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Sunday, June 10, 2007
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It's a grand old flag!
Ashby Legion color guard leads Memorial Day parade.
(Flag Day is Thursday, June 14th.)

Updates -

Harold, Carol & Eric Printz

Family Update -- Printz family visits Idaho, South Dakota
by Carol Dake Printz
Sidney, NE

We recently visited Eric in Twin Falls, Idaho, for a few days. We enjoyed seeing some of the local attractions. One was Shoshone Falls on the Snake River, near the spot where Evel Knievel attempted one of his daredevil motorcycle jumps some years ago. (He didn't make it across the canyon, but survived the jump.)

We also drove up to Sun Valley (mountain ski area and vacation home location for those who can afford it ... such as Bill Gates). We had a delicious, authentic, Italian lunch at a little café there. (The owner is from Italy.)

We didn't visit the site, but Ernest Hemingway is buried in Ketchum, with just a simple marker at the spot, stating his name and dates of birth and death. He was living in Sun Valley at the time of his death.

We got to Eric and his coworker Brandon Forsyth's last two gospel meetings before they left for convention.

Memorial Day weekend, Cody's son, Austin, visited us and we went to Justin's and Melody's at the ranch in South Dakota. They were branding, so we got in on one session of that.

Branding time on the Printz ranch in South Dakota
Left photo, left to right: Harold Printz, Kate Williams (hidden by Harold), Chris Williams (on horse), Melody Printz holding Amy Printz, Austin Printz, Cody Printz, Justin Printz; right photo shows that every job needs a few good supervisors ... left to right: Austin Printz, Cody Printz, and Harold Printz "supervising" the cowboys' work.

Cody recently completed his first year at the community college here, majoring in business. He is working at the golf course, assisting the local pro for the summer, and practicing his game in his spare time.

I stay busy with home and yard work. I'm also crocheting an afghan for our bedroom, at the moment.

We are experiencing a job change this year, as the Co-op did not renew Harold's contract, which expires in September. He is near retirement age, but not ready to stop working yet. We want to stay here in Sidney, so he'll be looking for something local to do till he is ready to retire.

Junior supervisors and cowboys-in-training Wade Printz, center, with friends Landon Hanson on left and Clayton Williams on right, observing their dads and others branding.

Dan & Gina's new abode in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

UPDATE -- Leaving Fargo, headed for Minnetonka
by Gina and Dan Henderson
Minnetonka, MN

Well, along with the fun of graduating from college, came the more difficult task of leaving the town that had become home and starting new careers.

Through the process of searching for a job, Dan and I discovered that there are far more opportunities for new engineers in the Twin Cities area than in Fargo. After a lot of thought, Dan decided to accept a job at a company called Loram that designs railway maintenance equipment. Loram is located in Hamel, Minnesota (just west of Plymouth).

The job that I accepted is on the Oncology Unit at Fairview Southdale, in Edina. Obviously, the locations of our new jobs required a bit of relocation on our part!

We did a little apartment searching and found one in Minnetonka that we really like. So, the weekend after graduation, we called upon the assistance of our family and packed up the U-Haul.

Marlene, Whitney, Kim and Mark were in the area (for Chris and Jessy's wedding) so they pitched in! We headed out early Monday morning and decided to stop for breakfast in Alexandria. And wouldn’t you know it, we almost ran into a certain handsome gentleman on our way in -- Grandpa Don! After insisting on treating us to breakfast, he inspected our loaded down truck and trailer and sent us on our way. It was a fun, unexpected treat to see him!

We’ll definitely miss our dear friends in Fargo. Without realizing it, we had become pretty attached to the area and to the special people who live there. But we’ve definitely been enjoying settling into our new home. And it sure doesn’t hurt that we’re a lot closer to more of our family now!

Loading the U-Haul, left; Dan & Grandpa Don, right.

Aaron Stahlecker graduates from Gatesville High School.

UPDATE -- Aaron's graduation
as reported by proud dad, Earl Stahlecker (and proud mom, Kathleen)
Gatesville, TX

Aaron graduated from Gatesville High School Friday, May 25th. He was very active in various activities throughout his high school years.

He was in the band, played varsity football, and participated in powerlifting and track. He was in the National Honor Society and he was involved with the Student Council, Spanish Club, and Science Club. He was involved with smaller children's activities at school and at various child care centers. He was mentor for the D.A.R.E. program.

