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Sunday, May 16, 2004
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Updates -

by Patty Anderson

A Correction
Hi! We're glad to be here again! I did get your e mails at the address I originally gave you, but I now found out our correct address is (not .com on the end). Sorry for the mess up -- it's been a long week trying to get this all fixed! You'll need to change that in your address book. Sorry! Thanks!


by Wyatt Johnson

We decided it was finally time to take care of Rylie’s birthday present, which was a new play set. Many grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles chipped in on it for her birthday, too. We found the one we liked, and bought it (finally) on the spot. Since a minivan doesn’t handle a load of lumber very well, we called Scott (Jolene’s brother) and Joy to see if we could borrow their pickup. We could, and went back to pick up the lumber immediately.

When grandma Donna (Thoennes) … I wonder how many kids have 2 grandmas named Donna … heard we were building the play set on Saturday, she volunteered to come and help! Wyatt got up and got started about 7:30, and grandma got here by about 9. We had most of the tower done by lunchtime, and Jolene went and picked up some KFC for us. Although rigor mortis was setting in pretty hard already, we got right back to it, since Grandma Donna had to leave around 3.

Our only scare of the day was when a neighbor stopped by and asked if we’d looked at the neighborhood covenants. D’oh!!! I ran downstairs, looked, and didn’t see anything about play sets. Hopefully we’re safe. If not, you’ll be seeing a for sale ad from us real soon.

By the time Grandma Donna left, we had the tower built, and were starting on the swing arm. Jolene proved to be a great multi-tasker, as she helped build and chased Rylie, Atley, and Sam.

Rylie at play on the nearly completed play set.

by Kristi Indermark

Hi everyone!!

Happy belated Mother's Day! I hope everyone else had as great of day as I did. My husband took Jordan and me to Disney for Mother's Day. (I don't know how he is going to top this next year). We stayed at Disney's Port Orleans resort for Saturday and Sunday night. It was such a nice hotel. Jim found out that all the Disney resorts give a very large discount to Florida residents in the off season.

We took Jordan to Magic Kingdom and Epcot on Saturday. She had so much fun! We rode the merry-go-round, which she thought was the best. We got to ride on the paddle boat around Tom Sawyer's Island. It was a very nice relaxing ride. Then, when we got to Epcot, we rode on the Imagination ride with Figment. She fell in love with Figment, so being the first time parents that we are, we bought her a Figment stuffed animal and much more. We drove home at 5 a.m. Sunday morning, to make it to work by 8 a.m. We only live an hour and a half from Disney, which makes a nice weekend get away.

Jordan is growing up so quickly. She is now 26 inches long, or should I say short. She weighs about 17-1/2 pounds with 8 very sharp teeth. Jordan can now crawl forwards and backwards. (For a long time, she only had reverse.) She is pulling herself up on the couch and anything else she can find. We have converted our living room into Jordan's play area. I can't believe how quickly Jordan picks up on things. She can wave bye-bye and she says Hi. She is so wonderful! Right now she is working on getting some more teeth, so we are back to the 1 a.m. wake up, for some medicine to help the gums feel better.

We are planning a trip to Minnesota in June for my niece Samantha's dance recital and then again in August for Jordan's first birthday. I can't believe how quickly this last year has really gone by.

I think that is all that is going on here. I will keep ya'll posted! Take care.


Jim, Kristi, and Jordan

Kristi & Jordan Indermark by their hotel's fountain

by Tami Anderson

The Bulletin gets more elaborate each time I read it! I'm winding down my schooling with only 4 days of clinic left and then a day off before graduation on Saturday [May 15]. Jason will be here for graduation, along with Rick and Barb, of course! I plan to leave the 18th for ND. I have 2 interviews set up for the end of May in Madison, Wisconsin, and hopefully I will have a job before too long! It's hard to find a job when you aren't even in the same state!! Have a wonderful week!


by Merna Hellevang 

I enjoy reading The Bulletin and getting all the latest news. Last week we read of Dan and Gina's engagement. They are in our Wednesday bible study, so we have gotten acquainted, and I was able to congratulate them this week after meeting. They are a sweet couple! I know you agree.

