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November 9, 2002

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Bulletin # 6

We did have such beautiful fall colors until the winds of the warm-up began. If you come to visit in the next two weeks, though, some of the trees are still holding onto their foliage.

Grandpa had his regular fall "check up" and for a '27 model he is doing fine. Not much other news from here. (By the way, the ambulance and fire truck I told about in the last Bulletin were for the manager who was digging a hole???? I don't know what for, and he had a *spell* and so the rescue squad -- so he told Grandpa, yesterday)

School Events
Glencoe Wins Football Game
With Lots of Assistance
from Dan, OUR Man

Last night was the big game between Glencoe and Bold (Bird Island, Olivia, Lake Lillian District) Class AAA football. The Score was 28-7. The next step will be the State Semi-finals at the Dome. That game will be this coming Thursday at 3:30. It will be Glencoe and Becker. Dan is first line (I think that is what you call it) and played the game before a big cheering section of friends and relatives. The relatives, including brother Ben from Fargo, and Rich, Mar and kids in from Long Lake. Wish I could have been there!!!

Other Student News

Ben H. wrote and told me he would be going home for the game. He had three tests this week and I am sure was glad to relax after the week at college was over. Things at school are going smoothly -- second year is always easier, as you have learned "all the ropes."

Ben keeps busy and fit with lifting weights, running and playing basketball. He also mentions that he is attending student Bible study meetings every other Tuesday and then Mondays on the other weeks.

Becky finally has her car replacement. It is a 1995 Olds Delta and has lots of goodies on it. Sounds like it meets everybody's approval. I hear Becky said it would be something Grandpa would like. Caity likes the handy arm rest in the back middle that you can put your water bottle or sipper on. It has a neat CD player -- congratulations, Becky, and Good Luck!!!


Other Family Members & What They are Doing

This next piece of news I heard from Anita Phingsten (who is Lenore and Henry Phingsten's daughter); she told me her Uncle Otto had passed away and his funeral was Saturday, Nov. 2nd. She sent me the details of the service because she knew that he was someone who I was acquainted with when we were young. In the write up it told me the following people sang at the service: Rich and Marlene Johnson and their daughters Heidi and Kim. The lady who wrote the article said the singing was beautiful!!! Glad for the grape vine to keep me up on my family.

Doug sent me the Fall and Winter Menu of Chanticleer (as chef there, it was his job to put it together). I guess I won't be dining there so very often -- unless I win the Reader's Digest Million Dollar drawing. I enjoyed reading it and seeing how many I could read of the French names used on the menu. An entree that sounded interesting to me: Roasted Foie Gras/Chevre-stuffed Quail in Natural Pan Jus with Mushroom Risotto -- $24.95.

I thought I remembered that Foie Gras (Fwah Graw) was goose livers of very fat geese (corn stuffed down their gullets to fatten them). Here is what his information sheet said about it: it is fattened Duck or Goose liver -- and is a traditional holiday favorite in French homes and is a staple of fine European winter menus. It is served with green grapes and Maytag Blue Cheeses.

I really enjoyed perusing that menu, Doug -- Thanks

Please keep me informed!

The Grand Dame of the Tribe