He helped with food for families drives. He provided a lot of help for our community with the Community Center and the Volunteer Fire Department.

Aaron will attend Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. He plans to study to be an Athletic Trainer, with a minor in Biology. He received a very nice academic scholarship to open the door there and get started. He will play football for them, also.

I don't really want to say any more. I already feel like a real braggart, but we are really proud of him and his accomplishments.

Earl, Kathleen & Aaron Stahlecker; Adriana Brown & Angela Roberson.

Update -- more fun in Texas
by Angela Stahlecker Roberson
Hico, TX

It's been awhile since we sent in an update on the Robersons in Hico. We've been super busy this spring with all sorts of things, including welcoming a new nephew (Everett) to the family, soccer practices, Scotty's traveling (FIVE trips in April!), etc. Also, I've been getting ready for a Spa Weekend in Phoenix with two of my gal pals.

The three boys are staying busy building with LEGOs (they must have a million of them by now), and playing with their new puppy, Twix. They also love playing in the mud, which we've had A LOT of lately.

Trinidy is 11 months old now, and truly is the "princess" of the family. She loves the boys and shows this by either kissing them with sloppy kisses or by pulling their hair. The boys aren't impressed with either expression of her adoration. HA!

Trinidy said one of her first "real" words the other day, and it was "Pop" to -- her Pepaw Earl ... big surprise there for those of you who know him. She has him completely wrapped around her finger. She also loves Granna Kathleen holding her, especially when she's sleepy.

So, we stay pretty busy and are all doing very well. We've had tons of rain lately, and with school out now, we're looking forward to some sunny weather this summer. I'm sure we'll spend much of our free time with Sully and Everett, enjoying the sunshine and having fun.

Photos © Earl Stahlecker
Left to right: Trevor, Tracer holding Trinidy, Trenton; Trinidy again, right.

Update -- Ruth Kitto's Mother's Day reunion

Ruth (Weiland Swanson) Kitto, second from right, with daughter, Judy, right, and granddaughters Jennifer and Susanna -- all mothers. Judy has four daughters and one son. Susanna has one daughter and one son, Jennifer has three sons.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Jayce Chap and schoolmates, waiting to race.

Ashby Kids Turn Out For Track and Field Day

Becky and I spent Tuesday morning watching Jayce's group (first-third grade) run track and field races.

Photos © Donna Johnson
Jayce (orange shirt) lines up, left, races to third place ribbon finish, right.

After a lunch in Dalton, we came back for the afternoon and the 4th-6th grade classes. They did have to quit a couple of races short, as the weather turned nasty. The sky was dark and the clouds rolled in so rapidly that the kids all barely made it back to the school before the skies let loose with a heavy downpour. They more than likely would have enjoyed that thoroughly!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Paige Nelson, Amber Sundahl, Caity (holding Snickers), Meredith Turner, Bailey Funkhouser, Jeanette Evavold & Sarah Anderson.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Caity (center in black shorts, white shirt) lines up for her race, where she shocked me and took off, leaving the other two in the dust! We won't know, until the ribbons are handed out, if she took first in the total group, but she did win her race.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Ginny Dake McCorkell and Jeni Larson supplied last week's mystery pictures.

How many can you identify?

The Guess pictures. Well, we have to get used to seeing little Madi Larson, as she is a Bulletin star already. The other one just might be Hunter!

Kyra, it was just simply great seeing your try at the Guess pictures. Being you are our Photo Editor's daughter, you have a respectful audience.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

The one on the left definitely looks like my little brother, Aaron Stahlecker!

Adriana Stahlecker Brown
Granbury, TX

I know one of those two cuties! The one on the right is Kurt and Jeni Larson's, Madi ... but, I'm not sure of the other one -- though he looks like family.

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Here's a family member we haven't seen a lot of! Aaron Stahlecker found a buddy in Minnesota. The pink trousers were stitched by Great Grandma Amy Dake.

Ginny Dake McCorkell
Blaine, MN

"By Dawn's Early Light"
(Click here or on the photo to see clear, complete picture of lighted sculpture.)

A Memento Of Cowboy Life On Montana Ranch
by Ken Kitto
Apache Junction, AZ

This is a detail of a sculpture that we saw in a western store in Mesa. Brad, my son, bought the sculpture as a gift, unbeknown to me. He knew that I experienced this many times in my ranching days in Montana during calving season.

