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October 17, 2002

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Bulletin # 4

Greetings Everyone :-)

I have been extremely busy getting my Address Book in my new computer. I am still missing Kim's and Rachel's addresses, so someone might pass that information to them -- or to me. If anyone wants to be removed from the mailing list just drop me a note .

I do not have a whole lot to report this time, as my sources are probably too busy to respond.



Ben has a job -- in addition to his school work and it keeps him busy. He didn't tell me much about the present job but gave an account of his summer employment. He worked for a place called GME Consulting. He was what was called a materials technician, and his job included going out to construction sites in various stages of the building. He would do tests on the soil, which usually included footing and bases of building. He also did tests on concrete, which would give the contractor information to make sure everything was up to the specs. Ben said it was fun and a lot of good money -- he learned a lot, too.

Ben also ran in the Grandma's Marathon -- had a time of 3:29; other things he did last summer: went to conventions at Emo and Portage; did a lot of wakeboarding and skiing; he also made a few runs to Canada to visit "Someone" and, of course, he had to find an apartment for school -- moved in and that is about it for his summer.


Becky is doing great in school. She had her first major test a week ago Monday and she reported to me yesterday that she got a B on it. But she didn't have such good luck night before last. I am not sure of all the details, but she totaled her car; the air bag and her guardian angel were busy and she escaped serious injury. She has lots of bruises and sore muscles but didn't have to stay in the hospital. Not so sure what will happen about the car!

Becky seems to be liking school. She's liking the new friends she's met. And she also likes her teachers. She got a project back with 25 points out of a possible 25! Super! She mentioned she studies and takes notes. (One never forgets those skills -- they come when they are needed.) Good work!

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The whole family is enjoying their recently finished basement. Wyatt has been working on it since May of 2000, when they bought the house. They now have extra bedrooms, another bathroom, and a big family room with a fireplace. They now spend more time downstairs than they do upstairs. And Rylie enjoys the stairs -- making them her challenge! They also did some landscaping around the house, and I am sure it looks great.

Wyatt spent part of a weekend in the Cities with Weston, going to the Twins' playoff games. He said it was an incredible experience -- and the noise was unbelievable; they both left with hoarse throats.

Jolene is busy with scrapbooking. She has put together a beautiful one for Rylie. She buys some stickers and patterns off eBay, goes to local craft stores, and makes lot of the stuff on her own! Wyatt says there is a lot of love in that book, and it makes daddy teary-eyed every time he looks at it. One of her next projects will be for Wyatt's fishing trips.

Rylie has started crawling and is getting fast! Her favorite things to do are to chase Sam, the cat, and Atley, the dog. She is getting very chattery and they pay attention -- they still don't understand a whole lot of it, but get the idea anyway.

Thanks for the letter and support, Wyatt -- also I enjoyed the pictures you sent of Rylie and made one into my desktop decoration!