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Sunday, November 29, 2009
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Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Seasons in transition

Updates -

Photos © Shari Larson
Grandma Shari & Jordan with Shetland ponies, left; corn popped on the cob, right.

UPDATE -- Kindergarten field trip with Jordan
by Shari Miller Larson
Litchfield Park, AZ

I accompanied my grandaughter Jordan Indermark and her Kindergarten class on a field trip to help with the harvest at a local farm that is set up just for school field trips. We helped pick zucchini, cucumbers and radishes.

We attended a class on corn. Our classroom was in the middle of a very tall corn field with bales of hay for chairs. The teacher passed around both regular and Indian corn for everyone to look at. We were surprised to see that corn will pop while it is still on the cob and on the stalk ... in the corn field! OK, Shari -- how do they do that? Tell us more! --Photo Ed.

After our class, we followed a twisting, turning path through a maze in the corn field to get the barnyard and visit the animals. Jordan's favorite animal was the Shetland pony that loved eating corn from her hand. I think she has inherited her Aunty Kelly's love of horses.

We had a picnic lunch, followed by a ride in a train made from huge barrels and lots of play time for sliding in the room of shelled corn. It was a very fun day.

Photo © Shari Larson
Going for a barrel ride.

Photos © Shari Larson
Playing in a bin of shelled corn.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Orange pepper on crocheted doily with quilt.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Aaron makes way for a running back.

FAMILY UPDATE -- Earl and Kathleen Stahlecker
by Earl Stahlecker
Gatesville, TX

Our editor of The Bulletin, Aunt Dorothy, has been asking for an update for quite awhile. She has kind of wondered what has become of Aaron. The last you knew, Aaron was attending college at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene and was playing football there.

Aaron re-arranged our fall schedule in 2008, when the day after I helped to get him moved back to Abilene for his second year of education and football, he changed his mind about it all -- and backed out of school for a semester to re-align his thoughts, goals, and study major. The semester turned into a year while he worked in Stephenville for awhile and stayed in a mobile home on Angela's place. The national economy caught up to the job and he was laid off. He ended up coming back here with us and got a job at Wal-Mart. He gained some useful experience in job searching, applications, and interviews during this time.

He started back to school this fall at Temple College. He is studying to be a Registered Nurse which is a career that was on his mind in high school. He is nearly through with a Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA) course he has been taking between class days, which will allow him to work at a job in his field of study and probably be more rewarding than the work at Wal-Mart.

Kathleen and I enjoyed a travel trailer vacation excursion to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, and back through Kansas and Oklahoma to home this past summer. We spent some time with James in Arizona and Carol and Harold in Nebraska, along with some of my family and our friends along the way. We enjoyed this enough that we are considering how to accomplish more of it.

Kathleen stills works at the Head Start Center as Director and Teacher. I joyously completed 25 years of service to The City of Temple this year. I am considering a retirement from there fairly soon and engaging in a job that is less demanding. There have been a lot of managerial changes the last two or three years that have been hard for the "old timer" to adjust to. I guess I am not as flexible as I once was, but I also do not think that the newer management has as high of standards as we used to, or that we should. I am looking at working some with an asphalt contractor that I know through our business over the years. I plan to keep my evenings and weekends free for family and grandchildren.

I have become a Home Health Care Aide as Kathleen had surgery on a torn tendon on her heel and ankle two weeks ago. She has been assigned to spend most of her time either lying down or sitting with her foot elevated. She is not to bear any weight on that foot for at least another week. She gets around on a knee-walker, which works much better for her than crutches. At any rate, I try to keep the house up while she recuperates. The better she feels, the harder it is for her to observe the doctor's instructions. The healing seems to be going well. It will be good for both of us for her to get back on her feet. It is good that I have a nice stockpile of sick leave built up.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. We will be at Patricia's tomorrow. I will get my mother Friday and she will be here a month or so. We will have a gathering here Saturday.

Photo © Earl Stahlecker
Oracle, Arizona, sunset with saguaro cactus.

