The Family Cookbook
Culinary Heirlooms
by Doug Anderson

      Today's featured chef is my nephew, Zach, who's going to share with us a special recipe that he created using only what was available in his refrigerator and cupboards. Anyone who has been to college knows it's largely about starvation, or at least malnutrition. Being creative and thinking on your feet can be the only thing between you and a nasty case of rickets. Fortunately, Zach shows the kind of adaptability that will mean survival, as the following recipe will demonstrate.       To get yourself in the right mind frame, you might want to not eat for 24 hours before enjoying:

Zach's Montreal Beef Ramen


1/3 lb. of lean ground beef (preferably "borrowed" from roommate, "It's cheaper that way.")
2 chicken ramen noodles ("The kind in the foam containers, with peas and stuff.")
Spicey Montreal seasoning


Cop the burger from your roommate and fry it up in a pan. Make sure he's asleep first. Heat up the ramen noodles separately, this might mean you may have to borrow another pan from your R.A. When the hamburger is browned, drain water from ramen and add to meat. Let it simmer while you finish copying your homework from the Cliff Notes. Add Montreal steak seasoning, and Voilà, the first good meal you've had in days.

      Zach is currently a freshman at UMD with an undeclared major. No matter what he decides to do for a living, he will always have his unique cooking gift to fall back on, and we have another family heirloom to savor!

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