About Don Anderson

My Grandparents

My Dad's parents:
Harry's Father: H.C. Anderson (Hans Christian) - born Jan. 5, 1869 - died Mar. 2, 1959.
Harry's Mother: Inger Johanneson - born in August of 1869 - died June 24, 1904.
Married in 1891.

Grandpa (Hans) Christian Anderson
"H.C." used to spend part of the year with his daughter Lydia and part with Dad's family. This picture was taken in 1954 in Iowa at my cousin's house.

Four Generations, circa 1955
Donna Mae Anderson, Donald Anderson, Harry Anderson and Hans Christian Anderson.

My Mother's Parents:
Cleo's Mother: Rose Lubenow - born Aug. 31, 1882 - died Mar. 8,1964.
Cleo's Dad: Gustave Berndt - born Oct. 21, 1877 - died Dec. 8, 1956.
Married: Nov. 19, 1902.

My Parents
Don's Mother: Cleo Berndt - born Dec. 12, 1906 - died Dec. 14, 1989.
Don's Dad: Harry Christian Anderson - born July 17, 1897 - died March 30, 1962.
Married: Oct. 20, 1926.

My Dad, Harry Anderson.
He was not married then -- I guess you could call him "The Eligible Bachelor."

Four Generations In 1984
Marlene Johnson, Cleo Anderson holding Heidi Johnson, and Don Anderson

Aunt Lollie (Berndt) Grob, Cleo's sister, photo and story are here.

The First Four Anderson Kids
Elwood, Donald, Elaine & DeLoris, left; my brother Elwood in 1946, right.

The Harry & Cleo Anderson Family in late 1945, the year Dwight was born.
Back row: Elaine, Donald, Elwood, DeLoris; front row: Harry, Mavis, Harry Jr., Cleo & Dwight.

I have lived from the age of horse drawn machinery, to the age of jets, computers, and all that fine equipment used by the farmers today,

I was born in the little town of Dwight and lived there for several years. Then my Dad decided to buy a farm and I became a farmer (well at least I thought I was). Bulletin 44 and a couple others tell about those days.

My brother Elwood and I both were in the service. My navy and army experiences are related in another Bulletin.

I have had lots of cars in my day -- to drive or to sell. I wrote about some of the cars I have owned in Bulletin 48.

In 1949 I met and courted Dorothy ... proposed to her on Valentine's Day of 1950. Gave her a big box of candy, too -- but not as big as the Valentine I bought her this year!!

We were married on August 15, of 1950. That means we will celebrate our 55th anniversary this summer. We will say we haven't ever had a fight (well, a fist fight, anyway.)

Donna was born March 28, 1952. While she was little we farmed two different places. We rented from my folks first in Ibsen township. Later we moved to Parkers Prairie, near where we live now. In Bulletin 46 I tell some about that time in our farm experiences.

We sold out there and since then I have been in mostly farm related jobs, the last one being Anderson Equipment, which did business in several different locations.

We have five children and 15 or so grand and great grandkids -- but we don't trust the count too much as there are so many getting married. I told my grandkids I thought two weddings a year is all we can take. All those young family members are supposed to do their own pages so I will leave them to it!

Earl & Elaine (Anderson) Wold wedding, October 20, 1948.
Elaine was the first of our family to get married; we did a good job on their nicely decorated car.

Dorothy Dake & Don Anderson
This was taken in the summer of 1950, after we were engaged.

With My Siblings In 1992
From left: Dwight Anderson, Harry Anderson, Jr., Mavis (Anderson) Morgan, DeLoris Anderson, Elaine (Anderson) Wold, Donald W. Anderson

With My Siblings & Cousins at the 2004 Berndt Family Reunion
Back: Tom Berndt, Don Anderson, Dwight Anderson, Art Mitzel, Delwood Berndt.
Front: Debsy Vogt, Elaine Wold, DeLoris Anderson, Mavis Morgan, Sandy Thiele.