On a very beautiful day recently, Mavis Anderson Morgan met with three of her school chums in Fargo for lunch, which they have done now for the last three years. Many wonderful memories were brought up and rehearsed. This is special because three of us went to school together for 12 years. Pictured, left to right: Loree Anderson Score (who is three years older then the rest of us and is a sister to Marlys Anderson Melby), Catherine Crogan Larson, Marlys Anderson Melby and Mavis Anderson Morgan. We always need to joke about the fact Marlys graduated second and I third in our class of 113 at Wahpeton High School in 1953. Some people catch on to the fact that since we both were Andersons, sure we were at the front of the line.

Photos © Jessy & Chris Chap
Grady Chap getting to know Uncle Weston, left, and Aunt Ashley, right.

UPDATE -- Thanksgiving at Wyatt & Jolene's
by Weston Johnson
Maple Grove, MN

Thanksgiving greetings from Moorhead! I enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with family and a lot of delicious food! I left the Cities after work on Wednesday, stopped by Ashby to pick up Becky, Caity and Jayce, and arrived at Wyatt and Jolene's place around 10 o'clock on Wednesday night. We were greeted by Wyatt and Jolene, as well as the earlier arrivals: Beaver, Donna, Lori and Shawn. The kids had all fallen asleep, so they weren't able to participate in the welcome committee.

I hadn't seen Wyatt and Jolene's new house yet (other than pictures posted in The Bulletin, of course), so I got the grand tour from Wyatt. It was fun to see the place in person -- they have a beautiful home that was perfect for entertaining the crowd that would gather the following day.

By the time I woke up on Thanksgiving Day, the house was already full of activity, with dinner preparations underway and all of the adults, kids and dogs congregating in the open kitchen/dining room/living room area of the house. The group from the previous night was soon joined by my mom and step-dad. Ashley made the drive up from Ashby, although Ben had to work overtime due to the late harvest and wasn't able to join us. Jolene's parents, Elroy and Cathe, joined us too, so all six of the Johnson girls' grandparents were in attendance!

Soon came the most anticipated arrival of the day, as Chris and Jessy showed up with baby Grady. Most of us hadn't met Mr. Grady yet, so he was the center of attention for most of the day, as all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins got their chance for a little one-on-one time. He seems like a very contented little boy, as he remained patient through the whole day of being passed around and fawned over.

Jessy, Grady & Chris Chap -- first Thanksgiving as a family.

At around 1 o'clock, the feast was served: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, wild rice and probably five or ten other items I'm forgetting. None of us saved room for dessert, but we ate it anyway: all kinds of pies prepared by the Grandmas Donna, several of Jessy's famous sweets, and Cathe's homemade lefse.

After dinner, we enjoyed activities such as napping, watching football on TV, putting together puzzles, napping, playing card games and maybe a little more napping. As the afternoon turned to evening, most of the guests eventually departed. My mom, John and I stuck around for the evening, highlighted by more card games. And to top off a perfect Thanksgiving, we watched the Gophers basketball team get a big win!

I hope The Bulletin editors and all of the readers also enjoyed a Thanksgiving full of family, friends, food and fun! And I'd like to send my congratulations to Damon and Rachel. I'm sorry to have to miss the wedding, but I'm looking forward to reading all about it in The Bulletin!

Photo © Wyatt Johnson
Beaver & Donna with all eight grandkids! In back: Jayce Chap, Brooklynn & Rylie Johnson; in front: Beaver holding McKenna Ostendorf & Camryn Johnson, Caity Chap holding Grady Chap, Donna holding Kierra Ostendorf.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Daniel F. & Mina McKenzie (wedding picture?), left; Daniel F. McKenzie, right.

Mutual Relatives of Don McKenzie and Dorothy Anderson

I remember my mother showing us three graves down in the northwest corner of the Howard Lake Cemetery. She would explain that, even though they were not in our burial plot, that those graves were resting places of our relatives. She would say the stones for John and Mary Mellon were my Grandpa Mellon's parents. That Mina McKenzie was Grandpa's sister. There was also another stone that intrigued me.. it looked like a stump of a tree made out of stone.. That was Daniel McKenzie's stone and he was Mina's husband. (He was a member of the Foresters -- and they provided the stone.)

I believe Allan Mellon was Daniel and Mina's oldest son, who died and was brought and buried with his mother -- grave marker top right in photo below.

