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Sunday, March 9, 2008
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Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 9, 2008.

Photo © Ardis Quick
Diamond Head from the air looked awesome.
(Scroll down to the Travelogue for Ardis Quick's Hawaii story.)

Updates -

Photo © Kristi Indermark
Alexander James Indermark at 2-1/2 weeks.

Family Update -- the Indermarks
by Kristi Larson Indermark
Litchfield Park, AZ

Well, here we are, two and a half weeks after Alex made his way into our world. We are all doing very well. Alex is growing quickly, He is already 8 pounds, 10 ounces and has grown to 20-3/4 inches. (For those keeping track, that is two pounds in two weeks and an inch and a quarter in two weeks.)

Jordan and Tyler are doing great. Jordan is back in ballet this year. Tyler would love to be in Jordan's dance class, but he is still too young. Maybe next year!

Jim and I are busy working hard, but looking forward to our vacation next week. We will be flying to Minnesota with all three kids. From there, we will be driving to Wisconsin. We will spend the first part of the week in Wisconsin visiting Jim's parents and his relatives. Then we will drive to Minnesota to visit my family and friends. Alex will be baptized on March 9th at the same church Jordan and Tyler were baptized at two years ago.

Jim and Kristi Indermark

Photos © Kristi Indermark
Alex with big brother Tyler, left, & big sister Jordan, right.

Update -- Travis Quick graduates from college
by Ardis Quick
Roseville, MN

In January, we celebrated Travis's completion of a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota with an open house at our home. We had a lot of guests, which caused Travis to ask on several occasions, "Now which relative is this?" Good food and visiting enjoyed by all.

Photo © Ardis Quick
Congratulations, Travis Quick!

Update -- Going West by Amtrak
by Anita Pfingsten Weiland
Yankton, SD

So here is how it all started. Arlin and Ruth Pfingsten called about a month before the date we were to leave and said, "Pack your bags; we are leaving on February 10th on Amtrak for California!"

We did a trip like this five years ago, I think, or six. But anyway, here we go again!

The closer it got, the more excited I got. (If it wasn't for Arlin and Ruth I wouldn't have been able to go.) I was so happy they asked me ... and we had a grand time!

I left here on the 9th of February and headed for Iowa, stayed with my Brenda on Saturday night. I went to John and Karen Beyers' on Sunday. After meeting, I went on and we had pot luck at Arlin and Ruth's, then left for Omaha and had supper with their two daughters, Mary and Pat Henry, and Dave and Anne Phillips, their son John, and others.

Mary took us to the station and the train left about 10:30 p.m. It was rather hard to sleep the first night, as we were too wound up.

We went though the Rockies (they are awesome), and two mountain ranges, and then on to the Sierra Nevadas -- Wow! What a lot of snow there! The snowplow went through something and onto the tracks, so some trains were delayed that were headed for California or for the East. At least that happened sometime before us. They had to go very slow for quite a while, to prevent avalanches. The snow was piled very deep in places, which made the scenery very beautiful.

We got into San Francisco on Tuesday evening and stayed at an extended stay place. On Wednesday morning we got a rented car and headed off to visit Arla Rypkema, a cousin on my dad's side. Her husband passed away about a year ago. We were so glad to be there!

Thursday morning we headed for Madera, California. There we visited my Uncle Tom and Aunt Lou. It was so wonderful to see them again. Aunt Lou had hip replacement surgery on December 31st. It's a new procedure: one small incision in front and one in the back, no long incision on the side anymore. She is walking with only a cane and doing very well. We spent some very wonderful days with them.

They know all the good places to eat, and did we eat? Don't ask! As Ruthie said, I think we could roll home. On Sunday we went to David and Cathy Pfingsten's for meeting. That is another cousin on my dad's side. Cathy's brother and his wife were there, also Richard and Marlene Johnson. (Marlene is the daughter of Don and Dorothy Anderson.) That was so great to see them; of course we knew the Andersons as children.

On Tuesday, Arlin, Ruth and I went to San Francisco and went across the Golden Gate bridge a couple of times, and then down to Fisherman's Wharf. It was about lunch time, so went to eat again, at a Norma Rose's. We had sourdough bread bowls with clam chowder; it was awesome. Then we went over to the sourdough bakery ... interesting. We got two loaves of sourdough bread and took one back to Arla's and saved one for our trip home!

On Wednesday afternoon, we took the car back to the rental place and went to the extended stay motel. Those places have a kitchenette, so we went and got a few things so we could have our supper and breakfast the next day, then headed for the train to leave on Thursday morning.

