Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Orange Tulips for a Dutch Princess, Ariane
(Scroll down to Greetings From The Netherlands for story and link.)

Updates -

Gina's sister Leah and Len Crouse married in the gazebo.

UPDATE -- a wedding and an anniversary in Mexico
by Gina Henderson
Fargo, ND

It seems like we've been going non-stop since we got back from Mexico. We enjoyed the trip a lot. It really was a treat to celebrate our second anniversary in a warm, sunny place! Curt and Patty shared all of the big highlights in their update a while back, so you know it was a fun trip!

My sister Leah was married on March 14th, the day before our anniversary. The wedding went really well and the day was beautiful.

Dan & Gina Henderson, on the beach at sunset in Mexico.

The next day, we celebrated our anniversary by relaxing and going out for a nice supper. We ate at an Oriental restaurant on the golf course at our resort. It was a really pretty spot, with great service and even better food! When I left the table for a minute, Dan had the waiter bring our dessert (fried ice cream) on a plate decorated for our anniversary. It was perfect, except the waiter decided to help us celebrate our third anniversary, with a big #3 on the plate, instead of our second anniversary!

But we fixed it, easily enough. :) It's hard to believe that it has been two years already ... time has flown by. I included a couple of pictures. Thanks again for thinking of us on our anniversary!

Dan & Gina Henderson celebrate second anniversary in Mexico.

Keith Mason & Lori Anderson on bicycle built for two.

UPDATE -- out and about
by Lori Anderson
Irvine, CA

Spring fever has definitely hit Southern California. Sure, we can usually say we have great weather year-round, but the warm temperatures and sunshine the past couple of weekends coaxed us out of the house and down to San Diego for a quick getaway. While in San Diego, we visited the zoo, Cabrillo National Monument, and the city's cultural hub -- Balboa Park. We posted photos from our trip here:

I've also had the opportunity to tackle some photo assignments for one of our magazines at work. A few weeks ago Keith and I went to a local park to shoot photos for a picnic feature the staff is working on. While there, we saw a bike rental shop that had two-seater bikes for rent. We've seen tandem bikes before, but never a side-by-side. We couldn't resist renting one!

Krista and Shalana on spring break with their American Girl dolls.

UPDATE -- a wonderful train ride to Chicago
by Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Steve and Marci Weiland surprised Shalana and Krista with a train trip to Chicago during their spring break. They were told the day before they needed to pack for a couple nights at a hotel...

The girls love their American Girl Dolls, and the secret destination was the American Girl Doll store in Chicago. This was all a surprise, and there were never two happier girls when they realized they were at the train depot heading on a two night trip somewhere. They didn't know where they were headed until they were on the way. They shopped for new outfits for Abby and Kristina, and Abby got a pair of glasses.

Photo © Rich Johnson
Krista with Kristina and Shalana with Abby at American Girl Doll Store.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

To All You Nice People,

The ones who wrote, called, put it in the paper, or in some way or another sent your congratulations for my two special occasions: the production of 250 Bulletins, and the living of 81 birthday anniversaries...

A Hearty Thank you from the Matriarch and Editor of The Bulletin.

Dorothy Dake Anderson

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Kurt and Jennie Larson and Kristi Indermark supplied last week's mystery pictures.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

It's been awhile since I have put a guess in for the who's this picture, but this week I know. The cutie on the left is my brand new niece, Madilyn Mae Larson, and the three troublemakers on the right are my siblings and me (Kurt Larson, Kelly Seaman and Kristi Indermark).

Kristi Larson Indermark
Portage, WI

This week's GUESS pictures will be just another guess, but that baby is brand new Madilyn and the next picture Kurt, and could the others be his sisters [Kelly and Kristi]?

I was disappointed that I was so far off on the Guess pictures from last week. At least I had them in the right relationship.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Haven't gotten to "Picture Identification" lately, but this week's pictures I can name ... that is, the ones on the right! Those are the Larson Family: Kelly, Kurt, and Krissy!

