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the poem goes:
Once there was Angus, a very large dog.
He lived in this house, made all of log.
He loved to run, romp and play,
The woodpile mice, he'd chase all day.
Naughty he was, he had to go,
He came back as a good cat,
They called him Frodo!

Photos ©Patty & Donald L. Anderson
The 170 lb. dog was our beloved Newfoundland, Angus. That's him at the North Shore with Uncle Beaver and Cousin Jake (Lori's little dog), at right.

Photos ©Patty & Donald L. Anderson
The baby picture is Angus at 10 weeks old, only 30 lbs.

Photo ©Patty & Donald L. Anderson
The cats are (left to right) Benny, the Siamese that was the subject of the "Amazing Cat Story," Frodo, (large yellow -- the cat in the poem), Aunt Lucy (white face) and Gracie (mama cat). The two kittens in the foreground are temporary inhabitants of the cabin. That's Butter-bean on the left and Lilly-bean on the right.

Photo ©Patty & Donald L. Anderson
Don's & Patty's log cabin in the woods.

UPDATE -- Don's & Patty's log cabin lifestyle
by Donald Leroy Anderson
Isanti, MN

In reply to certain questions that have been raised concerning our lifestyle, I would like to offer up these clarifications. [When you click on a link, wait for the page to load and scroll down on its own. Use your "back" button to return to this page.]

Yes, we live in a log cabin north of the Cities ... no, we can not see Canada from here.

Yes, we have a fireplace in our bathroom; we also have a bathtub on our back porch.

No, our house is not in a permanent state of remodeling ... scratch that, I guess it is.

Yes, we have four cats and a possum ... but we used to have a 170 pound dog.

Yes, I play the guitar and Patty plays the fiddle ... no, we're not very good. (yet!)

Yes, we have a recipe painted on the wall above our stove ... we also have a poem painted on our stair risers.

Yes, we have oil lamps ... and yes we use them ... frequently!

Yes we ride motorcycles ... yes, Patty has her own.

Yes we own snowmobiles ... yes, they are for sale.

No, you shouldn't need an elevator to get into the cabin ... but if you do, I have a skid steer.

Yes, we have a memorial garden in our woods ... yes, it is lovely.

Yes, we did meet through a personal ad ... and no, we couldn't be more happy.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have had. Thank you.