When Don introduced himself to me, I asked him to tell me just how our families were interknit. I know Mom often spoke of someone called Ollace and another called Forrest and it seemed there was a Donald, too. So now I will give you a copy of his answer to me.

Daniel C. McKensie grave, left; Mina McKenzie & son Allan, top right; John & Mary Mellon (Dorothy's great-grandparents) bottom right.

How Mina and the Others Came to be Buried in our Cemetery

"Here is how it came about that Mina, her 3-1/2 month old baby (Don C. McKenzie) and his siblings -- Dorothy, Ollace, and Forrest -- came to live on the Mellon farm.

"My dad was born in Ashland, Wisconsin," Don McKenzie wrote. "His dad (Daniel) died when my dad was 3-1/2 months old and Mina needed a place to go for her kids, and so she could get work. She decided to go to her brother's for help.

"So that is how Daniel ended up in Howard Lake Cemetery and his family ended up on the farm.

"I am not sure just when, but at some point she found work in Minneapolis and her kids were raised a lot by your grandparents. The kids also helped out a lot on the farm to repay his kindness. I know they enjoyed being there," he said.

Editor's comment: After reading the explanation, I began to wonder if it could be that I am named after Don's Aunt Dorothy... Could be!

Genealogical chart by Don McKenzie
The John F. Mellon Family Descendents Chart.
(Alonzo S. Mellon is The Matriarch's maternal grandfather.)

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Mike & Sarah Steinhauer supplied last week's mystery photo.

How many can you identify? What's going on?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

On the guess picture this time we see "family fun" making memories for Kira and Levi with their parents, Mike and Sarah Steinhauer.

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope, ND

Looks like Ken and Amy Harrison, with their nephew and niece, Levi and Kira Steinhauer. I see Larry Dake, walking away!

Suzanne McCorkell
Charlotte, NC

On the guess who, that would be Uncle Ken Harrison and Levi Steinhauer on the left and Kira Steinhauer and Auntie Amy Harrison on the right. Now the question is, where do I get some pink cowboy boots like Kira's?

Jennie Dake Horne
Madison, AL

I didn't contribute this photo, so maybe I should submit my guess ... except it isn't a guess ... itza Know! Mr. Amy Harrison is on the left with none other than Levi Steinhauer. On the other end ... holding their own ... is Kira Steinhauer and Mrs. Ken Harrison. But hey, wait ... did you recognize the guy sauntering down the sidewalk? Yup, that's my brother ... LTD. I will let you guess how I know....

Ginny Dake McCorkell
Blaine, MN

The guess picture is none other than the "outdoor loving Steinhauer family." I know Mom and Dad are such nature loving people and they are teaching their childrent to love and appreciate the things of nature and loving the outdoors too. See how healthy the fresh air is making them!

Elaine Anderson Wold
Wahpeton, ND

I guess we would have a hard time NOT GUESSING the GUESS picture this time. That little family took time away from work to do some playing. Was that in the schoolyard? Levi and Kira and Mom and Dad. How fun!

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Memory Lane

A series of recollections, of the five years when Bill and Lois Dake and their family lived in Minnesota, began with the episode in Bulletin 343. It's too soon to tell just how many parts there will be in this series, just after World War II. In Bulletin 349, I told more about polio (once called Infantile Paralysis) via two links, Polio and Sister Kenny, to minimize disruption of the narrative flow. Both documents are posted as a series of scanned images. We can't edit them or correct typos and they will not respond to font changes or printer settings as regular Bulletin pages do.

Dorothy Dake, 20, hand tinted portrait, 1946.

Thanksgiving In The Country
Part 1
by Dorothy Dake
Howard Lake, MN

Louella and I were not going to go home for Thanksgiving. She was "on call" this weekend, and I certainly couldn't make such a trip in a day. So then there was the question: what could we do in our free time? More important: where and what would we eat?

We were still undecided until after the meeting last Sunday afternoon. It was then that Marge Sorenson headed our way. She was toting Gary and Carol was by her side. Spence was following with the other two little guys right behind. She had an invitation to extend...

It was kind of cute the way she worded that invitation.