Should know the little one on the left, too, but can't place the John Deere shirt! Lots of fun! Keep up the good work.

Tom Miller
Madera, CA

I certainly don't need to guess who is in the mystery pictures!

The first picture is my sweet little granddaughter, Madilyn Mae, in her John Deere T-shirt, and, of course, the second picture is of my three adorable children: Kelly, Kurt and Kristi. I sure loved putting the girls in matching dresses! Both Kristi and Kelly will be in Phoenix with me this weekend. I will see if I can bribe them to wear something matching and send you a current picture.

Shari Larson
Phoenix, AZ

Travelogue t

Photo © Frans de Been
Keukenhof Gardens, in Holland.

Greetings from the Netherlands
by Frans de Been
Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Hallo people in the US and the rest of the globe. We have a baby-girl princess. Her name? Ariane Wilhelmina Maxima Ines. (She will be called Ariane.) Here is a link to a web site with pictures of the princess and her family.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

We went today to the Keukenhof Gardens! Check out the Photo Gallery on that site. We (Marloes and I) have made more than 150 pictures there. I do hope you can make a story of it. Click here to see Frans and Marloes's web gallery of Keukenhof Gardens.

Photos © Frans de Been
Marloes, left, Rian & Frans, right, by fountains, Keukenhof Gardens.

Winter Vacation, Hawaiian Islands J

Side Trip To Atlanta
by Ardis Quick
Roseville, MN

Our trip back from the Islands went smoothly and we returned to Minnesota by 2 p.m., on schedule. That was a good thing, as we dumped stuff at the house and I repacked in time for Charlie to drop me back at the airport for a 6 p.m. direct flight to Atlanta, Georgia.

Jason, our oldest, got a job working with a contract engineering firm at NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. Between orientation at NASA, presenting at a three-day seminar in Raleigh, North Carolina, for Geomagic, his previous employer, and visiting in Minnesota while we were gone, Jason didn't have a whole lot of time to pack. So what else could I do but volunteer? We packed the remaining two-thirds of his stuff into a rental, with a trailer behind for the car. On Saturday afternoon we took off for Huntsville.

By six, we were pulling up to his new apartment. Jason had hired three guys from the area to help us empty the trailer. Worked out great for me as he was on the second floor and I didn't have to carry anything up the stairs.

Photos © Ardis Quick
Jason and I took in the sights on Sunday. While Jason was at work on Monday, I got most of the boxes unpacked.

Jason's apartment is bigger than his apartment in Atlanta, but the bedroom is square, with windows on three sides and a door and bathroom on the fourth. We added the curtains to cover the French doors that go out into the hall.

Photo © Ardis Quick
Jason designed and made the headboard and footboard for his bed.
(The footboard has inlaid ceramic tile.)

On Tuesday, after spending a good hour going through check-in, Jason gave me a brief tour of where he works. At the time, they were working on mockups of parts of the rocket. They work with how people fit into the plan of working on equipment in space with limited space, bulky suits and anything else that can come up.

Photos © Ardis Quick
The following information appeared on a sign identifying these two structures:

Added to National Register of Historical Places. 1976

Historic Redstone Test Site: Jupiter-C & Redstone rockets that launched our first satellite and astronaut into space were test-fired at this location.

Explorer (Jupiter-C) Jan. 31, 1958 by US Army

Alan B. Shepard (Mercury-Redstone) May 5, 1961

It was good to see Jason settled in, and then it was back to the airport for a not so direct flight to Minneapolis.

o In Service To Our Nation j
Gert Dake Pettit (Mom, to me) has been compiling information on family members and friends of the Dake family who served in the armed forces during and after World War II.

Pearl Harbor Remembered
by Ardis Quick
Roseville, MN

Charlie and I had the honor of visiting Pearl Harbor and the memorial to the USS Arizona and touring the USS Missouri while in Hawaii. I'd like to give you a glimpse of this memorial and some of the information we received while there. Excerpts (highlighted in bold) were taken from the brochure USS Arizona Memorial published by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. The brochure is given to visitors to the center.