The taxi that the extended stay motel called for us was the one the security man had said not to call, so we waited, and waited, then had to call again and again; finally he came, wouldn't help us with the suitcases, couldn't speak English, coughing the whole time; at one stop light, he opened his door and spit on the ground... Well, we made it. I don't think we could breathe very well until we saw the train station; then we all took a very deep breath.

The trip back was exciting as we were going through the Sierras again; it was snowing very hard, and they had had an earthquake in Elko, Nevada, before we got there and so they had to check all the tracks before any train could travel over them. One train going west was delayed six hours. We were fortunate, though, and did OK ... and then through the Rockies again! One could look and look at the scenery again and again; it's really beautiful where the trains go through.

To say the very least, our time was wonderful; it was so special to meet so many friends and relatives again, and to see all the beautiful scenery, that it can hardly be put into words.

Photo © Lori Ostendorf
McKenna with Grandma Ostendorf & Grandma Johnson.

Update -- McKenna gets aquainted with her grandparents
by Lori Chap Ostendorf
Rogers, MN

McKenna's daycare provider was on vacation last week (as you may have read in my mom's write up) so McKenna was a lucky girl and got a lot of grandparent time!

She got to spend Monday with Mommy and Grandma Johnson as Mommy had the day off from work. We went shopping at Target, out for a yummy lunch and also to Once Upon a Child, where Grandma bought her some very cute outfits. :)

Tuesday through Thursday, McKenna hung out at home with Grandma Johnson -- they sang songs, read books and had some great quality time, getting to know each other!

Wednesday night, McKenna spent time with Grandma and Grandpa Ostendorf while her mommy and daddy played volleyball and Grandma Johnson ran some errands. It's very nice to have them close by as they are able to watch McKenna every Wednesday ... and I don't think they mind it, either. :)

Friday brought another Grandparents' Day. Grandma Johnson had to leave for home, so Grandma and Grandpa Ostendorf picked up McKenna in the morning and had her at their house for the day. Another full day of play and fun!

Friday night we had another special visitor: Grandpa George Chap! Grandpa Chap came to Rogers to visit and we all went out to eat and then hung out. McKenna and Grandpa Chap got along great!

McKenna's a very lucky girl to have such great grandparents in her life. She's not spoiled a bit, as you can imagine. ;-)

Thanks to all the grandparents for their love and "McKenna sitting"!

Photo © Lori Ostendorf
Grandfather George Chap takes a turn minding McKenna.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Mai Tai -- most likely contemplating new mischief.

Update -- a whole week at home alone
by Miss Kitty
Anchorage, AK

Mai Tai and and I vacationed at home this week -- with daily visits from Miss Kathlyn -- while Miss Jerrianne cashed in some flyer miles and went gallivanting in the desert with Miss Sharon. We aren't sure what made her do it -- our bickering and squabbling, too much snow and cold weather, or reports that the desert was blooming spectacularly in southern California. Maybe she just decided to give herself an early birthday present. Anyway, last week The Bulletin got done fast ... in the wee hours of Wednesday morning ... and the Photo Editor flew the coop!

We haven't heard the details yet, nor seen any pictures (though I'm sure we will), but we got the outline of their whirlwind trip. Miss Sharon met her at the airport in Palm Springs and whisked her to the Fountain of Youth Spa near the Salton Sea, where Miss Sharon (Nault) has a winter home. They lazed around in the hot mineral pools the first day. They spent the next day with the animals and birds at The Living Desert in Palm Desert-Indian Wells. On Saturday, they went to Joshua Tree National Park to see the desert carpeted with spring flowers.

Next, they visited Miss Jerrianne's ancestral roots on London Bridge at Lake Havasu City, Arizona, which took a couple of days. They watched birds at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge on Tuesday. Wednesday, it was back to the airport in Palm Springs and lunch at Ruby's Diner ... after a detour around Monday's big train wreck and chemical spill.

Mr. Argyle and Miss Kathlyn fetched Miss Jerrianne from the airport very early on Thursday morning ... just in time to begin celebrating her birthday, which will probably go on for days. (We don't mind ... vanilla ice cream is our favorite treat and we might get a taste or two, you know.)

We think a week at the Fountain of Youth did her a world of good. She seems younger than when she left us, despite the arrival of yet another birthday. We may decide to encourage her to do this again. Mind you, she didn't even complain when at least one of us wolfed down breakfast and threw up all over the bathroom rug this morning. She doesn't have any idea who did it and we certainly aren't going to enlighten her. After all, it's her birthday!

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Gert Dake Pettit supplied last week's mystery picture.

