and confetti. Then I jumped into Dad's car and headed home, so as to get there before dark.

My dad and mom are always glad when we come home at a sensible time. Then, too, it was very nice to get the rest of my organizing done so I would be ready to move out from home once again!

I wonder how long this move will last. Maybe I will just move home next spring and teach in Howard Lake. Wouldn't be all bad -- maybe I could save up enough money to buy my own car. It's a thought!

Just married: Louella & Ralph at their wedding reception.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays
July 26---Tytus Joshua Myron
July 27---Wyatt Timothy Mellon
July 29---Heather Henderson
July 29---Colleen Mellon Scott
July 30---Justin Printz
July 31---Tim Myron
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
July 27---Larry and Sherry Dake (32 years)
July 29---Charles and Ardis Sigman Quick (38 years)


More July Birthdays
July 1---Suzanne McCorkell
July 1---Jim Smith
July 1---Zachary Elliot Smith (6 years old)
July 4---Brian Lehtola
July 4---Mazie Madora Hunt (1 year old)
July 5---Jennifer Dake Horne
July 6---James Miller
July 7---Kimberly Johnson
July 8---Trenton Loredo Roberson (7 years old)
July 13---Zach Bratten
July 13---Ginny Adair
July 15---Brienna Lyn Henderson (1 year)
July 15---Tom Morgan
July 15---William Earl Dake
July 15---Sherry Dake
July 18---Callie Printz (9 years old)
July 19---Patricia Dake Meyer
July 19---Marlee Morgan Freesemann
July 19---Devon S. Stewart
July 20---Michael Miller
July 20---Susie Miller Smith
July 24---Donna Jacobson Anderson
July 24---Chuck Anderson
July 24---Jeni Larson

More July Anniversaries
July 2---Ken and Amy Dake Harrison (3 years)
July 8---Shawn and Lori Chap Ostendorf (4 years)
July 19---Dan and Nancy Mellon (41 years)
July 21---Capt. Jack and Ginny Adair (48 years)

July Special Days

July 4---Independence Day

Miss Hetty's Mailbox

Dear Miss Hetty:

Thank you so much for the anniversary greetings. Nancy and I went to La Quinta (Palm Springs area) for three days. It was 115 degrees most days, so we spent a lot of time indoors, looking out at wonderful views. Stayed in a really nice bed and breakfast, enjoyed some terrific meals, and generally relaxed. Sorry to report that nary a picture was taken. I'll try to make up for that in the near future.

Dan and Nancy Mellon
Alta Loma, CA

Thanks for the birthday card! It was perfect, as I love flowers!

We stay busy here ... went to New Mexico in June for vacation at Angel Fire, had a great time and now have two of our grandsons from Arizona with us for a couple of weeks.

Hope this finds you doing okay. Really appreciate The Bulletin as it keeps me up on all the happenings of the kinfolks!

Trish Dake Myer
Moody, TX

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


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Though we had guesses, no one figured out the guitar brand in The Little Beeps last week.

I'm going to say Gibson... (on the Little Beeps guitar)

Dwight Anderson
Wahpeton, ND

SOOO sorry, but that is INCORRECT. Thanks for playing. --Douglas

I guess it's a GIBSON I really don't know of any other names. If I win, let the next one have it, since I have one ... but I just wanted to guess.

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Sorry, Auntie. --Douglas

Cannot find one like it in my catalogs. I would guess ... #1 PRS (Paul Reed Smith), or Ibanez.

Capt Jack Adair
Coon Rapids, MN

Wow, I guess this one was harder than I thought. I figured you might be the one to crack this one, but I guess not. Thanks for playing! --Douglas

Junior thinks the guitar is a Gibson Barney Kessel model. He is basing his guess on a picture in a book called American Guitars, by Tom Wheeler. (Very expensive -- these run in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.)

Doris Anderson
Southern CA

Oh well, good guess. Okay, I can see I am being a little tough on the readers ... time to lighten up if Junior misses a guitar question! --Douglas

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Purple seems to be a favorite color for a lot of people, and I am sure this first picture will be a winner, as you already knew before you placed it there, to be the first thing we see as we watch The Bulletin scroll up onto the screen once again.