When you arrive at Pearl Harbor, you are given a card from the National Park Service that identifies your tour number. On the back of the card is "Experience Your America -- Remember Pearl Harbor." Each card has the name and picture of a serviceman, his rank and branch of service, and a summary of what he was doing during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It makes the attack more personal as you read about a person who experienced the attack first hand. The film we saw gave a stirring account of what events happened up to and following the attack. We then took a launch to the memorial.

... The United States applied both diplomatic and economic pressures to try to resolve the Sino-Japanese conflict. The Japanese government viewed these measures, especially an embargo on oil, as threats to their nation's security. By the summer of 1941, both countries had taken positions from which they could not retreat without a serious loss of national prestige. Although both governments continue to negotiate their differences, Japan had already decided on war

At 8:06, on the morning of December 7, 1941, the course of American history was forever altered. On board the USS Arizona, where the greatest loss of life in a single day by any ship in American naval history was suffered, time stopped.

Photo © Charles & Ardis Quick
USS Arizona Memorial

The memorial is a 184-foot-long structure that spans the mid-portion of the sunken battleship. It was nine years following the attack that a flagpole was ordered to be erected at the site. The United States flag flies from the flagpole, which is attached to the severed mainmast of the ship. The memorial itself was approved in 1958 and finally dedicated in 1962.

The architect describes the design of the memorial "wherein the structure sags in the center but stands strong and vigorous at the ends, expresses initial defeat and ultimate victory.... The overall effect is one of serenity. Overtones of sadness have been omitted to permit the individual to contemplate his own personal responses...."

While visiting the memorial, you are reminded to respect the resting place of those who perished on the Arizona. As you enter one end of the memorial, your attention is drawn to a white marble shrine at the opposite end. There you find a wall of marble engraved with the names of those who perished.

Photo © Ardis Quick
Shattered by a direct hit, the USS Arizona burns and sinks to the bottom of the harbor. The USS Arizona is the final resting place for many of the ship's 1,177 crewmen who lost their lives of December 7, 1941.

Photo © Ardis Quick
The U.S. Navy had suffered its greatest defeat in its history. Twenty-one vessels were sunk or damaged. American airpower on the island of O'ahu was smashed. American dead totaled 2,390, with hundreds wounded. Japanese losses were 29 planes, 55 airmen, five midget submarines and nine crewmen. In the wake of such a disaster, Americans rallied. A once divided nation was now committed to avenge Pearl Harbor... In 1945 America and its allies achieved victory over Japan, Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy.

The USS Missouri is docked nearby. While touring the ship, we saw many of the areas used by the crewman and officers. The gun turrets are massive. And the amount of explosives stored on the ships was huge. The Arizona suffered a direct hit that detonated the ammunition on the ship.

The guide finished our tour at the very spot where the Surrender Ceremony was held when Japan signed the official documents of surrender.

Photos © Ardis Quick
If you look really close you can see Charlie in both pictures.
(Hint: check out the communications dish.)

The tour of the memorial has given me a deeper appreciation for what happened at Pearl Harbor. The anniversary of the attack will have a different meaning for me now that I understand more of what happened.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays
April 15---Melinda Miranowski
April 19---Levi Owen Steinhauer (2 years)
Happy Birthday!