"Girls, how about a baby-sitting chore in exchange for an afternoon dinner on Thursday?" It called for a little explaining before we could understand how that would work. She suggested that she would need to bring the three youngest along and pick us up in the middle of the morning (after she started the turkey) and then we could help her prepare the meal and entertain the kids -- or they would entertain us -- "as the case might be." Maybe we could get in some board games and maybe a "sing" after the dinner, which would be served in the afternoon, probably about 2:30 p.m., or so.

Then, before they bring us home after Spence gets the milking done, we can have some turkey on buns for lunch. Sounded great to us farm girls, caught in the city all week. But then we needed to do some explaining.

Of course, they had to be warned that Louella was expected to be available if there was an emergency -- but that wasn't too apt to happen before the evening hours. And, of course, we WOULD love to come. We let Marge know we couldn't stay for the weekend as I had to work. (There is a big sale the day after Thanksgiving, so Photo North would be open.) And Louella was on call for the whole weekend. So after all of that was mentioned, a decision had to be made.

Marge assured us that she would be making a meal for themselves anyway, as they had no plans to go anywhere for the holiday -- and as we didn't have any plans, either, why not join forces and share tasks and take a day to "regroup" ... out in the country, where we could be part of a family -- as that is where you belong on Thanksgiving -- "with family."

Teddy had been peeking at Louella and right at that moment he came from behind his dad's leg and lifted his arms for Louella to take him. His brother Jim was grinning at her, too. It was then that I decided I wanted to get to know those little kids as well as Louella did. I hoped she would say yes.

I guess that was the turning point. Maybe it was a little farther out than what was mentioned in the guidelines -- but it was still easy to get to town, since the big blizzard that had gone through from Alberta had left very little snow and the weather was really settled. And no exact distances that she could be out were given.

So Louella agreed that it would be great and that we will be ready and waiting at her "place" next Thursday at 9:30 a.m. So Thanksgiving has every appearance of becoming a great family occasion. How nice to be adopted into such a nice, friendly little family!

Travelogue t

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Haad Kuad, also known as Bottle Beach, Koh Phangnan, Thailand.

Southeast Asia Extravaganza 2009
by Kjirsten Swenson
Albuquerque, NM

After completing my medical school requirements last spring, I found myself with two uncommitted months to fill before graduation. Faced with an upcoming Emergency Medicine residency program that would allow few opportunities for vagabonding in the next three years, I was eager to spend these last free days far away.

Southeast Asia offered the perfect conditions for a carefree adventure. Great beaches, mangos in season, $5 massages, and easygoing cultures provided the right components for two months of ultimate relaxation and exploration. What follows are the chronicles of this last hurrah, compiled from e-mails I wrote during the trip. I spent the first few weeks traveling with a friend in Thailand, and then moved east into Laos before looping back to Thailand to fly back to reality.

10 April

After 30 hours on planes and in airports, we finally landed in Samui, an island situated in Southeast Thailand. It was instant paradise! Even the airport was a delightful sight, beautifully landscaped with gorgeous flowers, ponds and even fountains. Thanks to Jayna's tip, we had a room at a 5-star hotel on the beach waiting for us. It was magnificent, with lush gardens, teak furniture, a great pool, and a lot more luxury than I usually experience on a "backpacking" sort of adventure ... the perfect antidote for jet lag!

The next morning's sumptuous breakfast on the beach was our first introduction to the tropical culinary delights of Thailand. We were treated to an amazing buffet of succulent fruits, including incredibly sweet mangos, pineapple, papaya, dragonfruit, lychee, and several others whose names we couldn't identify.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Savoring the view ... a beach of stunning beauty & seclusion

Later that morning we boarded a ferry that whisked us across the water to Koh Phangnan, an island situated thirty minutes away by boat. At the port, we climbed into the back of a songthow, a sort of converted pickup with benches and a roof in the back for passengers. This was our first introduction to a common form of transportation in this part of the world. The firm benches made for a bumpy ride, but we appreciated the views and cooling breeze from the open walls.

On Koh Phangan we traded luxury for a far more rustic, but "characterful" place on a secluded beach. After poring over descriptions of dozens of paradisaical beaches in Southern Thailand, we had chosen Haad Kuad, also known as Bottle Beach, attracted by its reputation for stunning beauty and seclusion.

