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Sunday, April 29, 2007
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The house that love built

Photo illustration ©Kimberly Johnson
Farewell to "the house that love built."

Updates -

FAMILY UPDATE -- so long, Long Lake home
by Marlene Anderson Johnson
Long Lake, MN

There is now a bright red "sold" sign in front of our house at 316 Charles Street. That means we'll be leaving behind the house that my mom named "The House that Love Built." I could make a long list of all the friends and family who helped in its building, but I'm afraid that I'd leave somebody out. If you helped, you know who you are and please know how much it meant, and still means, to us.

Really, this house is one of Rich's great big art projects. It took me some time to realize that I am married to an artist and I finally understand that his palette is made up of many kinds of beautiful woods. He can't just build something simple. He has to build what's in his heart.

This house is where our kids learned to work. And work, they did. Lots and lots of lifting and hauling and shoveling and ladder climbing. They all could probably build a house from ground up themselves. It's something to live in a house that you've helped to build yourself. But that can make it hard to leave, too.

If the new owners ever pull up the flooring in Kimberly's room, they'll see the plywood under it scribbled up with purple marker that says "Go Panthers." We didn't have the pine floors down yet when Ben went to state in basketball.

There's a Mickey Mouse painted in amongst the grapes in the stenciling on the floors. We wonder how long it will take the new owners to notice him. Maybe they never will. We know he's there, though, because we put him there.

I suppose the hardest part of leaving this house is that this is where Heidi and Ryan were married. She could have chosen a nicer place, I suppose, but she wanted to be married at home, in the house she helped build, where we spent hours watching Rich hammer out some more magic from some "junk wood" that he had laying in the garage.

We had Kim take a bunch of pictures so that we can remember what it looks like. Who knows if we'll ever get to see inside of it again? We just hope that the new owners can somehow appreciate this piece of art that's plunked down in the middle of Long Lake, Minnesota.

So long, little house. We'll miss you.

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Jennie Horne
Ethan Horne tallies the proceeds.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Gathering at Lee Ann Chin's.
Clockwise from left: Shawn Ostendorf, Caity Chap, Weston Johnson, Marlene Johnson, Kimberly Johnson, Becky Chap, Mark Johnson, Whitney Johnson, Jessy Wolff, Chris Chap, Lori Chap Ostendorf, Jayce Chap.

After Lori's Shower And Marlene's Garage Sale

After attending a beautiful baby shower for Lori, we dropped in at Marlene and Rich's to see how their "dollar garage sale" had gone. Marlene said it was crazy, so many people she was a little overwhelmed, by the sounds of it. She'd told the kids they could sleep in, as they'd spent a lot of time displaying things.

When she opened the garage door and the people swarmed in, she realized their displays were too soon history!

Plus, people kept asking her how much something was; they couldn't seem to get it through their heads that, yes, everything ... beds, dressers, you name it ... was a DOLLAR. I'm not sure whether Marlene was just fantasizing about this answer or if she finally did do so. When they asked how much something was, she acted (or wanted to act, is my guess) like a chicken clucking, saying, "Buck, buck, buck!"

She told us how people were making stacks everywhere, guarding them like they'd struck gold, by the sounds of her telling. Women having husbands carrying stuff to load cars as fast as they could grab. (Rats, and I missed it!) She even watched one guy stealing things and didn't care; figured it was less for her to deal with at the end of the day! They didn't have much left in the garage when we were there, so had sold a lot of "junk," according to her.

We did get the tired out garage sale crew to meet us in Maple Grove, after a little persuading (didn't take very much). Those of us who aren't from that area and don't have access to Lee Ann Chin's, an Oriental "fast food" type of place, had chosen the location. As we savored our food there, someone thought to give Eric and Leona a call, so the whole group could troop over and check out their new home.

Were we ever impressed! They've gotten it ALL painted and the wall out, island in, and the place looking as they'd been at home there for months instead of weeks! And, it's a lovely neighborhood and so close to everything possible in Maple Grove. What a find! I can see why they picked this home.

They have a good sized family room downstairs, with outside access for you to visit, Mom. Plus, a huge bathroom on that level. So, you'll be able to visit them very easily; I know you'll love that part!

Thanks for letting us drop in on such short notice, Eric and Leona!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Becky, Whitney, Eric & Marlene tour Leona's & Eric's new house.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Leona & Eric Anderson at home on the porch.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Donna Jacobson Anderson supplied last week's mystery pictures.

