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Sunday, March 28, 2010
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spring daffodils
Photo © Suzanne McCorkell
Spring Daffodils, all in a row!

Updates -

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photographer unknown

Amy Dake, daffodils (& pansies) all in a row on her 95th birthday cake.

It pleases me to have a lovely picture of our true Matriarch in this Bulletin, dated just 112 years after her birth.

Amy May Mellon was born March 28, 1898. She was married to William Benjamin Dake on September 3, 1919. She died June 26, 1993.

She was the mother of six children: Bill, Blanche, Dorothy, LeRoy, Mildred (who died a few days after birth), and Gert. There are just two of those siblings left here to see that picture: Gert and myself.

I would not attempt to say how many of her following generations there are to view this special issue. Maybe someone could take a count!

May the love she showed us, while she was here with us, be reflected by each of us who claim her as ours.

Dorothy Dake Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Photos © Suzanne McCorkell
Willam Richard Dake, left, born January 28, 2010, with his parents, Greg & Sonja Dake, right, may be the youngest descendent of Great, Great Grandma Amy Dake today, but probably not for long.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Grandma Sherry Dake reading to Levi & Kira Steinhauer.

UPDATE -- from Blaine to Brooks to Wannaska and back
by Ginny Dake McCorkell
Blaine, MN

On Wednesday last week, Sherry called to say that Amy was home for a visit ... would we like to come up? It seemed that it would work best if I went up by myself this time, so Thursday morning I gathered up my stuff and piled into the car for the 5-hour trek north. It was a sunny, pleasant drive ... though the last few miles always seem to take forever!

When I finally arrived, it was just Sherry at home ... and Happy Harry. And I assure you his name fits perfectly ... he really is VERY happy. He has all the exuberance of a puppy ... only this puppy is HUGE! Harry was so happy to see me that he had two thirds of himself in my lap the minute I cracked the car door open. Some of you know how much I love being in close contact with any critter ... but he was so happy and exuberant ... how could I not be happy, too!

LTD had not been warned that I was invited, so he was puzzled about the white Stratus parked in the yard when he came home from work. Amy had gone up to Sarah and Michael's to spend the night, so just the three of us ... LTD, Sherry and I ... had a delicious chicken salad for supper.

After supper, we took Scout (LTD'S young ox) and Happy Harry for a walk. This time, Scout went without even a halter. Once he forgot about the feed he was wanting, he was very cooperative ... just plodding along. Sometimes trotting along with LTD. I tried to get some videos of them ... hopefully, there will be one from the batch that LTD can use on his blog.

Photos © Larry T. Dake
Scout, the baby ox, left; Happy Harry, the new puppy, right.

Friday morning, LTD went to work and Sherry and I went even farther north, to Wannaska, to see Amy at Sarah's house. The kids were in the window with big smiles for Grandma Sherry. Levi and Kira forgot to be shy, so it was great fun for me to be with them. We had a low key visit around the kids playing. In the afternoon, we got to go out and see where they gather the eggs and where the bunnies, grouse, bantams and the guinea hen hang out.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
One of Sarah's laying hens.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Bantam chicken & Guinea fowl.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Kira gathers eggs...

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
...of unusual colors.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Kira hugs a black bunny.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Gray rabbit.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Levi explains...

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Sarah & Amy & a new twig on the family tree ... due to arrive in June.

Photo © Virginia McCorkell
Sarah & Amy researching how to help a sick hen. To operate or not to operate.

Sarah is a great cook so we were well fed on wholesome, home-cooked food. At noon, she fixed venison vegetable stew and fresh bread and for supper we had homemade pizza and a salad ... yummy. Michael got home about 45 minutes before we had to leave. Right after supper, we headed to Thief River Falls to meeting with Amy and Sherry in Amy's car and me following in my car. LTD arrived from Brooks with Sherry's folks.

LTD rode home with me. We were so busy visiting that we both missed the Oklee sign and went waaay beyond where we should have turned. When we finally pulled into the driveway, Sherry opened the door to remind us that we should have picked up LTD's car in Oklee ... so off we went again, to get his car.

After we finally got back to Storybrooke Farm, we visited 'til about midnight. I think we were all just too tired to make the effort to go to bed any sooner. We slept in Saturday morning and I headed for home after a late breakfast of fresh eggs from Sarah's hens.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Grandpa Beaver took the boys and McKenna on a nature hike into the woods. Fortunately, it was still early enough to beat the wood ticks! Left to right: Keith, Kyle, Jayce & McKenna.

