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        Today's recipe may be a bit on the adventurous side for some, but it will make a delicious reward for the daring. There are some acquired tastes involved, especially the goat's cheese, but beyond that, this recipe is merely a charming little Amuse-Guelle and should not be feared, so stop cowering and get out into that kitchen.

Chevre-Stuffed Roma Tomatoes with Grilled Jalapeños and Red Bell Pepper Coulis

6 small Roma tomatoes, blanched, shocked and peeled.
3 0z. Chevre (Goat's cheese)
6 Jalapeños, split open, cleaned and grilled
4 Red bell peppers, or canned roasted red peppers
white wine vinegar (May sub, but not dark vinegars)
Sea salt
olive oil

After your tomatoes have been blanched and shocked (Submerged in boiling water for two minutes and then transferred to ice water for the same) peel them carefully and scoop out the tops with a melon baller.
Apply the chevre to the divots with a pastry bag. Then apply julienned strips of grilled Jalapeños, positioning them for maximum height.
Drizzle the bell pepper coulis around the plate, avoiding the tomatoes.

For the Red Bell Pepper Coulis:
Cut open and clean your red bell peppers and grill until soft. 4 Bell peppers will yield about a pint of coulis.
Puree in food processor, one pepper at a time, with a dash of white vinegar, olive oil and sea salt each time. A little water may need to be added, as well. If you are using canned peppers, just add a little of oil they are canned in.

        Equipment required, of course, will be a pastry bag, a melon baller, and a food processor. If you don't own the later, just use a variety of red pepper sauce you can buy at the store, especially the "rooster" sauce you can find at most Asian markets. You can buy disposable pastry bags at finer supermarkets, or just have the chef in your family swipe you some. (Just kidding, sorry Chief.)
        I hope you like this one, and can actually use it sometime. You may have noticed that I have been covering openers and salads up until now, but I think you are ready for some main courses. With this in mind, fasten your seat belts for next time when I will blow all of your collective minds with a main course entree that will make you feel like Wolfgang Puck.

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