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September of 2002
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Bulletin #1

To all of you hard working kids trying to get an education *KEEP WORKING -- it's worth it.*

I will give you some news about Grandpa and I and then about each other. Someone may not have heard that our home here in the park got the YARD OF THE MONTH award. Grandpa put in lots of effort to make it nice (I even weeded the flower beds) and it was fun being recognized for the effort.

Also we are going to church convention this coming Thurs. through Sunday afternoon. We drive there and back every day as it is only about 20 miles from here. Some of our friends from Mpls (John and Becky Evans) are coming down to stay with us and make the daily trip, too.

Now then I will start with the girls:

Becky is going to Alexandria Technical College. to become a "Human Service Practitioner." Her goal is to help the challenged in life -- those living in group homes and etc. Her classes this semester are child development, composition, etc. She sounds like one busy lady with Jayce to get on his bus, and Caity on hers, and help out a bit with the day care when she can, and classes arranged to mean quite a bit of driving.

Heidi says her first day at the University of Minnesota went pretty well. She caught the bus and got to the U. without a hitch. She likes the campus there -- pretty and lots of charm with many attractive older buildings as well as the more modern type. The day she wrote, she had a freshman seminar on American culture. She enjoyed her lunch as she met one of the girls she knows who are attending the U., too.

Now the Boys:

Eric let me know that his computer is dead, fried by a storm! He had renter's insurance and will be getting a new one -- and promises to write as soon as it is set up. Leona tells me that they are both back to school -- should know more details later.

Chris says he is on his last semester and is trying to decide just what kind of *real job* he will be going into. For income right now he is back at the restaurant where he enjoys the Boss and the rest of the help. He thought the semester was going to be a breeze but it sounds like he is finding that it might get a bit tough with something he referred to as senior capstone class with lots of papers to write.

Ben sent me a letter, too, and I copied it (like I did the rest) but I cannot find it -- so I will just tell you what I remember... If I get it wrong, please set it right when you write, Ben.

Ben is in his second year at University of North Dakota. He is living off campus with three other guys that he knows. They couldn't move in right away so spent some time in a motel. His folks went up on Labor Day and helped him move in. He is going to have to let me know more about his schedule. He also had a neat summer job and did OK at that.

I just got a letter from Zach; he says the University of Minnesota, Duluth, is a beautiful school with great facilities. They have a large library (5 stories) and tons of computers. You can log in your own personal desktop and all of your information and programs are there exclusively for you -- talk about convenient. He has an English class, art, a couple interesting sounding ones: one called rhetoric of pop culture and one called interpersonal communications.

It sounds like you all have things off to a start -- and good luck to you all for the coming year!

Grandma (and Grandpa, of course)