I thought after reading that Rachel was inducted into National Honor Society that we could include in an upcoming Bulletin that Brandon was recently inducted into the National Honor Society at Fargo North High School.

It is a nice honor for these kids who work hard at academics as well as showing leadership and character and involvement with various activities and volunteer work.


Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

The group that went out to eat with me to celebrate Mother's Day:
David (Becky's friend), Becky, Linda, Caity, Lori, Beaver, Chris & Jayce.

My Mother's Day

My husband and children have done it again, coming up with an  AWESOME Mother's Day gift!

Lori called for Mother's Day reservations in Alexandria at Ruby's Grill, which has been totally remodeled since our last visit there. They provided a dazzling array of foods, almost to the point of making one overwhelmed! They had it all beautifully displayed and if anyone went away hungry, it was totally their choice! Yummy!

The whole group gave me $$ and a beautiful card, with a "boarding pass" flight coupon: departing Minneapolis International Airport to Washington, D.C.! At the bottom it read: PURCHASED BY REALLY COOL PEOPLE. That is so VERY accurate! They are beyond cool.

Beaver, Lori (and possibly Weston) and I will be going to Washington, DC, over the Labor Day weekend (if things go according to tentative plans). Lori and Beaver have been exchanging e's about this trip and we are all looking forward to going!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Beaver, Lori, Becky, Wyatt, Jolene, Weston, Chris, Ben, Caity, Jayce & Rylie! I love you all!

Brianna & Brandon Lehtola

Last Saturday, Linda and I met Donna R.; JoAnne and her daughter Jessie; Melanie and her two children, Brandon and Brianna, for lunch in St. Cloud. These are pictures Linda had taken of Brandon and Brianna. Aren't they little cuties! We all had a great time visiting and spending some time together.

Editor's Note: In case you don't know just who these two are ... they are the children of Melanie and Brian Lehtola. (A story about Brian's service in Kosovo is in The Bulletin, issue #96)

On Armed Forces Day: A Sailor Remembers Naval Training

by Don Anderson

To my granddaughter, who asked for how life was in World War II.

In 1945, I got my draft notice. I didn't want to be in the Army, so I was given time to enlist in the Navy, which I did in early 1946.

I was sent to Minneapolis, Minnesota. to be inducted and sworn in. I, along with about a hundred others, boarded a troop train for San Diego, California, for "boot " training, a term used to describe training sailors for Navy duty.

On arrival at the Navel Training Center, we were ordered to inspection and roll call to get prepared for haircuts, clothing and other personnel needs.

After getting our Navy clothing and haircuts, we looked like a bunch of sheared sheep. The Navy barbers were not fussy, as we were now members of the US NAVY.

Next we were to attend a meeting of Navy doctors who explained we were to get ready for war time conditions and stressed the need to keep in physical condition.

Each day was different: we had to learn the Navy customs, saluting officers and showing respect for those of higher rank.

I want to tell you about Navy time: Navy time begins at zero hours (midnight --written 0000). For instance, 1 o'clock in the afternoon is, in Navy time, 1300 hours. After midnight it is 0200. Kind of hard to get use to.

A few terms used in the Navy, if I remember correctly: (That's 58 years ago and my memory is not too good.)

PORT -- is left side of the ship.
STARBOARD -- is the ship's right side (facing forward)
MESS HALL -- dining room
ALL HANDS -- entire crew
HEAD -- toilet
SWAB -- a mop for cleaning decks
GALLEY -- kitchen

Our clothing was stored in a "seabag." All clothing was rolled tightly to assure all fits into the bag.

We learned how to tie knots. Square knots, granny knots, each one used in different situations.

We slept in double bunks; I had a top bunk. Our sea bag hung at the foot. All clothing must be in the bag. Nothing left on the outside.

Each one had to complete a G.C.T. (General classification test to determine our ability along various lines of needed work in the Navy.

We had to take many shots: smallpox, typhoid fever, yellow fever.

We were sternly disciplined on behavior. They scared us to death to even breathe.

Were required to stand watch. Some were selected to stand watch four hours daytime and two hours at night.

We spent 5 hours a day on the "grinder," a large training field where we heard how to conduct ourselves and how to march in formation.

