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November 25, 2002
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Bulletin # 8

Championship Finals, Football, 3A Division

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Glencoe-Silver Lake--21

For those of us who couldn't make it to the game -- a short report from a member of the family who saw Glencoe-Silver Lake (with Dan performing smoothly) take the 3A Division second place title for the state. The game was a tight contest held in the Dome.

I take the liberty of including part of the report of events, as told by Donna:

Glencoe-Silver Lake took second place, lost by only a field goal they'd missed earlier in the game, which some felt wasn't good -- turned out it was very right. Good game, though, like the ones that are at least close and more exciting. Got to see Dan do some good plays. There were over 30 of us there together to watch him. (He didn't know that ahead of time.)

He's such a mellow, neat kid! He does not let the losing bother him, just as he didn't let any of the winning games give him a big head ... or the plays he made ... or winning homecoming king. Patty told me he says, "I like football; I'm not a football player" about football. And, about being king, "Does that mean I have to wear that cap?" No conceit.

We all went to Fuddrucker's to eat after the game, the whole large group. Patty A. and some of the girls helped me find and save tables. I got one table that was being saved by another party, swapped ... so we could be together.

Patty asked if Dan was surprised to see all of us ... We stood and clapped for him and at some of the other tables, people clapped too. (funny) I told her, "And, how would I know if he was?" He just does not let things rattle him, one way or another.

NEWS from ASHBY, from Donna:

Caity called home and said they were sending all the kids home. Becky called the principal to see if Jayce still was going to Fergus, (he was) and he wouldn't tell her what was going on.

I guessed bomb threat and, from two sources, sounds like that is the case! In ASHBY! Good grief, wonder what that is about.

The school secretary just called to make sure where Caity is; it's her job to locate all kids and make sure their parents are home. What a job, lucky it is a small school! She called the bus (thank goodness for cell phones). Found out Caity is on the bus, but not one of my other day care boys -- so she has to try and figure out where he went.

NEWS CORRECTION: Kim is in 10th grade and doing great. (I did a goof in calling her a 9th grader.) I really do know that she and Rachel are both two years younger than Dan--so I can't blame anyone else for my mistake.

I have a couple of the grandkids I haven't done a report on: Mark and Ben Johnson. What is with you Johnsons that you don't communicate?

Now just a few news tidbits about various ones of the tribe: Mark got a new bike for his birthday. He'd been wheeless for about three months because his Dad got tired of fixing the old one. It is BRIGHT yellow and he thinks it's great.

In her report for Social Studies, Whitney portrayed Samuel De Champlain, the French explorer who founded Quebec .

Another piece of news from Whitney: This week in school they are doing options (doing fun activities with parents) which she is looking forward to. She also says she really likes her teachers.

Happy Thanksgiving to You All

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