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Sunday, March 16, 2008
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Spring is coming!

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Desert Sand Verbena carpets California desert floor.

Updates -

Photo © Angela Roberson
Trinidy talking to our new horses, Kate & Indy.

Family Update -- the Robersons
by Angela Stahlecker Roberson
Hico, TX

Well, I suppose it is time for a little update. We moved to a new place in November so we've been super busy with everything that moving entails. I do have a recommendation, though, for any future movers reading this. Move all at ONE time. We haven't sold our old place yet, so we've been slowly moving, a little at a time. It's the middle of March, and yes, we are STILL moving stuff. So, take my advice the next time you move, and even if you are not in a hurry to move, act like you are! It will save a lot of hassle and stress.

We love our new place with its 30 acres and barns/sheds for the kids to explore. We acquired a little over two dozen chickens from Mom and Dad (Kathleen and Earl) so the boys have enjoyed gathering the eggs every afternoon. We also saved up and bought two horses from a local horse rescue. Kate and Indy have made a wonderful addition to our family and are incredibly sweet and gentle with the kids. We still have our four dogs, 11 cats (one just had babies), three fish, a turtle, and eight goats. Three of the goats will be having babies in a couple of months, too, so we are looking forward to watching the baby goats play.

Scott is in the middle of his busy travel season. He'll be gone a total of three weeks in March, and almost four in April. He's already been to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Virginia, and New York so far this year. He'll travel to California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New York (again), Florida, and Nevada in these two months. So, he'll earn a lot of frequent flyer miles for us to use later! He'll be glad when he can be home more as there are lots of things to keep us busy.

The boys are eagerly looking forward to Spring Break as the weather gets warmer here, and they can play outside more. Trinidy also loves going outside and tries to do everything her big brothers do. They keep me very busy, but I enjoy almost every minute of it!

I have enjoyed seeing the trees and flowers bloom on our new place. I even spotted some tiny bluebonnets starting to push through the ground today! We moved here after everything had already died for the winter, so I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of flowers and plants we have on the place. I have also been inspired by all of the people getting fit and losing weight in The Bulletin so I have really begun to exercise more and watch what I eat. My sister Adriana has also been an encouragement to me as she has been training and running in half marathons. The spring weather calls for me to get outside and be more active.

So, that's what we've been up to here in Hickville Hico, as one of my friends calls it. I have a blog going at, if you ever want to peek in and see what's new at the Roberson household. We stay pretty busy with everyday life, but we treasure each and every moment!

Photos © Angela Roberson
Trinidy, with her hat in hand, on a mission to visit the horses, left; Trenton on Kate & Trevor giving Tracer a ride on Indy, right.

Photo © Char Myron
Mavis & Tom Morgan, Zach, Tytus & Tim Myron, Jessica & Jeff Gauderman.

Update -- the Myron family visits the Morgans
by Mavis Anderson Morgan
Estero, FL

Tim and Char (Morgan) Myron and their family enjoyed a week in sunny Florida. The Myrons celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, as well as being together for meals and shuffleboard ... and they had a good day of fishing.

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Tytus Myron & Grandpa Tom Morgan play Scrabble.

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Tom, Char, Zach, Jessica, Tim, Tytus & Jeff enjoy pool at Grandpa Bob Myron's condo.

Update -- Indermarks visit Wisconsin, Minnesota
by Jim and Kristi Larson Indermark
Litchfield Park, AZ

Alex was baptized at our church in Caledonia, Wisconsin, Sunday. It was a beautiful, snowy day. Alex is doing great, enjoying his first vacation. Jordan and Tyler are enjoying seeing all their friends in Wisconsin again. Right now, we are staying with Jim's parents. We will be heading to Minnesota on Thursday to finish our vacation with my side of the family.

Pastor Paula holding Alex, Kristi, Jim holding Tyler & Jordan in front.

Update -- Kylie McNeill celebrates first birthday
by Peggy McNeill
Ashby, MN

Kylie Grace McNeill, daughter of Roddy and Alisha McNeill, celebrated her first birthday March 9th at the home of Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Eddie. Lots of relatives and friends stopped by to celebrate. As you can see, she was really enjoying herself.