On our off hours we had to wash our clothing in a large washing table. About 50 feet long and sailors on both sides scrubbing our dungarees and blue shirts.

We were allowed to go to the PX (Post Exchange) to buy needed items, ice cream, candy, etc.

Mail call was every day; we stood in formation and waited for our name to be called to see what mail we had from home.

Late in training, I suffered injuries from a fall from a high bridge mount. I hurt my feet badly. I was taken off duty and after several weeks I was in line for a medical discharge. I was asked if I wanted to get out. My choice was to go home, which I chose to do.

Thus ended my Navy service.

Don Anderson

Don Anderson, US Navy, 1946

Travelogue t

The Bolivian Beat
By Kjirsten Swenson

Kristen's costume Kjirsten & cholitas
Market seller: She's my casera. That means I always buy from her and in return am offered good prices and produce. Here she's not at the market, but rather selling a few fruits and veggies at the festival of papa wayk'u (see #100). She's ashamed of her lack of teeth ... thus the strange smile.
Dancers at papa wayk'u festival in Morochata

Buenos Días!

Greetings from Cochabamba! Today I've been busy catching up with people. This afternoon a friend and I are going to visit one of the SIT directors. This evening Karina and I are heading out in search of live music. She's Morochata's current dentist and is great fun... I'll be really sad to see her go when her rotation ends in 6 weeks. If Dr. Juan sneaks out of his public health classes in time, he'll join us.

I have a new room! That turned out to be an ordeal I'd like to forget... some Bolivian friends associated with an NGO that's working in Morochata asked me how much I was paying for my room there. When I told them $80 per month, they flipped and told me I was paying several times the fair price. I had trusted the owner because she's a relative of my Cochabamba family and $80 per month seemed reasonable to me. When I talked to my family here, they were really upset and insisted I allow them to find me something different. I hated the idea of all the gossip that would flow when I moved out, but I also didn´t want to perpetuate an image of myself as a rich gringa willing to pay exorbitant prices ... and it makes me angry to think someone I trusted would take advantage of me.

So my family here did some checking and found me a different room to rent from another relative. I moved a couple of weeks ago without incident. My room is a typical dark, windowless room with swollen doors that don't shut all the way. But I have a lovely open courtyard with a peach tree! My living conditions are more rustic than they once were, but for $25 per month I won't complain. Now my friends from the hospital insist I'm still paying too much, given the quality of the room, but I don't particularly want to move again, since I'm here for less than two months... I can't make them understand that saving $10-20 dollars is not nearly worth the hassle of breaking my commitment, finding something better, packing my stuff, and explaining to everyone in town once again that I was paying too much y por eso decidí buscar algo más económico... but I'll let them find something better and move when I come back in August.

I've posted a few new photos. Quite possible that I'll be back in Cochabamba next weekend as well, because it's the last weekend that my dear friend Ariel will be in Bolivia. And I'd also be able to catch a concert by one of my favorite Bolivian groups :)

Quechua sentence of the day:

Allgojina mikhunki.
You eat like a dog.

Love, Kjirsten

*Photo Editor's Note: If you wish to see more of Kjirsten's photos, these are from her Bolivia 2 album posted here:

Mom, Holding A Sting Ray

Cayman Islands J

Final Friday

by Kimberly Johnson

Well...from the start of our vacation we haven't done much traveling about, but today we decided to head out and pay our friends a little visit, so we jumped on a boat and went out to "Sting Ray City."

We started to see a sand bar...and assumed that's probably where we would be stopping. As we pulled up and shut off the motor, dozens and dozens of little black circles surrounded the boat. It was quite scary thinking that we would have to get in with those creatures! I wasn't so sure this was a good idea after all. Maybe I could sit and take pictures of them from where I was? We all were standing on the boat just admiring these amazing circles.

I think mom and dad got off first... They slunk into the water and then all of us hesitantly followed. We all just kind of stood there and dodged the beasts at first, not wanting ANY contact WHATSOEVER. Every once in a while we would be daring enough to touch one, but eventually we were able to touch them and go underwater and look them in the eye.

