Back To School!

Won't teacher be surprised!
Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell; photo by Sarah Steinhauer
"Froggy" -- teacher's desk drawer first, then "Show and Tell."

Updates -

UPDATE -- Just Moved!
by Brenda Anderson Hill
Dwight, ND

Where does one begin with an update about us? In the last two weeks our family has moved out of our "town" house, moved into our "country" house (although still living out of boxes), had the stomach flu and started workshops for school, plus I've been treating a blood clot behind my knee, and all while being almost eight months pregnant!

OK ... the move. With help from family and friends, we finished packing on August 11th (while Jonathan was sick with what we thought was sinus drainage). That night, Jonathan was awake until 2 a.m. with what we now knew was stomach flu. Bright and early four hours later, we were up getting ready for family and friends to help move our belongings to our new country residence. Everything went well and by 11:30 we had six pickup and trailer units filled (Uff-dah! Too much stuff!)

Upon arriving at the new residence, we helped Dad and Mom move the last of their stuff out of the house and into the attached garage for storage until they can move into their new house. Then we hastily unloaded the piano as it was starting to rain. (This is the same piano that Grandpa Harry and Grandma Cleo had on this same farmsite about 70 years ago!)

We got everything unloaded or under tarps before going to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Pizza Ranch. Boy, did that taste good!

Back on the ranch, we soon had everything else stacked in the house and hauled two loads of "big" furniture to Dad and Mom's new house. Then we went back to our "old" house for one more small load. By 7:30 p.m. we were ready for supper and that is when Jazmine got the stomach flu -- just as we walked in the door at Fryn' Pan! So, we decided we weren't so hungry after all and went home. Later that night, Nathan and I both got the flu! What a first night in the new house! ("Where's the Pepto?" ... "In a box!")

The next day the adults were dragging far behind the now well children. Jonathan, especially, had fun going through the boxes. Jazmine did her best to be a little mother, but he didn't listen very well!

On Monday evening, I noticed soreness behind my knee but didn't think a lot of it. By Tuesday evening, it was warm, swollen, and red. On Wednesday morning, Nathan took me to the doctor and then the hospital for an ultrasound. A blood clot was found in a superficial vein behind the knee. No deep vein clots, so supposedly not serious ... just painful! Now, 10 days later, I'm able to walk on it 80% normally but bending over is still a problem. This is the biggest I've ever been, but this should be temporary as baby #3 (another boy) is due to be born via C-section on October 2nd.

Amidst all of this, Nathan has been working his regular 48 hours per week, besides picking up more than his fair share around the house and with the kids. It has been a very busy couple of weeks ... and school starts Monday!

That's all that has been happening here!

Nathan, Brenda, Jazmine, and Jonathan Hill

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Suzi getting ready for school.

UPDATE -- a new home for Ryan and Heidi
by Heidi Johnson Henderson (a "charter" subscriber!)
Albuquerque, NM


Hello! I can't believe that The Bulletin is four years old already! Who knew that it would be so successful! Congratulations on a job well done and hope there are many more Bulletins to come!

Well, Ryan and I can (almost) breathe easier tonight. We are closing on our condo tomorrow and I have been finishing up packing the last of our things and cleaning, so it has been a busy night. We also found out this evening that we will also be closing tomorrow on a house on the west side of town. We weren't sure that we would get it because it had some title issues that we found out about last week. Finding out that we had a place to live was very exciting, to say the least!

So this next week will be a full one. Moving all of our stuff into our new house. (I don't know how we managed to collect so much junk!) We are moving from a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath-condo into a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car-garage house. I am most excited to have a laundry room and my own washer and dryer! No more laundromats.

Ryan is excited to start landscaping our yard. It is pure sand so that should be interesting. We will have a very beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains and the city lights in the valley. If anyone is in the Albuquerque area, we definitely have room for you now and would love to have you in our new home!

Our new address is:
5751 Night Whisper NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
Our phone numbers will stay the same.