Photo © Peggy McNeill
Kylie Grace McNeill with first birthday cake.

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Dale Houkom, Marlene Burchill, Mavis & Tom Morgan.

Update -- oceanside engagement
by Mavis Anderson Morgan
Estero, FL

Coming to Florida, to spend a week away from the snow and cooler weather, were Dale Houkom from Hope, North Dakota, and Marlene Burchill from Hunter, North Dakota. Dale has lived just three miles from Tom and Mavis for more than 50 years and is a good friend and neighbor; Marlene was making her first trip to Florida and came with Dale.

They enjoyed picking their breakfast oranges from our tree and spending time at the beaches and other attractions while they were here.

It was at Lovers Key beach that Dale asked the question and Marlene responded, "Yes." Their mission was accomplished.

Photo © Mavis Morgan
Here we are at Lovers Key beach where the engagement took place.

Update -- a new job for Eric
by Eric Anderson
Maple Grove, MN

It's Eric. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but there's not a whole lot for me to talk about, what with not having a job and all. "Today I woke up and looked for work for a while. Finding nothing, I played computer solitaire for the rest of the day." Yeah, that's not very compelling reading. Anyway, that's all going to come to an end next week. I got a job!

Starting Monday, I'll be a Financial Assistant for a company called American Preclinical Services. They're a medical research facility in Coon Rapids. The hours aren't as good, and neither is the pay for that matter, but it's accounting work and it's in a nice location, so there's that. I'm actually pretty excited to get back to work. It's been close to four months and I was starting to go a little stir-crazy.

Besides that, there hasn't been a whole lot going on around here. Leona is still teaching at Maple Grove Jr. and will be there for the rest of the year. The pets are all doing fine and the new car has been great, except for the brake job it needed yesterday, but that's out of the way now, so that's nice, especially with me starting my job next week.

Looking forward to spring! Keep up the good work with The Bulletin.


Muriel Rodriguez at retirement party.

Update -- Muriel Rodriguez retires after 29 years
by Dorothy Anderson
Alexandria, MN

On March 7, 2008, Muriel Rodriguez was feted at a retirement party celebrating 29 years of service to Richland County and the State of North Dakota.

Muriel Wold Rodriguez is retiring as Deputy Clerk of District Court. She served the first part of her career as Deputy Clerk of Court with the Richland County Court and has spent the last several years as Deputy Clerk of District Court with the State of North Dakota in the Southeast Judicial District. The Clerk of Court's Office's primary responsibility is the custody and maintenance of all court records.

The party was attended by a large group of well wishers. Her mother, Elaine Anderson Wold, spoke of how many from the court system and other offices attended to wish Muriel well in her retirement. She spoke of seeing retired Judge Bayard Lewis and his wife, who mentioned to Elaine that they wouldn't have missed it -- after all, he is the one who first brought Muriel to work in the judicial system!

We all wish you a lovely retirement!

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. LeRoy Dake supplied last week's mystery picture.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

Thanks for another great Bulletin. I had to respond to the mystery picture. It is one of my all time favorite pictures. In back is my big brother Joe Miller and myself [Carolyn Miller Dake] in front of him. Next is Steve Miller and Yvonne Henderson. Sitting on the tub is Duane Miller and the birthday boy in the highchair is Ernie Dake. The occasion was Ernie's second birthday. I can't help but smile every time I see this picture. It is an oldie, but goodie, for sure. Family connections go back a long ways!

Carolyn Miller Dake
Duluth, GA

Let’s make another photo guess and see if I can do better this week. (I should have known that was James last week.) From the top left, I think that is Wayne Henderson (kind of hard to tell with his face turned to the side). I guess it wasn't any easier to get a group of youngsters to all look in the same direction and smile then than it is now!) Next is probably Ginny. The next two I know for sure: birthday boy Ernie [Dake] and yours truly [Steve Miller] standing behind him. Then I believe it is Yvonne Henderson and sitting on the footstool is Duane. The picture must have been taken in 1953 or '54.

Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

Editor's Note: Keep trying, Steve ... you got four out of six ... same percentage as two out of three last time.