UPDATE -- weekend visitors
by Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

We had visitors last weekend -- Lori and Shawn Ostendorf; their girls, McKenna and Kierra; their friends Brian, Kristin, Keith and Kyle Nordling; and their dog, Zoe. We enjoyed our time with them, as always.

Photo © Donna Johnson
The boys did some tree climbing, which is always a big hit. Lowest is Keith, middle is Kyle & at the top is Jayce.

Photo © Donna Johnson
While the boys climbed, McKenna was enjoying her small climb & the sunshine.

Photo © Donna Johnson
McKenna told me she got to throw sticks in the water; that seemed to be the highlight of her walk. She came back all smiles & ready for a drink of milk.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Zoe enjoying the couch with Tate.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Kierra snacking on Cheerios; she played for the longest time at the little table while she enjoyed her snack.

Photo © Ken Carson
Oreo (& Cheerio & Tabasco) turned 3 years old this week.

UPDATE -- the grandkitties turn 3 years old
by Miss Kitty
Anchorage, AK

So much to report! This week the grandkitties had birthdays and they all got salmon dinners. Yum! They are 3-year-olds now -- same as Mai Tai, only he celebrates his birthday in April with me. We aren't sure which days we were born on, but we know it is in the spring.

Anyway, Miss Kathlyn sent a link to some really cool kitty pictures from a photo contest and we thought you might like to see them, too. She said, "Diego has been intently watching the neighbor kids' big gray bunny feeding on what has fallen off our bird feeder. The kids managed to recapture their big black bunny on Saturday, but have not had much luck with the gray one. It is easy for him to get under the deck out of their reach. I think he enjoys the freedom, but he is vulnerable to predators."

Then Don Anderson sent a link to pictures of the floods around Fargo this year. That reminded us that last year Miss Betty asked what happened to all the sandbags when the flooding was over. We didn't know the answer then, but later we found an article online that explains about recycling six million sandbags.

Another friend sent a link we thought you might enjoy that has nothing to do with cats -- or flooding.

Day to DayR
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Rylie Johnson
We had visitors the weekend before last: Weston, Wyatt, Jolene and their girls. Rylie took this picture of her sisters "cooking" in the little kitchen area I have set up for them to play.

Photo © Rylie Johnson
Rylie also took a picture of them "feeding" Buster.

Photo © Donna Johnson
The girls also love to color; Camryn and Brooklynn enjoy themselves in the sunroom, still comfy in P.J.'s.

Photo © Donna Johnson
The older kids were also keeping busy.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Rylie drew me the cutest picture of a little beaver -- just had to share!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Grady & Aunt Becky Chap.

Becky and I headed to Fargo on Monday, as Jolene had given us a large mirror to put above our couch. We took the kids' outgrown clothing to be sold at Plato's Closet and Once Upon a Child. We also took advantage of being in the area by getting in a visit with Grady and his parents, Chris and Jessy Chap.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Becky & Grady with Daddy Chris watching.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Mommy Jessy feeding Grady; he's thoroughly enjoying his cereal. Weighing in at 23 lbs. at 4 months, he has almost grown out of 18-24 month clothing, as his torso is so long. He is growing at an unbelievable speed! We are waiting to see if he tops his Grandpa Chap's 32 lbs. at one year ... looks as though he might!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Grady enjoying tummy time.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn. Donna Anderson Johnson supplied last week's mystery photos.

How many can you identify? What's going on?

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

I am not sure who the little girls on the left are but I do know that those are sisters Linda Knutson and Peggy McNeill ... my cousins ... on the right.

Ginny Dake McCorkell
Blaine, MN

In the picture on the left: Avery (L) and Kylie (R), Roddy and Alisha McNeill's girls. In the picture on the right: Grandma Peggy McNeill is in blue and Linda Knutson is in the red. (They are my sisters.) I think ALL those girls are pretty cute. :o)

Melanie Lehtola
Howard Lake, MN

The GUESS pictures must have been taken at the same time, with the same throw and pattern to the couch. It's for sure I give up before I ever start on these pictures.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

More About last week's Guess Pictures

Kylie & Avery McNeill were in last week's mystery picture. Did you catch the clue?

Memory Lane

A series of recollections, of the five years when Bill and Lois Dake and their family lived in Minnesota, began with the episode in Bulletin 343. It's too soon to tell just how many parts there will be in this series, just after World War II. In Bulletin 349, I told more about polio (once called Infantile Paralysis) via two links, Polio and Sister Kenny, to minimize disruption of the narrative flow. Both documents are posted as a series of scanned images. We can't edit them or correct typos and they will not respond to font changes or printer settings as regular Bulletin pages do.