In other news, I start school tomorrow, as well as everything that is going on. I am trying to get done with my accounting degree as quickly as possible. I am taking Spanish, Math, Intro to Business and English Comp. I am happy that I am almost done with my core classes and will hopefully transfer to the University of New Mexico next fall to finish up.

Ryan and I are looking forward to the start of ski season. We are hoping that all the rain we have been getting this summer will continue with a lot of snow this winter! We also are hoping to get in one more camping trip this summer/fall before it is too cold to sleep in a tent.

I would have never guessed that this is where I would be when the first Bulletin came out ... but I am sure happy with the way that life has taken me and I am looking forward to everything that life will bring us in the future!

Thank you for everything!


Adam & Shanna Boltz, left; Josh, Beau, Adam, Travis, Caleb & Joel, right.

UPDATE -- Just Married!
by (Auntie) Ardis Quick
Roseville, MN

Adam Boltz and Shanna Rakola were married on August 19, 2006, in Medina, Minnesota. Adam is the oldest son of Brad and Lisa (Blackstone) Boltz. (Lisa is Gert Dake Pettit's daughter and Adam is Gert's grandson.) Adam's sister, Rachael, was the flower girl. Brothers Joshua and Caleb, along with cousins Beau and Travis and friend Joel, were groomsmen. Brother Joseph was smiling the most -- he got to sit this one out but still had to wear the tux.

Rachael and Lisa, left; finally, a chance to relax (a little), right.

Photos © Donna Johnson
Beaver doing what beavers do, left; Becky's new homesite, right.

UPDATE -- a homesite in the woods for Becky
by Becky Chap (a "charter" subscriber!)
Ashby, MN

I'm excited and even nervous about all that's going on with getting a home of my own, finally. I'm just grateful that it is even happening. We've been planning and talking about this since Caity was a baby, so it's a dream come true. I'm excited for the kids to be able to be close to both Grandpa and Grandma and myself, with no more driving back and forth between places.

We worked hard this weekend, getting up fences and cutting down trees. I especially want to thank Beaver for doing so much for us, taking time out of his weekend and working on this. I also want to thank Darryl and Amy for all they did; it was a huge help! Darryl worked so hard.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Amy Desrocher (Darryl's friend) Darryl McNeill, Becky & Beaver.

UPDATE -- planning a May wedding
by Chris Chap (a "charter" subscriber!)
Fargo, ND

As one of the charter members, I figured that I better write and give an update on what has been going on with my life. My how things have changed since my first article that I wrote in for The Bulletin! I had to look back at that article myself to see what was going on in my life four years ago. At the time I was finishing up my last semester in college and trying to figure out what kind of "real job" I would be going into.

After an attempt in working for Menards and American Family, I have finally found a job that fits what I was looking for. Currently I am a claims representative for Progressive Insurance. I have been there for a year now and hope to be there many more. I hope to move up in the company and expand my professional development as I go.

The most significant change in my life four years ago is meeting my wife-to-be and love of my life, Jessy Wolff. It was only about two weeks after I wrote that article to The Bulletin that Jessy and I started dating. The four years with her have been the most fantastic four years of my life and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

I'm not sure if we had it officially announced in The Bulletin at all, and I had been meaning to write in to let everyone know, but we finally picked the date of May 12, 2007, for our wedding.

We have begun some of the planning for the wedding and have some of the most important aspects of the wedding taken care of (Kimberly Johnson, Photographer -- Thanks, Kim!), but I'm sure that there are many things yet to plan. I'll try to stay out of the planning as much as possible, because the wedding planning thing isn't really up my alley, but I will help when called upon for advice!

Jessy Wolff & Chris Chap with "Froggy."

UPDATE -- mini-vacations lighten busy summer
by Tami & Jason Hunt
Verona, WI

I know it's been a long time since I've written, but it seemed like we were busy with uneventful things! This summer we've both been busy working like normal. I took a couple mini vacations with Jason while he was doing inspections.

The latest was a trip to Marshfield, Wisconsin. Last week, he was in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for a class all week so I decided I'd like to add a few more states to my "been to" list and went from Wednesday until Friday.