How many can you identify?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

What a fun Guess picture! Those would be my cousins Wesley Sigman and James Dake in the swings. And my brother Don (Anderson), sitting on the bar. Check out those classy white socks and black shoes James has on. I remember when we girls thought that was very "cool"!

I also noticed the knots of the tree swing in the background; that's the swing I spent the most time on at Grandpa and Grandma Dake's farm ... as did most all of the older cousins, and probably many of the younger group, also. Fun times.

I so enjoyed our cousin gatherings and it wasn't until years later I realized how fortunate I was to have such a loving, close family, as many of my friends didn't even know their cousins or had very few. I felt bad for them, as it was a big deal in my growing up years! (And my cousins are still very important to me!)

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Oh, that picture brings back so many memories of all the fun it was to play on the swing sets; it seemed like we were "flying," we would go so high! Not to mention all the hours we spent climbing trees; what fun!

The blonde is Wesley (Sigman), then James (Dake), and is that Donny (Anderson)?

Shari Miller Larson
Litchfield Park, AZ

Well, dear cousin Wes (Sigman) is on the left, James Thomas (Dake) in the middle and the monkey on the right must be my big brother, Donnie (Anderson). The one in the middle looks so much like Stanley, but the age makes it more likely to be James ... they must be related somehow. ;)

Patty Anderson Henderson
Minnetrista, MN

The blonde on the left is my brother Wes Sigman; if the picture wasn't in black and white, the next young man would have a carrot-top; that would be our cousin James Dake and the last fella on the right is cousin Donnie Anderson.

Melanie Sigman Lehtola
Howard Lake, MN

That would be my first cousins Wesley Sigman, James Thomas Dake, and Donnie Anderson. We were all about the same age.

(Larry T. Dake)
Brooks-Oklee, MN

That looks to me like my brother Wes and cousins James and Donnie...

Ardis Quick
Roseville, MN

I had to ponder the photo for a while and I think I have it. The left swinger is easy ... that's Wesley. The monkey hanging on the bar on the right, I believe is Donnie. The right swinger is the one I did some head scratching about. It looks kind of like Stan but I think Stan would have been bigger in comparison to Wesley and Donnie... Therefore, it is probably my brother, Duane. The photo was taken in Grandma and Grandpa Dake's front yard, looking to the east.

Steve Miller
Coral Springs, FL

Travelogue t

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Market day in Azrou, Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

by Kjirsten Swenson
Houston, TX

After a day in Fes, the mountains called again and this time I took a grand taxi to Azrou, a town situated high in the Middle Atlas. As when traveling in any developing country, public transportation in Morocco is always an adventure in itself. The Moroccan "grand taxi" experience is worthy of a description.

"Grand taxis" are organizations of taxis that ferry passengers between nearby cities on fixed routes, covering distances up to perhaps 100 kilometers. They leave from seemingly random parking lots and appointed street corners ... finding them was a consistent challenge.

In spite of what the name suggests, "grand taxis" are not large and the experience is hardly luxurious. Fossilized Mercedes cars are packed with six passengers, two in the front and four in the back, and leave whenever a car is full.

Moroccan drivers prefer to drive straight down the middle of the road, alternately swerving to pass or avoid a head-on collision. And seat belts are apparently insulting ... scary! But I did manage to survive perhaps a dozen of these rides, and in these cramped quarters met some interesting people.

I chose to visit Azrou because my visit would coincide with its weekly rural market day. The town was teeming with activity when I arrived. People and various beasts laden with produce crowded the streets leading to the market. I was especially impressed by a man who pedaled by on his bicycle, a live sheep draped over his shoulders!

After visiting the market myself, I passed the afternoon walking in the mountains above the city, happy to escape to the cedar forests for a few hours. That night was bitter cold, and after some tea to thaw my very frozen self the next morning, I caught the next "grand taxi" to Meknes.

To be continued ...

Photos © Kjirsten Swenson
Fresh greens, open air market, left; citrus was in season, right, in Azrou.

Photo © Ardis Quick
Sun reflecting off water and the beach about 200 feet from where we stayed.

Moloka'i Revisited
by Ardis Quick
Roseville, MN

I took my second missions trip to Moloka'i in the Hawaiian Islands. Charlie had other commitments (I thought he should just be committed) so I took off on January 30th and returned on February 10th. I spent the first three days taking in some sights on Moloka'i, as we didn't do that in 2007.

