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June 29, 2003
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The Pudding Pack

A Short Story
By Doug and Dorothy

Editor's Note: The following is a story with two narrators. When the writing is in normal prose style, it is the Mother speaking. When it is written in journal entry form, it is the Son who is speaking.

Killer Whale act at Marineland.

Chapter Six
Conquering The Matterhorn

6/27/76: No mere words will express what I have seen today. If I die tomorrow, it will not have been in vain. The Pirates of The Caribbean alone was worth a trip across the country. (I went twice!) The haunted house was a little lame and I don't even want to talk about the Matterhorn, but the rest was fantastic! I was shrunk down and injected into a human body, attacked by pirates and African animals, shot off into space and completely gorged with first-rate junk food. What more could you want?

2nd Entry: I am sitting here trying to put it all in order and capture the magnificence of Disneyland in words, but I am stumped. Even the singing bears were cool. I bought a Goofy button and a balloon that has already withered. The line for the submarine ride was ridiculously long, but well worth it. I wonder how they did the ghosts who rode along in our carts in the haunted house? That was the best part of that ride. A hippo charged our boat in the African Tour and man, did it look real! I can see why everyone makes such a fuss about this place. More later.

3rd Entry: I was just wondering how hot it must get in those costumes. Man, I don't think I would want their jobs. Probably all out of work midget actors from The Wizard of Oz.

4th Entry: My sisters and cousin Melinda keep talking about our trip to Marineland tomorrow with my cousin Lisa. They keep calling it Seaworld, and she keeps correcting them, like this:

Patty: Boy I can't wait until we go to Seaworld tomorrow, I want to see the waterskiing show!

Lisa: Marineland. Seaworld is in Florida.

Melinda: Waterskiing? At Seaworld?

Lisa: Marineland! Seaworld is in Florida!

Marlene: I hear Seaworld is more fun than Disneyland!

Lisa: >Sigh<... Never mind.

Okay, so I exaggerated that a little, but that's about how it went.

Today I think we all had a perfect (well nearly perfect) day. The day we had so long awaited --our visit to DisneyLand. We arrived before the gates were unlocked. Then Elaine and her brothers got in line for buying tickets. When we were finally allowed in, Dad, Junior and Elaine handed out the tickets. We then broke up in smaller groups -- but not until Lisa warned us again that we wanted to rush to the ones that would have the longest lines before late risers started arriving -- and that especially meant THE MATTERHORN. She assured us it was the neatest, scariest, fastest, and most popular ride in the park. I decided it wasn't for me -- I am NOT a dare taker, or a rider of wild rides!

As several rushed to line up for the big "mountain" ride Don and I did find what proved to be my favorite ride. We were advised by the ones who knew which other rides are considered to be the rides to get in the line to see the PIRATES of the Caribbean, no less. An animation perfection. The sacking of a city by pirates, real enough to be spooky, but never really terrifying -- what fun!

After we came back into the light from our dark ride in the boat, I decided to go with the girls and Elaine to see all the dolls in action -- all done to the tune of "It's a great world." So many beautiful dolls from so many nations -- I had to ride a second time through on the opposite side of the boat so I wouldn't miss a bit of it.

I guess I must have ridden in every conveyance available to ride on while there, accompanied by whoever was in the mood. We went on a safari; a frontier shooting occurred on one steamboat trip, and then some of us took a train (elevated) around the circumference of this magic land.

Later we got to see the presidents, and the country music bear performers, and even took a ride inside the human body. At noon we met for lunch in a big pavilion type of eating area. Food is a little more expensive than in fast food, but we enjoyed it and, after all, it was a special occasion.

And then we met the costumed Disney characters, shook hands, had our pictures taken, rode in a streetcar type of people mover and watched the parade that performs to keep it fun. I have never seen such a clean place -- college kid types running around in uniforms with brooms to keep everything spotless -- it was impressive.

Next it was time to visit a few shops (or many depending on how much stamina we had). We are taking home a lot of souvenirs -- probably my favorite is the Disney Club Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse ears; I think Lori and Becky will like them and the tee shirts to go along with them.