I took a road trip by myself on Thursday while Jason was in class. I drove from Oak Ridge to Pigeon Forge (Dollywood country), through Gatlinburg into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I ended up in North Carolina since at the top of the mountains is the Appalachian Trail and also the state line.

I drove through Cherokee, North Carolina, and back around to Knoxville, Tennesee. Looked at World's Fair Park and University of Tennessee and then drove back to Oak Ridge.

Friday, we went to the Museum of Energy. The history of Oak Ridge is very interesting since it started out as "The Secret City."

Last Saturday when I got done with work, we went to Jason's parents' place. It'd been since the beginning of May that we'd been there so I guess we were quite busy. Mostly, I don't have any weekends free. I work every Saturday and three of the four Sundays each month in the summer, as the other doctor that is usually rotating the Sundays is out sailing every weekend. I can't wait for October! The picture of us is taken at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Guess this is all from this end!

Tami & Jason Hunt

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Daycare Kids and "Summer Play Pals"

This was "the lineup" on one of the last days of summer, just before school resumed:

Photo © Donna Johnson
Jayce, Jackie, Cecilia, Ganon, Amy Ostendorf, Katie, Caity, Davie, Anissa, Torin.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Buster misses the "school kids" but he's glad the "dog days" of August are done; he won't have to hide in his "hole" to escape the heat anymore.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Parvis e glandibus quercus
(Great oaks from little acorns grow)

The Bulletin is Four Years Old!

This issue wraps up the fourth year of publishing The Bulletin -- 220 issues -- an average of 55 issues per year! (It wasn't always a weekly publication ... sometimes it was twice weekly.) In four years, The Bulletin subscriber e-mail list has gone from six -- all six of my grandchildren who were then enrolled in college -- to 120 relatives and friends from all over.

In this issue you will find updates from three of the "charter" subscribers. We are hoping to receive updates soon from the other three, as well. Ben Henderson, Eric Anderson and Zach Bratten ... we're counting on you for updates on your doings.

I'm sending The Bulletin out early this week so I'll have no worries about computer glitches on our whirlwind trip back to Springfield, Missouri, this weekend. When we get back from our mini-vacations, the editors look forward to launching Year Five of The Bulletin. And, like our subscribers, we're looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Who Is This?

Let's Play a Guessing Game: Whenever it is handy to do so, we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.
(Send us some to run; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.) Thanks to Larry Dake and Gert Dake Pettit for sending last week's photos.

How many can you identify?
(May your Labor Day weekend be this delectable!)

Answers to last week's mystery pictures (click here to review them):

Don't know the little girl feeding the horse but the other one is of Gert and Foy Blackstone.

Tom Miller
Madera, CA

As for the GUESS pictures, it must be one of Larry and Sherry's girls. Then the one of Gert and her husband, is his name Blackstone? I say that, because Dennis Blackstone, featured In Service To Our Country, resembles him.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

For 1/2 the guess, it's Foy and Gert. I'd guess the little girl would be one of Larry and Sherry's girls?

Donna Johnson
Ashby, MN

I would guess the little girl on the left is Sarah Dake and the others are Gert and Foy Blackstone! How is that for a quess? ;-)

LeRoy "Bubsy" Dake
Blaine, MN

Editor's comment: I expect we can call it a
Guess -- but more likely it is a KNOW!

The little girl might be Sarah Dake. Not sure. The couple is Gert and Foy Blackstone. Good picture!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Carolyn Miller Dake
Duluth, GA

Well, of course, I know who the "sweet little girl" is, because it's me! I think it was maybe taken shortly after we moved to Oregon, near where we lived.

Sarah (Dake) Steinhauer
Warroad, MN

I don't remember ever seeing this picture before, but I think the girl feeding the horse is my big sister, Sarah!

Amy Dake
Brooks, MN

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
A trip to Caribou will make your heart ZING!

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
Girl Talk!