Sometimes, I am sure it will be arriving late, as I have heard how very busy the Photo Editor and the Editor have been. The Photo Editor, Miss Jerrianne, with all her projects, and the Editor, Dorothy -- the Matriarch -- having health concerns these days. Seems like we each have our turn at concerns, but somehow life goes on and the routine continues to be kept. Thanks for The Bulletin to arrive right on time ... in fact, actually a bit early on Saturday morning.

It is such a noble, honorable gesture to partake in the Race for the Cure as the Stahleckers did in Texas. Anyone who has had a loved one afflicted with the dreaded _ _ _ _ _ _, can appreciate the support in this way. What a wheelchair ride Kathleen must have had! All part of the unforgettable fun.

Those girls look so sweet sitting on PePaw's lap. Thanks for giving us updates on these in The Bulletin Family from Texas.

The campsite in Colorado looked so inviting. To think of leaving everything behind that would be a responsibility, even the planning for three meals a day, to just head out to camp in the rough.

Even the two dogs have taken on the atmosphere of lounging in the beautiful weather. It looks so inviting, doesn't it? I am sure the time went all too fast.

Caity would love going with Grandma. Even the outhouse with working plumbing wouldn't be so hard to take at Grandma's Bed and Breakfast. I am curious as to just what was served at that breakfast.

I remember being in Ashby when a severe storm went through. The houses were stripped of their shingles and it was a mess, to say the least. Mother nature trimming the trees leaves a lot of cleaning up to do for us on the ground.

Thanks for all the details of the surprise birthday at the lake, and for the shocking event of a storm just at that time. Glad that beautiful birthday cake didn't blow away.

We have seen Jayce in many Bulletins, but now he is at the age where he wants to be Jayce Chap from Ashby, Minnesota, and we have such a nice introduction from him in wanting to be a subscriber to The Bulletin. He is already a part of The Bulletin Family, but now he gets his very own copy. Cute little dogs and cute names, too.

I hardly dare click on the Bitzidoodles blog, as I take way too much time clicking and clicking on the various places that look so interesting. The unusual Bitzi creations are very artistic, and it must take just hours to produce them.

What absolutely precious pictures taken of the oxcart. Levi and Kira will have something to tell that people will hardly believe.

Memory Lane was excellent this time (as always). I had to laugh at the gas gauge situation. Hhmph! Typical, isn't it? Except for Roy Droel who likes to have a full tank, if possible. This story reminded me of a time when Jennie Kooiman and I were driving; we didn't get gas when we should have, but fortunately we went down a slight incline and coasted right into a station. That kind of thing is unforgettable!

I remember the songs that were mentioned -- my era songs. Like Ghost Riders in the Sky, and Mule Train. I took time to listen to them again. Thanks for the link.

What a pleasurable old picture of the Mellons. Typical picture of a contented older couple.

The Travelogue with the story of the lost camera was exciting. I held my breath wondering if it would ever show up again. What a shock to have it disappear a second time en route from North Dakota to New Mexico. A wonder that the photo card was still inside. That was just a very lucky experience.

I was thrilled to read a letter from Jim Smith. I keep forgetting he gets The Bulletin. I saw him today, and his pretty "young" wife, Jan.

Eric Anderson worked hard to get just the perfect pose for that picture of Jeffrey over that sign about a spoiled cat. That was a prize, and a CHUCKLES for sure.

Doug, I'm sure Cap'n Jack is the only one that would ever be able to solve your puzzle this week in the FUNNNIES.

The Quotation for the day is short and sweet. The hum of bees is the voice of the garden. We hardly hear any bees anymore. Maybe that's because we don't have a very big garden anymore. We don't get close enough to hear them or they might start chasing us.

Now this has been written in a big hurry. This was a busy day, and I wanted to send it for approval before Dorothy had much more important things to look after than my LTTE. So, such as it is, I hope it will give our editors incentive to just keep on keeping on with our Bulletin.

Betty Droel


© Douglas Anderson-Jordet
Duddo goes fishing.

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