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November 2, 2002

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Bulletin # 5

Hi Everybody,

I just saw the sheriff's car go by on our street of retirees -- just wonder who has been misbehaving!! IT WASN'T Me!!!!! I can't swear as to Grandpa -- but don't really think he has enough vinegar to get in trouble either. Oh but really, we're in pretty good shape (For the Shape We are In)!!!!! And part of why we feel so great is because we have had lots of mail from all of you -- even though you are sooooooo busy!!!

As to what everyone is so busy at: Don and Patty are making hay while the sun shines -- well, I don't think literally. I expect you all know that they are now living in the log home and are working at improving and enhancing -- for details give them a call. It sounds like it will be an accessible place for me and my Jazzy when they get finished.

And Beaver and Donna's family members came to the old home place, bringing along some extra help, and they all pitched in and made silage one weekend, and another one was spent preparing the winter supply of wood. They sounded to me like they got lots of eating done when they weren't working, or then again, maybe the other way around. As to the extra helpers, just ask Lori and Chris about their helpful friends!!!

Now to what is keeping the School Kids busy:

ZACH: Busy is a pretty mild word for him. Zach is a waiter at a well organized, extremely busy Perkins, right on the lake. He is past his mid terms in school and did quite well on them.

Registration for spring 2003 is coming up soon, so he is thinking it is time for him to start deciding on a major. He says he is leaning towards entering the school of business in order to be a pharmaceutical representative. It appeals to him because pharmaceuticals are the highest demanded consumable these days, and so selling them should be a breeze, and plus the commission on such an expensive product is just unimaginable. School is going great -- and he sounds practical about his education.

He just bought his season ski pass at Spirit Mountain Ski Resort and is pretty excited about his upcoming winter events. He said there was about an inch of snow on the ground when he wrote -- quote, "I have to be patient .... it's eating me up inside like a little boy the night before Christmas!"

I have goofed my settings somehow so will hope to finish this without making too big a mess. I heard from some of the other college students -- Ben and Heidi both said they had lots going on (not all school work). It sounds like nobody really hates school and most think it is OK.

I got a nice letter from Rachel, too. She was telling about her school year -- part of which is being spent going to football games to see if Glencoe is going to State. (It helps when Danny catches two touchdown passes in one game.) Sounds like she has lots of school projects -- a CPR class for Health sounds like one that will give her a certified rating (though I am not sure exactly how involved that is). She keeps busy in band, too. They had a concert with the theme of different musicals; her poodle skirt came in handy for part of her outfit for "Grease."

That is it for this time ----- Best wishes to everybody and let me hear!!!


Grandma--------and greetings from Grandpa; he likes to hear, too!