Travelogue t

Photo © Mitzi Swenson
Lunch at Citadel Pass: Kjirsten, Tyler & Aunika Swenson

Queen Charlotte Islands Adventure
by Mitzi and Kjirsten Swenson
Dickinson, ND & Houston, TX
Part 1 of 3

The kids say our vacation to Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia may have been the best ever! Maybe it was because they're old enough to really enjoy being together, hiking, poking in tide pools, cooking over a campfire. Or perhaps it was because the weather surprised us with perfect sunny days when we'd been expecting a week of rain. But then again, any trip to an island with beautiful scenery, abundant fishing, rich cultural history and only one traffic light on the whole island, is bound to be a success.

We'd never heard of the Queen Charlotte Islands until some backpackers raved about it a few years ago. Since hearing about their adventures, we'd been waiting for the opportunity to visit and experience the islands ourselves. This year worked perfectly.

Kjirsten had about four weeks off from school, so she flew home and drove our camper to Banff National Park. After hiking and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies with her former roommate, Hsing Hui Hsu, for a week, she drove to Vancouver to meet the kids and me. We had taken the train to Seattle and then a bus to Vancouver. With a ferry to catch, we only had one evening to spend in the city. After dinner at a busy market and a stroll along the beach, it was time to ferry to Vancouver Island. Unfortunately there was no time to linger there either, as we needed to drive to the north end of the island and ferry to Prince Rupert, BC, in time to meet Sheldon's flight. With many miles behind us, our real adventures were ready to begin!

We ferried on BC Ferries to Skidegate, Queen Charlotte. At the visitor center, Kjirsten and Tyler learned about a Sierra Club hike to the top of the islands' highest peak the following day. We had reserved a fishing charter for the same day, so we left Tyler and Kjirsten at a bed and breakfast and drove north to Masset to camp at the fishing guide's bed and breakfast (and feast on fantastic food). Aunika fished with Sheldon and me while the older kids hiked. We had a great day catching salmon, watching killer whales, and learning about local sites from our fishing guide, Gerry. If you want a fantastic salmon fishing adventure, this is the place!

Tyler and Kjirsten had tales to tell of an amazing hike, involving fixed ropes, skinned knees, and fantastic scenery when we reunited.

To be continued...

o In Service To Our Nation j
Gert Dake Pettit is compiling information on family members and friends of the Dake family who served in the armed forces during and after World War II.

Photos © Melanie Lehtola
Minnesota's Adjutant General, Larry Shellito, presents Second Lieutenant Beau Birkholz with his Certificate of Graduation from Officer Candidate School, left; Travis Quick and Stephanie (Beau's girlfriend) pin Beau's Lieutenant bars on his uniform in the Governor's office in the state capitol, right.

2LT. Beau Birkholz
by Melanie Lehtola
Howard Lake, MN

Second Lieutenant Beau Birkholz's commissioning ceremony was held on the lawn of the Minnesota State Capitol on Sunday, August 27th. Only 17 soldiers, of the approx 50 soldiers who began Officer Candidate School with Beau, made it to graduation. The Regimental motto for the Officer Candidate School is, animus valet, which is Latin for "Courage Prevails." An appropriate motto for these fine young men and women soldiers, now officers, of the Minnesota Army National Guard.

It was a beautiful day for an outside graduation, though it was a touch on the warm side. Beau had the support of family and friends as he accepted his commission. In attendance were his dad, Brad Birkholz; his mom, Melanie Lehtola; Grandma Gert Dake Pettit; Grandma Phyllis Birkholz; Aunt Ardis Quick; cousin Jason Quick; cousin Travis Quick; Beau's girlfriend, Stephanie; Stephanie's mom and dad; his long-time childhood friend Jeremiah and his college buddy Chris.

Beau selected his cousin Travis and girlfriend Stephanie for the honor of pinning on his Lieutenant bars, in the Governor's office in the State Capitol building.