How many can you identify? What do they have in common?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Well ... that is Mavis Anderson Morgan and Elaine Anderson Wold decorating the car... and the second photo is DeLoris Anderson. The car is the honeymoon car of Don and Dorothy, taken at the farm home of the Dakes. Long time ago!

Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Editor's Note: Yes, that DOES appear to be Elaine on the other side of the car, opposite Mavis, but that can't be Elaine on the right as the dress doesn't match the group picture. Half credit!

The guess picture occasion was simple for me: my parents' wedding ... which entailed getting the car decorated. I'd say the girl in the left picture, farthest to the left, is my Aunt Mavis Anderson (at that time). The one in the right picture would be my Aunt DeLoris Anderson. I do believe that is my Great Uncle Everett leaning on the car, watching the work they were doing. Good job, "girls"! Notice the "Alexandria or Bust" theme; Mom and Dad made it full circle back to Alex!

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Editor's comment: Yes, that would look like the Uncle Everett you remember, as he did indeed resemble his dad (who that is): your Great Grandpa Alonzo Mellon.

On the first guess photo we have myself, Mavis (Anderson) Morgan, in my green sea foam dress, looking for what more we can add to decorate the wedding car of Don Anderson and his new bride, Dorothy Mae Dake, whose wedding took place on August 15, 1950. We wanted to do all we could to make it look like a "Just Married" situation as Don was so great to do this for everyone else when it was their big wedding day. He had to get paid back.

Also on the picture is Miss [Dorothy] Heyer, who wanted to join in and do what she could to have a part of her friend Dorothy's wedding day.

In guess picture number two, we find DeLoris Anderson reaching for some more paper or tape or writing supplies to add a little more decoration to the already heavily laden black Chevy.

Now would be a good time to add what Don did on my wedding day, which was May 31,1957. He padlocked a chain onto something under Tom's 1957 Ford and my dad had to crawl under there with a steel saw and saw it off. Uff da.

Anyway it makes for memories. Don, If you come to our 50th anniversary on Sunday, the 29th, I will give you the chain back. Rust and all.

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope, ND

The wedding GUESS pictures were especially interesting to me, being they were folks I recognized, even from the back. Mavis, DeLoris and there were so many that wore their hair in a roll that way that it could be a lot of girls. I thought it looked like Dorothy Spangler at first. Don't you just covet those waistlines?

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photo illustration © Ardis Quick
The "missing" horse barn collage from last week's Bulletin.
(We received the collage and progress pictures too late for Bulletin 253.)

Click here for complete story with all the "missing" pictures.

Editor's Note: Until I was in sixth grade, that barn was used to house our horses that provided the power to pull the farm machinery. After that time, I don't remember it being used for anything except storage.

There were a couple of reasons that it no longer was needed for horses. My brother Bill worked for a farm machinery dealer who gave him a chance to buy a tractor and the equipment to use with it. Then electricity arrived and all kinds of modernization was brought to the rural areas. I have a couple of stories of those days in some of the older Bulletins.

I remember well that stage when my dad farmed with horses. They seemed really big and scary to me. I remember watching as they were combed; then they were fitted out with their harnesses, taken to the water and then hitched up for a morning's work. I can actually smell the horse barn smell in my cupboard of stored smells ... it was not nasty like the cow barn. --DMA

Travelogue t

Our cruise ship: Explorer Of The Seas.

Caribbean Cruising J
Spring Break 2007 Vacation
by Cara Lee Swenson
White Bear Lake, MN

April 1 -- The day had finally come to board our cruise ship the Explorer of the Seas. We got to our cruise ship in Miami, Florida. After we went through customs, we went to the Windjammer Café and ate. After our meal, we went to a "sail away party" for the afternoon.

April 2 -- We sailed all day. My parents [Jeff & Evelyn Swenson, my cousin] Aunika Swenson, and I sat on the poolside deck most of the day -- listening to Caribbean music and trying to catch a little tan.

April 3 -- We arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the afternoon. We walked to an old castle, which they used during a war. We explored the castle. Then we went back down to the main part of the city, shopped, and walked around the city.