We had a group of 11 this year. We painted the exterior of a church and preschool, removed lots of ginger and bird of paradise plants at the facility we stayed at, painted two rooms, remodeled a bathroom, some outside trim painting on six buildings and weeding in a taro patch. We got a lot of work accomplished in the time we were there. The best part was it was 75-85 degrees, sunny and shorts weather. Not like the -17 degrees in Minnesota.

Photo © Ardis Quick
A look at Maui off our beach.

Photo © Ardis Quick
One of the things I did while in Moloka'i was to remove the interior ceiling panel from the van we were borrowing and paint a Hawaii scene. One side has a beach house with a mother and child out on the sand. The opposite side has surfers on the ocean waves.

Photo © Ardis Quick
My last day on the island before heading home. I just had to wear this home (I added a sweater) so the sun would last. It didn't -- about froze my toes in the 2-degree weather.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
March 9---Daylight Saving Time Begins

This Week's Birthdays
March 9---Kylie Grace McNeill (1 year)
March 11---Kjirsten Swenson
March 12---Jolene Johnson

This Week's Anniversaries
March 14---Brian and Melanie Birkholz Lehtola (6 years)
March 15---Dan and Gina Henderson (3 years)

More March Birthdays
March 1---Betty Weiland Droel
March 2---Tom Miller (Doctor)
March 3---Donald Anderson
March 6---Jerrianne Lowther
March 6---Gwen Stucker

March 17---Ruth Weiland Kitto
March 18---Janie Anderson
March 21---Rachel Henderson
March 23---Colette Huseby
March 23---Capt. Jack Adair
March 28---Donna (Anderson) Johnson
March 30---Mason Henderson (2 years)
March 30---Michael Steinhauer
March 31---Linda Knutson

More March Anniversaries
March 3---Mike and Kelly Seaman (7 years)
March 3---Greg and Sonja Dake (2 years)

March 22---Ken and Ruth Weiland Swanson Kitto (6 years)
March 26---Stanley and Janice Dake (38 years)
March 31---Frans and Rian de Been (30 years)

March Special Days
March 9---Daylight Saving Time Begins
March 17---St. Patrick's Day
March 20---First Day of Spring
March 23---Easter Sunday

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

What a wonderful birthday for this old lady that turned 78 years old on March 1st!

Roy and I were treated royally at Rod and Renee Martin's home. The cake and many other things brought to the pot luck were brought by my brother Rich Weiland and a very dear sister-in-law, Verlaine.

Actually, my birthday started the day before when my cousin Shirley Berglund, of St. Paul, invited Verlaine and me to lunch at Good Earth in Roseville for my birthday. We had one of the nicest times we ever had together.

Only one thing would have made it better -- if you could have been there, too.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photo © Renee Martin, left; photo © Verlaine Weiland, right.
Renee took this picture of Roy and Betty, left; the cake Rich and Verlaine brought, right, was the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever seen.

LTD sent this photo to me ... it was old and yellow and stained. I think it came out looking mighty fine! Florence Bullick was in the photo, too, but she was partially cropped off ... so we have a photo of a Beautiful Young Betty by herself.

I thought it would be nice for her birthday...

Ginny Dake McCorkell
Blaine, MN

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Larry T. Dake
Betty Weiland Droel a few birthdays ago.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


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Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Foto-Funnies results of the picture of Kristi and the tractor! I love, love, LOVED it. Perfect words, too ... I could really see her saying something like that! I wish I could see her when she sees it. :-)

THANKS for a job well done!

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Beaver, your story caught my eye -- I can't imagine pulling that many gilts out of the pond like that -- that's pretty amazing! I work on a hog farm and understand just how big, stubborn, and impossible to move, a pig that size can be! It's amazing they could survive such an ordeal.

Ginny, I like the troll!

LTDad, waiting to hear more of your animal stories!

Amy (Dake) Harrison
Crookston, MN

I am sorry! I completely forgot that we should mention Philip's family when we announced the arrival of our great granddaughter, Kenzie May Knaub -- after all, she is their great granddaughter, too. They live in Wyoming and we haven't seen them since Philip and Alisha got married.

Philip's parents are Scott and Marcella Knaub -- and though probably no one here would know them, it would have been courteous to list them.

Ruth and Ken Kitto
Apache Junction, AZ

It was nice to see Cheerio and Tabasco curled up in The Bulletin. I should probably mention that a very capable cat-sitter stopped by twice a day to feed everyone and make sure nobody got into trouble while we were gone. They were all on their best behavior for her, but are now back to getting into mischief wherever possible.

Our new office furniture has arrived and Oreo and Tabasco have just discovered how to get on top of the 7-foot bookcase. It's an easy hop to Ken's desktop, another hop onto the big printer and one more gives them a great view -- right before they get yelled at and take the daring leap down to my desktop on the other side.