Beau has selected Military Intelligence as his MOS. He begins his 18-week training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, sometime in October. His "homebase" is in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Photos © Melanie Lehtola
2LT. Beau Birkholz and his dad, Brad Birkholz

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
September 4---Labor Day

This Week's Birthdays
September 3---Jacob Mendoza Dake
September 3---Eric Printz
September 3---Charles Quick
September 4---Wiley Nelson
September 5---Lori Chap Ostendorf
September 5---Genelle Mogck
September 7---Brendan Aydelotte (7 years)
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
September 4---Ernie and Carolyn Miller Dake (35 years)
September 7---Tim and Colette Huseby (10 years)

More September Birthdays
September 2---Patty Anderson
September 2---Brianna Jordet
September 2---Vicki Anderson
September 2---Stanley Wm. Dake

September 12---Lindsay Dawn Hellevang
September 14---Lou Miller
September 15---Carolyn Miller Dake
September 15---Shari Miller Larson
September 19---Nathanial Kurtis Seaman
September 21---Jessica Aydelotte
September 24---Wyatt Johnson
September 25---Keith Mason
September 28---Donald L. Anderson
September 30---Sheldon Swenson

More September Anniversaries
September 2---Michael and Sarah Dake Steinhauer (4 years)

September 18---Jay and Sandy Miller Smith (7 years)

September Special Days
September 4---Labor Day
September 22---First Day of Autumn

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Dear Miss Hetty,

For my birthday, Mom made me a homemade pizza with stuffed crust, a favorite of mine. Then I went out with a friend the next night. Saturday night Beaver and Mom took Donna Richardson and me out to celebrate both of our birthdays. We went to the Old Broadway restaurant. Beaver and I shared a "Seven Layers of Heaven" piece of chocolate cake. Wow! That made a great birthday cake!

Becky Chap
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Birthday "girls" Becky Chap & Donna Richards

Roy and I shopped for a comfortable chair my Mother could enjoy in her last days. We settled on this one that she could get out of easily. Now that she is gone, we found a place in our home for this sentimental chair. If it could only talk.

So, this is where I sit to read. I just left this chair to come to the computer to send you my LTTE for Bulletin #218 after reading it from "lid to lid" with great interest.

But I wanted to send Miss Hetty this picture just in case she's interested in such.

On one table, I have a poem book that Lorraine Tabor just surprised me with. It is a looseleaf she assembled with poems she has gathered for years. It is very precious to me, seeing it came from her in her nearly helpless state (due to the effects of her polio the same time Dorothy had hers, in their youth, and her advancing cancer condition). I love having this right by my hand to pick up and read a poem when the need strikes me. Her sister, IdaMae, has written some, and am sure Lorraine did, too.

The other table has my Bible, the phone, the clock, and one of the plants from the arrangement The Bulletin editors sent when Mother died. The other three plants of that are in pots here and there in the living room. A constant reminder of the thoughts of our Bulletin family.

This is where I sit to read The Bulletin in leisure, comfort and quiet.

Well, this is too much space for one person to take up in The Bulletin, so will just say it is wonderful chatting with you about what's in my heart.

Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Photo © Betty Droel
This is where I sit to read The Bulletin.

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

Thanks for another GREAT Bulletin! I think they get better every week!

I really enjoyed the picture of Vonnie and LeRoy from 1949! Hardly can think of all that has happened in that time frame and so many wonderful opportunities to experience and remember! The Bulletin fills a wonderful place in many lives for all to remember. I enjoyed Carolyn Miller Dake's comments about her Dad and the others.

And Carol Printz's nice letter for us to enjoy of their family's activities for this summer... Yes, it has passed very fast, and never to return again!

Lou Miller's birthday is September 14 if you want to include in the list of the rest.

Have a safe and wonderful trip to Springfield, Don and Dorothy!

We are going to Portland, Oregon, and will have the time with two of our granddaughters and a great grandson and a great granddaughter! Our granddaughters are Caryn Corbin and Celina Gekeler. The great grandchildren are Megan Gekeler and Andrew Corbin. Megan will be 1 on October 9th and Andrew was born on December 31, 2005, so he is about nine months old. Joy, joy -- that is what Grandma Lou will be experiencing with her "little chicks" and their "chicks."

Our granddaughters are Cheryl's two youngest and one will be living in the Portland area and Caryn has just moved to Redding, California (about 6 hours away).

This is Miller Grandpa signing off!