April 4 -- We arrived in St. Martin/St. Maarten. There are two sides on the island: Dutch and French. We docked on the Dutch side and took a taxi to a beach. Aunika and Evelyn snorkeled for a bit while I read a book and watched them. Then we took a taxi up to the French side of the island and ate at a French restaurant. After we ate, we went shopping at the markets there. Then we went back to our cruise ship.

April 5 -- We arrived in St. Thomas. We went to Coral World and to Megan's Beach. The Coral World was inside a dome that you can walk around in underwater. Then we went to the beach and swam for a bit. Jeff, Aunika, and I went on a paddleboat.

April 6 -- Finally, we got a break and got to rest a day. Again, we sailed all day and Aunika and I went on the poolside for a bit and read. That night there was a midnight buffet, with chocolate, breads, fruits, cakes -- anything you can imagine of any kind of food.

April 7 -- Our last stop was Nassau, Bahamas. We walked to the Atlantis Hotel. In the Michael Jackson part of the Atlantis Hotel, they have one of the biggest aquariums. Then we went to Dolphin Encounters. We got to dance, kiss, hug and feed a dolphin; it was really fun. Then we went back to our cruise ship.

April 8 -- We sailed back to Miami, Florida and docked.

April 9 -- We were on the way to drive home. The highlights of the trip -- the ones that Aunika and I said -- were the food, the waiters, and the dolphins.

Editor's Note: This Travelogue is Cara Lee Swenson's first contribution to The Bulletin, but she has been mentioned and pictured here before, most recently in Bulletin 244, when she attended UND and NDSU hockey and basketball games with her father, Jeff Swenson, her aunt and uncle Mitzi and Sheldon Swenson and cousin Aunika Swenson, along with Wyatt and Weston Johnson.

The Miss Kitty Letters*
By Miss Kitty

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Miss Kitty avoided candles on her birthday cake; loved watching "mouse."

And Suddenly, I Was Four!

It must be almost spring, because I just had another birthday! I didn't see it coming ... never noticed a box that came in the mail from my "secret admirer" addressed to me. Then I got a one-of-a-kind birthday card in the mail and an e-card from Miss Hetty and The Bulletin staff ... with "tweety" birds singing Happy Birthday! I should have known something was up before that.

Next, a bouquet of flowers appeared -- Alstroemeria, sometimes called Peruvian Lilies or Lilies of the Incas, in a lovely orange shade chosen to complement me! And cake -- white cake with vanilla icing and whipped cream and strawberries and ... oh, oh! ... candles! Four candles! It gets worse every year! I refused to go near the flaming things.

I learned my lesson the first year when a candle singed my eyebrows. Now I watch from a safe distance and NO amount of coaxing is going to change my mind! Just put some whipped cream in my dish, I said. I'll clean it up lickety split. And I did. It was delicious!

Well, you can see from the pictures that I had a great birthday, even if I refused to be in the same picture with those candles. I stayed in my comfy rocking chair until Miss Jerrianne put batteries in the robot "mouse" and turned it loose on the floor. Oh, boy, was that fun to watch! It skittered and scooted and buzzed all over the place -- and got stuck in corners and under furniture and heat registers.

When the "mouse" got stuck, Miss Jerrianne grabbed it by the tail and sent it scurrying off in a new direction. That "mouse" is the best little vacuum cleaner you ever saw and it cleaned up the corners of the room like nobody's business. Even Miss Jerrianne was impressed. Well, she did threaten to take its batteries out and fill the space with catnip if it didn't learn how to stay out of corners...

Now I get to be four years old for a whole year, and then we'll get to celebrate my birthday again. Next time, I hope we can have the party on the floor instead of the table. Double the whipped cream and skip the candles, I say. And then I might even agree to be in the same picture with the flowers and cards and cake. Long enough to sample the whipped cream, anyway.

For more Miss Kitty adventures visit my web log:

Miss Kitty >^..^<
Anchorage, AK

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays
April 29---Kelly Kay Larson Seaman
April 30---Kurtis James Larson
May 1---Frans de Been
May 4---Beau Birkholz
Happy Birthday!