This cowboy, when checking cows, found a calf half-frozen in a blizzard. During the night in the blizzard the calf was born. The mother was not able to save it alone. He threw the calf over the swell of the saddle and then mounted the horse to ride back to the main ranch headquarters. The calf had to be warmed as soon as possible, if they were going to save it. Then he had to go back and get the mother, bringing her back to the ranch.

When the calf was born, no doubt the mother smelled or licked the calf so that she would know her own if they got separated. The cow goes strictly by smell, not by sight. When they got the calf back to the headquarters, the cow would claim the calf as her own. Then it was able to nurse and continue to grow and mature.

Ken Kitto & bronze sculpture of cowboy & calf.

Travelogue t

Photo © Larry McCorkell
Ocean sunrise.

Outer Banks, North Carolina
by Virginia McCorkell
Blaine, MN

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was another destination reached. I love the image of that lighthouse with its spiraling black and white stripes ... and I finally got to see it for myself. We sat in on another interesting talk by another park ranger. There was so much more to that lighthouse than just seeing it ... there is a lot of interesting history there. I can't believe I used those two words together! History ... interesting?

Photos © Virginia McCorkell
Cape Hatteras Light House ... America's favorite lighthouse; keeper's view, right.

Larry and Suzanne climbed to the top of the lighthouse while I was busy taking pictures from below. They also hiked down to the original site of the lighthouse. It had to be moved back from the reach of the ocean ... that move was a mammoth undertaking. It is truly amazing what man can accomplish...


There were endless tourist shops but we contented ourselves with visiting just a few of them.

To be continued...

$  A Long Time Ago   !

Photo © Kathlyn Anderson
Steese Highway construction was a sea of mud for many miles.

My Incredible Journey To Alaska
Part 4
by Donald B. Johnson
Ashby, MN
This story was published in The Ashby Post, October 2, 1980. The author died in 1982.

We were headed for Circle, which is the end of the Steese Highway and is only 50 miles from the Arctic Circle, but 40 miles north of Fairbanks the pavement ended and the road was under construction, although the machinery was shut down for the night.

There had been a lot of rain and the road ahead looked awfully formidable to go on with that little bus. The passengers (us) started to murmur a little, so Mic said he would try it, but not with nervous passengers, so he decided to leave it for a later trip with their 4-wheel-drive Scout.

We went back a short way and camped for the night at Chatanika, in another forest campground. It was already dark when we pulled in there and it was so cold that we cooked and ate right in the bus.

The beds were warm, with heavy down sleeping bags, but when we woke up in the morning, the windows had about an eighth of an inch of ice on them and the water puddles and the dirt road had frozen solid during the night. Right then, I named the unheated Volkswagen the "Tin Ice Box" and Jerri said that would be its name from now on.

Photo © Kathlyn Anderson
Solar heated camping in the "tin ice box," Jerri's 1973 VW bus.

We had parked as close as possible to the outdoor restrooms and didn't drink anything for supper (at least I didn't), but you can't put ALL things off forever and we found out that the toilets had stainless steel seats [so the porcupines wouldn't try to eat them]. Eventually, the seats get warm -- by transferring the cold into the user!

By then, I was wearing thermal underwear with two layers on the bottom, also wool shirts and hooded sweatshirts and jackets, etc.

Mic maneuvered the bus out into the sun and we all stood around and cooked breakfast (oatmeal, cocoa, coffee, etc.) on a picnic table so we could warm up in the sunshine. That was the first time I ever went outside to get warm. We called it the "solar heated" campground.

We had to wait for the sun to thaw the ice off the windows of the Tin Ice Box because it only had a manifold heater, that gave about the same amount of heat as a portable hair dryer -- and only when the bus was moving. It took quite a while to get my fingers warmed up so I could hold a spoon, so I put them inside and sat on them awhile until I could finally bend them a little again.

While we were waiting, Kathy got warm enough to pick a big cup of lingonberries [low bush or mountain cranberries] right there, a few feet from where we camped. She picked lingonberries in two or three campgrounds, which surprised me, because I thought they only grew in Norway.

While I was eating breakfast, a red squirrel jumped up on the cooler that I had my oatmeal sitting on and was going to have some, too. Also, a gray Canada Jay ["camp robber"] sat on one end of the picnic table while Jerri cooked on the other end.

