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Who's Where in The Bulletin l

Going Across Northern USA from East to West:
MW - Upper Midwest - North Central U.S.
(Charleston; south of Chicago) Rick Anderson
Central Wisconsin
(Verona - sc) Jason and Tami (Anderson) Hunt (Mazie, Kinley)
(St.Croix) Bradley and Whitney (Johnson) Nelson (Ezra, Willa)
Northeastern Minnesota
(Duluth) Eric and Julie Anderson
(Isanti) Donnie and Patty Anderson

Northwestern Minnesota
(between Brooks and Oklee - nw) Larry and Sherry Dake
(Moorhead - next to Fargo) Wyatt and Jolene Johnson (Rylie, Brooklynn, Camryn)
(Breckenridge - w) DeLoris Anderson
(Wannaska - nw) Mike and Sarah Steinhauer (Levi, Kira)

Central Minnesota
(Breezy Point - cn) Argyle and Kathlyn (Johnson) Anderson
Twila Jo (Anderson) Aydelotte (Todd, Allison, Hannah)
(Breezy Point - cn) Tim and Colette (Anderson) Huseby (Erik, Ashley)
(Fifty Lakes - cn) Willis and Glenda Berndt
(Howard Lake - ce) Gert (Dake) Pettit
(Howard Lake - ce) Brian and Melanie (Sigman) Lehtola
(Sauk Rapids - c) John & Penny (Miller) Pesta (Abigail, Alexander, Katelyn)
(South Haven - c) Wes and JoAnne Sigman
(Alexandria - cw) Don and Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
(Alexandria - cw) Shawn and Lori (Chap) Ostendorf (McKenna, Kierra)
(Ashby - cw) Beaver and Donna Mae (Anderson) Johnson
(Ashby - cw) Ben and Ashley (Torgrimson) Johnson
(Ashby - cw) Peggy McNeill and Edwin Evenson
(Ashby - cw) Linda Knutson
(Ashby - cw) Barbara and Russell Dewey
(Ashby - cw) David, Heather and Brock Dewey
(Ashby - cw) Bridget Larson
(Millerville - cw) Donna and John Thoennes
(Hutchinson - cw) Eric and Melanie Shockey (Greta, Porter)
(Hutchinson - cw) Carol Pokornowski
(Stillwater) Don C. and Rosemary McKenzie
(Watkins) Duane Miller (Ashlee)

Twin Cities -- in or near Minneapolis or St. Paul:
(Minneapolis) Zach Bratten
Rich and Marlene (Anderson) Johnson (Kim, Mark)
(Vadnais Heights) Weston and Kelly Johnson (Asher, Everett, Ingrid)
(Bloomington) Jason Quick
(Blaine - nw) Larry and Ginny (Dake) McCorkell
(MoundsView - n) Betty (Weiland) Droel
(Coon Rapids - n) Richard and Verlaine Weiland
(Coon Rapids - n) Jack and Ginny Adair
(Plymouth - cw) David and Genelle (Sigman) Mogck
(Minnetrista - sw) Curt and Patty (Anderson) Henderson
(Delano - sw) Ben and Heather Henderson, (Mason, Logan, Brienna)
(Hector - w) Dan and Gina Henderson (Abigail, Ella, Luke)
(Prior Lake - sw) Brian and Kristin Nordling
(Roseville, north of St. Paul - se) Charlie and Ardis (Sigman) Quick
(New Prague, south of Twin Cities - sc) Kurt and Jennie Larson (Madilyn, Liam, Audrey, Levi)
(St. Bonifacius) Jeff and Jessica (Myron) Gauderman (Alexa, Nora, Ethan)
Judy McCalla and her husband Jack Kleven
(Edina) Sharon Ann (McKenzie) Allen
(Eagan) Linda Zitzmann

North Dakota:
Northeastern North Dakota
(Thompson - ne) Tim and Char (Morgan) Myron

Northwestern North Dakota
(Dickinson - nw) Sheldon and Mitzi (Johnson) Swenson

Central North Dakota
(Fargo - ce) Ken and Merna (Morgan) Hellevang
(Fargo - ce) Cory and Lindsay Hellevang Shelton (Carter)
(Fargo - ce) John and Becky Chap Richter (Jayce Chap)
(Fargo - ce) Jay and Nicole Miller (Finley, Piper)
(West Fargo - ce) Mavis (Anderson) Morgan
(West Fargo - ce) Chris and Jessy (Wolff) Chap (Grady, Max)

