About Argyle & Kathlyn (Johnson) Anderson
(Kathlyn is sister to Jerrianne, Beaver, Richard and Mitzi)
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Argyle & Kathlyn (Johnson) Anderson with Pretty Kitty. These Andersons have been married 42 years. They lived on a Minnesota farm near Marietta for a long time before moving to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1990. They adopted Pretty Kitty a few years ago.

Argyle & KathlynAnderson, Erik & Ashley Huseby.

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Argyle & Kathlyn Anderson's Aydelotte Grandchildren

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Argyle and Kathlyn Anderson's Aydelotte & Huseby Grandchildren. Front, left to right: Allison and Hannah Aydelotte and Ashley Huseby; back row: Spencer, Jessica, Brendan and Todd Aydelotte and Erik Huseby. All enjoy winter visits in sunny California with Grandpa and Grandma Anderson, who live in frosty Anchorage, Alaska.

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