More April Birthdays
April 2---Duane Miller
April 2---Jess Cloyd
April 4---Meryl Hansey
April 4---Barb Dewey
April 5---Lorella Grob
April 6---Dusty Meyers
April 9---Dorothy Dake Anderson
April 9---Richard Johnson (from Oregon)
April 10---Brenda Anderson Hill
April 10---Lisa Kae Anderson
April 10---Shawn Ostendorf

April 23---Alyssa Lynn Freesemann (10 years old)
April 23---Miss Kitty (4 years old)
April 25---Troy LaRon Freesemann
April 25---Mia Nelson
April 26---Heidi K. Johnson Henderson
April 27---Steve Rodriguez
April 27---Peggy McNeill
April 28---Justin Blackstone
April 29---Kelly Kay Larson Seaman
April 30---Kurtis James Larson

April Special Days
April 6---Good Friday
April 8---Easter

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

Thanks for the e-card you sent to us on our 2nd anniversary! I'm sorry that we're so behind in getting back to you.

Dan and Gina Henderson
Fargo, ND

Thank you so much for the e-card. We are doing great! Sully is a great big brother! Everett is a really good baby and has just settled right into our family. I've attached some pictures.

Adriana, Mike, Sully, and Everett Brown
Granbury, TX

Mike & new son, Everett Blake Brown.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

TOMORROW IS THE GREAT DAY! April 9. Sometime it seems like only yesterday when we were together at the Dake farm! And all of the different activities that we could enjoy! Do you remember going fishing and bringing "home" buckets full and then the cleaning and your Mom doing the greatest job of frying? I can still see all the goings on in your big dining room!

If you only knew how often I think of my time with the Dake family, you would think I was one of the "kids"! But we had so many happy times together, and with the families connected in marriage, it just added to the closeness.

I have enjoyed Ardis's account of their trip to Hawaii and the pictures; it brings back wonderful memories of our trips over there! I have some pictures of the trip with Blanche and Jim and our visit to the Volcanoes National Park when Jim and I walked out on the lava flow to see the flow running into the ocean. There was a great steam cloud and the wind was blowing away from us or they would not have let us get as close as we did ... the sulfur fumes would be deadly!

So I hope you have many wonderful memories and on this birthday know our best wishes are with you and would love to share a piece of cake. Maybe someday we can get together and make up for all the lost occasions to celebrate.

Tom and Lou Miller
Madera, CA

Since I'm too computer illiterate to find a birthday card to send you, I'll just wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hey, that was pretty good, I found that pesky caps lock key without having to look! Hope you're having a great day.


Hello Birthday girl,

Here are some observances on your birthday:

Hugh Hefner came into the world on the same day as you, if I have my facts straight... April 9, 1926, right? Must have been a good day for publishers, although your style differs from his slightly...

Bessie Coleman fell 2000 feet to her death from an airplane... I couldn't find the whole story, I guess she forgot her parachute, or something... I take this as an omen for you to ditch that skydiving class you were considering.

Don't take the train to Costa Rica, either, since a train ride there on your birthday didn't turn out so well.

It was a good birthday month for matriarchs; Princess Elizabeth was born 4/21/26. Now we know how you come by your stately poise and regal grace!

I hope your birthday goes well, just stay out of airplanes and trains and give Hugh a call; he probably wonders what you're up to!

Your smart-alecky son, Douglas

Congratulations on passing your 250th publication milestone!

I see you haven’t crossed my name off The Staff of The Bulletin list -- yet?

During my absence I've been working on that series of stories that runs through my first lambing. I’ve made good progress, but have more stories and details to work out before I can start submitting.

Are you still interested in using the sometimes unseemly tales of a lambing gone awry?

(Larry T. Dake)
Brooks-Oklee, MN

Photo Editor's Note: Although the link will likely expire soon, we'd like to share this really cute birthday greeting from Ary Ommert, Jr. with you.

Thanks so much for another great edition of The Bulletin!

If past celebrations you've chronicled are any indication, I am certain you will be surrounded by lots of family on your birthday. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

I was interested to see Rich Johnson's note saying he is working in Yucaipa, California. That is where our daughter Anne [Montford] and family live, and it is geographically impossible that he is more than 10 or 15 minutes away from her. We live in nearby Alta Loma. Rich, if you have any extra time, drop me a line. Maybe we could meet for dinner.