More May Birthdays
May 7---Ben Johnson
May 7---Kim Mellon (Tim's wife)
May 10---Curt Henderson
May 12---James Dake
May 14---Ernie Dake
May 14---Tyler James Indermark (2 years)
May 16---Angelique Ann Freesemann
May 17---Dwight Anderson
May 19---Ryan Hellevang
May 22---Dan Henderson
May 23---Don Pettit
May 25---Amy Ellen Dake
May 26---Rick Anderson
May 27---Tracer Scott Roberson (9 years)
May 28---Jazmine Jane Hill (4 years)
May 28---Jason Hunt
May 29---Kristi Kay Larson Indermark
May 31---Mavis Anderson Morgan

May Anniversaries
May 14---Roddy and Alisha McNeill (2 years)
May16---Nathan and Brenda Anderson Hill (11 years)
May 27---Dwight and Janie Anderson (36 years)
May 27---Harvey and Gwen Stucker (46 years)
May 31---Tom and Mavis Anderson Morgan (50 years)

May Special Days
May 1---May Day (hanging May baskets day)
May 8---VE Day
May 13---Mothers Day
May 19---Armed Forces Day
May 28---Memorial Day

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Photo © LeRoy Dake, reprinted from Bulletin 237, December 31, 2006
Just in case we may think time doesn't pass by all too quickly, just look at these pictures. This is THE Jerry Smith, front and center in the striped socks, and the next picture is only 50 years (or so) later.

Photo ©Betty Droel
Jerry & Jeannine Smith, 50th wedding anniversary. They had a very elegant, yet simple, celebration arranged by the children, Kim, Doug, Deb and Bob, in a lovely catered facility out of Anoka, Minnesota.

Photo ©Betty Droel
Roy & Betty Droel, left; Jeannine & Jerry Smith, right. We felt very honored to be invited. We have known both Jerry and Jeannine since before either were married. Jerry grew up around Cokato and Jeannine grew up in North Dakota. Not everyone gets to start on the second 50.

Photo ©Betty Droel
Tom Miller (Dr.) stopped by our table for a chat so I quickly took this picture for The Bulletin, of course. That's why his broad smile. --Betty Droel

Rich Johnson and I met for dinner last night in a little neighborhood Mexican restaurant in Yucaipa. It was great to meet him, and he was able to provide a little background for the names I've become familiar with through The Bulletin. It seems likely that he and Marlene will be here sometime in the near future, so we agreed to try to get together again then.

I have included a photograph. I suspect some of the other patrons wondered what we were commemorating.

Dan Mellon
Alta Loma, CA

Rich Johnson, left; Dan Mellon, right.

Miss Hetty Says:

I heard on the "Grapevine" that Cousin Erma told someone that her son Ryland called her. He had been in Salt Lake City and while there he checked the Internet ... found The Bulletin ... so read all about some of his Anderson cousins. He liked the "guess who" picture with DeLoris and Elaine on it! It seems like our paper gets around!

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

Just finished reading The Bulletin for this week. (I have to read it at work, and I don't usually get a few moments until the end of the day to read.) Thoroughly enjoyed every word. Being an "almost daughter," The Bulletin keeps me informed and up-to-date. Love it!

Keep up the excellent work! I'll say again what so many others have said: Thank you for all your hard work. Your efforts are much appreciated. My week wouldn't be complete if I couldn't read about the comings and goings of everyone. The photos and stories are done by such talented people. What a talented group of subscribers you have!

I enjoyed the picture of Midnight (the cat) and Max (the dog). Maybe I need to get a puppy for my cats to play with? Hmmmmmmm...

Thanks again for keeping us all informed.

Donna Richards
Eden Prairie, MN

I sent a picture to Ginny for The Bulletin. She says that "pays" for getting The Bulletin. If so, this is my e-mail address. Since I have a new camera, I could be sending more in the future. Thanks,

Cody Printz
Sidney, NE

Editor's Note: I saw that picture of your mom and maybe the rest will see it before long. We are glad to have you as our new subscriber from Nebraska.

Great Aunt Dorothy
Alexandria, MN

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Were The Bulletin's ears burning? We just got home from Jerry and Jeannine Smith's 50th anniversary celebration. Tom Miller (Dr.) sat at our table to chat a minute, and Deb stopped by just then, too. She said she wonders where Tom is, and here he is reading The Bulletin. Then, later on, she is wondering where Tom is, and here he is STILL reading The Bulletin. He really enjoys that Bulletin, knowing so many who are subscribers.

I wish you could have heard the very favorable comments at our table. One couple said, "How can we see it?" and Tom quickly said, "You have to be a subscriber." So, the chosen few really do enjoy this Bulletin, that has just mushroomed in these last 253 issues.

