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Special Father's Day Issue
Sunday, June 20, 2004

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Happy Father's Day!

The older I get, the more I value you in my life! Hugs, Donna

Happy Father's Day, Grandpa Beaver

Thank you for taking me on four wheeler rides to check the cows and rides in your big orange truck. Thank you for fixing up our play yard and thank you for playing with me.

Our you-and-me times...

...are my favorite times!

Happy Father's Day
from your little buddy.

Love, Jayce

With our love, Caity and Jayce

Hi, Grandpa Beaver, Happy Father's Day!

You are the best Grandpa and I send you lots and lots of hugs and kisses!

Love, Caity

Updates -

by Aunt Gert

Thanks for the info from Patty -- She will be attending a wedding and will be coming as soon as they can; we are glad they can come, no matter what time it is. I heard from Marlene that they are going to be in California for their Johnson family reunion. I heard from Larry that his in-laws are taking the whole family for a cruise at that date. (I just can't imagine why he would want to sit on a little boat on a little lake instead of fighting with his cousins :-) So I know those two families will be having a good time. Don and Patty A. have let us know that they will be attending. (Donny said, "That oughta be fun!")

I also told Diana to come crash the party, too, as several of our generation are doing, but she said they were going to be out of state over that weekend. We have heard from Carolyn and Ernie. They are coming and also their daughter's family and hopefully (but not sure about) Greg and his wife. I haven't heard from Stan again or Patricia. Stan had said that if their boy was chosen for all-stars they wouldn't be able to; otherwise they might. Oh yes, and Shari and her new husband and Uncle Jim are also flying in. Just wish Lois, Patricia and the husbands were coming, too. But it will be great seeing Kathleen and Carol. Sure hope the mosquitoes's plans are to spend that weekend out of state!!!

Oh yes, I am a working woman again. Working at housekeeping in the Cokato nursing home -- mostly two days a week and every fourth weekend. Still doing one day cleaning for Genelle and two three-hour evenings at Sparbo office building in Litchfield cleaning. I am glad I can keep busy.

Hope to see you soon -- see, I figured you would crash the party.


by Brenda Hill

It has been WAY too long since I've written so thought I would take a few minutes to do it now. We've been having some computer problems lately, too, so hopefully this will send fine. I do enjoy reading The Bulletin every week!

Jazmine turned one on May 28th so we had about 45 friends and relatives down to the park for a little party. This picture shows the last gift that she opened. Yes ... we are expecting baby #2 around the first of the year! Just last week Jazmine started walking on her own, so she seems so grown up now!

Summer, our 4-1/2 year old foster girl, is still with us. She has lived with us for 3-1/2 months now. We don't know how long we'll have her yet but we told the social worker we'll keep her as long as she needs us!

Tami and Jason get married tomorrow out at Dad & Mom's. We're hoping they get nice weather! Jason and his family arrived last night from Wisconsin. Rick and Barb got here last night from Oregon.

I better get going now! Keep up the good work with The Bulletin!


Jazmine Jane Hill's First Birthday, Last Present

by Douglas

Deer are very noble and beautiful beasts. They are also incurably stupid. What possesses them to run headlong into traffic like oversized lemmings with hooves? Can't something be done about their suicidal tendencies? Perhaps therapy is the answer. Maybe an unhappy childhood coupled with feelings of isolation from society have given them such a wanton disregard for their own welfare and the welfare of others. At least they have taste. Out of a long line of identical conformity mobiles the suicidal little whitetail could have run into, he chose my classic 1967 Ford Fairlane. I suppose this is to his credit, but is still of little consolation to me. I have always found deer hunting distasteful, but am planning to take it up in the near future. First I have to find a missile launcher that's just right for me...

On a happier note, Brianna got a job as a graphic artist with a local magazine, Rip-L FX. We are both excited that she will be working in her field. Now if we could only get the deer to stay in theirs ...

