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September 21, 2003

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Kristi & Jordan
Kristi & Jordan Indermark

by Kristi Indermark
(Kristi is my grand niece--Jim Miller is her Grandpa) DMA


Jordan was born on August 19, 2003, at 11:24 p.m. She is doing great. She already weighs 7-1/2 pounds and has grown to 19 inches long. Jordan is the best little princess.

A quick update on our life in Florida:

Jim and I are getting ready to close on our house. We cannot wait, we have been living in a condo for the last six weeks waiting for our house to be finished. Our original closing was the first week in August (before the baby) but unfortunately it did not work that way. Jim has got the short end of the stick both times, when we moved from our house to the condo I was 9 months pregnant and could not lift anything, now I have a 3 week old baby that I have to tend to as he moves everything into our new house. He is a good sport.

Next week is Mom's birthday so that means three grandkids under the age of two will rule the party. Kelly's two boys are very active and curious. Nathan will be two on the 19th and Devan just turned one.

Jim and I are planning our trip to come up north in October, it will be interesting to see how things go with Jordan and the plane. We are going to be up north for two weeks since I don't have to go back to work until November. Dad is being nice and letting us use his car while we are up there. I can't wait to see a change in the seasons instead of rain, rain, and more rain.

Grandpa Miller moved up to Ellenton (about 5 minutes from our house). It is really nice to have him so close. He sure gets a lot of visitors now!! He is settling in nicely.

I think that is all that is going on around here ... not too exciting, but very hot!!

Jim, Kristi, and Jordan Indermark

Editor's Essay

Our New Minister
by DMA

I had an opportunity to talk to Don Smith, who will help tend "the flock" this coming year, I wanted to check with him the story I wanted to run. I wanted to be sure of my facts. Don mentioned that a few years back when he was with Leslie he was told, "It would be a little easier for me if some people wouldn't always bring up my age." However, when I said I had heard Leslie was in his nineties, it wasn't denied.

Leslie Olsen -- Our New Minister

Leslie is a little compact man, a man of many talents. He is always dressed to perfection; he wears a suit, white shirt, dark tie, shoes (shined to a gloss) and tops it off with a very nice hat, under which is a full head of beautiful white hair. He walks briskly and with purpose. Lest you think he sounds stuffy, I will explain that after he arrives he finds a nice place to put his hat out of the way, removes his coat and folds it carefully over a chair and reveals the suspenders that help keep his trousers neatly up on his slender frame. He then tries to find some useful thing to do.

I am looking forward to hearing him this year. I have heard him preach -- I believe he is one of the best teachers I have been privileged to hear. He walks and talks like all the scripture characters are old friends of his (and I rather think they are). But the hearing I am looking forward to, that I haven't heard yet, is his musical gifts. I don't know how many people have taught themselves how to play violin after reaching their sixties; I would think not many, but they tell me that Leslie has. He is a gifted pianist, too, and I do think he had some lessons as a youth in that field -- but I am not sure. He isn't the kind to show off his talents but if asked he will perform -- and do very well (at least that is what I have been told).

Leslie has another talent that has become his hobby for spare moments. He is an expert on the old time clocks with wheels, and balances and cogs. Don tells me that once he noticed a Grandfather clock standing silent. When told the clock repair people had said it was beyond repair he inquired if they minded him examining it. He took it completely apart, cleaned, oiled, replaced a spring and a cog, or such, adjusted it and reassembled it to its original ticking usefulness! The only trouble is not very many people have the clocks with springs and coils and cogs, and give him practice of that skill!

At our convention there came a need for some volunteer help. The man and his son who are the usual caretenders for the building in which services are held are involved in the health issues of several members of their family. When the need for assistance was given , one of the first volunteers was Leslie Olsen -- lest you think it was a figurehead position, let me explain the real help he could give.

The building is open so the air can circulate and the sides are draped with tarp -- the only man on the grounds to have extensive experience with tents and their management was Leslie. You could see him scurrying around breaking in the young volunteers. But I also saw him walking through before and after sessions pushing benches back into position, and etc. He sat in the back to be sure everyone got a place to sit. Of course others soon took over those duties and he was freed to return to the rest of his co-ministers, but while he was there he did his full share!

We are sorry to see Esther leaving for another area of the state -- but it is a privilege to have Leslie and Don with us and we look forward to their stay.

(By the way if anyone would like a picture of the different ministers who attended our convention you can receive one upon request.)

The Family Cookbook
Culinary Heirlooms
yum yum yum
by Doug Anderson

        I'm back and eager to educate.  This week we have a fine offering from Cousin Diana, whose speciality seems to be food that is easy but delicious! Just perfect for our "on the go" set of shakers and movers in this family.  She calls her recipe "Poor man's Stroganoff," but I prefer:

Diana's Simply Scrumptious Stroganoff

Ground beef..................................1-1/2#   (I like using an 80/20 blend, as it isn't as greasy, and usually doesn't require draining before adding other ingredients.
Salt, pepper, garlic powder or minced, and thyme.....again, to taste.
Tomato paste..............................about 1-1/2 tablespoon
Gravy mix (packets)....................1 or two as needed to thicken
(that should read Beef gravy mix).
Some onion, finely diced, a very small amount or to taste......
Sour Cream for adding to the mixture and a dollop on top of each serving.
Kluski noodles...........I prefer the Creamette brand.