After about a half an hour of getting on a name to name basis with these sting rays, we were able to hold them out of the water. Well sort of ... their mass was probably too heavy to bring on the boat, but we could just hold them above water a bit. Some people feed them, and I guess it was pretty neat. I can't say much about that because, ummmm ... yeah, I was too scared. :)

It was about time to get going on to our next stop, snorkeling, so we all were getting back up onto the boat. Then, all of a sudden, everyone was looking back into the water with stunned looks on their faces... I only saw it a little bit, but that was enough. A Hammerhead shark was flying after one of our little sting rays, right in front of our boat!! That was about enough excitement for one day!

Our next stop wasn't nearly exciting and not very many people went and snorkeled. Who knows if it was about the shark not being very far away, or if it was just boring now ... but as soon as they were done, we headed back to shore. We filled the rest of the day with some relaxing in the sun, a little swimming and other miscellaneous things.

Saturday we got up, headed for the airport and everyone loaded back on the plane. It was a FABULOUS trip and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

By Beaver

D has always been an enthusiastic shopper; while I would rather just buy what I need and get on down the road. When we shop for groceries, I push the cart. When we go to Wal-Mart, she doesn't want to see me until it's time to pay up and get out.

On some of our first trips to Wal-Mart together, I wandered through the entire store, passed up lingerie, but did electronics, tools, and automotive twice. I then waited in the front aisle for her to finish shopping.

Sometimes, after waiting for a very long time, near panic set in, as I was sure no one could spend that long shopping in one store. I would think she must have fallen and hit her head and been unable to describe me to the emergency personnel, or maybe she had suffered a bout of amnesia and left without me. My concerns were groundless; she always showed up after a while.

A few days ago, D and I were in Alexandria, and she said she needed one item from Wal-Mart. I dropped off D, Linda, and Jayce at the door, parked the van, and wandered into the store. I thought this would take about 10 minutes, so I stayed in the front aisle, so as to be easy to find when it was time to leave. About a half hour later, D showed up, but not Linda. (Much later we figured out that she and Jayce were waiting for us at the store entrance like she always does when shopping with D!)

As D and I were standing near the front aisle, after a search of the store failed to turn up Linda and Jayce, a woman walked by, followed by a man pushing a shopping cart. As she passed us, the woman said over her shoulder, "I just need to get one more thing, and then I'm ready to go."

The man glanced at us, grimaced, and rolled his eyes so comically that D and I both burst out laughing.

D said, " I thought only kids rolled their eyes like that."

I should have known better. But it was too good to pass up, "Haven't been looking behind you much lately, have you?"

This and That
by Elaine Wold
Wahpeton, ND

Did I ever have a surprise when I looked out my front door on Mother's Day morning! A dozen flamingoes were posed in my front yard! There were 6 "oldsters" and 6 "youngsters." Having lived in North Dakota all my years, I thought I was "seeing things," as I knew those Florida birds cannot stand our winters here!

My first thought was ... I bet it was Mavis who brought a load back from Florida with her for me. What a special sister!

As I watched them, they appeared to not move???? Then I knew they must be pretty cold, or even frozen ... or looking for something to eat on my green grass.

Eventually, I saw the note on the door ... "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY -- from the neighborhood flock!"

Anyway, it was a special Mother's Day gift of fun from my neighbor, Cindy Tiegs ... (my special, every day, private nurse, as some of you may have heard me tell.)

She did it as a fundraiser for her son. The birds will be in my yard a few days, then fly on for someone else who wants to make a donation to the fund, in honor of a loved one, for birthday, graduation, or any other occasion.

I first remember having a pair in my flower bed in the early 1950's, when they were the "IN" thing. However, it was not long before they were termed "gross lawn ornaments" and became a joke. They could be found in junk piles and garage sales. Now, they have reclaimed their popularity as fundraisers to honor someone. In fact, I then heard in the afternoon that there are two groups who have started selling these around town in the last several days.

Anyway, it's interesting to see them out my window, but even more interesting are the looks and gawks of drivers as they go past in cars or walk past on this very busy street!