Photos © Kathlyn Anderson
Lingonberries (mountain cranberries), left; hungry red squirrel, right.

The birds and animals were really missing the summer tourists; the last red squirrel we saw had given up on tourists and was lugging home a mushroom three times as big as he was.

By then, I had found out that my first fears were unfounded. I have never been so cold, that I can remember, but my lungs got better every day and I hardly noticed the arthritis at all at any time. The others said that they could see I was getting better every day that I was in Alaska.

To be continued...

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
June 14---Flag Day

This Week's Birthdays
June 12---Andrea Dake Mendez
June 16---Gina Henderson
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
June 10---Jim and Kristi Larson Indermark (7 years)

More June Birthdays
June 1---Jeremiah Dake
June 4---Merna Hellevang
June 5---Rian de Been van Gageldonk
June 6---Jettison Quaid Freesemann (2 years)
June 7---Shane Swenson
June 8---Ashley Huseby (4 years)

June 17---Louise Cloyd
June 18---Caitlynn Mae Chap (11 years)
June 19---Doris Anderson
June 19---Ashley Meyer
June 20---Spencer Aydelotte
June 20---Roy Droel
June 20---Julian Montford
June 21---Ary Ommert Jr.
June 24---Aiden Montford (4 years)
June 25---Ben Henderson
June 26---Greg Wm. Dake
June 26---De Myer
June 27---Sam Mellon
June29---Tim Huseby
June 29---Trinidy Creede Roberson (1 year)

More June Anniversaries
June 3---Larry and Ginny Dake McCorkell (35 years)
June 6---Wyatt and Jolene Johnson (9 years)
June 7---Clark and Susan Miller Smith (16 years)

June 18---Jason and Tami Anderson Hunt (3 years)
June 19---Curt and Patty Anderson Henderson (25 years)
June 20---Rich and Marlene Anderson Johnson (26 years)
June 20---Steve and Marian Miller (37 years)

June Special Days

June 6---D Day
June 14---Flag Day
June 17---Father's Day
June 21---First Day of Summer

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

Jazmine's 4th birthday was on Memorial Day. We had a little party for her in the evening. She was very excited to turn 4! Thank you for the cute card on E-Mail.

Brenda Anderson Hill
Dwight, ND

Jazmine Hill, 4 years old.

Miss Hetty Says:

Miss Kitty told me that Kyra's first kitten was named Wichita, just like the city in Kansas, though Miss Kitty had no idea why. When Wichita passed away at the venerable age of 18 or 19 years ... a very long life for a cat ... Kyra and Ken decided to get a couple of kittens, Miss Kitty said. Two weeks ago she wrote about how they ended up with THREE kittens. So Miss Jerrianne sent them her opinion about the naming of the new grandkittens-to-be:

Well, since they railroaded you, and in keeping with your original place name of Wichita, I vote for calling them Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe ... (click here for link to audio clip).

Photos © Ken Carson
Red & white boy, left; calico girl, center; black & white boy, right.

I don't think Kyra bought it ... probably like Kira Lynn Steinhauer's name didn't turn out to be "Savannah Lee," despite the intriguing suggestion...

Kyra wrote:

Ah, you make naming kittens look so easy. We just got back from hiking in Zion. I spent most of the time on the trail playing vocabulary free association, trying to come up with a set of names. Even after a week of this, we haven't actually settled anything.

Here's what I've been working on, by category, by cat:

Cat legend:
(1) = black and white
(2) = orange and white
(3) = calico

Household favorites: Oreo (1), Cheerio (2), Tabasco (3)
Variation: Ding Dong (1), Twinkie or Snowball (2), Cupcake or Suzy Q (3)

Scottish influence (I've been reading a book about a bunch of Scots): Butterscotch (2), Scotch Bonnet (3), Hopscotch (1)
Kiddie Variation: Hopscotch (1), Lollypop (3), Gumdrop (2)

Popular song from way back: Gypsy (3), Tramp (1), Thief (2)
More sophisticated version: Bolero (1), Scheherezade (3), Don Quixote (2) -- gets extra points for high-scoring Scrabble letters and loses them on pronounceability.