Dorothy Dake, 20, hand tinted portrait, 1946.

Winter In Bemidji
by Dorothy Dake
Howard Lake, MN

A Beginning And An End

This week has been a turning point for two families. I can see the way it will someday go for me, but for now I am torn between euphoria for some and deep sadness for others.

The Beginning: It has been such an exciting week at home. Because of two offers for beginnings that LeRoy and Vonnie have waiting for them, they have been released from their jobs in Colorado and allowed to return home in the middle of March, rather than April or May as they had thought would be the case. It is exciting and pressing times for them and opportunities are waiting.

They have made up their minds to draw up a contract with Ernie Nyman and they need to sign papers to finalize their agreement. I really do not know a thing about financing and that sort of thing, but I guess they do. Vonnie is equally as up on things like that as LeRoy. There is much to be done before spring planting arrives. I understand that they intend to go into dairying. There needs to be an additional income to get them started.

Dr. Greenfield has studied over the application and the recommendations from the hospital in which Vonnie was working there in Colorado and has offered her a position in his hospital. He needs her help in his newly established hospital just as soon as she becomes available. So it seems that they're ready to start a beginning for their life as farmers in Meeker County -- with the help of a nursing position in Wright County.

Next week, by all appearances, they will be home and ready to begin. I guess I will miss out on that move. But I do have a move here that Belle and I had not expected, nor wanted to be observers to.

An Ending: The day that Bertha lost her freedom of choice was the day she suffered a stroke. You see, she was not our responsibility in the eyes of the law. We had to give place to her nephew and niece because she could no longer make choices for herself. When we called them, they responded like they really did care, and did want the best for her. But how can one really tell?

I know that, after her trip to visit them at Christmas time, she had spoken freely of them. They are the son and daughter of her brother, who was her only sibling. They live on a farm in the Osakis vicinity (about 100 miles or so south of Bemidji). I guess Bertha is the only one of her generation still living. Her nephew is Patrick White and his sister is Angie. It was Angie who took the call about Bertha's hospitalization.

It has been a week now that Bertha has been in the hospital. Both Angie and Patrick have been with her a lot. They say she is beginning to talk enough to be understood, and she seems to know what has happened. Today, they mentioned to Belle that they have now met with the social worker, and with the doctor, in an attempt to decide what will be best for Bertha.

I guess Angie told her that they need to have their aunt moved nearer to their home so they can oversee her care. They want to be sure she is getting rehabilitation, as they want her to regain whatever improvements in movement, speech, and reasoning that is possible, so that she can take her place at their home with them.

It is so hard for us two ladies here at home, not getting to even see her yet. And already they are talking of moving her away. I know they can't take her until she is more recovered than she is now. So Belle and I are planning to get to talk to her to see if she really wants to move -- or is this all Angie and Patrick's idea? It is so lonesome upstairs with no Bertha to talk to... And Belle says she can hardly stand the long days with no phone calls from upstairs to downstairs.

I guess Bertha was going to have to move anyway, as Claude tells Belle that the decision on the city's offer on her house should be here before the next town meeting. He thinks this block and the next one to the north will all be bought and cleared by the end of this coming summer. But even if that is going to happen, Bertha and Belle had made plans that Bertha was to live in a home near Belle's planned cottage here in Bemidji.

So, again, I am caused to remember that PLANS are just that. They may work out, or they may not!

I will end this entry with another upbeat move that I am GLAD to hear about. Bill and Ruth Foley decided to return from Arizona just as soon as they can get things arranged. That fine man decided that Ken and I need his help. (And don't we, though!) He also wants to release Harold to freedom in his new job.

Ruth doesn't mind, as she says blue skies and sunshine can get boring, too. (I would like to try it sometime. I don't think it would bore me!) Anyway, I brought her lovely boots to work with me to send home with Ken. I gave him directions to tell her there is a letter in the box ... and I surely will thank her personally, the minute I see her. I expect she does not have to know the complete story of their winter! Then, again, who knows? It might work out to tell her the details!

Photo © Dorothy Dake Anderson
The house where I lived in Bemidji, Minnesota, in 1949.

Travelogue t

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Grand Palace detail, Bangkok, Thailand.