Elaine with her Flamingos

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays:

May 16---Angelie Ann Freesemann
May 17---Dwight Anderson
May 19---Ryan Hellevang
May 22---Dan Henderson

Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries:

May 16---Nathan and Brenda Hill's Wedding Anniversary (8th)
May 20---Steve and Marian Miller's Wedding Anniversary (34th)

Many Happy Returns!

More May Birthdays:
May 4---Beau Birkholz
May 7---Ben Johnson
May 10---Curt Henderson
May 12---James Dake
May 14---Ernie Dake

May 23---Don Pettit
May 24---Amy Ellen Dake
May 26---Rick Anderson
May 28---Jason Hunt
May 28---Jazmine Jane Hill (1 year old)
May 29---Kristi Kay Indermark
May 31---Mavis Morgan

More May Anniversaries:
May 27---Dwight and Janie Anderson's Wedding Anniversary (33rd)
May 31---Tom and Mavis Morgan's Wedding Anniversary (47th)

May Graduations

May 15, 2004---Tami S. Anderson
(Doctor of Optometry degree from Pacific University)
May 15, 2004---Eric Shockey
(Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of North Dakota)

May 15, 2004---Melanie Shockey
(Bachelor of Accountancy from University of North Dakota)

May 29, 2004---Dan Mellon
(Bachelor of Science in Business & Management from University of Redlands, California)

May Holidays & Observances

May 9---100th Issue of The Bulletin

May 31---Memorial Day (observed)


To Brandon Hellevang, recently inducted into The National Honor Society.

Three cheers for Dan Mellon, who is graduating ... it's never too late to try something challenging, and we are all happy and proud of you. What an accomplishment! -- Elaine

Thank You!

Thank you, Merna Hellevang for sending the update
on Brandon's induction into The National Honor Society.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Congrats!!! on the 100th issue! And Happy Mother's Day, as well.



Happy 100th and Happy Mother's Day! The Bulletin was so great I sent one to my own dear mother. I personally got a kick out of Weston Johnson's humorous analogy. It's also impressive to see people contributing even while they're on vacation or in foreign lands.

Thanks again for adding me to the staff. I'm happy to be there. Yes, Doug and I will have to organize a visit (we'll just have to put our work down!).

I hope you enjoy this day that's dedicated to you.


Hi Mom!

Just got to #100. What a read! I loved Weston's bit, what a hoot! I had to read the Russians, too, and The Bulletin IS far preferable! It was an interesting juxtaposition between the Johnsons vacationing and Kjirsten in Bolivia.

I loved Barb's submission, Spell Czech; it reminded me of the writings of John Lennon. He wrote complete books in that style!

Thanks again, Mom, for a wonderful issue. How will you top yourself next?


The last Bulletin was great! It's wonderful to see so many people contributing. Lori, Chris, and Weston are so original! Weston, how did you get the longest word? The Tolstoy comparison was  the best! The writings of Kjirsten and Kimberly have me wishing I were there, in either place. Doug and Brianna, the halibut sounds great; I hereby volunteer to go to Alaska if you want to send someone to catch some halibut. (You'll have to pay my expenses, of course.) I'm sending a little something for The Bulletin, may be looking for a place to stay after it goes out...


Dorothy, I lost the Bulletin for the 1st part of April. One thing it had was Shari's wedding pictures and more that I wanted to keep. Could you resend if you have it still?

We do enjoy The Bulletin a lot. We look forward to Saturday night when we can catch up on the family news. I am thankful for those who have news to report and do it. We enjoy the pictures that are printed. Keep up the good work, editors and everyone else.

Have a good week all,
Mavis and Thomas

Editor's Note: I do have an archive of copies and will send your requested copy, which, by the way, is the April 4th copy. -- DMA


from Mavis Morgan

Little Nancy was in the garden filling in a hole when her neighbor peered over the fence. Interested in what the cheeky-faced youngster was doing, he politely asked, "What are you up to there, Nancy?"

"My goldfish died," replied Nancy tearfully, without looking up, "and I've just buried him." The neighbor was concerned, "That's an awfully big hole for a goldfish isn't it?"

Nancy patted down the last heap of earth, then replied, "That's because he's inside your cat."

QUOTATION FOR THE DAY: I started with nothing and I still have most of it left! -- Beaver Johnson

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