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Sunday, November 7, 2010
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Daylight Saving Time Ends

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
On Sunday, we get back the hour we lost last spring.

Updates -

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Hallowe'en at Adriana's: Tracer, Everett, Trenton, Trinidy, Lelan, Trevor, & Sully.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
This picture was taken at a birthday event. Front row: Everett Brown, Trenton Roberson, Sully Brown, & Trinidy Roberson; Back row: Tracer Roberson, Doris Stahlecker (Earl's mother), Trevor Roberson, Lelan & Adriana Brown.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Adriana is happy to get started.

FAMILY UPDATE -- Stahlecker family athletes
by Earl Stahlecker
Gateway, TX

I read Eric Anderson's story with interest. Our daughter Adriana has never really quit running since her cross-country days of high school in the late '90s. Her enthusiasm and commitment have rubbed off onto other family members over time. Her husband, Michael, joined up with a boot camp fitness training group two or three years ago and through that began running with Adriana.

Our other daughter, Angela, has been running regularly the past two or three years, also, with Adriana and Michael providing continued encouragement and support. Adriana ran a couple of half-marathons while Michael was warming up through 5K's and 10K's, but they have both run a few half-marathons now and are training for a full marathon in December.

Michael, Adriana, and Angela have participated in a few mud runs over the last year or so. These are typically about three miles long and include various obstacles to climb, crawl, and/or slide over, through, or under -- and always include some mud pits that cannot be avoided. They have enough fun at these events that they have almost convinced more of us to join in the muddy fun.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Adriana & Michael -- enjoying the mud!

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Adriana & Michael -- a new mud pit ... a different race.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Adriana & Michael -- had a fun run & are finished.

Angela competed in the last one, a couple of weeks ago, by herself. Sully had gotten sick, so Michael and Adriana withdrew from the race and returned home (actually a lot more to the story, but he is fine now). Angela sprained an ankle towards the end of the event, causing her to forgo a 5K event this past weekend. She finished, but the final 3/8 mile was kind of slow.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Angela sprained an ankle on this obstacle.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Angela & others on the final obstacle of the course.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Angela nears the finish.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Angela happy to have finished.

The fitness journey has included a few triathlons, too. They are of various lengths, but have all included swimming, biking, and running. Four of our grandsons (Tracer, Trevor, Trenton, and Sully) participated in their first triathlon a couple of weeks ago. The distances varied for different age groups, but they all did very well, had fun, and are ready for more.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Trevor, Tracer, Trenton are happy to have completed their first triathlon.

The latest of these athletic events took place this past weekend. Our grandson, Tracer, (13 years old) ran his first ever 5K event; while yours truly, Earl (affectionately known as the "old man"), walked the event in Angela's place due to her sprained ankle. The "old man" does not run much, due to some pretty much worn out knees. Tracer wrapped up the event in 31:36; while I did it in about 44 minutes. Tracer placed 8th in the age group 19 years and younger, although I don't remember how many were in that group.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Tracer completing his first triathlon.

I placed 6th in the 33 year old group (remember, I was representing Angela. To back up a little bit, Angela and I have run a few 5K's through time with Adriana beginning in about 2002. I sure don't cover it as quickly as they can, but 45 minutes or less is pretty normal.

Michael and Adriana ran a half-marathon while we were on the 5K. Adriana ran a fairly normal under 2 hours at 1:59, while Michael beat his last time by 15 minutes or so with a time of 2:07. I did not note the seconds. This event was considerably smaller than the event Eric was in, but the Dallas and the Fort Worth events that Michael and Adriana do are comparable.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Angela, Michael, Adriana are happy to finish. Michael & Adriana had competed in a 50 mile & 30 mile bicycle ride, consecutively, earlier this day.

There are at least four events scheduled for the rest of the year with various participation of our family of athletes. Mountain biking is just on the horizon, too.

Adriana has been with a running group quite awhile in Granbury, but was recently certified and has begun teaching a fitness class a couple of times a week.

Kathleen and I are loyal supporters, cheerleaders, and babysitters as necessary.


P.S. Congratulations to both Eric and Curt on their race and a job well done.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Tracer started 7th grade football this year ... #58 holding his own!

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Left to right: Peggy Smith, Barb Smith, DeLoris Anderson, Jean Ricker & Shirley Sweeney.

UPDATE -- second cousins visit the Morgans
by Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope, ND

Recently we had the four Smith sisters, who are my second cousins, come to our home for a wonderful day together. We enjoyed a turkey dinner, using the roaster my mother cooked a high number of turkeys in when she would have the big family dinners through the years. Visiting and looking at older family pictures, as well as going through the left over clothing from our garage sale and making fun purchases for them, filled the day. Peggy and Barb live in Wahpeton and Jean and Shirley live in Fargo.