Southeast Asia Extravaganza 2009
by Kjirsten Swenson
Albuquerque, NM

The Grand Palace was amazing beyond description, so ornate and brilliantly decorated. Words can't do it justice, so you'll have to examine the detail photos here and check the links for more photos instead.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Grand Palace detail, Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Grand Palace detail, Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo © Kjirsten Swenson
Grand Palace detail, Bangkok, Thailand.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
April 1---April Fools' Day
April 2---Good Friday

This Week's Birthdays
March 28---Donna (Anderson) Johnson
March 30---Mason Henderson (4 years)
March 30---Michael Steinhauer
March 31---Linda Knutson
April 2---Duane Miller
April 2---Jess Cloyd
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
March 31---Frans and Rian de Been (32 years)

More April Birthdays
April 4---Meryl Hansey
April 4---Barb Dewey
April 6---Dusty Meyers
April 9---Richard Johnson (from Oregon)
April 9---Dorothy Dake Anderson
April 10---Brenda Anderson Hill
April 10---Lisa Kae Anderson
April 10---Shawn Ostendorf
April 15---Melinda Miranowski
April 19---Levi Owen Steinhauer (5 years old)
April 23---Alyssa Lynn Freesemann
April 23---Miss Kitty (7 years old)
April 23---Mai Tai (3 years old)
April 25---Troy LaRon Freesemann
April 25---Mia Nelson
April 26---Heidi Johnson Henderson
April 27---Steve Rodriguez
April 27---Peggy McNeill
April 28---Justin Blackstone
April 29---Kelly Kay Larson Seaman
April 30---Kurtis James Larson

April Special Days
April 1---April Fools' Day
April 2---Good Friday
April 4---Easter Sunday
April 30---Arbor Day

Miss Hetty Says:

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by LeRoy Dake
Y'all be careful out there on Thursday, April 1, Dorothy & Don!

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

When I got back from my trip, your Bulletins were here. I sure liked them and thank you Editors for doing them.

I had the most fun with remembering Nels Curtis. You know, right after Bill and I tried to get our wives to get in the back seat and take a ride with Curtis, we figured out some fun.

Curtis's car was a Model A Ford, probably about a 1929. It was old but it ran nice. I don't know who taught Curtis how to drive but he could do a fair job of driving it. I don't think he ever understood what made it work but, like I said, he could drive it pretty good. He got to use it quite a bit. I remember that he drove his strawberries to town to sell to the stores.

Well, back to the story. That day that you had in the Guess, Bill and I jacked up the back of the car until the wheels were off the ground. Then, when Curtis came out, we told him that Gert and Coy Nell wanted a ride. (Knowing the wheels were jacked up, they said they sure did.) So, of course, he got in the front and they got in the back. After it was started up, he gave her the gas and nothing happened -- the back wheels just spun -- so he revved it up again and, just when he got it really full blast, Bill and I kicked the jack out. And off they went!

Now, if looks could kill, those girls' would have got us right then! But after the surprise of the fast start, he got it going good and went around the block out on the east side of the driveway. They probably never got another ride like that one. I don't know if Curtis ever did figure out why it was so hard getting his car going.

Jim Miller
Bradenton, FL

Gwen Stucker was not on the mailing list that Rich was able to pull from the "dead" computer. I didn't realize it wasn't with the rest until this pleading letter arrived:

Dear Dorothy:
I know you're an editor who does her best
To keep her newsletter readers impressed,
But, alas, there's one who has felt your clout
And learned it's a rule or you are OUT.
"Contribute or else" seemed a feeble rule
Which might be ignored as a valid tool
For weeding out less interested folk.
Alas, I've found she means it no joke!
After missing several weeks of issues
I've used up a box or two of tissues
And wonder how many things I must write
To keep that wonderful newsletter in sight.
Beware, my fellow subscriber, beware:
Editor Anderson demands we do our share!!
Please put me back on your e-mail list.
I truly mean it: You have been missed!


The Editor replies: You must admit, when my arm you twist --
Your name goes back on the mailing list!

I enjoyed the pretty pink buds Virginia shared with us. Gives me hope that we'll soon see them in person. The Jay on Claudia's hand was surprising. At first I noticed the helmet and the trees, before I focused on the fact there was a bird on her hand! What a beautiful car for DeLoris! Good for her; she'll enjoy it, I'm sure. I'll have to go for a ride next time I'm in town! Enjoying each of your stories too, Mom; thanks for doing them! And thanks to all the rest who contributed. I read each piece.

Donna Anderson Johnson
Ashby, MN

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Once I get over the surprise every time at seeing the direction to the web for the current Bulletin, I find it very easy to bring it to the screen, and print it.