In a large fry pan, brown the hamburger, spices and onion.
Add the tomato paste, with just a bit of water to help keep it from burning.  Stir well.
Sprinkle gravy mix evenly over meat mixture and add approximately 1-1/2 to 2 cups of water, turn on low to medium heat, depending on your stove, stir while mixture thickens.
Add enough sour cream to make creamy.  Too much will make mixture too thin, and also make mixture an ugly grey color!
Heat thoroughly, and slowly, while cooking off the Kluski.
(Just follow package directions on Kluski bag.)
Serve as you would spaghetti, with a dollop of sour cream on top. 

        Diana adds: "This is a great cold weather dish, and very, very filling! I always have enough left over to freeze for another meal., for just the two of us." Who wouldn't want to plow into some Stroganoff on a cold, wintery day? Thanks again, Diana for another fine recipe that is easy but still satisfying! See you next time!

From the Files of 5
Hetty Hooper --
the Family Snooper!

Still More on Migration of Our Young
and Other Phenomena

It seems I have hit gold in the South Dakota "digs" from our traveler himself. The following letter was passed to me from the Editor's Desk, (with directions to me to take it easy on the young couple -- now just where does that leave me? I thought I was to be allowed to make interesting write ups -- I guess my definition of interesting is not the same as that expressed by the Editor.)

Quote: Grandma (get the picture -- be good to my Grandkids -- Bah!) Well, I see Hetty Hooper's sources have informed her that I made a mysterious trip to South Dakota recently. I figured I better write to clear things up, so maybe you can forward this message on to her.

Well, the rumors are true. I did take a trip to South Dakota (Aberdeen to be exact) a couple weeks ago to visit a girl I've been seeing for the past month or so. We met at a wedding in Rosholt, SD, in August. Her name is Ana Brockhaus, and she is currently working toward a four-year nursing degree at Presentation College in Aberdeen and working at a local nursing home. She grew up on a dairy farm near Rosholt, which is a town about the size of Ashby located close to the North Dakota and Minnesota borders. We have been able to get together a few times. She came down to the Cities for a visit, I went out to Aberdeen a couple weeks ago. Last weekend we met up in Ashby, so she got to meet everyone up there (including all the dogs).

Other than that we've been keeping in touch by phone. (It's a good thing we both have cell phones with free long distance). Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us yet, but stay tuned to future episodes of The Bulletin and I'll see what I can do. Hopefully everyone will get a chance to meet her soon! --Weston

Well I guess the truth of the matter is the Editor's Grandkids seem to be able to pick nice friends (I think I will have some interesting news next week) and be sure to remember -- You heard it first from HETTY.


Feel free to contribute your favorite smile maker!

Jayce on Eating
by his Grandma

We've had a real struggle with Jayce lately, to eat food other than fruit or junk. He's never "hungry" when it's time to eat our main meal. As an example, his today's lunch consisted of eating applesauce and taking a few bites of his sandwich.

He then pronounced, "Me full!" (Another point he's stubborn about: refusing to say I instead of me.)

Becky was eating some cookies, after having her lunch. He came up to her and asked for some. She said, "But, you said you were full."

His quick reply was, "Me not full of cookies!"

Guess you don't have to be so worried about typos and mistakes

Aoccdrnig to a rschceearh at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oedrr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the fsrit and lsat lteter be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a ttaol mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
amzanig huh?

by Linda Zitsmann

The Original Assignment
Try this... H
While seated, make a clockwise circle with your right foot. At the same time, make an imaginary "6" in the air with your right index finger. Notice what happens? Your foot reverses directions! You can overcome it by concentrating, but that's no fun. It has something to do with the hemispheres of the brain working against each other. Neat, huh?
from Belinda

The Question on the assignment ---from a reader
what's up with Belinda's trick?? I passed, (or FLUNKED) with flying colors! am I the only one that can do this without reversing?? Am I weird?? Ya'll don't need to answer that!

The Answer: You're not weird. You just'didn't follow directions. Remember that part about "not trying too hard to resist it or you'll ruin the fun?" Well, you ruined the fun for yourself!

Household Hints H

from our readers

Here's a neat kitchen trick.
To keep water from boiling over while doing noodles etc. Spray the rim with Pam or similar spray (would imagine any oil would work) No more messes on the stove top!

For those lacking storage space, my neighbor told me about a neat invention--space age storage bags.' Place items in vinyl bag, zip them up, and suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner.' I tried'it on two pillows and it really works.' Have two more pillows to "bag."' :-)' Then maybe think about fall cleaning?



I would love to receive a copy of the bulletin. Jordan did great last night; she slept for 3 hours at a time. I didn't know what tired meant until I became a Mom. Jim (my husband) has been such a big help. He gets up with her when he doesn't have to work the next day. Jordan is waking up from her nap so I must cut it short, but thank you for including me. I will talk to you again soon.
Love, Kristi


I really missed hearing from Doug this week. Love Ms. Hooper!


You have officially outdone yourself. This was the best bulletin ever! So full of information and pictures!!!! It was kind of like a large Dairy Queen Cookie Dough Blizzard ... on paper!

Wyatt, Jolene, and Rylie

Surely enjoyed your column again ... and Hetty Hooper's new society column also! It surely makes it interesting to hear of what's happening in the young 'uns lives!!!! Evidently, they find time from studying to study someone else out!' Good for them!

I'd like to subscribe to "The Bulletin." Sometimes Donna forwards them to me and I really enjoy them!

Mitzi Swenson (Mitzi is Beaver's sister)


Kind hearts are the gardens
Kind thoughts are the roots
Kind words are the blossoms
Kind deeds are the fruits.

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