A big surprise was when five people got out of the car. THey had brought along my sister DeLoris Anderson, from Breckenridge, Minnesota.

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Turkey roasted in my mother's old-fashioned turkey roaster.

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Shopping for "becoming" apparel: Peggy, Jean, Barb & DeLoris.

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer

Kira & I got all the leaves off the backyard with Grandpa LeRoy's old truck. We took four loads to our compost pile.

Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
Kira watching Mom work.

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Vibrant sunset colors with pony.

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Photo © Larry T. Dake
Harry the dog, sunset at the Storybrooke pond.

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Day to DayR
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Caity Chap

Our "cowboys" doing the fall cow round-up, tagging & vaccinating calves, etc. The weather was marvelous & they were done in very little time.

Photo © Caity Chap

Beaver, Ben, Wyatt, Shawn & Weston tend to a calf

Photo © Caity Chap

While the men worked, the children played out behind the house, in the big pile of leaves that Jolene & Ashley raked up, with the older kids helping.


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The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

A Harmonica In Carnegie Hall

John Edmunds and I taught next to each other in Howard Lake and Waverly for about 14 years. He sends me lots of cute stuff. Click on the link above for an amazing musical video. This gentleman received a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall for playing a harmonica! It took the Lone Ranger theme from the William Tell Overture to bring them to their feet.

Who Is This?

Let's play a guessing game: we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

Last week's Guess picture

Last week's mystery photo ... from the Editor's photo album.
Send us some mystery photos; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

Pictured on the rose-colored sofa in the living room of Harry and Cleo Anderson at Dwight, North Dakota, is "Grandma" Cleo Anderson with her first six grandchildren. Left to right: Bonnie Faye Anderson, Muriel Rae Wold, Susan Renee Anderson, Donna Mae Anderson, Donald LeRoy Anderson, and Vicki Lynn Anderson. Likely, it was a thanksgiving dinner at the Andersons' farm in 1956.

By the way, Cleo was my mother and the six children are my dear nieces and nephew. Bonnie, Susan, and Vicki belong to my brother Elwood, Muriel to my sister Elaine Anderson Wold, and Donna and Donald Jr. to my brother Don. It is a precious picture.

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope, ND

This is one of my favorite Anderson cousin pictures. As I mentioned to my mother, note how tall I was at four! I am as tall as Muriel, who is twice my age in this picture!

Bonnie Anderson, Muriel Wold, Susie Anderson, Donna Anderson, Donnie Anderson and Vicki Anderson being held by our Grandma Cleo Anderson.

I remember that couch fondly, sleeping on it when I stayed over and watching the flames in the wood- burning stove dancing, mesmerizing me into sleep.

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

The guess picture is of Grandma Cleo Anderson with her first six grandchildren; it was taken at the Anderson farm.

They are: Bonnie, Muriel, Susan, Donna Mae, Donnie, & Vicki with Grandma Cleo. Bonnie, Susan and Vicki are Elwood's children; Muriel is Elaine's daughter, & Donna Mae & Donnie are Donald's children.

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

I know five of the seven on the picture, although I'm not sure of first names. The adult, of course, is my mother's sister, Aunt Cleo Anderson. Two of the girls are Muriel Wold (Elaine's) and Donna Anderson (Donald's). Two of the girls are my cousin Elwood's daughters. I do not know the babies!

Art Mitzel
Jamestown, ND

OK, you stumped me again with this GUESS picture. I will have to leave that one with the family members.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

This week's Guess picture

How many can you identify? What's going on?

Memory Lane

A series of recollections, of the five years when Bill and Lois Dake and their family lived in Minnesota, began with the episode in Bulletin 343. It's too soon to tell just how many parts there will be in this series, just after World War II. In Bulletin 349, I told more about polio (once called Infantile Paralysis) via two links, Polio and Sister Kenny, to minimize disruption of the narrative flow. Both documents are posted as a series of scanned images. We can't edit them or correct typos and they will not respond to font changes or printer settings as regular Bulletin pages do.

Dorothy Dake, 20, hand tinted portrait, 1946.

All Of Bill And Amy's Kids Are Married: 12/23/50
by Dorothy M. Anderson
Dwight, ND

Mom and Dad invited Don and me to stay here overnight, and that made it much easier for me to do the work that had been asked of me by the wedding couple. I am to neaten up the gifts and get them back into boxes, neatly stacked on the folding table in the east room, until the wedding couple have finished making arrangements for a living place.

This day my sister Gert and Loren Sigman went to the courthouse and there the judge who had married Don and me back in August read the vows to them -- witnessed by Loren's friend Dean Larson and his sister Yvonne Sigman.