Southeastern North Dakota
(Wahpeton - se) Muriel (Wold) Rodriguez
(Wahpeton - se) Dwight and Janie Anderson
(Dwight - se) Nathan and Brenda (Anderson) Hill (Jazmine, Jonathan, Jaxon)
(Jamestown - se) Art and Roxanne Mitzel

South Dakota:
(Edgemont) Justin and Melody Printz
(Hot Springs - sw) Jess Cloyd
(Yankton - se) Anita (Pfingsten) Weiland

(Sidney - sw) Harold and Carol (Dake) Printz (Cody)
(Beaver Crossing) Ken and Amy Dake Harrison (Harlie Mae)
(Lincoln) Brandon and Mikaela (Kleeb) Hellevang (Breck)

(Great Falls nw) Russ and Judy (Miller) Riesenberg

NW - Northwest

Northwestern Oregon
(Portland - nw) Barbara Anderson

Central Western Oregon
(Lowell, near Eugene - c) Richard Johnson, his wife Mia Nelson (Wiley, Arbor)

(Issaquah) Ryan and Jessica Hellevang (Theo, Everett, James)

Southcentral Alaska
(Anchorage - sc) Jerrianne (Johnson) Lowther and Miss Sparky and Cheyenne

Across Southern U.S.A. from East to West:
S - South - SE - Southeastern U.S.

Southeastern Florida
(Coral Springs - se) Steven and Kathy Miller

Central Western Florida
(Plant City) Clark and Sue Miller Smith (Alexander)
(Parrish) Jim and Kristi (Larson) Indermark (Jordan, Tyler, Alexander, Mason)

North Carolina
Suzanne McCorkell

(Madison - nc) Chris and Jennie (Dake) Horne (Ethan, Carolyn)
(Madison - nc) Ernie and Carolyn Dake
(Huntsville) Greg and Sonja (Maness) Dake (Samuel, Sean, William)

MW - Midwest - Midwestern U.S., southern tier
Southeastern Missouri
(Republic - se) Kellie Thayer (Michael, Bryan, Jason)

Central Texas
(Moody - c) De and Patricia Meyer (Ashley, Dusty, Hannah, Wyatt)
(McGregor - c) Stanley and Janice Dake
(Gatesville - c) Earl and Kathleen (Dake) Stahlecker (Aaron)
(Granbury - c) Michael and Adriana (Stahlecker) Brown (Sully, Everett, Lelan)
(Hico - c) Angela (Stahlecker) Roberson (Tracer, Trevor, Trenton, Trinidy)
(Denton) Steven and Kathy (Chaney Newton) Morriss
(Round Rock - c) Marlee (Morgan) Freesemann (Alyssa, Angela, Jettison)
(Houston) Damon and Rachel (Henderson) Olson (Lydia, Asher & Elam)

SW - Southwest - Southwestern U.S.

(Highlands Ranch) Shari (Miller Larson) Sykes

(Salt Lake City) Shane and Jayna Swenson (Malia, Finn, Asher)

New Mexico:
Central New Mexico
(Albuquerque - nc) Ryan and Heidi (Johnson) Henderson (Ella)
(Sandia Park- nc) Jens and Kjirsten (Swenson) Langsjoen (Leif)

Central Arizona
(Phoenix - c) Barbara (Wheeler) Floyd
(Litchfield Park) Kelly Larson (Devan, Nathan)

W - WEST - Western U.S.

Central California
(Madera - n of Fresno) Tom Miller

Southern California
(Yucaipa - e of LA) Julian and Anne (Mellon) Montford (Aiden & Austin)
(Alta Loma - e of LA) Dan and Nancy Mellon
(Los Angeles) Sam and Julie Mellon
(near LA) Susie (Anderson) Wright
Harry, Jr. and Doris Anderson.
Keith Mason and his wife, Lori Anderson (Lindsey)
(Balboa Island - Harbor of Newport Beach) Tom Mellon
Tim Mellon
(Tustin - se of LA) Steve Rodriguez

Other Locations:
The Netherlands (Holland) - Western Europe:
(Maassluis - sw) Ary Ommert, Jr.
(Oosterhout - sw) Frans de Been & Rian (Koen & Marloes)

(Gawler, South Australia) Glen and Colleen Williams

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