I wish I had a guess on the cute Mystery picture this time. A totally wrong guess, but one that came to mind, would be Dick and Florence Miller's children, but I had better not even say that out loud!

A lot had recognized last week's picture immediately. Even to where it was taken.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Editor's Note: You are not totally wrong. The first two on the left in the back are Carolyn and Joe, who are Florence and Richard Miller's children (as you can read in Carolyn's guess). There are a couple of Blanche and Jim Miller's boys there, too.

Travelogue t

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
The city gates in Meknes were the most elaborate of all.

by Kjirsten Swenson
Houston, TX

Meknes is another Moroccan city with royal history, lovely architecture, and an interesting market, but on a much smaller scale than either Fes or Marrakech. I appreciated the relatively relaxed pace of the city and was content to spend a day there, considerably less lost than usual!

To be continued ...

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Olives and preserved lemons at the covered market in Meknes.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Sweets in Meknes. Many were variations of the ground nuts & honey theme. Yum!

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Colorful bulk spices in Meknes covered market.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Stroopwafel warms up on a steaming mug of coffee or tea.

Sweet Treats: English, Scottish and Dutch
by Jerrianne Lowther
Anchorage, AK

My birthday this year was especially sweet. First, there was the impromptu vacation to sunny California and Arizona while desert wildflowers were bursting into bloom on every side. And when I returned home, I found a completely unexpected box of delectable goodies -- Walker's Pure Butter Shortbread from Scotland and Duerr's English Traditional Lemon Curd -- from a friend with real English roots. Yum! Every good thing tastes better with English Lemon Curd!

And then the postman delivered a box of Dutch Syrup Waffle Cookies, or Nederlandse Stroopwafels, (scroll down past the irons on the linked page for a recipe). I'd already received an e-mail letter about the contents from Kyra, who sends boxes of exotic handmade cookies on Mother's Day, birthdays and other appropriate occasions. Kyra's unusual cookies often come with a story, and sometimes with an interesting history ... and even a mystery. These cookies, which will surely be familiar to our Netherlands correspondents, did not disappoint! The letter said:

I sent you a little something to celebrate your birthday. It's more experimental than usual, so consider it a work in progress -- this year the test kitchen comes to you!

It all started with a drawing I saw in the new cookie cookbook I got for Christmas. It looked like a fun idea and I knew I had a pizzelle iron somewhere that hadn't been used in about 15 years. Time to find it.

I made the batter and it seemed like there was way too much flour -- perhaps a predictable hazard of using a cookbook produced by a flour company? When I shut the lid of the iron, it was clear that these were not going to turn out like the picture -- they were way too thick. I fussed with that for a while and eventually made another batch with a lot less flour. These were thin and delicate and quite interesting...

I moved on to the filling. That recipe seemed to work, except that I hadn't used my candy thermometer in 15 years either and we no longer understood each other. The first batch turned into cinnamon crack, which definitely did not enhance the super-thick cookies. For the second batch, I went back to the traditional method of testing the temperature of hot sugar and that worked much better.

Basking in my success, I flipped through some other recipes in the cookbook and discovered that you're supposed to clamp the pizzelle iron shut when you use it. Oops. Maybe that's why they turned out so thick. I checked some other sources and they all agreed that the dough should be thick and some of them showed pictures of traditional heavy-duty irons that would have no problem dealing with it.

[A little web research turned up many recipes and methods ... batters that use baking powder and stiff doughs that use yeast. The thicker waffles are traditionally sliced into two thin wafers while they are hot and then sandwiched with the cinnamon flavored syrup filling between them.]

So now I need to go back and try the recipe again and clamp the iron shut, but I haven't gotten that far, hence the work in progress...

The recipe mentions that you might need to go to extra measures to keep these crisp. How do you do that? They suggest a cracker crisper, which I'm fairly certain you don't have within easy reach...

In Mexico, we were amused to see that the salt shakers in restaurants almost always had more rice in them than salt (sometimes the pepper shaker, too). This got me thinking I might be able to improvise an alternative, so those little cheesecloth sacks in with the not-exactly stroopwafels are homemade desiccants. I have no idea whether they will help at all, but you can always open them up and add the rice to a soup or something.