Rylie & goat
Doug surveys new wrinkle in "Mavis"

By Whitney Johnson

Hey, I am finally out of school and enjoying summer vacation. Summer so far has been very busy! The day we got out of school we went camping with some of our friends and Troy, Marlee, Angel and Alyssa [Freesemann]. That was a blast. We only got to stay for one of the two days due to a graduation, which at the time I thought was a bummer, but it was a beginning to another adventure!

At the graduation Kim and I got to talking with Jennifer Lundstrom and Jessica Olsen about how much we wanted to see Heidi ... and it ended up to be "let's go!" ... "We can use my car" ... and other sayings like that. Mom gave us the "OK" and we were off that night at 6:45 p.m. to New Mexico. The next day we stopped for lunch at Subway and decided to call Heidi and tell her we will be coming to visit her in the next day or so ... As you might expect, Heidi was quite surprised! She had to call Mom and ask her if we were pulling her leg.

We arrived safely at Chuck and Tammi Henderson's, where Heidi is staying, for now. (They really had no time to clean because they had all just got back from Arizona!) Well anyway, that was a fun adventure and we all got FRIED from laying around in the sun!

In two and a half weeks we will be heading out to San Francisco, so yes, I am in the middle of a very busy and enjoyable summer.

By the way, I love The Bulletin!


Troy and Marlee Freesemann by campfire.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Thinking about this made me realize, "Hey, I'm a pretty mean Grandma!" I bought a little Huffy bike last fall on sale, then managed to keep it hidden to give to Jayce for his birthday. Now those that know him, realize he has a winter birthday -- January 5th, to be exact. I gave him a bike for a winter gift??? How cruel is that? Now the least I could have done was had it assembled for him to try out in the house, but no, that didn't happen.

IN FACT, he had to wait until May 21st, at which time my cousin, Linda, took pity on him and put it together for him. What an excited little guy ... He could hardly wait, as he watched her with the lengthy assembly job. I'm sure it felt like forever to him. He tried helping, to no avail.

Finally the Huffy was done and ready to roll. I'm pretty sure he had pictures in his head of flying along the driveway, as he does on the trike at school, with the difference being the gym floor has a nice, firm, even surface to sail along on, unlike our graveled, rocky driveway.

First things first, getting the head gear to fit, putting on elbow and knee guards and then ... of course, the picture. Well, he tried it on the driveway, kept getting caught on stones and leaning so far sideways I thought surely he would topple over. Finally, he suggested maybe the concrete in front of the tunnel door would work better, so we gave that a try. Success ... He went forward and was doing great, until he hit the gravel. Over he went and the first scratch was engraved onto his little Huffy. When he got up and checked out his hand, he decided that gloves were definitely in order.

First he came out with purple gloves of his sister's which she ix-nayed. Then he came out with huge leather gloves of mine ... which I suggested might be a little over-kill. Then he came out with gray mittens and I told him maybe he just wouldn't be able to hold on very well with them and that he could just try it again without any gloves.

That is the point he decided it would be better if his sister tried his new bike out and he showed his injured hand to his Grandpa. Which, of course, didn't get him much sympathy with Grandpa telling him to get on and ride again and showing his own "owies" on his hands to Jayce. Jayce was not impressed with either the suggestion or the fact that Grandpa had worse wounds than he did. There was to be no more bike riding that day for him.

Still dressed in "full gear," he used the scooter for a while instead. Obviously the bike will be waiting a bit, for its owner to work up his nerve again.

Note: Grandpa suggested that the barn floor should be swept clean and that will give him a nice, smooth riding area, so that should work better. Dave has accepted the job of cleaning the floor ... Thanks, Dave!

Caity & Cat Shack

Jayce On His Birthday Bike

Travelogue t

The Bolivian Beat
By Kjirsten Swenson

The teacher strike finally ended, a failure I'm told, and after a month of waiting we finally returned to classes on Shane's birthday. But in middle of nowhere Bolivia, news doesn't arrive immediately, and Monday only 4 of my 50 seventh graders showed. We played bingo :) The rest trickled in as the week passed by. It pains me to think they've missed a month, and soon they'll have another two month break from Ingles while I'm in the other hemisphere and then travelling with mis familiares. I pleaded with them not to forget everything they've learned, and told each of my classes hasta agosto [until August...].