Cheerio seems to think they're nuts and generally watches the action from a safe spot on the other side of the room, since he's learned by now that any time Oreo or Tabasco come flying off of something, they always manage to land on him.

Kyra Lowther Carson
Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Ken Carson
Cheerio keeps an eye out for flying felines headed his way.

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

I couldn't believe my eyes. There was the Troll, big as life, and here we thought he would be safely traveling somewhere a long ways from here and from Doug. I suppose he gets lonesome for Doug (just like we do) when he takes a break from writing. Anyway, the Troll looks like he's stranded in the snowbank for a while, like we all have been. I hear spring is around the corner, but I wonder.

What a lovely picture of Jess and Louise! My sister, Ruth Kitto, was so thrilled to see the Update about them. She said they were such a fine couple, and that Louise looked much better than she would have expected for her illness. I had to smile at the comment that Louise had worn the pretty pink dress she had on for the 50th anniversary 13 years ago. I wonder how many of us could do that?

So glad to hear that LeRoy Dake is out and about again. We haven't seen him since his time in the hospital, but we were glad to know he has improved so much.

Poor Larry, he never knows when or where his picture will show up when his Bitzi has the camera and the expertise of designing a Bulletin sensation.

We did hear from Anita Weiland that Lou Miller's hip surgery was doing well when they had seen her while on a trip to California recently.

Well, finally, we have an updated picture of the grandkittens. Thanks to Miss Kitty we don't get too far behind on the news of those three wonders. Even with Miss Jerrianne on her vacation, Miss Kitty is diligently busy letting us Bulletin subscribers know what's happening in the kitty world.

Even with the wild tiger costume, Ethan Horne is really looking older. Time brings so many changes in little folks, and we haven't had an update on the Hornes for way tooooo long.

Is that picture of Shari and the cute white car an advertisement? It looks like it. Very nice picture, and great story about the white knuckle trip. It was fun to click on the links and see more of Arizona and the tour. What an interesting, detailed story, Donna Mae! Another great storyteller, and right on the heels of this story is one from Beaver not being left behind as he carries on at the ranch. Sounds like we could have dropped in anytime and fared very well, with all the dinners in the freezer. But, it wouldn't be a substitute for having that special cook right there in person.

We are still getting some frost pictures. You were right, Bitzi, that you took lots of those pictures while the frost was at its fairyland best.

I loved the "Hogs On Ice" by Beaver. You could almost feel that cold, icy water. I wonder how Donald B. Johnson would have told that story. Probably not as colorfully, or maybe even more so. The story ended not too badly, though.

I still marvel at the kind of camera Kjirsten has, to take such fine, exquisite photos of detailed mosaic, and carving, and the vivid blue sky. Thanks for still continuing this story. It is very interesting, especially with the photos. I did click on the link for the web gallery. More fantastic poses and colors.

It really is nice to have the list of birthdays and anniversaries. This month of March has so many I know and would love to remember, but I doubt I will get beyond just silently thinking a happy birthday to them on the day. Even my dear sister, Ruth, has one on St. Patrick's Day, plus their anniversary.

I love reading the Miss Hetty letters. Fun to have a column for "gossip," which I think it was called once, but that was not in a slanderous way, by any means; it just meant that it was special happenings that didn't fit for an update, right?

I have to admit that I was really thrilled seeing the letter to the editor by my old friend, Kathlyn Johnson Anderson. I hope readers will oblige and send quilt pictures and details like Kathy requested. Our quilts were gifts, sentimental and precious.

I still haven't gotten the information yet about Kenny Kitto's one great grandson amongst 15 great granddaughters. I'm anxious to get a picture of him, and I will share it when it comes.

Looks like McDouglas did it again. Thanks for another Foto-Funnies.

I loved the Quotation for the day this time. That little miserable, painful grain of sand -- either in our shoe or our attitude -- can really spoil a day. Thank goodness we can just stop and shake it out. Then just go on walking more carefully.

Thanks to you special ladies that put this Bulletin together. We just sit back and take for granted that it will be in the e-mail on Saturday morning, but this week I couldn't believe it when on Wednesday evening I saw The Bulletin was already there. I hadn't even looked for it yet, of course, so was really shocked. That made us miss it keenly when Saturday morning came and no Bulletin.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Vonnie Dake gets a bit of assistance from Suzanne on her 50th anniversary, almost 10 years ago now. (GMOM is how Vonnie signs her e-mails to her grandchildren.)

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