We weren't disappointed! It was quiet and gorgeous, a small arc of lovely sand and turquoise water flanked by two rocky points. Our very cute wooden bungalow was right on the sand, so we didn't even have to get out of bed to watch the crashing waves. It was lush, with lots of palm trees, flowers, and butterflies flitting about. We found it very tranquil, but not exactly quiet. Wind in the palm trees, crashing surf, and a chorus of frogs, geckos, and insects meant there was always something to listen to.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
A small arc of lovely sand and turquoise water...

The peacefulness of Bottle Beach was striking, and it seemed wrong to do anything but relax. So we settled into a routine that involved waking up once the sun was hot, feasting on fresh fruit and yogurt shakes for breakfast by the water, swimming in the warm Indian ocean, eating spicy tofu curry concoctions for lunch, taking naps, going for another swim, sitting on the beach to watch the sunset, catching a pre-dinner drink by the water, then savoring more delicious Thai food for dinner, and always finishing the day with dessert. We quickly concluded that banana fritters in chocolate sauce may be the most divine source of potassium ever.

Repeat times five and you'll know exactly what we did for our first week in Thailand!

Photos © Kjirsten Swenson
Leaving Bottle Beach, left; harvesting coconuts, right.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Tranquil evening on Bottle Beach.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Birthdays
November 30---Aaron Stahlecker
December 3---Twila Aydelotte
December 4---Sonja Dake
December 4---Carol Dake Printz
December 4---Elaine Anderson Wold
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
November 29---Kurtis and Jeni Larson (5 years)

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December 7---Aunika Swenson
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December 11---Makaila Belle Gordon (2 years)
December 11---Wyatt Wm. Meyer (10 years)
December 12---Sarah Lynn Dake Steinhauer
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December Anniversaries
December 20---Eric and Melanie Anderson Shockey (7 years)
December 23---Harold and Carol Dake Printz (42 years)
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December Special Days
December 7---Pearl Harbor Day
December 21---First Day of Winter
December 25---Christmas Day
December 31---New Year's Eve

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


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Two weeks ago today, we had our salad luncheon and bake sale and I meant to write you at that time, then it just slipped my mind. I made that Raspberry Rice Salad. It was truly a big hit ... everyone really liked it and wanted a copy of the recipe. It was fun to have something different than ordinary.

I ran into a little difficulty as I thought I had two bags of raspberries but had only one bag and one of mixed berries so I used that and it worked fine ... so anyway, just wanted to thank you for sharing. It is always fun to try something different when making for a crowd.

I am still working at the beet plant and can't believe it is still going on, but October was sooooo wet and now, finally, they are able to get in to get corn, beets, and beans, so hopefully will be done soon.

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

Shirley Berndt
Breckenridge, MN

Editor's comment: The salad that Shirley is talking about was made from a recipe we ran in Bulletin #379. The recipe was supplied by Merna Morgan on request. We had tasted it at the Berndt Reunion this fall. It was certainly attractive to the eye and pleasant to the taste buds. This letter was written to Mavis Morgan, but she forwarded it to me, as I was the one who supplied the recipe that Merna had sent to us. Good recipes really travel. --DMA

Just hope that dear little Rachel's wedding is well covered by The Bulletin. Trust you have good weather and good traveling to and from -- drive with care. Holiday traffic may be heavy, as you know.

Jess and Louise Cloyd
Hot Springs, South Dakota

Letter from the Editor: At one time, these two friends of ours served as surrogate grandparents for Rachel and her brothers. (They had to give the position up to us when Don and I moved to Springfield, Missouri, and reclaimed our three grandchildren who lived there ... Ben, Dan, and Rachie.)

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

I could hardly imagine that first picture being the bountiful harvest from our friends' garden up in the north country of Minnesota. Then as I scrolled down further, I find more and more pictures of that harvest, plus the family that grew them. It is exciting for a young family to be that able to create gardens and talents from the Good Old Days, and we are very happy to see the results. I wonder if Larry and Sherry were their example? I admire them with all my heart for their ability and interest in being such an outstanding family.

Even little Kira is learning how to carefully be a helper, both outside and inside, and of course Levi has had his lessons right from the start, too.