For one thing, I was so impressed with the photos of the irises. To think they were grown right in a subscriber's yard, and not computer enhanced -- just the way they were, by nature. So delicate and so huge. One looks double. So far, our irises are still buried under the cold soil. Today started out to be about 80, and then a cold rain changed that in a hurry.

What a cute little Easter bunny Kylie Grace McNeill makes! Sometimes the smiles on the parents' faces are as much of a photo as the new babies.

Please don't tell me that Mason Taylor Henderson is one year old already? I look at the calendar and have to believe it. So many "firsts" for Mom and Dad to experience as their first baby grows.

I think Sully will continue to carry the title of the most beautiful blue eyes. Everett may try to compete, but he likely will have a certain look of his very own. Thanks for every time you send in a picture of Sully. I feel like a doting adopted great aunt.

Oh, that was such a surprise to turn the page (or scroll down) in The Bulletin to find the picture of Amy and Ted Eckle and family. We hear about these grandkids so much, and I can see they would be very easy to enjoy and love. It's dating me again to say I remember Amy and Ted both as toddlers. Would be so nice for Capt. Jack to have even one grandchild who would take an interest in guitar playing. What a wealth of guitars they would inherit!

I got a start when I saw Kathlyn and Caroyle's picture. I guess I will have to settle for the phone call from Kathy, as it looks like she is totally mobbed by her loving family, a long ways away from the cities. I can imagine the great time Donna Mae had traveling with Kathy and while she was visiting the home farm place. As I said, Kathy is an unforgettable part of some very special memories.

Wasn't that a darling old couple of "Antiques"? Pretty flowers, too. I saw that old couple today. They looked pretty young and spry, though, with all the other folks there in the 50th anniversary bracket. They always are a striking couple. So very friendly and have a smile for everyone.

The story of the old barn would be extremely interesting to the folks who had known and been in that barn, but I enjoyed reading it. It was so well written, with the details of the struggle it took to bring it down. Old timers made things to last.

I was disappointed in not finding more than the drawing of the farm, but then I got an e-mail later. The collage and other pictures arrived and were added to the web page for Bulletin 253 after the e-mail Bulletin went out, so now it will just be perfect, with Dorothy's note about the horses. Even I missed seeing these wonderful old pictures of a beloved home place. Do put them in again so all can see them. It would be so worthwhile for the ones who knew the barn.

I wonder why Capt. Jack purposely didn't name that "Joe" he mentioned? It must be some name we would recognize; nevertheless, it was pretty thrilling for our Capt. Jack to be invited to entertain, along with him, on the white guitar.

Seems to me Ethan Horne lives in the east, but the popcorn smell would be coming from Levi and Larry in northern Minnesota. Oh well, so much for details. It was a cute picture, anyway, and we see Larry Dake (LTD) is alive and well.

I love reading all the LTTEs and Miss Hetty letters that others have written. To see The Bulletin through their eyes and hearts. Thanks, Donna Mae, for the coverage of our Bulletin #253. Thanks to the Editor and Photo Editor, plus all the others who take seriously the need to submit so there is something to print.

I missed something from the Netherlands, but can't you just imagine how busy they are, picking tulips?

Also, Diana was not able to give us any update this time. We know it will be difficult for her to do so, but maybe Maralee will help her send us just some word as to how it goes for her.

Barb Floyd, please let us know how to find your current issue on line with the china boot that was Grandma Wheeler's. Also, somehow I missed seeing Dave and Kathy Pfingsten's name in the last Bulletin that you mentioned. I must look that up. I know we have a very able scribe on board now that Barb is submitting items.

It was touching to see a blind cat caring for his housemate, Max, in Chuckles. He must memorize every nook and cranny of the house.

We are prepared for great things in next week's issue about Miss Kitty's big birthday party. She will wonder what all this is about, but Miss Jerrianne will have to tell her that it's important she pose cutely by her whipped cream for The Bulletin.

Thanks again for all the worry and fussing and tweaking and decisions that it takes to put another Bulletin together and get it into our e-mail right on time.

Betty Droel

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
May is just two days away -- and Froggie's STILL a courtin'.


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell & Douglas Anderson; photo by Patty Henderson
Mason Henderson plays on his "bongo" birthday cake.

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Quotation for the day:

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April Day
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off the frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.

--Robert Frost -- Two Tramps in Mud Time (1936)

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