Then Don and I met Lisa, along with the other girls, So what was the first thing she asked, "Have you been on the Matterhorn ride yet?"

"NO! Of course not -- the lines are too long!!" Don and Junior chimed in that they thought I really should go" as the line wasn't very long right then. And then someone mentioned that Doug hadn't been on it either -- so why didn't he go with me and two of the girls wanted to go, too. Well, who wants to be chicken? I assure you this lady will flap her wings and accept the title from now on!

I went and what a way to add another gray hair to my head! Actually it is a wonder I didn't lose my head. Doug and I didn't do too much talking; we were entirely too busy holding on for our lives -- And do you know we got the most beautiful view of the iron trusses, the bolts and the rivets that held the whole ugly interior of this pretend mountain together. Or else we whipped outside for two seconds to provide some view of screeching humanity to serve as enticement to draw more people to come and risk having their glasses whipped off, which I really was afraid was going to happen

(Doug admitted afterwards that he sure thought his glasses might come off and then what in the world would he do for the rest of the trip?) Well I will say this about it -- I will not be getting in anybody else's way in the line up for the Matterhorn at any future date, no matter who might get an idea that I am an old "fuddy duddy"! And tomorrow -- but not as early -- we will do Marineland.

Updates -

from Donna

I had enjoyable visit from Donna R this last week. She arrived later Tuesday evening and left Sunday afternoon. She attended insurance classes at Arrowwood, north of Alex from Wed-Friday, spending the evenings with us.

Note to Donna: Thanks for bringing the yummy chicken salad along, Donna! Enjoyed your visit, hope to do it again next time you need classes done!

Friday evening, Lori and Chris arrived from the cities. Jessy arrived from Fargo a little time later. We had birthday cake for Caity and she got to open her gifts from the newest arrivals. Her birthday had been on Wednesday and she'd gotten gifts at that time from the rest of us that are here. So, her birthday lasted a while longer, she wasn't complaining! :-)

Saturday evening, Donna, Barb, Lori, Becky, Caity, Jayce and I went to the L'Homme Dieu theatre north of Alexandria for ANNIE. It was a very good production, very good voices! One of the little girls Becky recognized as being one of the Alex friends children. Caity was rather upset that we wouldn't let her hang around and meet the girl that played Annie. She was a little gal from St. Cloud, did an excellent job. Caity and Becky had gone to an Aladdin play there last year, it was a first experience for the rest of us.

Monday, 4 p.m. at the Johnson farm...

We had a pretty bad storm come through here about 1 or so. Lots of high winds, pounding rain. We now have way more rain than needed, with the flash flood watch still up until 7:30 this p.m.

Our neighbor gal called, she needed Beaver to come and start their generator, their dairy barn was heating up and she was worried about the cattle. Their husbands were gone for the day and they didn't know how to start the thing. I got hold of Beaver in town and he said he'd head over there.

It was a tree in their yard that brought the power line down, putting out our power and theirs, and how many others? She said one also landed on her mother-in-law's car. She said they had lots of damage in the yard. I don't think we had much, not that I can see anyway. I know the tops of our trees were swaying so far over, amazed they'd didn't fall though!

Our power is still out, Beaver started our generator around 3 or so. I was missing my computer, so glad he did :-) Noticed he got his desk cleaned off, while stuck in the house!

UPDATE -- Travelogue
by our grandchildren
Ben, Heidi, Rachel, and Kim

Well, we are getting ready to leave grandma and grandpa's early tomorrow morning. We had a really fun time! Sunday we went to meeting and then went to one of the friend's houses for lunch. Got to play some mean air hockey and a few other games. Then we made grandma and grandpa tacos and some fresh salsa and a fruit salad. Late into the night we messed around with Kim's digital camera ... made short video clips and stupid faces and the likes.

Monday we went to the Battlefield mall and spent our hard earned money to help keep the recession at bay. Then we went to find a place to eat that wasn't one of the billion Oriental places that they have sprouting up all over. (Not that there is anything wrong with Oriental food ... we just didn't feel like eating it!)