Tom Miller
Madera, CA

Thanks much for re-sending The Bulletin. It came through just perfect and I enjoyed every word. The tractor pulls were fantastic. Didn't know they still had them. Dick and Jim Miller had one for a few years. It was super powered so had the wheels just spinning and throwing dirt.

Thanks again for sending it again.

Jim Miller
Bradenton, FL

Editor's Note: I have had several complaints of late -- Bulletins missing, page too wide, etc. Please let us know if this is happening to you. Also, The Bulletin code passes through several translators -- a web page program on Jerrianne's Mac, my Juno e-mail, your e-mail program -- and they do not always interpret the page code exactly the same way. It may look great on our end and still not look right on yours. I do not mind re-sending, or you can read it in the Archives. Just click on the top photo and The Bulletin should open in a browser window automatically. If it doesn't, then click an "Archives" link and pick out the issue you want from the list.

Such beautiful pictures in this last Bulletin again! I enjoyed the Travelogue by Lori; in fact, I now have a lovely California ocean picture as my background on my screen. Thanks, Lori! I laughed out loud at Betty's comment about my looking thin ... so maybe does pay to hide in a crowd. You are MUCH too kind, Betty; you could NOT say that if you saw me in person. Yikes. The Foto-funnies ... just adorable. Speaking of adorable, so was my Aunt Vonnie!

Donna Johnson
Ashby, MN

So happy to hear of your upcoming trip-------Enjoy!

And, congratulations on the anniversary of The Bulletin! Looking forward to the next year: #5!

Muriel Wold Rodriguez
Wahpeton, ND

This has been one of the toughest weeks of my life, and I hope all will understand if I answer all my e-mails this way [in a group mailing].

I had to cancel my chemo this week, due to unexpected vomiting and stomach upset. I did go in for fluids and anti-nausea meds, but didn't get much help.

Then, on Saturday, at noon, I had to have my beloved little Chihuahua, Pedro, put to sleep unexpectedly ... possible encephalitis.

Then today is the first anniversary of Russ's passing ... a tough week.

Thank-you to each and every one who have stayed in touch and sent good wishes and prayers. I love you all.

Diana Mellon Martin
Coon Rapids, MN

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

We just can't tell you how impressed we were with the colors and the beautiful blossoms and the butterfly pictures. You do have a gift for design, Jerrianne, and your placement on the pages makes it so easy on the eyes and brain.

The innocent, cute children pictured make it interesting, as everyone loves children, and we can watch them in all their moods and activities through the stories in each Bulletin.

I must say that Beaver's story of the tractor pull was outstanding. I could just see Donna Mae's expressions and enthusiasm from his descriptions, ha. He had more fun watching his family than he did watching the tractors. I am so glad their friend got to win that second place -- that would have made it extra exciting for those who knew him and how hard he was working at it. We have to admit, Beaver is a born scribe. Just wish he had more time to send in some more tales.

We really miss Larry Dake's stories. Hope he's improving and stacking up some to send in at a later time.

Thanks to Lori and Keith for sharing their trip with us. I loved the close up picture of the vivid pink flower with the beautiful background of water and sky.

The newlyweds, Vonnie and LeRoy Dake -- what a nice picture! Happiness is -- a young couple like that. Our son Rodger and Claudia have a home in Steamboat Springs, where Vonnie and LeRoy were headed. Mainly a winter home, where they can ski to their hearts' content.

Jerrianne, that was the most beautiful picture of the Peonies. You can print one of your prize winning photos of flowers in every Bulletin. As a regular feature for us to look forward to.

We are anticipating the next issue. It will be #220, and the beginning of the fifth year. Your simple beginning of six copies sent out, and now in this short time it is 120. I do hope there is a diary of how this all started and grew to be what it is now in this next, all-important, commemorative issue.

Will just end here so you can get this next Bulletin put together in time for you to make your much anticipated trip, Editor, and that the Photo Editor has some free time, too -- and maybe she will tell us about the fantastic Alaska State Fair and the giant cabbage winner.

Betty Droel


Photo illustration © Douglas Anderson; photo by Donna Johnson

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