Flowers: Poppy (3), Goldenrod (2), Nightshade (1)
Variation: Dandelion (2), Tiger Lily or Pussy Willow (3), ??? (1)

Favorite movie: Sundance Kid (2), Butch Cassidy (1), Etta Place (3)
Variation: Scarlett O'Hara (3), Rhett Butler (1), Ashley Wilkes (2)

I checked out the various Bulletins you mentioned -- I thought you might like the picture of the kitten batting my hair. She's going to be a handful.

Kyra Lowther Carson
Mill Valley, CA

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


What a great read The Bulletin is this week ... again!

Ginny (Dake) McCorkell
Blaine, MN

We have been really busy these last weeks. There was the party for Jazmine and that is always exciting ... you don't turn four every day!

We have attended several other events, including Nathan's nephew's graduation; Broc Bellmore was graduated from West Fargo High School.

We have gotten a start on the summer's yard work ... one day last week we spent the whole day outside -- mowing, cutting down and hauling tree branches. And then there was the rummage sale that Mom and Dad had in Wahpeton, so we finished up marking prices on the items we had to sell there.

Vacation isn't all for sitting in the shade!

Brenda Anderson Hill
Dwight, ND

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

I let my mouse rest on the first picture as I was looking at it, and here pops up the words, "The happy couple, Chris and Jessy." I already had in mind that my comment on that radiantly happy couple would be those very words. What a beautiful bride, and what a starstruck expression in the groom's eyes! Someone snapped that photo at exactly the right moment.

The wedding story was so complete with the group pictures of the wedding party, and Jessy's family and Chris's family. It will be a forever keepsake for each of them pictured, as well as those who know them best. This Bulletin has a way of making itself a valuable possession.

I really loved that picture of Dan and Gina. I knew them both as children, and now to see their accomplishments and success is a special warm feeling. They are so happy and worked so hard. For them to do it together is an inspiration to both. We surely wish them well in their endeavor to settle into the home and business world as noble youths becoming a family.

I did not know Zach Myron, but of course the family names are familiar. We love seeing the pictures and hearing about the milestones in the lives of our friends. Reading the Miss Hetty letter about his apartment with his friends sounds like he's in for history making experiences, for instance, learning how to do dishes, ha.

Oh, Oh! You can know that Barb Floyd would have The Antique Register looking like -- well, looking like it looks. So precious with the antiques pictured that had belonged to loved ones long gone. Oh, and Bitzi will be especially impressed with the lilacs and pinks used. With all the links in her update it will keep us busy for a while. I can hardly wait to click on them when I have some time to spend enjoying them. I see she has a ticket to Minneapolis. We have seen her other times she's passed through the city, so maybe we will this time, too, somehow.

And something else so different and rare to the pages of The Bulletin, was the backyard wildlife story from California. Can you believe Roy caught an opossum in his squirrel trap? It went to a nature reserve, and we were hoping it wouldn't find its way back to our home. So ugly, huge and slow. We were sure it was dead, but it was just "playing 'possum."

Was fun seeing Jayce in his program, and somehow kids have already performed and gone by the time we get the camera ready and aimed. So, you did well, Donna Mae, to get these pictures.

I gasped to see a picture of the Johnson family graves. How nice to have them nicely decorated. I hope to see them myself sometime. Some very dear friends are buried there. Friends that it seems just yesterday we were enjoying so much: Donald and Twila Johnson.

Now comes part 2 of the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We might know there would be some beautiful photography -- nothing copycat about Bitzi.

I wish I had the time right now to adequately comment on Donald B. Johnson's Incredible Alaska Journey, part 3. I know I will read it slowly, word for word, as soon as time permits. I don't want to hurry through it. It's going to be good. The pictures were so interesting. I could spend a lot of time just studying the pictures. The pipeline was fairly new when I was up there so many years ago.

Carolyn, it was fun to read your version of the Bitzi creations. You have such darling little grandchildren, and thanks for sharing their cute pictures with us.

The picture of the Ashby cemetery where they were playing "Taps" gave a feeling of quiet reverence, even in just a photograph. Thank goodness they haven't taken away our Memorial Day observance custom!

This seems too "nothing" compared to the very special Bulletin that #259 really was. Time is too limited today. But, thank you again for what it takes to create it and get it to us right when we have learned to expect it. Saturday mornings have become "Bulletin" mornings.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Sarah Steinhauer
Levi Steinhauer finds new playmates at Storybrooke Farm.

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