So I hope you have a happy birthday. If the cookies don't quite measure up, at least we got a story to tell.

- kyra

The Syrup Waffle Cookies do measure up! And the little bags of rice seemed to do their job quite well. Since they had picked up some of the sweet and spicy cinnamon aroma, I thought the rice might be a fine ingredient for rice pudding ... except for the bag purloined by Mai Tai, who promptly drowned it in his water dish.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
March 17---St. Patrick's Day
March 20---First Day of Spring

This Week's Birthdays
March 17---Ruth Weiland Kitto
March 18---Janie Anderson
March 21---Rachel Henderson

This Week's Anniversaries
March 22---Ken and Ruth Weiland Swanson Kitto (6 years)

More March Birthdays
March 1---Betty Weiland Droel
March 2---Tom Miller (Doctor)
March 3---Donald Anderson
March 6---Jerrianne Lowther
March 6---Gwen Stucker
March 9---Kylie Grace McNeill (1 year)
March 11---Kjirsten Swenson
March 12---Jolene Johnson

March 23---Colette Huseby
March 23---Capt. Jack Adair
March 28---Donna (Anderson) Johnson
March 30---Mason Henderson (2 years)
March 30---Michael Steinhauer
March 31---Linda Knutson

More March Anniversaries
March 3---Mike and Kelly Seaman (7 years)
March 3---Greg and Sonja Dake (2 years)
March 14---Brian and Melanie Birkholz Lehtola (6 years)
March 15---Dan and Gina Henderson (3 years)

March 26---Stanley and Janice Dake (38 years)
March 31---Frans and Rian de Been (30 years)

March Special Days
March 9---Daylight Saving Time Begins
March 17---St. Patrick's Day
March 20---First Day of Spring
March 23---Easter Sunday

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

I would like to share with you a special contest winner. Shalana Weiland was to make a box for her valentines from school, so she designed and created this box, which was the winner. What I think is so cute is the Kleenex box, which even has a little tissue coming out of it. Also, the pencil holder is actually toothpicks that were painted to look like pencils, pens, and a marker. The globe was a pencil sharpener. The calendar on the desk has a heart on February 14th. A heart-shaped Post-it Note Pad®. I think the little red thing must be an apple. The box is to represent a teacher's desk. Shalana has her heart set on being a teacher, so we can see her thinking.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photos © Marci Weiland
Shalana Weiland with "Ms. Weiland's teacher desk" valentine box.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

Not a big deal, but thought I would let you know that the wrong name was put under my dad’s picture with McKenna. It should read, "Grandfather George Chap."

Thanks for publishing the article and pictures, though -- very fun read this week!

Lori Chap Ostendorf
Rogers, MN

Photo Editor's Note: I plead guilty to confusing McKenna Ostendorf's Grandpa George Chap with Alexander Indermark's Grandpa George Larson. It seems my brain was still on vacation when I wrote that caption. Sincere apologies to all involved. I've corrected the archived copy.

It is a good morning here. It was foggy (unusual for us) early this morning when I got the paper, but it has burned off and it's about 70 out now. I see by the Startribune it's 35 in Minneapolis. Maybe spring is right around the corner. Of course, it is March and basketball tourney time so that is usually good for a snowstorm or two!

The Twins come over to Ft. Lauderdale to play the Orioles tomorrow so I will probably go check them out. It looks to me like the Tigers are going to be hard to beat this year.

Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

Here in the Netherlands all is fine; we had two storms so far the past week and for tomorrow a third is coming, very unusual for this time of year. There is a warning for storm in the afternoon and also the traffic can expect dangerous situations. Had my day off and washed my car.

Saw in The Bulletin that you already have daylight saving time; in the Netherlands it starts on March 30th.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Ary Ommert Jr.
Maassluis, The Netherlands

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Bulletin #299 means it will be Bulletin #300 next week. Is there something memorable about that issue being planned? Or do we just go from 1 to 300 in a smooth sequence? What is so nice is that a person can archive back to Bulletin #1, and do detailed searching into topics and titles and names. I do think that is a very valuable feature, making The Bulletin precious and rare, with all the baby pictures and wedding pictures and occasions for so many years.