Gert says they had skipped noon lunch, so on the way back to the farm from the photographer's, where they had their pictures done, they had stopped at the Howard Lake Drug Store to have one of their old fashioned "Mud Balls." I think that was a pretty sweet choice. Nummy is what I call those 15-cent delicacies. (First, two scoops of the best vanilla ice cream, add a big dollop of chocolate syrup, smooth as silk, and then top with "freshly scooped spoonful from the candy counter's Spanish peanuts.") They took that nourishment and then came on home to greet the gathering, gift-toting relatives.

Loren's mom is a North Dakota teacher, too. She does not have her children with her. They have been living with the Forslands and so Loren and Yvonne have the privilege of having a second set of "foster" parents. The supper guest list was made up of the Sigman and Forsland family and all of Gert's siblings with their families, her grandparents, and Aunty Eliz.

We had a lovely supper. For dessert there was a very nice wedding cake and a square of rainbow ice cream. After the cutting of the cake and a fresh cup of coffee, I had drifted to the living room where all the pretty gifts were stacked. I seated myself at the end of the line so I could make my job easier by stacking and reboxing gifts when I could. Lois was to record the gifts. Blanche and Vonnie had done most of the decorating and arranging so all would go smoothly.

The bride & groom, Gert Dake Sigman & Loren Sigman with wedding cake, left, & brother Bill looking on between them; at right, bride & groom with best man Dean Larson, a friend of the groom, and bridesmaid Yvonne Sigman (Boettcher), sister of the groom.

Now, as Don has helped me by carrying the gifts upstairs for me, I have been busy looking them over again and organizing them a bit. I have just now found something that brought tears to my eyes. You see, we all worked hard to help prepare a Log Cabin quilt for the newlyweds. But it was only when I arrived to start quilting that I had heard the story of the quilt.

My Grandma Dake Greer has made many quilts. She is an expert! She has a special pair of scissors (she refers to them as shears). She would never let a grandkid touch them --and not many adults. She did her sewing on a very nice treadle machine. She could sew the straightest seam -- and I always wished I could do half as well!

Aunty had found this quilt top in Grandma's things out in the little trailer house. And when she heard Gert had caught us with the unexpected news of her pending marriage, Aunty suggested to Grandma that they should finish up the row of squares yet to do and then we could have a quilting bee. So that is what they did.

Now I was putting it back in the box they had wrapped it in -- and there, making up part of a lighter section, was a piece of cloth that I knew was mine. You see, you may remember me telling you about the pretty dresses Grandma used to sew for Blanche and for me. I always felt so loved by my grandma on those occasions. That feeling of being loved by a wonderful family spread through me! So now, as we send our sister off on her wedding night, may the gift of that quilt, made by her grandma and quilted by us ladies, speak to her of our love!

Mrs. Forsland, foster mother to Loren & Yvonne; Loren holding Steve Miller, Gert holding Stanley Dake, & Lois Gandy Dake recording gifts.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
November 7---Daylight Saving Time Ends
November 11---Veterans Day

This Week's Birthdays
November 7---Thomas Roland Mellon
November 7---Sandra Kay Miller Smith
November 10---Argyle Anderson
November 11---Allison Aydelotte (12 years)
November 12---Patty Anderson Henderson
Happy Birthday!

More November Birthdays
November 2---Gert Dake Pettit
November 2---Brianna Susan Lehtola (9 years)
November 3---Art Mitzel

November 14---Cara Swenson
November 17---Zachary Myron
November 17---Mark Andrew Johnson
November 19---Tyler Swenson
November 19---Nancy Mellon
November 20---Jeff Gauderman
November 21---Alex Jo Marie Sigman (6 years)
November 21---Amy Elaine Printz (6 years)
November 21---Judy Riesenberg
November 23---Jessy Chap
November 26---DeLoris Anderson
November 27---Shalana Kay Weiland
November 30---Aaron Stahlecker

November Anniversaries
November 3---Rich and Verlaine Weiland (48 years)
November 16---Argyle and Kathlyn Johnson Anderson (47 years)
November 26---Ben and Heather Henderson (6 years)
November 29---Kurtis and Jeni Larson (6 years)

November Special Days

November 2---Election Day
November 7---Daylight Saving Time Ends
November 11---Veterans Day
November 25---Thanksgiving Day

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

I could hardly believe our good fortune. We had guests, and to our happy surprise, they decided they could stay overnight. Unfortunately, they had to leave already so I decided I wanted to let THE GRANDMA AND GRANDPA know that their sweet granddaughter Kimberly Johnson was at our home.

I remember when we would visit Don and Dorothy and this cute little shy girl would peek out around Dorothy's skirt. That was Marlene, who is Kimberly's mother.

I don't know if Miss Hetty even cares about this great occasion or not, but we just had to share it. I took a picture of her and our friend Dorothy Kleeb just as they were leaving.

Betty and Roy Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photo © Betty Droel
Dorothy Kleeb & Kimberly Johnson.