In the week that comes, I'll be traveling with the dentist and either Dr. J or Nurse Hortencia to several isolated communities located high above Morochata. Sick people there almost never make it to the hospital, so we're going to them to provide medical attention and to vaccinate. The next week is week one of winter vacations.

This is the last weekend I'm in Cochabamba before I return for my flight north. Not sure how many days ahead I'll be in the city... I'll come in just for the day before my flight if I decide to stay in Morochata for the fiesta of San Juan. They say it's the coldest night of the year, and everyone makes campfires and eats sausages. I plan to make a trip to the supermarket tomorrow in order to introduce my friends here to the joys of toasted marshmallows.

Bolivian main dishes often include a meat source cooked in a tomato/vegetable based sauce, often seasoned with aji, a not terribly spicy chile powder that sometimes makes me think of curry or paprika. My favorite dish, saice, is prepared by cooking finely grated tomatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, and red aji (substitute paprika? about two tablespoons, I think) on high heat for about five minutes to make a tomato-ey paste. Try perhaps two each of tomatoes, carrots, and onions. Then add maybe a cup of water, bring to a boil, and continue cooking until most of the water disappears. Add another three cups or so of water plus chunks of beef or chicken, broad beans, diced beans, peas, and whatever other veggies are around and salt to taste. Cook until the meat is done and then thicken slightly if necessary ... the cook here uses dry bread crumbs. Serve with potatoes and either rice or pasta.

Silpancho, a common beef dish, is prepared by pounding beef into very thin steaks, then breading and frying. It's always served with a fried egg on top. Milanesa is similar, but the beef is doubled over one thin slice each of ham and cheese before breading. Charki (charque), source of the English word jerky, is prepared by stringing strips of raw beef in the sun to dry for three consecutive days. It hasn't made me sick yet. The dried strips are pounded between two stones, then fried in oil, drenched in lemon or lime juice, salted, and served with boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and cheese. Very tasty!

Pique machois a Cochabamba specialty that can be prepared with ingredients available in the States. First make lots of thick french fries ... they must be homemade! Next sauté bite sized pieces of beef that's been marinated in soy sauce and sausage in a small amount of oil with salt. To serve, make a bed of potatoes on each plate and cover with the beef and sausage and slices of hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and onions. Bolivians dress it with ketchup, mayo, and/or vinegar, but I think it's better without.

When meat isn't available, eggs are served. My favorite egg meal is prepared by mixing eggs with some flour and a grated vegetable, usually green onions, carrots, or beets, and then fried in patties.

Lunch is always accompanied with two carbohydrate sources, one of which MUST be potato in the valleys and altiplano regions. Potatoes are usually served boiled or fried. Chuño, freeze-dried potatoes, are also common in the altiplano. It is an acquired taste, to say the least.

Potatoes are sometimes replaced by yucca, which I think translates as cassava or manioc. Yucca is prepared in the same manner as potatoes, but is sweeter and super, super delicious! Rice is often the other carbohydrate. Bolivians always "toast" the raw rice in a saucepan with a little oil before boiling it. The result is a slightly distinct flavor... try it! Pasta is always toasted in the same manner before cooking. Pasta isn't served with sauce, apart from that which may or may not accompany the meat. Instead, an egg or two is scrambled in an abundant amount of oil and then mixed with the cooked pasta. Possible rice replacements include quinoa, cooked wheat, or mote, a very starchy sort of corn.

slaughtering lamb Chela baking
Slaughtering A Lamb (left); Chela baking (right)

Photo Editor's Note: If you wish to see more of Kjirsten's photos, these are from her Bolivia 2 album posted here:

This and That
by Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

"My daddy can lick your daddy".
"Aw, dad,you don't know everything!"
"My father used to say...."