We eventually found a subway, the only one in all of Springfield, judging by how long we drove around looking for one! Then we drove around looking for a pool to go swimming, but apparently in Springfield pools are closed on Monday, so we went back to Grandma's and Grandpa's.

We ended up finding an open pool in Republic and spent a couple hours acting as sun worshipers. Then Grandpa had supper for us. Pork chops and carrots in gravy and baked, creamed corn and a salad. All of it tasted wonderful! Both Sunday and Monday we played Rook and we girls played Dutch Blitz -- Ben said we were pretty intense and we probably were!

This afternoon (Tuesday) we are going to try to find another pool to hang out at and tonight there is a deal for us at one of the friends' houses for the young people around Springfield, so that will be fun to meet some new people!

Then tomorrow it's an early start for Colorado for convention. We will start for home on Saturday afternoon and stop half way at a motel (the cheaper the better -- the Roach Motel or the likes) and then get home sometime Monday. Thus far, the trip has been great and the rest should be just as wonderful!

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for letting us camp out at their place! It was wonderful to see you again!

* And so nice to have you visit us. We loved the Taco Supper. And our gardens are spick and span from the working over they got -- we are now weedless! Thanks for all the help and the perfect behavior of loving guests. Grandpa and Grandma.

by Patty

We just returned from NDSU. Dan had his orientation for his freshman year. We also were lucky to find an apartment that we have rented for August 1. That means they can move in at their leisure ... probably a week or so before school starts. They are in South Fargo, in fact just at the junction of I-29 and I-94, so quite easy to find.

Dan got most of his classes that he wanted, but quite spread out, so he'll have ample opportunity to find a studying niche at the campus! They have a wonderful wellness center too, so has another diversion there as well ... lots of weight machines, etc. to try his muscles on! We are so glad they are going to be together ... makes a mama feel a bit better having two of her birds in the same nest, even though it's four hours from home! They are quite excited about the prospect as well.

Rachel has "landed" a job at the Glencoe Regional Health Services Long Term Care. She will start orientation when they return from their adventures in the south country. She will only be scheduled every other weekend, but she's hoping to pick up more hours after that. Hope she likes it. She can maybe entertain us, just as the Howard Lake Nursing Home entertained all of us over 20 some years ago!

We had a tornado in a little town west of us, Buffalo Lake. Caused lots of damage. Missed the part of town with most of the residential area (which comprises about one square block...ha) We were in Fargo at the time and had the weather channel on in the hotel... we weren't sure what was happening back home, cuz you know how the news is... ALL of Minnesota is flooded according to the news report... well we must have drifted off shore, cuz we got just enough and needed it badly... others west of Hutch weren't quite as lucky, though. We saw some very large "puddles" in the fields on our way home.

To any of you contemplating a journey down to Missouri, our kids send very good references for quaint accommodations West of Springfield.... Grandma and Grandpa A's Hotel and Eatery!!! Great food, music and a warm welcome!

Just me,

from Diana (Martin) -- my cousin who visited us on Tuesday.

Arrived home early last night ... terrible storms in our area, but we only had lot of rain here, from what we can see. No other damage. One of my window boxes got washed out.The van gave us some more trouble, but the cooler weather the farther north we got really helped. Thank-you so very much for the lovely lunch and visit. It was so nice to see your place, and meet your grandchildren. Russ really enjoyed Don, and wants to visit again sometime.

Thank-you, again!


by Weston

Hi Grandma,

I thought I’d send in an update to tell you about my recent road trip, although it wasn’t quite as epic as the trip you and Doug have been writing about. I, along with three of my friends from Ashby, drove to Lake Tahoe to attend another friend’s wedding.

Four full grown guys in a 4-door midsized Buick. We left the Cities at about 8:30 last Wednesday night. I drove the 4 to 9 a.m. shift on Thursday morning, which means I got to drive across most of the lovely state of Nebraska. Apparently their new state motto is "Right Lane Closed," as that phrase was displayed on bright orange signs every 50 miles or so throughout the entire state.