I am not quite used to the different size of print, and it makes it fewer printed pages, but that is all just fine. I am getting used to it, and whatever it takes to keep our Bulletins arriving on schedule on Saturday morning we will cooperate with. We do appreciate all the concern and effort that has been put into continuing The Bulletin all through the transition of computers and programs. All the trials and errors to perfect it to The Bulletin we have become accustomed to.

Photo Editor's Note: The Bulletin is set up so the typeface and size is set according to your browser preferences. Whatever you set is what you get. If your browser preference setting is 12 point Times, that's what your body copy will be. If you like larger type, adjust your setting. I like Verdana in 18 point type -- no squinting for me and Verdana is designed for reading on a screen.

We are always so glad to see folks taking time to send in updates and Miss Hetty gossip items, and for the interesting pictures and travel stories. It seems an endless supply, but I know the Editors have scraped the bottom of the barrel a couple times. It's all our fault if there is not enough to fill the pages.

So, when we did get The Bulletin on the screen, what should we see but a lovely, colorful picture for SPRING. Thanks, Bitzi, but as you say, it is mostly on the calendar.

I did a double take at the sweet picture of those precious twin sisters, Kyndra and Taylor. Talk about identical. I wonder if the mother will have to tatoo a name, as how could she ever tell them apart. What fun that is going to be to care for them in between the times of not so much fun caring for two at a time. I hope we get many updates on these two little twin girls. I already felt a love for them.

Then, next, I see that my brother has been taking pictures while they are in Apache Junction, Arizona, visiting our sister Ruth and her husband in their beautiful, mild weather. Lemon buds are not a Minnesota sight that I know of.

Steve and Marci, Shalana and Krista skied above the clouds while they visited in Arizona. I thought it was hard to see that's what the next picture was all about. It hardly looked like "above the clouds," but it was. I thought it was so unusual to have heard from our son skiing above the clouds in Colorado at the same time Steve's family were doing that in Arizona.

We are so happy for you, DeLoris. A brand new car. What a major purchase, and to have finally decided on a model, color and make would be difficult, I would think. Chevrolet Malibu -- a nice, solid, practical, dependable car for the long and short trips DeLoris will want to make.

Donna Mae always has something interesting that she is doing with her friends and family. I could hardly recognize her on that picture. A new hairdo? Glasses? But you can't change that smile we have all come to enjoy. By the way, Donna Mae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kylie and Avery look like they will be look alikes as they grow older together. What a mass of toddlers at the Mall of America! Think of the sounds!

And, thank you for the picture of your office, Donna Mae. At last we get to see Weston resting for a change. How does it feel to "play office" and not spend all the time daydreaming as you gaze out that big window? I tried to see what all was on that desk, but I gave up.

Memory Lane was written in such a way that I couldn't lay it down until I had read every word. I could just picture the scene of Belle and Bertha's mishap. They needed that young, energetic Dorothy to be a help to them both.

Then the story stops right there in the good part. Don't forget to let us know what did happen in the future because of the events of that day.

I am sure that must be a prize recipe Colette submitted for Wild Rice Pilaf. It looked easy enough for even me to try. I never thought of putting dried cranberries in. It reminded me of a delicious wild rice soup that Renee Martin made and brought over for my birthday. That was so full of delicious ingredients that I never did get them all figured out. What a nice, thoughtful gift!

Kjirsten's Southeast Asia Extravaganza still holds our keen attention, seeing photos of places and things that we would never see otherwise. That Buddha was so huge that it dwarfed our Dr. Swenson.

I had sent in a picture of the balloon for my 80th birthday that came from the Weilands, and just in passing, I can tell you that it is still up in the air. I have it tied to the piano leg, and it is just like brand new. Still has the helium in it. I think that is amazing, after 24 days.

Life has changed dramatically for my sister and her husband, Ruth and Ken Kitto in Arizona. She looks so normal in that recliner picture but has a long way to go to gain her strength back after that stroke. What a beautiful Hibiscus blossom from their yard!

Krista Weiland announced that she really missed the CHUCKLES in The Bulletin when they were not there. She would love this one of Carrie and Uncle Greg.

The Quotation for the day was typical of our days here in Minnesota with so many different weathers in 24 hours. They are all pleasant, though, and I plan to store my winter boots now. Hopefully, that won't bring more snow.

Thank you again to the Editors who have given such dedicated attention to making this Bulletin #405 another cherished edition, especially to those of us who sent in items.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Jennie Horne
Ethan Horne convinces a gorilla to take him for a gorilla-back ride.

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