I am just completing a week of vacation, which included five rounds of golf and spending considerable time with our grandsons. I will attach a photo. I was responsible for their care and feeding this particular day, so if they look a little rough around the edges, please don't blame their mother.

Dan Mellon
Alta Loma, CA

Photo © Dan Mellon
Austin & Aiden Montford

A reply to Donna about the "Old Man" in the story that ended two weeks ago ... I'll tell you what I told my mother last week: in eight years I can qualify to move into the "Assisted" Living units I am currently building; this is not very "young"!

Rich Johnson
Yucaipa, CA (this week)

Editor's Note: I missed sending this to the Photo Editor last week. Remember, though, being 80 (81 now) is allowable as an excuse for messing up. Sorry, Rich, but you see you are in the minor leagues yet when it comes to being an "old man"!

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

There was just something about the calm, purity and beauty of the Amaryllis in that very first picture that set the tone for me of this outstanding Bulletin. The flowers throughout were refreshing and lovely after our winter wonderland, which we are very thankful to have in the past now for another year. Did I hear you say, "We could still have some snow?" ... but let's hope not.

And then, the great news about Everett Blake Roberson. Sully has a brother, and a big one at that. I can hardly wait for the next pictures to see if his eyes are blue, too. Bitzi likely has a fitting caption for the one where Sully is meeting his brother.

And then, Dylan, in Ireland, not to be left out of this congratulation and welcome page. I loved seeing the actual invitation to the 50th anniversary coming up for the Morgans. Now that looks like the Mavis I remember.

We also received an invitation to Jerry and Jeannine Smith's 50th this month. Thinking of the picture of Jerry in the GUESS pictures recently makes us realize that a lot of time has passed since that was taken.

We can tell that California never left Rich even though he had left California. No doubt he will be returning to Minnesota after his big project is finished, seeing his home and family and kin are here. At least we hope so.

What a sweet picture of Carrie and Ethan. They can't even count to 81 yet.

It was so touching and appropriate that White Azaleas in honor of Dorothy were pictured. The poem came from a heart of love and appreciation for our Editor.

Leave it to Bitzi to make good use of the little girl pictures. One can hardly take it in that time goes by so quickly and silently; until you look at old pictures or the mirror, you hardly realize what is happening.

It was nice seeing the tulips from Holland -- real ones, from a real Holland garden. The Magnolia tree was magnificent. Could I just slip this picture in about here?

Photo © Betty Droel
Red Tulips, Blue Irises, straight from Holland.

These just now came from Darrel, our son, and his wife, Johanna, from Washington, DC - Virginia.They are supposed to be flowers direct from Holland. A Happy Spring.

It looks like all good things come to an end as Ardis and Charlie spend their final days in Oahu. It has been a special trip to see Hawaii through their eyes and Travelogue, and thank you for sharing it as completely as you did.

I am waiting for Steve and Marci Weiland's approval of my submitting a Miss Hetty letter about their trip to Chicago to take their girls to the American Girl Doll store. I hope they will consent, as there are some really great pictures included.

For some reason that gorgeous, beautiful, lovely Madonna Lily was placed right after the update about Diana Martin and her present condition. We wish we could send her a carload of such beautiful flowers to let her know how much we care. So good Diana and Maralee have their cats and new dogs to keep their spirits lifted.

Actually, we are thinking of Donna Mae, too. A person can tolerate just so much pain, and it sounds like Donna Mae is suffering more than her share with her disc problems.

Last, but not least, that darling CHUCKLES picture of our Editor and Gilbert McCalla. That caption is just so perfect. Why not reach for the moon, why stop at the stars? And she DID become EDITOR, and even attained the old age of 81 years.

I just don't know how you do it week after week. Every single issue of The Bulletin is unique and you can't lay it down until you've read it through the first time and then go back and re-read it several times more.

Thanks again,

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell & Douglas Anderson; photos by Donna Johnson
Caity dreaming, at Great Grandpa Anderson's birthday party.

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