I am wondering if they will can the meat or freeze it or what? How well I remember canned meat from years and years ago! There just isn't a flavor to compare, and one day when I was leaving Verlaine's farm home, her mother slipped a jar of canned meat into my snow boot. A memory I still treasure. She knew how much I loved it, and shared. So, I was very impressed to see all this interesting story of a young family in this day and age NOT going the easiest route.

Wade is 10 years old, and has a lot of well wishers to remind him. No more little toys for his birthday -- not when you begin to become a young man. I have seen birthday party pictures, which are so cute, and in just a few years all those young folks have become older so you can't even tell which was which.

You just made some points with Capt'n Jack with that guitar, Wade. If you keep shadowing your daddy, you can't help but win!

What is a Bulletin without a wedding, a new baby, a new home or a kitten or two or three? This time, we can look forward to a very happy special occasion, the wedding of Rachel and Damon this Friday, which means surely there will be something to share with The Bulletin readers by the next Bulletin. We wish them a very happy day in every way.

Thank you, Bitzi, for 'splainin' all the questions we had about Whoa! Thanks to Beaver to 'splain the facts of the corn field. We all learned something, especially me that only knows about eating corn.

Wasn't that a prize picture of Steinhauers' rooster? It looked so posed, and yet I know it was a real one in their real chicken yard.

The Thanksgiving Show and Tell was a success, I thought. When our editor requested we send in what we were thankful for, I wondered how many we would have? What a wonderful surprise to read all the submissions and admissions about how thankful they were and for what. To condense it into a paragraph was not easy.

For Weston to take time to list his thanks was unique, with a variety of good things, not to be leaving out the Vikings.........

I wondered who those darling little girls were, and I see it is our new Bulletin addition, the McKenzies.

It was touching to read Elaine's being thankful for her good care rather than a complaint of some kind. Very special, Elaine, and you may have an extra serving of stuffing, just for that.

I have a very important question. Just WHERE had Cheerio been, that he is back home with family? You scared me. Could we have almost lost that important part of the threesome? Thanks to both editors for their addition to the Thanks. (Miss Kitty and Kyra wrote about Cheerio's big (mis)adventure in Bulletin 311. --Photo Ed.)

I wasn't surprised that Donna Mae had a contribution, too, as she has had so many concerns which so far have turned out very well.

So kind for Patty to remember that gentle uncle.

Even being thankful for a camera to take such excellent pictures!

MEMORY LANE tells it like it was for the "Alberta Clipper" experience. We were so hoping it would be exactly the details we wanted to hear, and again, it is amazing so many minute details were still vivid. (I know some had to be dolled up), but it was just like we were right there with you the whole way.

The most outstanding thing to me was that Max appeared just when you needed him, and that he offered to take not only you, Dorothy, but to go back for your boss. It sounded like a made up yarn, but I do think that is exactly like it happened. Your life actually depended on that special cab driver. I thought that was such a kind gesture that they both walked you to the door, and were rewarded with that frozen sandwich, which no doubt they devoured on the spot.

THANK YOU for the pictures describing the Travelogue this time. We didn't need any story, only pictures, as it is a continuation of what we already have read about. At first it looked like fish at the open market, but on closer look I think it must be dagger knives in a sheath. Would be interesting watching the vendors close up shop for the night.

What a great pair of Jack O' Lanterns, Levi and Kira! I think I recognize the one as Garfield.

Fun to see how Miss Hetty appreciates all the fan mail she gets. We have to keep her busy or she might get tired of checking her inbox and quit. So far, so good. Even Miss Kitty knows how to send in stuff.

Grandma Virginia and the Eckel grandchildren was truly a CHUCKLES. She has never looked her age, and it doesn't look like she will yet.

Quotation for the day is Gratitude and a quiet joy ... we could all come under that umbrella at this Thanksgiving season ... calmness in a world of chaos is simply attained by an attitude of gratitude.

Now some more gratitude and thanks to you co-editors for another one-of-a-kind Bulletins. It is a mystery to me that every single week we have a full and overflowing Bulletin, even if it is nip and tuck at times.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photos by Sarah Steinhauer
Levi Steinhauer ... without a doubt!

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