Diamond Head from that angle from the air is a first for me to have seen. It made a most unusual first picture, taking us over to Ardis's story of another visit she made to Hawaii. Most people go for a restful vacation, but sounds like she went to be useful. Thank you, Ardis, for all those colorful Hawaii pictures. You fit right in.

Wonder what Alexander James Indermark will think about that cute picture in a few years? Looks like he's having a pleasant dream, doesn't it? It is nice his brother and sister love him and are not jealous. He'll soon be chasing them.

Congratulations to Travis Quick for his completion of a Mechanical Engineering degree. Not many I know have accomplished that, but it is an excellent profession.

It was fun to travel along with Anita (Phingsten) Weiland and Arlin and Ruth on their Amtrak trip to California. Anita works so hard and is alone except for her beloved Daisy Mae (puppy), so a trip like that would be a big one for sure. I'm glad she took time to share it with The Bulletin readers.

Anita Pfingsten Weiland & Daisy Mae.

For some reason I have a hard time making myself call Donna Mae Johnson "grandma," as I remember her as a young daughter of Don's and Dorothy's who was a special friend of mine. But then I have to search my own situation to find I am a step-grandmother also. Even a step-great grandmother. Looks like McKenna has more laps than she can use with the loving family.

I'm also trying to make George Larson out of that photo of him holding McKenna. And then I realize that has to be McKenna's Grandpa George Chap. The editors tell me the correct name has been placed on the picture in the Archives... Now I understand why it just does not look like George Larson as I knew him...

Why should I be so thrilled to see the photograph of Mai Tai? I had no idea he was so beautiful. He looks like his fur has been combed and combed. He does look like he's deep in thought. Probably planning some revenge for when Miss Kitty got the better of him while Miss Jerrianne was safely gone.

I was curious enough to click on all the links Miss Kitty gave us. The one for the Fountain of Youth was mesmerizing. The words in the title keep moving like it was under water or something. Very unique. The Salton Sea must be a special place, being Miss Sharon would ever choose that for her get-a-way home away from Alaska. Time nor space will not allow comments on the links, but hopefully readers will take time to look at them when possible. It's all so interesting, especially the picture of the train wreck.

Poor Miss Jerrianne. Having to clean up after her kitties, even on her birthday. Probably too much vanilla ice cream and birthday-ing. Nice to have the lap back home again.

Thanks again, Kjirsten, for the continuing story of the Morocco trip, with pictures. Also for the links we can click on to learn so much more about your adventure and food and taxi, etc. The picture with the fresh greens was a shock. The one pile looks like garbage. I think of cleaning them. The citrus would not last long before wilting down. Do they sell all that? So, we see it will be continued, and we are glad. I was hoping the link would have a picture of the grand taxi, but it didn't. Just some tips on riding in them. We know you have arrived home safely. That's good.

I can tell you that I got quite a shock to see a picture taken so long ago by Larry Dake of myself. Thanks, Bitzi, for the superior job on the background. I loved that orange dress. I am not sure what year that was taken, but it was many years ago. What a surprise! It's a wonder I could even recognize me looking that young. Thank you for it.

I think it is so interesting to read the Letters to the Editors that others write. I was glad Amy (Dake) Harrison told us where she is now. Our last news of her was the wedding, wasn't it? We need some updates on a lot of our Bulletin families.

That is quite a rug Cheerio is lying on. The scallops and the edge and the two prints. I wonder what a bigger picture of that would look like. He looks at home on it, anyway.

Well, we did get a Chuckles this week, too, and it is pretty funny of "GMOM."

We are hoping our Photo Editor had a happy birthday. I know her cake would not be as beautiful as mine, that is for sure. So, we are ALL getting older and "up there." Such a fitting Quotation for the day: Statistics show that the people who have the most birthdays live the longest.

Thank you again for this excellent issue #299 of The Bulletin, to each one of you that have worked so endlessly putting it together on time again.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell;photo by Jennie Horne
Carrie Horne demonstrates her driving skills.

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