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December 7, 2002
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Best Wishes for the Holidays

I want to tell you the story of my Christmas Cactus. It arrived in my rehab room last winter. It was in full bloom and everyone that came into the room the first time commented on it and then checked its progress each following time they came in. I enjoyed its spunky beauty!!!!! By the time I took it home it was through blooming.

Last spring Grandpa and I decided to plant it in our front flower bed. Grandpa watered it every day. The neighbor lady looked at it there in its well watered condition and commented, "Are you sure that belongs outside?" Well that is where it was, so that is where it stayed.

This fall Grandpa repotted it for me. We kind of hid it in a dark corner and left it there for a 5 week rest. It now has five big, wide open, blooms and I count at least 25 more buds in various stages of development. What a thrill!!! We should have a Christmas beauty right on time.


Family News

I have heard from several sources that there is a third family athlete involved in sports from the Henderson family. Rachel is doing Basketball again this year. She says she is having more fun this year, because she feels she can actually play!!

In band, Rachel has switched instruments -- from sax to the alto clarinet, which she finds more interesting and enjoyable: it has been a challenge!! She also was accompanist (a difficult piece with syncopated rhythms in it) for the choir concert.


Kim's band concert was this week. The last song was a mass band piece with a bell choir from a town church: " I Hear the Bells on Christmas Day," with narration by the history teacher. They have a very talented director (and group) who did a beautiful job.


I talked to Becky on the phone last night. She has just recovered from what appeared to be food poisoning or perhaps "the flu," anyway, as we would say down here. She has been feeling puny!! She has been taking her semester tests this week (will have to make up the one she missed because of the yucks). She is doing great -- pulling down a B average!! Great Job.


I like this quote from Weston's description of his Thanksgiving: "Wyatt, Ben, Rylie and I spent the day at my Mom's house with her and my stepdad. Most of my day was spent eating, watching football on TV, eating, playing card games, eating, visiting, and eating." Then he commented, "Did you notice a pattern there? -- I think I am still full this morning from eating so much yesterday. And the best part is I get to do it all over again at Patty and Curt's." And according to what I heard, he did!!!


Ben (H) tells me that everything is going great for him. He is in the midst of his finals, too, of course. The first half of the school year has really gone fast for him. (I would think he wouldn't have much time to sit around and be bored!!!!!!) I haven't heard yet what classes he will be taking, but suppose he will be busy!


Other Family Events

Our Piano Recital is over here at Brookline Station, Missouri, and it was the best one ever. The kids were great, the lunch delicious and the visiting that followed was long and fun. Lots of compliments were given and appreciated by all involved.

We heard from Patty A that two more wonderful people have finished their journey and have "gone home." Her Grandpa and Grandma Gray died within days of one another. It was sweet to hear that Patty and her sister were able to spend the last few hours of their grandma's life with her -- reading to her, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I quote Patty: "I am very grateful to have had my grandparents for so long in my life and feel fortunate that Zach got a real opportunity to know his great grandparents."

ONE LAST COMMENT: Let me hear more about your life -- and if any part of your letter is confidential, just say so, or I will feel free to put it in my Bulletins -- new or continuing relationships and their development, school plans, activities that you are involved in, I do love to hear from every one of you!!!!!