Editor's comment: Well, Miss Hetty, how very nice of our writer of reviews to share the picture of Dorothy and Kimberly with us. I would love to have shared the visit, too.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


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Just had to send a quick note with thanks for a beautiful Bulletin! The pictures Ginny shared are stunning. And Sarah! Not only lovely pictures, but what a garden she had! My word, talk about a LOT of work to freeze or can all of the results.

Eric's well written story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing in your experience, Eric; it was very moving. And, yes, we were all cheering you on! It made me feel as though I were there. You have come so far, in more than just miles; keep up the great work.

Enjoyed your Memory Lane again! It still makes me sad that they moved to Texas -- it would have been so nice to have them all nearer.

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

What a beautiful story of Eric rising above adversity to make these many accomplishments! Thanks, Eric, for the encouragement.

Richard Johnson
Home in Meridian, ID

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Only a graphic artist could place the pumpkin, gourd and squash in such an interesting arrangement and colors, leaving the space and having the stem stand so straight and proud as was the first picture of our Bulletin #437 this week.

The unique fence such as they have in the Swedish "old country," and found at Scandia, Minnesota, would thrill Verlaine, who has her roots there, although she herself was born here in Minnesota. She often has commented on the Swedish fence lines, and now here is one of them in this clever design of fence and shadow.

We are not wishing for the colorful fallen leaves to be replaced by snowdrifts, but all too soon that is exactly what will happen. Even if the yard and so many beautiful trees is a lot of work, we should appreciate them as by the sound of Jim Miller's comment he is missing this down there in Florida.

Sarah, you are quite the gardener! What an impressive display of the vegetables that would have required much work to plant, grow, harvest, and then photograph! Now we visualize you putting them up for winter in the different ways. Well, we are past our prime. Those things were just a part of everyday life then. We admire you, though.

That was my first look at chocolate peppers.

How we would love to find the heirloom tomatoes around here. We did a couple years ago, but not much luck finding anyone willing to putter with the old fashioned ones that do not have the hard white center. The hybrid are so beautiful on the surface.

The update of Eric Anderson and Curt Henderson running was captivating. So well written that I got completely lost in the story as it unfolded. What a description from one who was doing the running! We were glad to learn that Eric finished at that incredible 475 out of 900. Remarkable, but it was the result of hours and hours of his getting in shape for this.

Looks like the snow has already arrived in Anchorage, and now for a next few months it will be that kind of view. It would be beautiful if it would just stay there on the mountains. That's the very same place you stood to take some other pictures for The Bulletin, Jerrianne. Only at a different season.

What a story about Chang-Pah! Thanks, Miss Kitty, for that account of the reason why the ears and tail are different than yours. I had to laugh at the blurry picture of Chang-Pah playing with the mouse. Now, THAT was an original!

Well, we can see Squeak and Soapy are well and flourishing and comfortable all scrunched up in that box like that. Nice to keep up with their rescued lives. That is wonderful they have each other, as can you imagine how lonely a cat would be all by himself?

That was quite a story about Stone Soup. I read it all, word for word, and it was quite touching. A good moral to that magic stone or the clever soldier, which one?

Storybrooke's link was endless with all the videos to watch and photographs of his animals. I spent too much time looking at them, and now I must run. Will have to finish this later.

This is much later. Like after the Hallowe'en goblins came and left.

We never know what we will see in Donna Mae's update on the farm and with the family. This time it was quite interesting watching the "cowboys" doing the fall cow round-up. Rather unique reading for these city folks, but somehow it was most fascinating to see.

At least there could be some cheap fun with all those leaves. Whew! That represented a LOT of raking.

Thanks for the Earth from Above link. We will take some time to research that. It should prove quite educational and spectacular to see those views.

Starting Married Life in North Dakota in the Memory Lane was so well written that I thought it must have happened last week or last month. What a clear, keen memory, Dorothy. Good thing you have it recorded, as someday you might lose those details as you get old like me.

Such a special old picture of the quilting bee. Almost a lifetime ago. Precious Memories could be the title.

Each Chuckles picture of Kira and Levi show them growing up way too fast. They are having a great variety in their childhood years with their creative mommy and farmer daddy.

The Quotation for the day is so appropriate for this harvest season of the year. Brought safe home every load would be a wonderfully secure feeling.

Thanks to you again for what you put into the #437 Bulletin. I am concerned that we are not hearing from so many that have a story to tell if they only had time to send it in. To produce a Bulletin means someone has submitted the material.

Betty Droel


Photo © Sarah Steinhauer
Kira & Levi enjoying a lovely autumn day in the pasture.

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Quotation for the day:

In spring when maple buds are red,
We turn the clock an hour ahead;
Which means, each April that arrives,
We lose an hour out of our lives.

Who cares? When autumn birds in flocks
Fly southward, back we turn the clocks,
And so regain a lovely thing
That missing hour we lost in spring.
--Phyllis McGinley, Daylight Savings Time

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