By the time we reached Wyoming the sun was back up and shining, which means we had nice views of the mountains throughout western Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada.

We arrived in Reno at about 9:30 Pacific time, 27 hours after leaving the Cities. We spent that night in Reno before heading to Lake Tahoe on Friday. The drive to the Lake was very nice -- you have to drive through, over and around mountainous terrain to get there. Very scenic, but a little unnerving in a car with somewhat questionable brakes.

Our resort was called the Cal-Neva Resort, so named because it literally sits on the border between Nevada and California. They even have a line through the floor of the swimming pool showing exactly where the border is. We spent most of our time hanging out at the resort, sightseeing, etc.

The wedding was on Saturday and was held on the deck of the chapel, which overlooks the Lake. The ceremony was technically in California, so afterwards the bride, groom, witnesses, and pastor had to walk over to Nevada, re-do the technical parts of the ceremony, and sign the papers before the marriage was "official." Definitely a unique wedding in many ways.

We stayed at the resort again Saturday night, then hit the road at around 12:30 Sunday afternoon Pacific time to head back to Minnesota. We took an alternate route through South Dakota to avoid seeing Nebraska again, which led to us driving diagonally across Wyoming through the rain all night that night. It was light out again by the time we hit South Dakota, and after stopping in Mitchell, SD, for an oil change,we arrived back in the Cities around 6:30 on Monday evening.

All in all, we put about 3,600 miles on the car. We spent 54 hours driving (including stops for gas and food) to spend 63 hours in Reno/Tahoe. I guess maybe we should have flown, but we saved a lot of money and I think we all enjoyed the road trip.


The Family Cookbook
Culinary Heirlooms
by Doug Anderson

      Last week I presented Janie's wonderful rhubarb crisp recipe, now let's compare/contrast it to yet another great rhubarb crisp recipe I received earlier this month. You be the judge, gentle reader, because both recipes are superb and I don't want to play favorites! So pull up your favorite judge's chart, tuck in that checkered linen napkin and ready yourself for:

Wyatt, Jolene & Little Rylie's Easy Rhubarb Crisp

4 cups of rhubarb (chopped)
1-1/2 cups of sugar
3 ounces strawberry Jell-O
1 box white or yellow cake mix
1-1/2 sticks melted margarine

Spread rhubarb in a 9"x13" pan.
Sprinkle with sugar.
Sprinkle Jell-O dry mix.
Add cake mix (dry)
Melt margarine and pour over combination.
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
Serve hot or cold, with ice cream.

The authors say, "We substituted 1 cup of strawberries for one of the cups of rhubarb, and used 1/2 cup of sugar." Good idea! Wyatt wrote that they came back from the farm with enough rhubarb to fill Beaver's dump truck, so I know one family that will be eating rhubarb crisp well into the fall!

      Thank you Wyatt, Jolene and little Rylie for helping us look at rhubarb crisp from both sides now!
      Next week: Something yummy from Mindy!

by Donna

I have a new question, to any of you that feel like sharing... (If you receive this bulletin, you are an eligible contributor; please don't feel like you are just a wallflower or onlooker!)

I so enjoyed Doug's Father's day writing, it made me wonder,

What is the earliest memory you have? asked for our earliest memories. I can remember sitting in my high chair (I'm assuming that's where I was sitting) in our house on the highway near Howard Lake. I'm facing the door and I'm watching Dad walk up the sidewalk. Mom says that I more than likely wasn't even a year old. I can remember that but can't remember what I went into the next room to do ... strange!


Wow, that is an early memory! Yes, you wouldn't have been very old at all, when we lived there. I remember how much you hated sitting in the grass the first few times. Of course, Donny and I thought it was so cute the way you tried pulling your little legs out of the grass, without tipping over! I can still see how you looked...a little cutie!

It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, What are we busy about? --Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862, American Essayist, Poet, Naturalist

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart --Helen Keller, 1880-1968, American Blind/Deaf Author, Lecturer, Amorist


Hi there everybody--hope you enjoy this feature--and feel free to contribute your favorite smile maker! The following story was forwarded by DON





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