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

June 20---Father's Day
June 20---Summer Solstice (First Day of Summer)

This Week's Birthdays:

June 21---Ary Ommert, Jr.
June 25---Ben Henderson

Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries:

June 20---Rich and Marlene Johnson's Wedding Anniversary (23rd)

Many Happy Returns!

A Wedding:
Tami Sue Anderson
Jason Hartwell Hunt
married on
June 18, 2004

Best Wishes!

More June Birthdays:
June 4---Merna Hellevang
June 7---Shane Swenson
June 18---Caity Chap

More June Anniversaries:
June 3---Ginny and Larry McCorkell's Wedding Anniversary (32nd)
June 6---Wyatt and Jolene Johnson's Wedding Anniversary (6th)
June 7---Clark and Susan Smith (Miller) Wedding Anniversary (13th)
June 19---Curt and Patty Henderson's Wedding Anniversary (22nd)

More June Holidays & Observances
June 4---Old Maid's Day
June 14---Flag Day


Miss Hetty says...
I received an item that I just can't resist passing on:

Dear Hetty,
From the big city of Mpls. came word that a fine young man from there is making trips to ND to visit the editor's grandniece. His name is Jeff Gauderman and her name is Jessica Myron ...

Birthday Celebrations

Merna Hellevang:

Thank you for the birthday greetings you sent. I had a full day of celebration. Alyssa and Angel called me in the morning and sang "Happy Birthday."

At 11:15, Ken and I met my folks and Arne and Erma Hoseth at Red Lobster for lunch. The servers brought chocolate cake and ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday."

At 12:30, I drove 8 blocks west to Chicago Uno Grill and met some of the "girls. "They had lunch and I had ice tea. The servers brought strawberry cheesecake and did their birthday chant. We split the cheesecake and each got a few bites.

At 5:00, Ken brought Subway sandwiches for supper, which we ate on the patio. Jessica Nelson and her mom, Myrna, came later and rode with our family to the Redhawks stadium for the baseball game. We all enjoyed the evening.

(I haven't gotten my pictures of Ken and I and the roses he gave me developed as soon as I had hoped.)


Caity Chap:

Though we haven't yet received a full report on Caity's birthday celebration last week, we do know that this up and coming Bulletin contributor got her own e-mail address:

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


If I haven't told you, The Bulletin was and has been a wonderful read. I've been so busy job hunting that I fear I may not have written to compliment you on each finished product. Well, I must say, good job!


Editors' Note: Congratulations on your successful job hunt, Brianna. We're ALL proud of you!

Thanks for the interesting Bulletin again!

I remember most of the things that Don noted weren't in Wahpeton anymore. Sometimes things change gradually for those of us who live here and we don't realize how much things change, so it's nice to be reminded. One correction, though... The Indian School is not history. It's still there. It's just had a name change. It's now the Circle of Nations School, but its mission is still the same.


Photo Editor's Note: The young peregrine falcons seen on the Kodak Birdcam 2004 are in the process of fledging, right on schedule, just in time for Father's Day. The parents, Mariah and Kaver, are hovering about, watching the eyases take their first tentative steps onto the railing and then making their first flights. The falcon discussion board is lively today and many still photos and even video clips may be accessed from there. Usually, the lighter male eyases are the first to test their wings, with the females following within a day or two. When the last eyas has flown, the nest box will be empty until next March and the Birdcam will shut down for the season.



Sent to us by Janie

I have a little "chuckle" for you... One day when Tami went to Brenda and Nathan's, she noted that Summer (Brenda and Nathan's 4-1/2 year old foster daughter) was wearing an Old Navy T-shirt. And Jazmine was wearing an Old Navy T-shirt. AND Tami was wearing an Old Navy T-shirt. The next time Tami saw Summer, Summer wanted to know if Tami was still wearing her "Old Gravy" T-shirt!!

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